Monday, December 31, 2007

Various - GREMLINS (OST) (1984) for Kostik

Electronic, Funk


01 Michael Sembello - Gremlins Mega Madness
02 Quarterflash - Make It Shine
03 Peter Gabriel - Out Out
04 Jerry Goldsmith - Gift
05 Jerry Goldsmith - Gizmo
06 Jerry Goldsmith - Mrs Deagle
07 Jerry Goldsmith - Gremlin Rag

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Product Description
Rare 7-Cut Mini Album featuring Michael Sembello (Gremlins... Mega Madness), Peter Gabriel (Out Out), Quarterflash (Make it Shine), and Jerry Goldsmith (The Gift / Gizmo / Mrs. Deagle / The Gremlin Rag).

"Geffen's official soundtrack to the 1984 smash Gremlins remains a legendary abomination, jettisoning the vast majority of Jerry Goldsmith's deliciously dark score in favor of tepid pop songs from Michael Sembello and Quarterflash. It's taken 16 years and a bootleg label to set the record straight, but at long last, here it is: Goldsmith's original Gremlins score in its entirety, and time hasn't dimmed its energy or creativity. Suspenseful but wry, the music perfectly captures the manic black comedy of Joe Dante's film. "Mrs. Deagle" and "The Gremlin Rag" rank among Goldsmith's finest individual themes, but Gremlins is far more than the sum of its parts, and ranks among the composer's finest hours. [The Mogwai edition appends Goldsmith's musical contributions to Dante's segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie.] ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

"Gremlins is one of those fantastic Christmas films which can be watched anytime - but has an added magic when watched during the Christmas season. It's a film that nearly everyone has seen and so unites the land in the knowledge that a gremlin can only survive for so long in a microwave. The film is playful and fun, so as a child I loved it. It courted controversy when it first came out as it was deemed too violent to warrant a PG rating, but it is essentially a family comedy and the violence is basically cartoon style and adds to the general naughtiness of the film. As I get older I can recognise the more sad aspects to this film, such as the death of Kate's dad one previous Christmas making it a time of great unease for her. I'm not going to mention any of the plot as it is so well known, and for those who don't know it - they have the good fortune of being able to experience it for the first time. The film was a marketing success with the cute Gizmo and a few Gremlins with distinct individuality (such as Stripe), I always wondered when you could safely feed a Mogwai to ensure it didn't turn into a gremlin, after all any time of day is after midnight! The humour and the frenetic pace of the film was typical of the emerging comedy-horror genre of the `80s, with other blockbusters such as Beetlejuice, Critters and Ghostbusters. The film was always going to be a success and a family favourite, but a key factor in ensuring this went down so well is the fantastic award winning score by Jerry Goldsmith, the main theme remains one of my all time favourite pieces of film music."

"gremlins is a classic,of that there can be little debate,its legacy is unchallenged and the merchandise born from this is still in demand to this day,some 22 years after its release. The film tells the tale of a mogwai called gizmo who ends up in the hands of billy,a geeky teenager with the strict instuctions of dont feed gizmo after midnight,dont let daylight touch gizmo and dont let water near him or the results could be destructive,as it happens all of the above happen in one way or another and demon mogwais called gremlins are spawned who bring chaos and death to the sleepy town. The film has a dark humour to it but can more likely be deemed a light horror that is widely accepted as an 80s classic,if you aint seen this then you should."

"Even today you can still purchase toys and other items based on the film, which only goes to prove the popularity and success of it. And I'm not surprised. Gremlins is simply great, and I think that Gizmo must be the most adorable and most emotionally realistic creature ever created in motion picture history. Gremlins is a horror comedy - less horror and more comedy by todays standards - in which a young man called Billy Peltzer takes possesion of a new pet (Gizmo) and gets more than what he bargained for when he doesn't follow the 'rules.' One of my favourite scenes is when one of the gremlins meets his demise in the microwave. But without a doubt my favourite scene from the entire film is when Gizmo is playing the trumpet on christmas day. The music to Gremlins is catchy and very film style eighties. Gremlins would be a brillient purchase to make as it is just fantastic."

"Gremlins is nothing less than a fantastic movie with a fun and very original plot. Many of the film's characters are not given a lot of room to be expanded upon and diversions are created around the major characters and their lives simply to clear the path for the real stars of the movie. The stunning use of puppetry and animatronic creatures remains flawless even today. Creature features thses days are made with all the break through technology in computer CGI and yet somehow, can fail to be convincing enough. But Gremlins never ceases to amaze with its fantastic special effects and devious story. Surely a prime example of exactly how modern day movie making should be. You must buy this product."


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