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CANDYLAND - Suck It And See It (1991) for Anvilscepe

Electronic, Rock
Psychedelic Rock, Synth-pop

Bass - Kenediid Osman
Drums - Derrick McKenzie
Guitar - David Wesley Ayers, Jr. (played also in The Creation around 1977)
Keyboards - Colin Payne (from Taxxi)
Mixed By - Jeremy Allom
Producer - Chris Parry (tracks: 1, 3 to 7, 9 to 11) , Phil Chill (tracks: 1, 3 to 7, 9 to 11)
Vocals - Felix Tod (played also in The Creation around 1977)



01 Precious
02 Fountain O' Youth
03 Bitter Moon
04 Something to Somebody
05 Reternity
06 Rainbow
07 Ivy to Oak
08 Kingdom
09 Body Is the Book
10 Behold the Motherlode
11 We Will Not Leave

Links to download:

"Breathy Brit-pop and club beats, Candyland's debut never got out of the molasses swamp of indifference. It's a good effort and, despite singer Felix Tod's admonition on the opening track, plenty precious, but that's not a knock. This sort of atmospheric and emotional wilting over life is the legacy of the new romantic movement, and it's worked for bands like Scritti Politti, Electronic, et cetera. Tod's a mopey sort, and like Morrissey, he sidesteps the issue of sexuality (although when your debut is decorated with bananas and called Suck It and See, what's left to be said?). The club beats are occasionally interesting, like Big Audio Dynamite without the vocal samples, while the bass and guitar are mere afterthoughts. Nothing from Suck It and See was a hit, though three tracks did get remixed as singles: "Fountain O' Youth," "Kingdom," and "Bitter Moon." The latter is the best of that batch, while "The Body Is the Book" should have been accorded the same honor. It's too bad they didn't get an encore, because cuts like the closing "We Will Not Leave" suggest the band had bigger designs than dance music. The trouble with trying to compete in that market is the faceless nature of pop/club music: Without a good gimmick, you're going down. Tod and guitarist David Ayers Jr. resurfaced in support of Heather Nova, but Suck It and See remains unanswered. It's a nice, light listen for the vaguely dissatisfied, but music like this requires a certain image, and Candyland never got the chance to develop one. ~ Dave Connolly, All Music Guide

"It's sad that Candyland fell apart almost as soon as success hit them. A friend of mine bought "Suck it & See" and played it constantly when I was around until it melted into my brain.I've been listening to it on and off since it came out in 1991 and I still find it to be an inspired, lyrical and well-produced treat."

Candyland had a sweet tooth for Madchester: dope-fueled dance beats; choppy, lazy guitars; and slices of '60s psychedelic pop. Arguably more club-oriented than their peers, the multi-racial group -- it featured members from Somalia and Jamaica as well as from the U.K. -- was formed in London, England, by Felix Tod (vocals) and David Wesley Ayers Jr. (guitar); Kenediid Osman (bass), Derrick McKenzie (drums), and Colin Payne (keyboards) were eventually added to the lineup. Gil Norton, renowned producer of post-punk acts like Echo & the Bunnymen and the Pixies, recorded the band's first demo. Even before the group's debut single, "Fountain of Youth," appeared, they were invited to perform at the Great British Music Weekend in Wembley. In 1991, Candyland released their first and only LP, Suck It and See, its suggestive banana cover a tip of the hat to the Velvet Underground. However, Payne's previous occupation as a failed stockbroker generated bad feelings in the once-supportive British press, and Suck It and See had a short shelf life. Candyland broke up afterward. In 1993, the breathy-voiced Tod became a producer, working with Heather Nova (; he ended up producing four of her albums as well as reggae artist Mishka's (Nova's brother) 1999 self-titled debut. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

David Ayers (guitar) later appeared on Heather Nova's albums

Colin Payne (keyboard only Heather's first album),since then whereabouts unknown (i hope you know and tell me)

Kenediid Osman later joined the brittish pop band Sleeper.

Derrick McKenzie later joined Urban Species and more later Jamiroquai. As he told:

"I was at home in Edmonton, I was walking out of the door and the phone rang. It always happens you walk out of the door and the phone rings, normally I leave it. On this occasion I thought “I’m going to answer it”, and it was a friend of mine Simon who used to produce for Soul to Soul. He said “there’s a band called Jamiroquai and they’re having an audition for drummers, do you fancy going along?” so I said yeah OK give them my number and I’ll go along.
At the time I was actually with Urban Species. Before that I had played with a band called Candyland who split up after we lost the record deal. After the Candyland thing I ended up just practising at home for a couple of years, when I got a call from another friend of mine who works at EMI Publishing and offering me a little bit of TV work, stuff like that, so I did that and from there I moved onto Urban Species, and I was with them for about a year and a half before getting the Jamiroquai gig."


Check this another interview with him:

and visit his site:

More info:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salty -

Thank you so much for the CANDYLAND. I will be sending you some links soon to your email.

Gracias de nuevo amigo.


9:25 PM  
Anonymous elevatorman said...

I love Candyland. Found them years ago and was hooked after first hearing Bitter Moon.

If interested, I do have a few remixes of Bitter Moon and Kingdom. You can reach me at

Thanks again for the post!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all, I too really enjoyed this album. I watched the video for Fountain o' Youth and went out and bought the CD (Still have it). I am trying to find the videos for my own personal enjoyment. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jim

Scrudder_jim (at) yahoo (dot) com

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was in the video to Fountain of Youth and would love a copy if anyone knows where to get hold of it?



6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Ayers and Felix Tod never played in Creation. David Ayers was in a band called The Dads in the USA in the 80's, signed to a major US label and Felix Tod had never been in a band before Candyland.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I saw them in Oxford where they were supported by The Jennifers (soon to be Supergrass) and really enjoyed it, hvaen't heard it since then as I lost the tape I had.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tack for Candyland music. I am a huge fan of them since i was a kid...

Mucho Gracias = Thank you.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi folks, I was a friend of Colin Payne at the time Candyland started, before any record contract. I roaded with them at various venues around the UK, I loved there music, I thought I was going to witness something big with this band! A great bunch of guys,had a real blast! I've still got all the tracks on tape somewhere. B great to see Colin again after all thes years!
Regards all, Myles.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought the tape after being hooked to Bitter Moon! omg.. cassette! Thank you for this site, it has soo much information!

All we need now is if someone had the cd, and then

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - Colin here...thanks for creating this!...not sure how true the bit about the failed stockbroker in the UK press is ;-)...don't believe everything you hear! Anyway, I'm very much in the business still...I went on to work with Phil Chill on some great tunes...producer at Xfm and more latterly a media/technology producer - last year I was working on the new stage version of Tommy with Roger grateful to Candyland for those times...we did indeed have much to offer but like many before and since, didn't really get too long to develop!! Best Wishes Colin...PS Myles...I'll try to track you down on Facebook!!

10:25 AM  
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