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"The Leather Nun are one of Sweden's most influential post punk bands. Influencing both Goth and Industrial."

"I can smell your thoughts"

Electronic, Rock
Style: Industrial, Synth-pop, Alternative Rock

Jonas Almqvist (vocals), Bengt "Aron" Aronsson (guitar), Freddie Wadling (bass, 1979-82), Gert Claesson (drums), Anders Ohlsson (bass), Nils Wohlrabe (guitar), Ulf Widlund (bass)

SLOW DEATH Ep (1979)

Recorded at Bagger Studios, Sweden (14 Dec 1978) and Chall Sound Studio (25 May 1979).

Tracklist :

01 Slow Death
02 Ensam I Natt
03 No Rule
04 Death Threats

Link to download:

"The Slow Death EP is monument in the swedish industrial scene. Released by Industrial Records in November 1979 and printed in 3500 copies - nowadays impossible to find.Guest performances by Genesis P-Orridge and Monte Cazazza on Slow Death. It is our cultural duty to encode this 7"."

"was 17 years old when I went into a Washington, DC record shop and came out with three or four singles that caught my roving fancy. One of them was the Leather Nun Slow Death E.P. Look at that jacket art. I believe that my young brain was thinking, “What… the… fuck?” Who was that fried-up cover model, what had happened to him? The answer seemed to be contained in the lyrics to “Slow Death”: “90 percent burns… and 55 hours to live.” And who were those biker-clad tough guys on the back? I never woulda guessed they were Swedish.The killer track was “No Rule,” an anthem to lawlessness that oozed street mayhem and violence, but in its ugly, arcane mono fidelity, seemed to be recorded in the dark ages using pieces of a shortwave radio with some scraps of bone and ligament. This, along with the creepy experimental dirges that accompanied it, was my first introduction to so-called industrial music. The 12″ rerelease of this record had a full-length track of “Ensam I Natt” instead of the joke edit you hear here. (Hey, my seven inches is still very respectable.)What became of this band? Well, let the internet be your guide. Everything else I ever heard over the years by the Leather Nun sounded cheesy and lame; however, I’d dearly love to be proved wrong about that. In the meantime, enjoy the snap, crackle and hiss. Creep out, my peeps.The provocatively horrific cover was designed by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, of Throbbing Gristle and later of Psychic TV and Coil. Fun fact."


recorded 2/24/80 binaural stereo and 11/30/79 mono. C60 including "Prime Mover", "No Rule", "I'm Alive", "Here Comes Life", "Ensam I Natt", "Varfor Svek Du", "Search and Destroy", "Slow Death". According to the tracklisting on the cassettecover, they played a song called Varfor Svek Du? (Why did you let me down?). That was just a joke. There has never been a Lether Nun-song called that.

Tracklist :

01 Untitled
02 Untitled

Link to download:


Released under their Swedish name; "Lädernunnan". A-side recorded in Gothenburg in Oct 1981. Mixed in the B-studio of Decibel, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 1981. B-side recorded Live in Binaural Stereo at Scala Cinema, London UK, Feb 28th 1980.

Tracklist :

01 Ensam I Natt
02 Here Comes Life (Live)
03 No Rule (Live)

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Prime Mover
02 F.F.A.

Link to download:

506 Ep (1985)

Notes: Produced by The Leather Nun. Engineered by The Leather Nun and Johan Vävare.
Tracklist :

01 506 Viola - Niklas Rundquist
02 Fly Angels Fly
03 I'm Alive

Link to download:

ALIVE (1985)

Recorded live at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen and Told-Kammaret, Helsingör the 4th and 5th of October, 1985. Recorded by Hookfarm, Copenhagen. Engineered by Renee Cambony. Produced by The Leather Nun. Mixing engineer: Michael Bergek. Special effects by Krister Ekbom.


01 Prime Mover
02 Fly, Angels Fly
03 Son Of A Good Family
04 I'm Alive
05 Busted Kneecaps
06 F.F.A.
07 Here Comes Life
08 For The Love Of Your Eyes
09 Lollipop

Link to download:


Produced by The Leather Nun. Recorded by Johan Vavare at Studio Decibel in Stockholm, Sweden in Sept 1985. Additional vocals and mixing at Swedish Broadcasting Corp, Gothenburgh Sweden. Engineered by Michael Bergek and supervised by Aron. Sound effects by Christer Ekbom.

Tracklist :

01 On The Road
02 Son Of A Good Family
03 Desolation Avenue (Full Length Version)

Link to download:

PINK HOUSE Ep (1986)

Tracklist :

01 Pink House (Extended Version)
02 Speed Of Life (Extended Version)
03 Lucky Strike (SMC Ål Star Blosband)

Link to download:


All titles by Almqvist. Recorded at the Swedish Broadcasting Corp, May 1986; engineered by Michael Bergek. Additional recordings at Chapel Lane Studios, Heresford Wales, July 1986; engineered by Bill Buchanan. Mixed at Guerilla Studios, London UK, July 1986; engineered by Tania Hayward.

Tracklist :

01 I Can Smell Your Thoughts
02 Jesus Came Driving Along
03 Pink House
04 Pure Heart
05 506
06 Have Sex With Me
07 Lollipop
08 Fly Angel Fly
09 On The Road
10 I Can Smell Your Thoughts (early version)
11 Son Of A Good Family
12 Pink House (extended version)
13 Speed Of Life
14 Gimme Gimme Gimme
15 Gimme Gimme Gimme (bonus mix)
16 Gimme Gimme Gimme (chop mix)

Link to download:

FORCE OF HABIT - Compilation (1987)

Producer - Bill Buchanan (tracks: 1 to 4, 7, 10,) , Leather Nun, The (tracks: 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15)
Notes: (p) 1979 / 1983 / 1985 / 1986 Wire Records

Tracklist :

01 I Can Smell Your Thoughts (4:18) Guitar - Jim Lagneforce Keyboards - Fredrik Adlers Remix - Bengt Aronsson
02 Jesus Came Driving Along (3:12)
03 Pink House (3:56)
04 For The Love Of Your Eyes (5:07)
05 506 (6:17) 06 Desolation Avenue (7:34)
07 Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (3:54)
08 Prime Mover (4:57)
09 Death Threats (0:56)
10 Have Sex With Me (4:25)
11 F.F.A. (5:55)
12 No Rule (3:00)
13 Lollipop (4:30)
14 Fly Angels Fly (2:57)
15 On The Road (3:12)

Link to download:

"Worthwile, especially because of a good remix of "I Can Smell Your Thoughts" and Leather Nun's version of "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)" by their legendary compatriots ABBA."


Backing Vocals - Carolina Rahm , Gitte Persson , Ki Rydberg , Pia Utbult /Bass - Freddie Wadling /Bass [Additional Musican] - Michael Krönlein/Drums - Gert Claesson /Engineer - Anders Hagström (tracks: B1) , Lasse Luffe (tracks: A1 to A6, B2 to B6)/ Guitar - Aron , Nils Wohlrabe /Guitar [Additional Musican] - Rolf Sepponen /Keyboards [Additional Musican] - Fredrik Adlers /Mixed By - Anders Hagström , Per Giöbel Other [Steel Construction Theme] - Anders Hagström , Lars Lanhed /Producer, Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - Aron/ Saxophone [Additional Musican] - Anders Juhlin/ Songwriter - Leather Nun, The Vocals - Jonas Almquist/ Vocals [Opera] - Timo Nieminen

Recorded at Studio Rocktape, Kopenhagen, February 1987. Recorded and mixed at Studio Commendante, Gothenburg, June 1987.

Tracklist :

01 Dance Dance Dance (04:40)
02 Someone Special Like You (03:56)
03 Lost And Found (03:56)
04 Ride To Live (03:04)
05 Just A Hustler (06:26)
06 Cool Shoes (04:50)
07 Summer's So Short (03:27)
08 Trail Of Pain (04:27)
09 Godzilla Is Back (02:55)
10 Let Me Be (06:23)
11 I Wish (03:27)
12 Special Agent
13 Demolition Man
14 Ride Like A Cheyenne
15 Pure Heart
16 Lucky Strike

Link to download:


Jonas Almqvist- Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Slide Guitar/ Bengt Aronsson- Guitar, Vocals /Gert Claesson- Drums /Peter Dahl- Mastering /Kim Fowley- Producer/Peter Gehrke-Kurp -Photography/Stefan Glaumann - Mixing/Michael Ilbert- Producer, Engineer, Mixing/Per Kviman- Coordination/Leather Nun - Producer/Mike Mangini - Engineer, Assistant Producer/Niklas Medin - Piano/Idde Schultz - Vocals (bckgr)/Irma Schultz Vocals (bckgr)/Stonebridge - Editing/Nils Wohlrabe-Guitar,Slide Guitar

Tracklist :

01 Ride Into Your Town
02 How Does It Feel?
03 A Thousand Nights
04 Whama-Lama-Bam-Bam-Boy
05 Waiting For Your Train
06 Reach Out
07 Velvet Sky
08 Hooked To Your Hips
09 Toxic Darlings
10 She Said
11 Red Guitars (Of Planet Earth)

Link to download:

Their second studio album -i like it very much-,contains some really good tracks .Sometimes fast (track 01,04) ,sometimes melodic (e.g the Dave Graney -like "Waiting For Your Train"),sometimes they are playing like Lou Reed (Velvet Sky). One more favourite is "Red Guitars" .So worth to listen ! -salty

RIDE INTO YOUR TOWN (12") (1990)

Tracklist :

01 Ride Into Your Town
02 Lick My Tattoos
03 Red Guitars (Of Planet Earth)

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Take Me Home (4:07)
02 At Your Doorstep (4:41)
03 Girls (3:36)
04 These Eyes Cannot Lie (4:54)
05 She's So Bad (4:14)
06 Big City (4:32)
07 Desperation Drive (4:34)
08 She Has A Past (4:35)
09 Even A Fool Can Learn To Love (4:22)
10 The Sun Still Shines (5:41)
11 I Ain't Turning Back (4:55)

Link to download:

"This album is a great album, my personal favourite though is the mega hard to find Leather nun album - FORCE OF HABIT - which is mega rare to find on CD. U.S version of force of habit has 10 tracks, The European version has 14 for some reason. Anyway a great band with great music, for some reason they did not blossom. A real shame."

"This record should have made them HUGE. It did not which is not comprehensible"


CD1: Studio album CD2: Live album, recorded at Cue Club in Gothenburg, March 11, 1994.

CD 1

01 A Thousand Nights
02 Pink House
03 Ride Into Your Town
04 She Has A Past
05 Girls
06 I Can Smell Your Thoughts
07 Take Me Home
08 Save My Soul
09 Lost And Found
10 At Your Doorstep
11 Bright Lights
12 Demolition Love
13 She Said
14 Just A Hustler

CD 2

01 Primemover
02 Dance Dance Dance
03 Reach Out
04 Ensam I Natt
05 Gimme Gimme Gimme
06 Desolation Avenue
07 No Rule
08 Big City
09 F.F.A.
10 I Ain't Turning Back
11 Somebody

Links to download:

"Indeed, the leather nuun were probably the most spectacular of all the swedish bands that appeared in the post-punk period. they were led by their biker journalist singer and were incredibly connected (there is even a peel sessions album with them) and they evolved musically in a few years from punky industrial beginnings into a very slick and powerful rock band. I saw them in geneva at the salle du Faubourg during the Steel Wheels tour and it was mind-blowing. This double compilation contains the singles on one hand and one live show. OK there was a live recording in the 8o's that was way better but this one is not taht bad. This live recording is simply somewhat too slick, the otehr one was more rough and rocked harder. Anyway it is the best compilation around."

"from their humble and spooky beginnings on Industrial Records, Leather Nun should have made it big - they are incredible! Jonas's vocals work perfectly with the band, producing a kind of bluesy rock mix with a hint of industrial music still peeking through every now and then!Oh, Buy it new cos it's almost $100 less than buying it used!!! Crazy world eh!"

"A band to remember! A double-cd will be re-released soon from this legendary band. Actually one of my fave band´s in the 80ies. March 11th 1994, LEATHER NUN celebrated their 15. anniversary with a big party at the Cue Club, in the center of Gothenburg Sweden. And it was special: a stroll down memory lane for the original fans, a way to pick up on some of the magic newer fans had missed out. There were films, there were strippers, there were 3 and 1/2 hours of LEATHER NUN-music performed by the band, band and guests (with old band members) and by other artists and bands. The club was completely sold out. The night was cheer magic and with a nun in the doorway as a club hostess. The gig was recorded by the national Swedish radio and broadcasted a week later. To mark the 15. anniversary, MVG Records decided to release a compilation double-CD with studiotracks on CD1 and a selection of anniversary-gig tracks on CD2. The studio-CD contains two unreleased tracks from the "Nun Permanent" sessions ("Save My Soul" and "Bright Lights"). "Save My Soul" is a good rocker based on one of the most effective riffs created by LEATHER NUN. As for "Bright Lights" it was recorded during the "Nun Permanent" sessions and then re-recorded for the compilation-CD with Carl Michael Herrlöfson as producer."

The Leather Nun were a Swedish rock group. Careening from garage rock to goth and industrial, Leather Nun became cult heroes in their native land.Leather Nun was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1979 by Jonas Almqvist (vocals), Bengt "Aron" Aronsson (guitar), Freddie Wadling (bass), and Gert Claesson (drums). The band took its name from the american underground comic Tales from the Leather Nun, although some claim that it was taken from the stage name of a London stripper.Inspired by Throbbing Gristle, Velvet Underground, Ramones and Roxy Music, Leather Nun recorded their debut EP, Slow Death, in 1979. Wadling left Leather Nun in 1982 and joined Blue for Two. A handful of singles followed before Leather Nun released their first LP, Alive, in 1985.Covering ABBA's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" earned the group some respect in Sweden and Europe in 1986. Several successful tours followed. In 1988, Leather Nun were reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine.In 1986 the group's imported singles found their way onto U.S. college radio stations, earning substantial airplay with "Pink House", a deadpan parody of John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses".In 1987 the group released their first studio album "Steel Construction" which was critically acclaimed. Their second studio album "International Heroes" produced by Kim Fowley gained even more airplay and success.While releasing their third album "Nun Permanent" in winter 1991 their record company went bankrupt and could no longer deliver copies of the album. Being without a record company the Leather Nun continued to play gigs for a few years, but never got so successful again. The group finally broke up in 1995.The band has reunited on some occations since then.

Slow Death EP (1979, 7" EP)
Live At Scala (1980, Cassette)
Ensam I Natt (1981, 7" Single)
Primemover (1981, 7" Single)
Primemover (1984, 12" Single/UK)
Slow Death EP (1984, 12" Extended Version)
Industrial Records Story (1984, Comp. LP)
506 (1985, 7"/12" Single)
Desolation Ave (1985, 7"/12" Single)
Alive (1985, LP)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (1986, 7/12"Single)
Pink House (1986, 7/12" Single)
Lust Games (1986, 12" Mini-LP)
Gimme Gimme... Rejected Version (1986, 7/12" Single)
No Rules (1986, Comp. LP/UK)
Lust For Love (1987, 7" Flexi Single)
Sounds Showcase 3 (1987, 7" Single)
I Can Smell Your Thoughts (1987, 7/12" Single)
Steel Construction (1987, LP/CD)
Cool Shoes (1987, 7/12" Single)
Lost And Found (1987, 7/12" Single)
Force Of Habit (1987, LP)
Dudes (1987, Soundtrack LP)
Radio One Sessions (1988, 12" Mini-LP)
Demolition Love (1988, 7/12" Single)
International Heroes (1988, LP/CD)
A Thousand Nights (1989, 7/12" Single)
Ride Into Your Town (1990, 7/12" Single)
Nun Permanent (1991, CD) Girls (1991, CD-Single)
Gbg Punk (1993, Comp. CD)
A Seedy Compilation (1994, Comp. CD)
Fi-Fi Dong - A Gasolin Tribute (1995, Comp. CD)
A Thousand Nights (1995, Comp. CD)

As you can see some still missing,fell free to complete it please!!:)

More info: the official page is recently down:(
I won't be here about 3 weeks from this evening. I will continue after 20. june with your reqs (Ippu Do /Plastics and related/Gino Soccio/B-Movie/Simple Minds part 2. Data/Peter Koppes/Marys Danish etc.) and my favourites (e.g lot of Vince Clark-Yazoo/ Telex/Wall of Woodoo/Toyah etc.)


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absolutely great post. the leather nun were one of my favourite bands in the 80s! so far i didn't manage to find any of their great records on cd - until today! thank you sooooooo much!

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Excellent stuff. Many thanks.

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in "Nun Permanent" cd track 5 is missing: "She So Bad", would you add it somehow? will be very appreciated!

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I must have premium account on rapidshare to download the stuff?

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ThanX a lot for some tracks i was searching for a while... Very thrilling !

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thank you for your great post. especially for the "live at the scala" tape and the live e.p. of insam i natt.

here on my desk: desolation avenue - the final edit - 7" and the slow death 12" re-release. if you like i can help you out with a copy.


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Such a great band! Thank you for the great article!!

Slow Death and FFA/Prime Mover EPs links are dead :(... If you have any time to re-up them. That would be great!! I can't find them anywhere! :(

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