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NIGEL PLANER - Neil's Heavy Concept Album (1984)

Non-Music, Rock
Alternative Rock, Comedy, Psychedelic Rock

"Hole In My Shoe"

Backing Vocals, Vocals [Neil's Mum, She Wolf] - Barbara Gaskin /Drums [Drunken Cabaret] - Pip Pyle/Drums [Flash Studio] - Gavin Harrison/Drums [Heavy Metal] - Bryson Graham /Engineer [Assistant] - Greg Wilson , Mike Dignam /Mixed By - Dave Stewart , Mike Dignam , Ted Hayton (track 04)/Flute, Piccolo Flute, Saxophone - Jimmy Hastings/Backing Vocals - Ted Hayton (track 02)/ Guitar [Heavy & Psychedelic] - Jakko/ Keyboards, Bass [Heavy Metal], Drums [Useless], Guitar [Fifties], Vocals, Producer, Arranged By - Dave Stewart/ Photography [Media & Packaging Rip-off Merchant] - Sheila Rock /Trombone - Annie Whitehead/ Vocals [English Actor Voice] - Stephen Fry/Vocals [Horror Narrator] - Roger Planer/Vocals [Neil, Potato, Bbc Voice, American Cabaret Voice] - Nigel Planer/ Vocals [Policewoman] - Dawn French/Vocals [Spoken Material With] - Nick Revell , Roberta Green , Roland Rivron , Simon Brint/Vocals [Spoken Material With], Engineer - Ted Hayton/ Written-By - D.L. Stewart (tracks: 02, 03, 05, 10, 13, 17, 19) , N. Planer (tracks: 01, 03, 05, 07, 08, 12 to 15, 19) , R. Rivron (tracks: 06, 10, 12) , S. Brint (tracks: 06, 10, 12) Written-By - Dave Mason (track 02)/Written-By - R. Mayall (track 06)/Written-By - K. Hopkins* , K. Burgess (track 04)Written-By - Mike Heron (track 20)/Written-By - Gaskin* , D. Mason* , T. Hayton (track 19)/Written-By - N. Revell (track 08)/Written-By - Syd Barrett (track 09)/Written-By - Donovan Leitch (track 18)Written-By - Matlock* , Rotten* , Cook* , Jones (track 16)/Written-By - D. Sinclair* , P. Hastings* , R. Coughlan* , R. Sinclair (track 11)


01 Hello Vegetables
02 Hole In My Shoe
03 Heavy Potato Encounter
04 My White Bicycle
05 Neil The Barbarian
06 Lentil Nightmare
07 Computer Alarm
08 Wayne
09 The Gnome
10 Cosmic Jam
11 Golf Girl
12 Bad Karma In The UK
13 Our Tune
14 Ken
15 The End Of The World Cabaret
16 God Save The Queen
17 Floating
18 Hurdy Gurdy Man
19 Paranoid Remix (Incorporating The Hole In My Shoe)
20 The Amoeba Song (From A Very Cellular Song)

Link to download:

Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin ( collaboration with British comedian and Young Ones/Comic Strip alumnus Nigel Planner!

"The gormless hippy from T.V.'s 'The Young Ones' joined forces with Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin in 1984 to record an amusing version of Traffic's 'Hole In My Shoe'. The single's inevitable chart success spawned a further collaboration, the magnificent 'Neil's Heavy Concept Album', now available on CD after years of wrangling with Warner's legal breadheads."(

"I'm not going say anything because I know no one's going to listen to this. It might as well be a Leonard Cohen record."

"The amusing thing for me, in retrospect, is that when I first heard this as a wee bairn (and juvenile Young Ones viewer) I had precious little knowledge of the psychedelic and prog artists that were being gently mocked here. Actually, I was probably also too young for half the pop-cultural and political references on The Young Ones itself, come to think of it!
My cassette release didn't even include the sleeve notes, so I naively assumed these were all Neil originals. The result is that the songs here - not least "Hurdy-Gurdy Man," "Golf Girl" and "Very Cellular Song" - elicited a response something like "Haha, Neil is funny, and you know, these songs are actually pretty great in an odd sort of way!" rather than the "Haha, I can't believe they've dredged up Donovan, Caravan and The Incredible String Band! In 1984! It's like punk never happened!" which I'd assume was the intended effect.
So for serving as a brief primer on music I knew nothing about (with bonus completely ludicrous Neil-being-a-pathetic-hippy segues), and thereby introducing me, albeit unknowingly, to the likes of ISB and Syd Barrett, this will always have a place in my heart. Oh, and also because "Lentil Nightmare" is just so thoroughly kick-ass. Obviously."

Saltyka's tip is : "My White Bicycle" (check the mp3 player!)

Nigel George Planer (born February 22, 1953 in London) is an English actor, novelist and playwright.
Music careerNigel was one of the 4 members of the 1980s spoof rock band, Bad News, playing Den Dennis. As Neil from The Young Ones, Nigel gained a number two hit single in 1984 in the form of "Hole in My Shoe", (originally a hit for sixties band Traffic). A cover of Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle" was a less successful follow up, only reaching number seventeen in the charts. After that, an album was produced, entitled Neil's Heavy Concept Album. Nigel also took Neil's stage act on the road in that year as Neil in the "Bad Karma in The UK" tour. This culminated in a month long run at St. Mary's Hall at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Young Ones also appeared on Cliff Richard's 1986 charity rerecording of "Living Doll", which spent three weeks at number one in the UK.

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Some about the musicians:

Pip Pyle from Gong:

Gavin Harrison (Iggy Pop,Zerra One etc.):

Jakko (Level 42,Tom Robisnon etc.):

Jimmy Hastings from Caravan:

Annie Whitehead (Fun Boy Three, The Style Council etc.):

More info:


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Thanks for the Neil album post! I had no idea there was an album too, only the Hole in my shoe single which I really liked. I always watched The Young Ones in the early 80's so naturally when the single came out I bought both the 7" as well as the 12". Cool song. Those were the days!

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