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"They are everything Duran Duran could have been if Mssrs.Taylor had not been so worried about their clothes and make up"

Electronic, Pop, Rock
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Pat O'Donnell (Synth,Guitar,Vocal, Organ) , Steve Belton (Guitar,Vocal)


RHYTHM METHOD 12" (1984)


01 Rhythm Method
02 Movin On In

Graham Broad - Drums, Percussions (
Brian Tench (producer of BeeGees,OMD,Bow Wow Wow ,Midge Ure etc.) - Producer/Engineer


01 Rhythm Method
02 Seeing Is Believing
03 Feel It Now
04 When the Lifeline Ends
05 Sometimes
06 Open Up
07 So Good Now (With You)
08 Far Away
09 Take My Life

Link to download:

Its a good new wave album ,lot of rock with some synth elements. Some songs are Simple Minds influenced

(for example track 02 and 09), some other are closer to The Cult (to my mind) . One of my friends told me all of this rather U 2 influenced. I like it and have to tell after more than 20 years is still very enjoyable!

Anyway "Rhythm Method" was a big hit from it.


Composed By, Written-By - Pat O'Donnell , Steve Belton/ Drums, Percussion - Pete Van Hook /Other [Management] - Kieran Owens /Other [Sleeve Design] - Mark Millington/ Photography - Alastair Thain/ Producer - Paul Hardiman (produced also Chris de Burgh,The The,Lloyd Cole & The Commotions,,Thomas Leer etc.)

This album is dedicated to Joan Veronica Belton.


01 Someone Like You
02 Angel
03 Still Dreaming
04 Price You've Got to Pay
05 This Generation
06 Future Days
07 Driving in My Car
08 Nowhere Train
09 Step by Step
10 Rain Came Down
11 So Good Now With You (Live In L.A)
12 Sometimes (Live In L.A)

Link to download:

If i wrote to the first album its very good,then i have to write now the second is much more good!
You can't imagine (or you can ,if you know it ) "Someone Like You" is what a fantastic song!!:)
And this is just the first song,the following tracks as "Angel", "Still Dreaming" etc. are also fantastic !

Biography/More info:
The Fountainhead were formed in 1984 by Pat O'Donnell & Steve Belton, a new wave/techno-rock duo who had been gigging together for a few years. They self-released their self-titled debut EP in 1984. They followed with a number of E.P.s and singles and the albums "Burning Touch" in 1986 and "Voice of Reason" in 1988.

The Fountainhead works on the opposite principle. The band is really the duo of Pat O'Donnell and Steve Belton and never has been confused with the Celtic, pipe-playing groups of their ancestors. Fountainhead records are studio creations, and unlike most of their peers, the duo rarely plays live. (In fact, their first public show was the enormous 1986 all-Irish benefit, Self-Aid.) The music isn't cold or static or regionally categorized. Their current record, Voice of Reason, is as guitar-oriented as anything coming from Georgia these days.

Pat O'Donnell & Steve Belton began working together as a duo in the early1980s. They were associated with the Projects Arts Theatre and their work wasin the experimental electronic vein. They recorded soundtracks for the works ofperformance artist Nigel Rolfe among many other activities, including working asan engineering & production duo (e.g. the B-side of the Virgin Prunes "NewForm Of Beauty" 12inch). But they also developed a more 'rock' side to theiractivities, performing live as a new wave/techno-rock duo, gigging extensively during1982-84. Bill Graham described them in 1983 as sounding like a cross betweenKraftwerk and The Shadows. In 1984 they changed their name from Belton &O'Donnell to The Fountainhead and self-released their debut EP.They were signed by China Records and developed a poppier, dance music style.This poppy side of their sound dominates most of their records, especially onthe second album. There are many recordings pre-dating the Fountainhead material(and some early Fountainhead demos too) which show their original new wave synthrock approach (e.g. Ultravox, Bill Nelson's Red Noise, etc), but these have notbeen released, the guitar-heavy track "Defender" among them.
Steve Belton had earlier been in Square Meal.Belton & O'Donnell currently work as a production duo

Leslie Dowdall's second album released in 1998,called 'Out There' was produced by ex-Fountain Head, Pat O'Donnell, who had also produced Kieran Goss's much acclaimed album "Worse than Pride".Other musicians appearing on the album include Steve Belton.

Steve Belton's recent band is Chiara Browne


The Burning Touch (LP, 1986)
Live At The Whiskey 12" (3 tracks only) (1987)
Voice Of Reason (LP, 1988)
Someone Like You (Single, 1988)

(some sources (as Allmusic) told they have one more album called "Drain" from 1993,but it is not true. "Drain" released by the american Fountainhead )

It's two articles from 1986 and 1987,click on to enlarge:

More info:


Blogger Skalex said...

I've just bought the CD version of "voice of reason". I've been trying to find it for long time! Now I want to buy "The Burning Touch" in CD. Is this item available??? In case it is, where???

6:43 AM  
Blogger percha said...

Regards , if you were so nice of being able to translate to me, this song, I’d be eternally gratefully to you, it means very much for me and I do not know the translation to Spanish . If you were interested in helping myself, I could make it come to you by bluetooh, and you could facilitate by this address of e-mail that here I attach .Thank you . Thesong is called SOMEONE LIKE YOU BY THE GROUP THE FOUNTAINHEAD.E MAIL .......... SOTCHERA@ONO.COM

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First part of "Someone Like You" is cut off. Can you re-record and repost? Thanks

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Peter in Dublin said...

Pat & Steve are friends of mine. They will be really pleased to see fans still enjoying their music I'm sure.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out:

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Peter In Dublin and anonymus:

thank you for your comments!!!!


7:09 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

The Burning Touch is a great album. I just took my old cassette and digitized it into my iTunes. Still holds up nicely! Tell those guys nice work!

Doug in West Bloomfield, MI USA

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still see Pat when I call into HALO in Glasthule and reminisce about the old days back in the 80s

6:02 PM  

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