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"Norway's most under-rated pop band."

Their pop music legacy is a sublime comedy of errors, a series of brilliant misinterpretations."

Electronic, Pop
New Wave, Minimal, Synth-pop, Experimental,Downtempo ,Pop Rock

Øyvind Kvalnes - Keyboards(1984-1985)
Morten Sjøberg - Drums,keyboards (1980-1985) (later joined 3rd Man (1982-1986)
Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocal,Piano,Keyboard (since 1983)
Rune Kristoffersen - keyboards / gitar / bass (1980-2002)
Bjørn Sorknes - keyboards / gitar / vokal (1980-1981,1984 as a guest musician) (later joined Holy Toy (1982 - 1984), 3rd Man (1982-1986) and When (1999))

"Shouldn't Have to be Like That (1986)"


Performer - Bjørn Sorknes , Morten Sjøberg , Rune Kristoffersen
Producer, Written-By - Fra Lippo Lippi

The first official release from this Norwegian act from Nesoddtangen. Self released. There were only approx. 1000 copies pressed.


01 Tap Dance For Scientists (2:48)
02 Do The Modern Pose (1:37)
03 Dolls On Parade (3:15)
04 Backdrops (7:37)

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"Their first single - an independently releases EP with song titles like "Tap dance for scientists" and "Do the modern pose", showed an instrumental trio that obviously was inspired by German electronics, which in fact was about to gain renewed status in new wave circles, when it was released towards the end of 1980.


Rune Kristoffersen - Keyboards, guitar, bass, vocal
Morten Sjøberg - Drums

Produced and recorded by Rune Kristoffersen and Morten Sjøberg, 1981. All songs written by Rune Kristoffersen, except Lost written by Rune Kristoffersen and Morten Sjøberg .


01 Out Of The Ruins
02 A Moment Like This
03 In Silence
04 Recession
05 The Inside Veil
06 I Know
07 Quiet
08 Lost

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"Yet another facet of the dark-punk sound was exhibited by Norway's Fra Lippo Lippi. The usual characteristics are there: bass-prominence, cold atmospheres and tribal drums. But Fra Lippo Lippi's sound runs deeper than that. Their songs seem as if they come out of a catacomb, out of some alternate Middle-Ages dimension."In Silence" is built around a delicate melody carried by the bass and drums, while the guitar diffracts through mirror melodies of it's own, chanting vocals appear here and there in the background - as if to express the menace that plagues the medieval land, while the singer's ghostly baritone enhances the cursed surroundings."Recession" goes even deeper, 4 minutes of bass-heavy morbid monotony, slow besetting ritualistic drums and faint vocals, for an elegiac melody to finally appear through doom-laden synthesizers (as if a spectral presence is taking over), only for the song to end as it began with it's minimalistic cold-wave patterns."The Inside Veil" goes for a very effective slow/ fast dynamic and contrasting feel between the anaemic and the epic; "I Know" goes for a symphonic coda, and in "Quiet" a humble synth line underlines the singer's feeble cry.Without a doubt, the album reaches it's apex with "Lost", that starts as a cosmic black hole, then tribal drums kick in and the dark priest chants his ritual, the medium vortex appears courtesy of the choral vox, sub-symphonic keyboards and ecstatic guitar, only for the ceremony to end without a logical conclusion, just everything fading quietly in the brooding horizon."

"Like many post-punk groups in the early '80s, Fra Lippo Lippi attempted to duplicate the funereal rock of Joy Division on their debut album, In Silence. The result was arguably the only unlistenable LP in Fra Lippo Lippi's career. Joy Division weren't just a dark band; they were a gloomy combo with rhythm and profound lyrics, qualities that many of the group's imitators couldn't capture. The emotional impact of In Silence is muted by incomprehensible vocals and dismal, meandering music. The first track, "Out of the Ruins," aptly summarizes the rest of the LP — horror film basslines, evil guitar riffs, and bleak, muffled vocals. The album is relentlessly downcast; however, it's more boring than depressing. In Silence seems longer than its running length because it doesn't move. The ghostly keyboards and sinister bass of "A Moment Like This" aim for the density of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album; however, there's no feeling in the song's somber rhythms. Fra Lippo Lippi were still trying to find themselves on In Silence; the band sounds lost, unable to find a hook that wasn't borrowed from the Cure or Joy Division. Fra Lippo Lippi would improve dramatically with their second LP, Small Mercies, but the group exposes their skeletal origins on In Silence, and it's dead on arrival."


"FRA LIPPO LIPPI: Originally a trio FLL released a single on their own label before moving to the Dutch Uniton label. The beginning of 1982 saw the release of their debut LP for the label 'In Silence' and more recently they have put out a single 'Now And Forever'. Quite mainstream with definite songs they have an underlying power in their use of recurring melodies. "
by Dave Henderson, originally appeared in the UK rock newspaper Sounds, dated May 7th 1983.


Rune Kristoffersen - Keyboards, guitar, bass
Morten Sjøberg - Drums
Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocals
Produced by Kristoffersen and Sjøberg

The first Fra Lippo Lippi album with Per Øystein Sørensen on vocals.


01 Some Things Never Change
02 A Small Mercy
03 Barrier
04 Sense Of Doubt
05 The Treasure
06 Slow Sway
07 Now And Forever
08 French Painter Dead

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"Fra Lippo Lippi created the blueprint for the band they'd eventually become on Small Mercies. On this album, the Norwegian group's roots in gothic rock have yet to be severed, especially with the funereal percussion, grim basslines, and sinister vocals on "Barrier." Nevertheless, the melodic, atmospheric keyboards that linger throughout the record would later shape Fra Lippo Lippi's trademark piano-based new wave pop. In fact, the second track on the album, "A Small Mercy," is the genesis of one of Fra Lippo Lippi's future hits, "Everytime I See You." The songs on Small Mercies are moody and depressing, but they're appropriate for rainy days. Like Joy Division, Fra Lippo Lippi were able to crawl into life's bleakest recesses and exit with music that emitted an ominous beauty. On "The Treasure," mournful piano, sullen bass, and hypnotic drums illustrate the story of a crumbling relationship; it is stunningly gorgeous. The wintry "Some Things Never Change" and the picturesque instrumental "French Painter Dead" contribute to the record's somber elegance. If Ian Curtis of Joy Division hadn't hung himself, he would've recorded an album like Small Mercies. Mellow and relentlessly sad, it sounds oppressive in the light of day, but it glows in the dark."

SONGS (1986) (Remixed CD version of the 1985 Lp)

Arranged By - Fra Lippo Lippi /Photography [Inner Sleeve] - Johan Vipper /Photography [Sleeve] - Reinhard Wolf / Producer - Kaj Erixon /
Vocals - Per Øystein Sørensen /Saxophone - Erik Häusler (track 05,07)/
Written-By - Sjøberg* (tracks: 01, 05, 06, 08) , Sørensen* (tracks: 01, 05,06, 08, 09) , Kristoffersen* (tracks: 01 to 04, 05, 06, 08, 09) , Kvalnes* (tracks: 01, 02, 06 to 08)

remixed/re-recorded CD version of the 1985 Lp released in 86 in CD format.
If you want the original non-mixed 1985 album ,check the re-released "Songs/Live" CD 2005 (see below)


01 Come Summer
02 Shouldn't Have To Be Like That
03 Even Tall Trees Bend
04 Just Like Me
05 Leaving
06 Regrets
07 Everytime I See You
08 Crash Of Light
09 The Distance Between Us
10 Coming Home

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"Housed in a mini replica gatefold LP that has been "beautifully manufactured in Japan with solid cardboard, not like the thin and more sloppy European sleeves"(!), this is the first time EVER that Fra Lippo Lippi's 19885 album 'Songs' has been available on CD. If you're something of a Lippi addict you'll likely know that there was a Virgin version of this put out in 1986 with partly re-recorded and remixed tracks, but for this 20th Anniversary edition it has been decreed by the band that the original should be let loose on the digital age. Further bolstered by the remastered and complete live album 'Crash of Light' (another CD first...), 'Songs' sees Fra Lippo Lippi at their creative best, with founder member Rune Kristofferson (of Rune Grammofon) drenching the multitude of pop gems with a cinematic pathos that made them so successful during the bubble-perm era. Opening with the throbbing shimmer of 'Come Summer' and closing forty minutes later with 'Coming Home', Fra Lippo Lippi represent the very best of what pop could be before it became eternally sullied through death-by-Cowell; emotionally taut dissertations on age-old human concerns, set to a musical backdrop that was simultaneously engaging yet enjoyably light."

"The CD is a must. The songs are timeless. Strong vocals, a sure sign of a true singer and not some pop phenonm hiding behind synthesizers."

"Some kind of a.o.r. pop that reminds me to Blue Nile, Danny Wilson, or Barclay James Harvest (?) of the 80's. Mellow and nice but also mediocre and irrelevant I own it for the small hit "Shouldn't have to be like that", a beautiful song."

"When Virgin Records released 1985's SONGS on CD in 1986, much of the album had been remixed and/or re-recorded. This CD includes for the first time on CD the original version of that album, along with the 1990 live album CRASH OF LIGHT which also has never before had official CD release. The airy, shimmering lead-off 'Come Summer' (it was a single) heralds a change in both sound and lyrics for the Lippis, from the early post-punk goth-meets-Eno to a more 'sophisticated' and radio-ready pop group. This isn't necessarily bad, but singer Per Oystein Sorensen often sounds like he wants to sound like Peter Murphy fronting OMD. Sometimes it works. In any case it sounds almost nothing like IN SILENCE and not much like SMALL MERCIES, although listened to sequentially the transition seems perfectly natural which is remarkable in itself. Not being much a fan of live albums, I can't say much for CRASH OF LIGHT other than it's live and the sound quality is very good . . . but it's certainly nice to finally have the original version of SONGS in this format. It sounds great and the band was at its creative peak."

SONGS /CRASH OF LIGHT LIVE (2005 [Remastered] of the original 1985 LP with bonus live session)

Crash Of Light credits:
Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocals
Rune Kristoffersen - Bass
Tore Elgarøy - Guitar, backing vocals
Lasse Hafreager - Kayboards, backing vocals
Berit Lohne - Piano, backing vocals
Bjørn Juliusson - Drums
Produced by Fra Lippo Lippi and Espen Dahl

Notes :
Crash Of Light recorded live in Norway, October 21, 1986 by Espen Dahl. Mixed by Espen Dahl, Per Øystein Sørensen and Rune Kristoffersen. No overdubs.This live album was recorded in 1986, during the 'Songs-tour', but has been delayed since then.This 8-track album is not like a concert, because there are some silence-pauses in between the tracks.2005 this album has been released entirely on CD as part of the limited 20th anniversary edition of Songs, originally released 1985. These eight live tracks are bonus tracks on this release.


01 Come Summer
02 Shouldn't Have to Be Like That
03 Even Tall Trees Bend
04 Just Like Me
05 Crash of Light
06 Distance Between Us
07 Regrets
08 Leaving
09 Coming Home


10 Crash of Light
11 Distance Between Us
12 Everytime I See You
13 Fade Away
14 Shouldn't Have to Be Like That
15 Even Tall Trees Bend
16 Say Something
17 Regrets

Links to download:
http://rapidshare.com/files/93183825/songs__remast.rar.html (new link! the former link was wrong!)


"This is definitely the most asked for product by most Fra Lippo Lippi fans, the original version of their best known and most popular album ”Songs”, for the very first time on cd. This album was first released in 1985 on the band´s own Easter Productions label, and is not the same as the Virgin edition, released one year later with partly re-recorded and remixed tracks. A special and limited 20th anniversary edition, it comes in a so-called replica mini gatefold lp cd format with the original artwork intact. It has been beautifully manufactured in Japan in solid cardboard, not like the thin and more sloppy European sleeves. The recording has been remastered and the complete live album ”Crash Of Light” is included as bonus tracks, also for the first time on cd."


Produced by Walter Becker (Steely Dan, China Crisis) . Engineered and mixed by Roger Nichols, assisted by Russell Bracher. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk. Production coordination by Ivy Skoff. This album was recorded in Los Angeles, USA. Most of the musicians performing on this album are members of Toto and the additional musicians of Walter Becker's own band Steely Dan.

Per Øystein Sørensen: Vocals, keyboards
Rune Kristoffersen: Bass
Walter Becker: Guitar
Tim Weston: Guitar
Dean Parks: Guitar
Mark Morgan: Keyboards
Robbie Buchanon: Keyboards
Mark Isham: Trumpet
Tom Scott: Saxophone
Jimmy Haslip: Bass
James Johnson: Bass
Abe Laborial: Bass
Leroy Clouden: Drums
Claude Pepper: Drums
Jeff Porcaro: Drums
Carlos Vega: Drums
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Produced by Walter Becker


01 Angel (5:07)
02 Freedom (5:25)
03 Don't Take Away That Light (4:32)
04 Beauty And Madness (4:16)
05 Home (4:43)
06 Light And Shade (4:46)
07 Some People (4:25)
08 Crazy Wisdom (4:33)
09 Stardust Motel (4:46)
10 Indifference (5:37)

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""Let's celebrate a brand new day," proclaims vocalist Per Oystein Sorensen on "Crazy Wisdom," and that statement easily sums up Fra Lippo Lippi's surprisingly smooth evolution from gothic rock to reflective, jazzy pop on Light and Shade. Fra Lippo Lippi already began shedding their black clothes on Songs, but Light and Shade has the breezy air and sunny disposition of a walk in the park. Released during a decade wherein yuppies stressed the importance of work and money over love and leisure, Light and Shade mainly focuses on life's simple pleasures. It is an uplifting, stylish LP that swings like a pendulum between joy and sorrow. The fetching "Angel" soars with a sad yet hummable chorus; it features some of Fra Lippo Lippi's most charming piano work. "Some People" recalls the Beatles with its singalong melodies. Much of Light and Shade resembles the late ‘80s efforts of China Crisis, especially its relaxed, mellow grooves and touches of jazz. The lyrics unfold like short stories. In the moving "Beauty and Madness," Sorensen sings about a homeless man and wonders if anybody will ever see his inner worth. Sorensen manages to avoid being either saccharine or preachy because of the sincerity and soulfulness in his voice. On Light and Shade, Fra Lippo Lippi part the curtains and let the sunshine beam through the window."


Accordion - Lasse Hafreager (tracks: 01, 06) /Artwork By - Kent Nyberg/
Backing Vocals - Berit Lohne (tracks: 03, 04, 06) /Bass - Bjørn Kjellemyr/ Bass, Producer, Written-By - Rune Kristoffersen /Cello - Henrik Janson (tracks: 01, 03) /Clarinet - Arild Stav (tracks: 01, 02) /Drums, Percussion - Per Lindvall (tracks: 01 to 04, 06, 07) /Guitar - Henrik Janson (tracks: 01, 03, 05 to 08) , Tor Elgarøy* (tracks: 02, 04, 07) /
Mastered By - Peter Dahl /Mixed By, Recorded By [Additional] - Bernard Löhr /
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Johan Eklund Recorded By [Additional] - Espen Dahl , Jan Erik Kongshaug/
Trumpet - Nils Petter Molvær (tracks: 02, 05, 08) /Flute - Arild Stav (track 01)/
Percussion - Per Hillestad (track 02),Magnus Persson (track 05)/Drums - Per Hillestad (track 05)/
Saxophone - Bendik Hofseth (track 04), Knut Riisnæs (track 09)/Bass - Matts Alsberg (track 05)/Backing Vocals - Mauro Scocco (track 06)/Arranged By [Strings] - Håkon Iversen (track 08)/
Cello - Marit Klovning (track 08)/ Viola - Stig-Ove Ose (track 08) /Violin - Atle Sponberg , Carl Anders Sponberg (track 08)
Vocals, Keyboards, Producer - Per Øystein Sørensen/Written-By - Per Øystein Sørensen (tracks: 01, 04, 06 to 08)


01 A Little Rain Must Fall (4:02)
02 Mothers Little Soldier (3:37)
03 Under The Same Sun (3:50)
04 You Bring Me Joy (3:42)
05 Love Is A Lonely Harbour (5:07)
06 Count On Me (4:06)
07 ABC (4:06)
08 Childhood Days (6:01)
09 Into The Blue (4:15)

DREAMS (1992)

Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocals, keyboards and programming
Rune Kristoffersen - Bass, keyboards and programming
Tom Pettersen - Guitars
Ottar Nesje - Drums
Produced by Fra Lippo Lippi


01 Thief in paradise
02 Living in a crazy world
03 Naive 04 Not invited
05 Heart of the matter
06 Stitches and burns
07 One world
08 Wonderful day
09 Dreams

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THE BEST OF 85-95 (1995)

Collection covering the years from 1985 to 1995. For contractual reasons some of the songs have been re-recorded.


01 Shouldn't Have To Be Like That
02 Angel
03 Love Is A Lonely Harbour
04 Light And Shade
05 Naive
06 Beauty And Madness
07 Everybody Everywhere
08 Crazy Wisdom
09 Everytime I See You (Live)
10 Even Tall Trees Bend
11 Coming Home
12 Thief In Paradise
13 Leaving
14 Mothers Little Soldier
15 Dreams

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"Founded by Rune Grammofon label head Rune Kristoffersen back in the Middle Ages (well, 1979...), Fra Lippo Lippi were a veritable hit machine during the 1980's and early 90's, with a sound that went on to influence the likes of Fleetwood Mac and much of the mainstream. Deceptively breezy, 'Best Of...' is fit to burst with classic pop songs that wouldn't look out of place in the cream of the 1980's cinematic output, whilst retaining that all important pathos which bruised the best of the decade. Opening with songs like 'Shouldn't Have To Be Like That' and 'Angel', Fra Lippo Lippi produce diamond tooled electronically founded music which sounds not unlike A-Ha might have done... were they not a creatively-vapid one hit wonder of course. Whilst that may sound a flippant comparison, it genuinely isn't intended as such, with 'Best Of...' as good an aural document of the pristine pop that permeated the post-disco/pre-grunge landscape so forcibly for the best part of a decade. Thoroughly enjoyable from first to last, Fra Lippo Lippi are here to remind you why pop didn't use to be a dirty word..."

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Produced by Svein Dag Hauge and Per Øystein Sørensen.
Engineered by Svein Dag Hauge, except track 6 engineered by Giert Clausen.

All tracks written by Per Øystein Sørensen, except tracks 3, 5, 7 & 10 by Per Øystein Sørensen and Kari Iveland. All tracks recorded and mixed at Nova 2, Spydeberg, Norway, except for track 6, which was recorded and mixed at Fersk Lyd, Oslo, Norway. Mastered at the Living Room, Oslo, Norway by Espen Berg and Chris Sansom. Wish we were two performed by Per Øystein Sørensen and Kyla. Kyla's vocals recorded at Jam Creations, Makati, Philippines. Recording supervisor Francis Guevarra, recording engineered by Dante Tanedo.


01 Story Of A bBroken Heart
02 Faithful
03 Will I Recognize?
04 Come On
05 Later
06 Wish We Were Two
07 Ordinary Guy
08 Stay
09 Who Is Your Buddha?
10 If I Knew Then

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Per Øystein Sørensen:
"It's melodic stuff, with hints of melancholy. Some songs have a certain atmosphere to them, while others are more rock-sounding if needed. Sometimes the piano is the main element, besides my voice. Unmistakable FLL, in other words. But not a direct blast from the past. You will be able to tell that the album was produced in 2002."

"Two decades after making their gothic-styled debut, the Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi released a comeback album in 2002 that was as stylistically removed from their post-punk roots as possible. Actually, In a Brilliant White features only one-half of the duo, vocalist Per Oystein Sorensen. His collaborator and group founder Rune Kristoffersen, knee-deep in his own electronic projects, decided not to participate. Fra Lippo Lippi is a group with two sides: merchants of gloom-and-doom on In Silence and Small Mercies and then a soft, jazz-stroked romantic combo beginning with 1985's Songs. In a Brilliant White continues the band's — or Sorensen's — crush on soothing, atmospheric keyboard-kissed pop music. Fans of the Blue Nile and Paul Young will find much to adore here, especially the ballads "Later," "Will I Recognize," and "If I Knew Then." In a Brilliant White was only available in the Philippines — the country that catapulted Fra Lippo Lippi into superstardom during the '80s — and the influence of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) is evident on those tracks with their clean production and relaxing textures. Purists may be disappointed at the absence of sonic innovation; however, Fra Lippo Lippi clipped its edges long ago. Sorensen sounds even more soulful than before; on "Later" (used in a Filipino soap opera) and "Will I Recognize" he reaches breathtaking emotional highs. Even without Kristoffersen the music is ear-pleasing and hook-filled, especially the cold, sparkling new wave synthesizers of "Story of a Broken Heart" and the propulsive piano of "Faithful," a moving declaration of fidelity. "Story of a Broken Heart" will remind longtime followers of Fra Lippo Lippi's darker days but its melodic rhythms have the silky comforts of their years at Virgin Records. Lyrically, the songs are mostly about love and relationships; however, the spoonfuls of bitterness in years past, for the most part, are replaced by emotional growth. In a Brilliant White is an adult album with Sorensen reflecting on past mistakes and heartbreaks. On "Will I Recognize," he wonders if he really has found true love — or if it's just another false alarm. Although In a Brilliant White has a distinctly '80s feel, Sorensen and his musical partners Svein Dag Hauge (guitars, programming) and Stein Austrud (keyboards) embellish the retro grooves with touches of space-age trip-hop and acoustic folk à la countrymen a-ha's masterpiece Minor Earth Major Sky. Like much of Fra Lippo Lippi's '80s discography, it all goes down easy."

"First of all, thanks to all the FM stations in the Philippines that played and valued the music of this Norwegian band (although now Per Oystein Sorensen is the only one who carries the band's name). Also, the filipinos whose taste for music is great and unique. I first heard this band's music when I was still in Manila, Philippines and I would never forget their earlier songs. This latest album has many beautiful songs that are melodious - which is what should music should sound - as always meaningful and truly touching. Although the style is somewhat different from the earlier ones, the sonic footprints are still there. I personally love the tracks "If I Knew Then," "Faithful," "Will I Recognize" and "Later." If music has the ability to influence human's mind and heart, which in turn affects ones thinking, then let Fra Lippo Lippi's songs - as one out there that needs to be fairly valued - set as an example that we should ponder about"


Co-producer - Espen Dahl (tracks: 1 to 8)/ Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Rune Kristoffersen (tracks: 9 to 16) /
Mastered By [Remastering] - Audun Strype /Producer, Drums - Morten Sjøberg/ Producer, Written-By - Rune Kristoffersen /Vocals - Per Øystein Sørensen (tracks: 1 to 7) /Written-By - Morten Sjøberg (tracks: 3, 4, 8, 16)

Tracks 1-8 originally released as No Mercies (1983)
Tracks 9-16 originally released as In Silence (1981)
Tracks 17-18 originally released on the B-side of Now and Forever (1982).


01 Some Things Never Change (4:49)
02 A Small Mercy (3:51)
03 Barrier (3:31)
04 Sense Of Doubt (5:35)
05 The Treasure (5:11)
06 Slow Away (4:09)
07 Now And Forever (4:43)
08 French Painter Dead (3:55)
09 Out Of The Ruins (3:17)
10 A Moment Like This (3:31)
11 In Silence (4:32)
12 Recession (6:13)
13 The Inside Veil (4:21)
14 I Know (4:11)
15 Quiet (3:32)
16 Lost (7:29)
17 In A Little Room (2:59)
18 An Idea (2:42)

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"Alongside the 'Best Of...', it is now possible to get a full career spanning retrospective of the oft overlooked Fra Lippo Lippi, by making only two tactical purchases. With producers that included Steely Dan and Dave Allen (The Cure/Depeche Mode), Rune Kristoffersen's Fra Lippo Lippi had considerable talent behind, as well as in front of, the glass with which to realise their shiny (but in no way saccharine) pop sound. Made up of their 1981 'Silence' album, 1983's 'Small Mercies' and a couple of instrumental b-sides, 'The Early Years' is a commendably coherent record that doesn't feel like an opportunistic bolt-job. Rather, songs like 'Some Things Never Change' and 'I know', whilst contrastive in sound, are nonetheless part of a distinct evolution that puts many modern bands to shame. Ranging from the glittering electro-pop of 'Sense of Doubt' and piano led weepy 'French Painter Dead' through to the Smiths indebted 'Quiet', Fra Lippo Lippi are the masters of many a trade and, on the likes of 'A Moment Like This', display a direct lineage to modern hype-monkeys like Bloc Party."

"One of the most exciting things about being a music lover is finding an incredible album (and group) you never knew existed. The fact that Fra Lippo Lippi is one of these bands, and The Early Years, is one of these albums, makes me wonder just exactly how many bands I’ve missed over my time. Certainly no one can listen to everything, and by no means, does any one person know of all the great bands in existence. But, to my surprise, I was pleasantly taken aback when I came across this promo compilation for Fra Lippo Lippi’s first two albums, In Silence and Small Mercies. Since I don’t have much history on the band, this will be a review where the music will mostly have to speak for itself. The knowledge I do have, however, is that Fra Lippo Lippi was born as a duo in Norway around 1978 by Rune Grammofon founder, Rune Kristofferson; later becoming a trio with the addition of vocalist Per Øystein Sørensen. As time passed, Fra Lippo Lippi slowly began to acquire many more musicians and began working in an ensemble type environment. In 1998, Rune started releasing experimental music on his very own label called Rune Grammofon, where he has highlighted many experimental Norwegian acts such as Arne Nordheim, Supersilent, and Alog. Rewind twenty years to Rune’s initial touch with fame. Fra Lippo Lippi’s sophisticated new wave sound brings easy comparisons to New Order and Joy Division, but also contains elements of contemporary jazz somewhat familiar to Talk Talk. The gorgeous vibe of these two albums is that of sophistication and autumnal landscapes. At the halfway point of this disc, you can see a drastic change in the overall tone of the music. Where the first eight tracks (being their second album) are more stylish and manicured, the second eight tracks (their first) are more impetuous and driving. The song “A Moment Like This” is sung by Rune himself, and would be damn near impossible not to compare him to Ian Curtis. Of the two albums compiled here, though, In Silence is probably the more interesting. It has a more unrefined sound and should have any fan of Joy Division wishing they’d heard of this band sooner. If I were to review Closer or Unknown Pleasures today, they’d obviously receive 5/5. Therefore, since Fra Lippo Lippi is so strangely similar, and The Early Years is almost like having a new Joy Division/New Order album, I’d be hard pressed to give it a anything less than a near perfect score. Find out for yourself what you’ve missed out on for the past twenty years. Wow!"

"This Norwegian duo-into-a-trio started out as Joy Division/The Cure wannabees on their debut. 1981's IN SILENCE (see? told ya), from the morbid cover to the atmospheric set-pieces inside, has all the hallmarks of slavish imitation, but is certainly an enjoyable record for all that. 'Quiet', with its insistent and repetitive ascending bass-and-drum riff and mellow flute, is arguably its best track but none of it is awful by any means and there's no reason to resent Fra Lippo Lippi's tribute to their favorite bands. By their second album, 1983's SMALL MERCIES (there they go again!) the duo had acquired a putatively better singer and morphed into a more polished outfit that still maintained a fairly Factory Records ambience. So what's this CD? Well, it's a compilation of those two albums in their entirety along with two brief Enoesque piano instrumentals. There are a few odd things about the formatting, though. To begin with, the cover - - while certainly not shoddy in and of itself - - not only does no justice to the originals, it completely ignores them. Gone are the leering corpses of IN SILENCE (maybe just as well); gone the beautiful waterway photography of SMALL MERCIES (scandalous). Instead you get a stark black-and-white abstract that looks more like something from a comtemporary Wire album. There's probably a good reason for this, but it's still disappointing. As for the CD itself - - for whatever reason, the tracks from SMALL MERCIES actually precede those of IN SILENCE, with the two instrumentals tacked on to the end. These two tracks were the B-side to the original version of 'Now And Forever', which does not appear here at all and which actually was released as a single in 1982 as a stopgap between the two albums. The CD clocks in at a hefty 78-plus minutes and the trio re-recorded the song for SMALL MERCIES so the exclusion is understandable. The time constraint also precludes the inclusion of the two live B-sides from the twelve-inch single 'The Treasure' and the follow-up single 'Say Something'/Out To Sea'. An early compilation track, 'Fabric Wardrobe' and the 1980 four-song instrumental 7-inch, TAP DANCE FOR SCIENTISTS, are also absent. So . . . not quite a comprehensive collection, but heck - - at least this stuff is available again. As a document of obscure early-80s post-punk it's invaluable. But you really should try acquiring the original covers. Mock-disturbing on the one hand and quasi-lovely on the other . . . kinda like the music."

More review:



01 Fabric Wardrobe (1980)
02 A moment like this Live (B side of The Treasure 12" 1983)
03 Time transfixed Live (B side of The Treasure 12" 1983)
04 Out ot sea (B Side of Say Something 12" 1984)

05 Everytime I See You (maxi version)
06 The Heather On The Hills
07 The True Story

08 Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (12")
09 Say Something

10 Come summer (Extended, remixed) (from Come Summer 12" 1986)
11 Mothers little soldier (Extended remix) (1990)
12 Every Time I See You (Spiral Tribe Mix)
13 Beauty And Madness (DJBeatRmx)

Link to download:

Fra Lippo Lippi is a New Wave/synth pop band from Norway. They had several hits in the 1980s, such as "Shouldn't Have To Be Like That", and recorded a new album as late as 2002. Their band name is apparently taken from Robert Browning's poem of the same name.The band name was a simplification of the Italian painter Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-69), known as a Madonna painter of the Florentine school. (If you want to see his pictures :http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?aid=443054&search=Fra%20Lippo%20Lippi)
The Norwegian band Fra Lippo Lippi swam in the depths of despair before diving into pop and jazz. Per Oystein Sorensen (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards), Rune Kristoffersen (guitar, bass, keyboards, piano), and Morten Sjoberg (drums, keyboards) formed Fra Lippo Lippi in 1978. Fra Lippo Lippi enveloped their first album, In Silence, with ominous bass lines, death-march percussion, pensive keyboards, and sinister, indecipherable vocals. However, by 1983's Small Mercies, Sorensen's pop background helped the group to become increasingly melodic. In 1985, Fra Lippo Lippi signed with Virgin Records in the U.K., releasing their third album, Songs. Fra Lippo Lippi jettisoned the gloom of their earlier efforts on Songs, experimenting with synth-pop and romantic balladry powered by Kristoffersen's piano. The transformation enabled the group to achieve minor chart success in England and Canada, but in the Philippines many of their singles became staples on the country's new wave radio stations. Tracks such as "The Distance Between Us" and "Come Summer" topped request lines. When the jazz-inflected Light and Shade was released in 1987, Fra Lippo Lippi had become superstars in the Philippines, much to the band's surprise. Largely unknown throughout most of the world, Fra Lippo Lippi performed to sold-out audiences of thousands in Manila, Philippines, in 1989. Financially, the band was very disappointed with Philippine distributor and producer OctoArts, who gave them no idea at all how popular they were, with OctoArts profits at such unimaginable levels that the band had no right to claim even a percentage of. Fra Lippo Lippi released two more albums, 1989's The Colour Album and 1991's Dreams, before the lack of commercial success forced the group into indefinite hiatus. Since Fra Lippo Lippi's departure from the recording studio, Kristoffersen released two instrumental albums, Elephant Song and Monolight, and started his own label, Rune Grammofon. Sorensen has worked with fellow Norwegian artist Trine Rein.

Per Øystein Sørensen
raised the bridge for Fra Lippo Lippi to cross from desolate goth rock to a piano-laden amalgam of new wave and light jazz. When Fra Lippo Lippi formed in Norway in the late '70s, the group seemed obsessed with the droning rhythms and morose lyrics of Joy Division. In fact, Fra Lippo Lippi's debut album In Silence was so bleak that it could've been mistaken for a Joy Division record. However, by Fra Lippo Lippi's second LP, Small Mercies, Sørensen's sweet tooth for pop began to brighten the band's somber mood. While Small Mercies was still a sad album, hooks and melodies started to penetrate the group's initially impermeable wall of gloom. On Songs, Sørensen found his voice -- and so did the band. No longer limiting himself to the ominous tones of Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, Sørensen's vocals became more soulful on Songs, equally capable of expressing joy ("Come Summer") or emotional resignation ("Coming Home"). The lyrics gained clarity as well. Fra Lippo Lippi ceased recording in the early '90s. However, in 2000, Fra Lippo Lippi performed in the Philippines, a country where the band landed numerous hits during the '80s. Sørensen has also worked with Trine Rein,Anita Skorgan,Kari Iveland, Jan Werner, Tor Endresen, Paul McCartney, James Burton (Elvis Presley), Lisa Nilsson, Tomas Ledin, Hanne Boel, Carola, Randy Crawford, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Secret Garden, Johnny Logan, Ian Hunter.
Per Øystein Sørensen from the 80's melancholy act Fra Lippo Lippi has made a comeback. In agreement with the band's founder Rune Kristoffersen, Per Øystein Sørensen is now going solo as - Fra Lippo Lippi.

More info:



Rune Kristoffersen
As Fra Lippo Lippi's popularity waned in the nineties, he returned to Norway to teach primary school children, before embarking on a career as a label owner of Rune Grammofon:

More info:


Bjørn Sorknes
after Fra Lippo Lippi joined Holy Toys (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=133391104) and When,a band playing"60s styled sounds of Hammond organ and mellotron" psychedelic rock (http://home.hetnet.nl/~kakroeze/FRA%20LIPPO%20LIPPI%20WEBSITE/M%20-%20BJORN.htm)

In Silence (1981)
Small Mercies (1983)
Songs (1985)
Songs-Remixed (1986)
Light and Shade (1987)
The Colour Album (1989)
Crash Of Light -Live '86 (1990)
Dreams (1992)
Best Of 85-95 (1995)
In a Brilliant White (2002)
The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi (2003)
In Silence And Small Mercies - The Early Years (2003)
The Essential: Essence & Rare (2005)


3RD MAN - Oral Pleasure 7" (1985)

Synth-pop, Experimental

Morten Sjøberg - Synth, Drums
Bjørn Sorknes - Vocals, Synth, Guitar


01 Oral Pleasure
02 Pleasure Recycled

Link to download:

3rd Man formed in 1982 in Norway and was active until 1986, as a side project of Fra Lippo Lippi and released a flexi called Bla natt. Then in 1985, they released the Oral Pleasure/Pleasure Recycled 7" on Uniton Records (Uniton 006).

More info:





http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=goodLife05_may06_2006 Fra Lippo Lippi in Manila (2006)



http://www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/fra_lippo_lippi/ Lyrics

http://www.azchords.com/f/fralippolippi-tabs-1532/stitchesandburns-tabs-138874.html Tabs/Chords







Sedimental Journey

Tone Poems



SWEET CONNECTION - Maxi Singles Collection

LEVEL 42 - Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2 (3 cd)http://rapidshare.com/files/91175836/level_1.rar.html


OMD - Singles Collection posted/compiled by Moroboshi:

Many thanks to Moroboshi for this very good compilation!!

THE TWINS - 12 inch classics and rare tracks [2cd] (2006)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bah! Never thought this would a) be posted b) surpass prior excellent posts c) come so quickly.

THANK YOU. I was to email you with the only FLL album I have to help you out with this gigantic post, but alas, my help was definitely not needed

Anyway, thanks again amigo. You have my respect and you'll never do any wrong, even if you post the entire Richard Clayderman oeuvre in FLAC!

~ anvilscepe

10:07 AM  
Blogger mr8382004 said...

Hello salty, thanks very much to the FLL post,it's really a great share. But I have a question, why is the remastered version of Songs also contains 'everytime i see you'(part 1) ? isn't it contains only 9 songs as the LP version?

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunatelly the remastered 2005 CD released without "Everytime I See You",becuase their source was the original album from 1985 (released by Wire/Easter rec.)which doesen't contains your song.

"Everytime I See You" first appeared only on the remixed 1986 version of the original album released by Virgin

If you ask why:
because "Everytime I See You" first released in 1986 as 7" and 12".
It was after the "Song" album (1985) but before the "Song" (remixed) (1986).

Check these links:

Source for original 1985 album by Wire /Easter rec.:


Source for 1986 remixed version by Virgin rec.:


So this is all i know about this song,i hope it could help you!


5:35 AM  
Anonymous mug said...

Many thanks for this. It's great to hear their early LPs again. Always liked these guys. And have to admit to being fond of the Browning poem from which they are named... "I am poor brother Lippo, by your leave! You need not clap your torches to my face..."
(Please excuse my literary pretensions, I just so happy to see this post) ;)

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Mug for this nice quotation!
I like books and poems (especially Lorca anf Heine) ,so its made me happy to see here other fans of literature:)

My favo lines are here from Browning in two languages -English & Hun.Its strange but the two versions are sounding slightly different:)

"Is it not so
With the minds of men?
The level and low,
The burnt and bare, in themselves; but then
With such a blue and red grace, not theirs,—
Love settling unawares!"

"Nem épp ilyen
Az emberi szív?
Éget - hidegen,
Emészti sivár magánya, amíg
Ily kék-piros édes tűz - nem övé! -
Szerelem libben fölé!"

And the (very)rough re-tarnslation from Hun to English (by me):

"Is it not so
With the hearts of human?
It burns-coldly
Worried by dreary loneliness,til
Such a blue-red sweet fire-won't get!
Love flits upon him"


10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my friend anvilscepe!!

Thanks for your very kind comment,you are toooo nice to me:)

You always helped me lot with those fantastic stuff sent me til now! And also hope you wont stop sending more in the future!:)

Ha-ha! Clayderman here is maybe a goo idea! By the way whats your opinion about an entry dedicated to Karell Gott:)))

Here are just two to try:))

Karel Gott - die biene maja

Karel Gott - das sind die schönsten jahre

Best regards

10:14 AM  
Anonymous mug said...

Hey salty,

Also a great poem.

Yes, that it is very interesting how it translates. Particualrly interesting is the second line and how it translates from the mind to the heart.

Ironic how on Valentine's Day, we should be talking about Browning, especially considering that for many, the most famous Browning poem (How Do I Love Thee?)was by his wife, Elizabeth.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salty -

I have never heard of Karel Gott but if it sounds like this little number:


..then I'm down. Thanks!

I love vocalists too! I think an extensive Jacques Brel, Joe Dassin or a Ye-Ye post would be great too. I can help out a little if you need.

Thanks for the Karel. I will DL today. :) I'm running out of space on my HD too........


8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post and great blog. Was wondering if you have any releases of the bands Love Jungle & Company Of State been trying to look for these bands but can't seem to find them on the net.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


yes,it was a nice romantic love story between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning:)

There is a good and funny book about Elizabeth and her dog written by Virginia Woolf and called "Flush"!:)

Its a shame,but in my country published only "Sonnets from the Portuguese" from Elizabeth.Most of her poems can we reach only in English.It means not many people know here the most famous woman poet from England's victorian period!


9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hi, i have only some from Company Of State :

and two more songs. I will share them soon


10:09 AM  
Blogger mr8382004 said...

Hello salty, I think you got me wrong. I'm looking for the 9 track only remastered of songs. Bec. the link you post for the remastered version contain 10 tracks including everytime i see you, so i think you post the wrong version.
thanks again

3:34 PM  
Anonymous mug said...

Hey Salty,

I haven't read that one. I'll definitely pick up a copy. Thanks for the head's up! I have to admit I was surprisied that you can only get "Sonnets from the Portuguese" from Elizabeth. I guess she isn't considered a major enough poet to have all her works translated...?

9:19 AM  
Blogger A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi! saltyka. Thank you a million times for Fra Lippo Lippi's "Light And Shade" album. I was trying to finf this great album for a long time, and you produced the magic again! Your music blog is at the very top of my list, and your efforts are not unnoticed. Brilliant!!...(A.O.O.F.C)

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya! i think there's something wrong with the "songs 1986 remixed version" link. when i d/l it, it's the 2006 remastered songs. i looked through the comments and i think you may have switched the two links at the start. but now when you fixed the other link, the one for the remixed version is gone. can you reup? thanks!

btw, love the blog!

8:56 AM  
Blogger bingbong said...

Thanks Salty for this wonderful post about FLL. But i have to agree that you might have comitted a mistake again because i have the remastered version and so when i downloaded the remixed version, it sounded the same. Can you please check it again please?

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi,sorry for the inconvenience,here is the link for the 1986 album with 10 tracks :


Please message me if it is not ok


1:52 AM  
Blogger bingbong said...

Thanks Salty. No need to apologize. Nobody's perfect and you're one person who is humble enough to admit your mistakes. We're just too greatful for your blogposts. Why don't you also put a want list so we could help you find what you seek?

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

O my God!
This must be heaven! Thank you sooo much! I don't know how to thank you!

Laura Eléonore

6:30 AM  
Blogger Ad Nauseam said...

Merçi pour les liens d'artistes talentueux et méconnus

4:11 AM  
Anonymous schizo said...

hey u FLL fans! after more than 20 years in a shoebox, exclusively from my concert vaults, i present you a long-lost & mega-rare audience recording from one of FLL's six monumental Manila shows in late 1988. enjoy & please share the love =)
me, schizo
Disc 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?konngzjwmym
Disc 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?jwmzhzgylei

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a very great effort to post like this! I hope people are like you, especially to those bloggers. Anyway, if u can post "Plus One" band it'll be great, if you don't mind, still ok to me.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Aion Accounts said...

wow! great post..=)

6:18 PM  
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Wow, there is a lot of worthwhile material above!

7:48 AM  
Anonymous online pharmacy said...

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6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please, could you put another link to FRA LIPPO LIPPI (LIVE IN CONCERT), these two links are BROKE!!!


9:49 AM  
Blogger serrrucho said...

please reupload the live in mamila 1988 disc 1 please!!!!!!!

8:26 AM  
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