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THE THOUGHTS - Passion's in Fashion (1984)

On the photo:
top left. Mark Edwards. top right Steve Morley. now living in austin texas USA. Bottom left Chris Waters. Bottom right Tony Newman (thankx for Mark Edwards!)

New Wave, Synth-pop

Mark Edwards-guitars,keyb.
Jenx (Michael Jenkins) -keyb.,vocals
Steve Morley-percussion,vocals
Tony Newman-bass,voc.
Chris Waters-voc.,guitars

Producer-Clive Scott (from Jigsaw ,check: /Engineer-Andy Pearce/Gary Barnicle-sax/Clive Scott-synths

"Wait A Long Time For You - Live '84 German TV show"

Tracklist :

01 Cry Like A Child
02 Wait A LOng Time For You
03 Passion's In Fashion
04 Strange Things Happen In My Sleep
05 Am I Dreaming
06 Ecstasy
07 Face In Photograph
08 That's Life
09 Emotional Blackmail
10 Crawling Back To Me

Link to download:

This is a rare album from 1984,but hope you will like it. Their sound,especially the voice of the vocalist is similar to the voice of Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) . I think this band is very very underrated or even perhaps unknown for most people and they deserve much more. So i'd like to put them on the map.
You will find here some really fantastic songs.
My favourites are the first 5 tracks and two more : tracks 07,09.
The last song is a problematic one because it is damaged and i can't fix (or can fix only later with a help of a friend) (saltyka)

The Thoughts started as Naughty Thoughts (1981-1984) where members were:
Mark Edwards-guitar/vocals (from the punk band The Rivals 1976–1981,see: )/Chris Walters-lead vocals/guitar/Jim Peel-bass guitar/Jenx-keyboards and Marc Hebden-drums (he is also from The Rivals).
The Naughty Thoughts had three singles released "All or nothing" - "Wait along time for you" and "Ecstacy".They changed their name to The Thoughts (Jim Peel and Marc Hebden left the band) when they signed to Teldec for Germany,Austria and Switzerland. They released an album and some singles.They used Gary Barnicle on Sax, and then brought in George Sketcher for the live work.The band was touring all over Britain,and had a number one hit in Germany, with "Wait along time for you", was released in 1983. The band did Top of the Pops in Munich TV studios, then six dates in Munich and Frankfurt. When the Thoughts broke up Jenx contacted Rory Wilson (ex Broken Home) and another Dover boy and The Gems were born..
The Gems lined up with almost the same members as The Thoughts. Only one new member joined:Rory Wilson Guitar (from Broken Home)They signed to silent records (RCA) had 3 singles and toured on the 1986 Gary Glitter xmas tour , playing a home gig at the leas in December, hope this adds to your story it really is a good read, and brings back a lot of good memories of the"Springfield, Windsurfer,Chatsworth hotel (Hastings),Tofts,Pipers,Red Lion, Alberrys Wine Bar etc etc...

Jenx added for The Gems:
"This line up lasted for quite a while till I swopped the keyboards to looking after the band as I had made good contacts while working for a London venue. I was replaced by Steve Bignall on keyboards. Next to leave was Mark who later went to join "Anti Nowhere League". This line-up signed to Silent Records and released three singles; all produced by Steve Barnacle - brother of Pete and Gary."

Mark Edwards:
"hello mate. just a bit about naughty thoughts'1981-1984.had three singles released.all or nothing. wait along time for you. and .ecstacy. the band was touring all over Britain.and had a number one hit in Germany, with Wait along time for you.did ,Top of the pops in munich TV studios.then six dates in Munich and Frankfurt. Mark Edwards who played guitar and was song writer . was from the punk/power pop band THE RIVALS. who was one of John Peels loved bands and promoted their music THE RIVALS had a single out in 1980 called HERE COMES THE NIGHT. (check this video: The Rivals - Here Comes The Night ) which was record of the week in record mirror.also Mike Reeds record of the week radio BBC one. Mark Edwards went on to do a single with Bruce Foxton of the JAM.who was then playing for STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. also played for THE GEMS. THE LAST RESORT (. "Following this split, there was a reformation of sorts in 1988 when Arthur and Andy, contacted Roi to reform the band, bringing in Mark Edwards from The Rivals on lead guitar. However when Arthur and Andy dropped out, Roi recruited Dean Wilkinson on drums and Mick Melville on bass to complete the band, which was called The Resort. This line-up released the "1989" album, before splitting-up at Christmas 1990."
and THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE. All the best."

"My name is Jenx, use to play keyboards etc in Naughty Thoughts/The Thoughts, i saw the write up on us by Dave Whithead and if your interested i could send you in a update on the band there's a good story there to tell, a number 1 single in germany but we never saw a penny, a manager who disapeared with our royalties....same old story, BLAH,BLAH,BLAH."

Manager Andrew MacPherson:
"Thought i'd add a bit more info on The Thoughts, We signed to Teldec for Germany,Austria and Switzerland, For the Album and Singles we used Gary Barnicle on Sax, and we then bought in George Sketcher for the live work, When the Thoughts broke up i contacted Rory Wilson (ex Broken Home) and another Dover boy and The Gems were born.."

"I lived in Thanet from 78-82, and there was a great band at the time called "Naughty Thoughts". They had such talent, I'm amazed they didn't make it. They had a great lead singer called Chris (Waters ?), another guy called Chris Edwards, and a really fantastic showman called "Jenks" who use to leap about and play a bit of keyboard.They used to do a lot of Police-style white reggae, and very melodic power-pop stuff. They had some excellent original material."(David Whitehead)

More info:



Step In The Right way

JOSEFIN NILSSON - Shapes (1993)

EVERLIFE - 1 (1981)

WAYLON JENNINGS - Nashville Rebel (2006) (CD 2 and 3 still ok)
CD 1.

CD 4.

I would like to ask the band members- if they see this entry- to send me a photo about the band and more info! thanks


Anonymous andrzej said...

Thanks for reuploading Everlife!

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,could you reupload the others OMD´s singles-Walking On The Milky Way and from "Sugar Tax"?Thanks.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like what you have Saltyka,
All the beast Jenx (The Thoughts)

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Jenx welcome here!

Can i ask you to tell me some more please about you and other members? I mean what happened to you since left The Thoughts/The Gems? Maybe do you still playing in a band?? It would be great to know more about this fantastic band and you.
Also id like to ask one more, if you will be so nice to send me a photo (or more) of The Thoughts to share here please!

Thanks in advance for your answer!

best regards

my mail is

12:04 AM  
Blogger julie said...

The band had real talent how about a re-release of the album??? What became of Chris Waters and his great voice

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, You never know what might happen.
Saw Chris the other week, he's well and getting old ike us all!!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salty, hope you got the Email i sent you?
Just in case you didnt, There is talk about doing a few dates which would be fun as we were allways a live band, studio work made us sound a bit tame.
We had the chance to have the album produced by Buffin and Watts (Mott the Hoople)but the label went with Clive Scott, And as Mark and I were Bowie/Hoople fans we were gutted by the choice.
I remember we sulked for ages!!
Mark and I still work together and are still old punks at heart and for anybody that knows us "Still not grown-up" Jenx (The Thoughts)

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jenx

It's always pleasure to see you here
Yes i got your message and just sent you a long mail:)
Is there a page on the web to visit you and Mark?

best regards

Please give my regrads to Mark!

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Salty,

I've put together a whole load of info for you with some pics of the band, check out ebay it has our first release on there under our old name Naughty Thoughts..
Best wishes...Jenx

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its fantastic Jenx,thank you!

Have you received my mail ive sent you few days ago?

all the best

1:06 PM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

nHello saltyka. i have demos of Naughty Thoughts, that i think, ara much better than the passions in fassion LP. more power, and fresher,1981-82 period. if your interested in hearing them, let me know. all the best, Mark Edwards

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please give me your address again, as Cd has come back to me,


7:35 AM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

Hello Saltyka. Can you tell me if the picture cover you have for passion's in Fashion, on your site. is a CD cover. is it a Bootleg. or an official release. the back cover is a CD inner sleeve.. i never knew it came out on CD. Thanks Saltyka... All the best Mark Edwards.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jenx, thankx for messaging me,i have sent you an email about a week ago with my address, just hope you received it

Hello Mark, no it is my homemade cover and created with Nero form the original LP. I like to make cd covers especially if i love a band, as you can see now:)
Unfortunatelly your album never came out as cd, though would be great to own it in a remastered form with some bonus tracks!

Anyway i have uploaded a photo i found in a Bravo, but Jenx said he is not on it,. I ask you to make it clear who are on it? Thanx

One more, pehaps you are intested in.I have a message from julie yates -(2008-08-26) (in my guestbook):

"Hi Salty
I was Chris Waters of The Thoughts girlfriend for many years and may have some old photos in my loft"

Unfortunatelly she didn't leave her email, so cant get in touch with her:(
Perhaps you can help me please?

All the best
salty (

12:50 AM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

Hello Salty.. The photo in Bravo... top left. Mark Edwards. top right Steve Morley. now living in austin texas USA. Bottom left Chris Waters. Bottom right Tony Newman.. Jenx is not in the photo.. he was in the toilet at the time.. All the best Mark.

9:40 AM  
Blogger spcmorley said...

Hi Salty! This is Steve Morley, drummer of The Thoughts, and The Gems. Just wanted to thank you for putting up the info.
One thing I wanted to point out. I have never had as much fun with any band I have been involved with, as I did with The Thoughts. Great memories,..especially ghost hunting during the recording of the album!!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mark, thanks for the info:)

welcome Steve and thank you for visiting us! Im interested in to know more about this ghost hunting. Please tell me more about it:)
And also wanna ask what other project do you involved in since left The Thoughts? And do you have a page on the internet we can find more about your musical carreer?
Same questions to Mark and Jenx.

All the best

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

salty again:
Just wonder if you know where are Chris Waters and Tony Newman now?
Are you still in contact with them?

11:35 AM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

Hello Salty.. After THE THOUGHTS i joined my old friends band THE LAST RESORT' then played with THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE for 3 years Chris is well, i spoke to him last week. Tony Newman lives near me , But, have not seen him for years...oh... have a look on youtube "THE THOUGHTS TOP OF THE POPS " Wait a long time for you, is on there , from the FOMULA EINS show 1984 All the best Mark

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot Mark! You have made my day with this video! I have just added it. Thoughts is the best!!


8:32 AM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said... TRY THIS LPNK, IT MIGHT WORK MARK

1:34 PM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

hello salty. if the link doe;s not work' i'll send you some CDs of the band . send me your address. also , do you have facebook. use my email address to find me , and i will let you in. loads of band pics all the best mark

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Mark! I have just sent you a message on lastfm!


2:21 AM  
Anonymous Pete said...

Just a note to say that George Sketcher passed away on September 26 2009. I knew him for the last few years of his life, what a smashing bloke he was. He will be missed.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to thank the guys,and Pete, for their kind words when my Father sadly passed away late last year, he loved the band and thought a lot of them...absolutly had a blast playing with them too!!! G.Sketcher R.I.P.

Jon Sketcher

9:26 AM  
Blogger evision said...

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Thanks for all the info...

Just saying that the Thoughts album link is gone now...would like to see a re-up. Thanks in advance.

6:41 AM  

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