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ELITECHNIQUE (Florentijn Boddendijk & Remco De Jong)

"A cosmic disco duo doing crazy disco shit. With a massive array of classic synthesizers and musical knowledge they travel through the landscape of the eurodiscozone. Check out the great remixes they did…and try to catch them playing live somewhere!."

Electronic,Funk / Soul
Italo-Disco, Disco

Real Name:
Florentijn Boddendijk (also in Level 8) & Remco De Jong (also in Cospagon,Level 8, Megadebt,Phako, R-Factor)

LEVEL 8 - Level 8 (2004) (Former project of Florentijn and Remco)

This is an interpretation of the theme tune to the Dutch TV show 'To The Max'.


01 Level 8
02 Level 8 (Ardathbey -alias Alden Tyrell-Remix)

Link to download:

"This is a special project from the combined theatre department/production house of two of Amsterdams finest clubs the Paradiso and Melkweg. The two writters of this show are also musicians who release on DUB recordings, Florintintin and Phako, and they produced the music for this show. They got so many requests for one particular piece of music that they decided to release this as promotional item for the "To the Max" performance. The flipside features an Italodisco remix by Ardath Bey who sounds just like Alden Tyrell, and it even says so on the centre-label. Check!!"

"Level 8 is derived from the 'To the Max' performance which is playing in theatres and festivals in Holland at this moment. The two writters of this show are also musicians who release on DUB recordings (Florintintin and Phako) and they produced the music for this show. After many requests they decided to release this as promotional item for the 'To the Max' performance. As flip side there is a Italo disco rmx of by Ardath Bey (aka Alden Tyrell). His remix is uptempo italo disco, the original version is a more rocking electro (kind of Miss Kittin)."

"Rocking electro (Miss Kittin and The Hacker meet Vitalic plus some rock). On the flip an Italo/disco remix by Ardath Bey (Alden Tyrell). Genuine italo/disco and defenitly a must have for all the italo fetishists."

ELITECHNIQUE - We Shall Control EP (12") (2006)


01 We Shall Control
02 Microbeat Melodies
03 Spectral Escape

"For Radius #7, Spacid collects three new, slices of boxfresh Italo-disco - produced the classic way and as an antidote to the endless re-issue of old gems. How to control the dancefloor? Elitechnique will show you with this new EP - a must for fans of the old Italo Disco sound as well as modern day heroes such as Alden Tyrell or Bangkok Impact… Resistance is futile!"

"To every rule there's an exception and this release is one of them. Elitechnique brings you 3 new, pure and alive Italo disco tracks produced the classic way. A mystery artist but we're pretty sure they're dutch (Alden Tyrell & Pauli???). Excellent electro disco, will be big. [italo-electro-disco]"

"Elitechnique (2 guys strongly linked to the Clone family) brings you 3 new, pure and alive Italo disco tracks produced the classic way. How to control the dancefloor? Take ''We Shall Control'' and you know! Elitechnique's robotic spy-planes will watch how the shape shifting sounds of the micromachines will switch you from being stable gliders to ultra-manoeuvrable fliers.. Dance the ''Microbot Melodies''! And more filmical influences are used in ''Spectral Escape''. Here Elitechnique takes you on a trip. They let you escape to paradise... but.. they never bring you back!!"

ELITECHNIQUE - Fingerfood EP (12") ( 2007)


01 Fingerfood (Major Swellings aka Prins Thomas Skinkerytter miks)
02 Fingerfood (original mix)
03 Motorfunker (extended mix)
04 Vesta Vision

Link to download for these two EP:

"A perfect NY disco affair from the Elitechnique guys (known for their solid remixes for Alden Tyrell, Black Devil and their release on Radius records). A limited 4-track EP on the Clone X series. Title track 'Fingerfood' is a nice late-'70s percussion-driven disco track played with real instruments (no samples, not an edit!!!) in the style of the great Arpadys album and The Creatures and Patrick Adams. Comes with a great remix/edit of 'Major Swellings' (aka Prins Thomas) who turned the track into a more club oriented mix. On the flip, the uptempo 'Motorfunker' which is reminiscent of ESG and Liquid Liquid songs. A nice and raw percussion-driven track with a bouncing bass line. Very much for darker clubs with sweat dripping from the walls and the guys and girls in ecstasy from the non stop disco grooves! The last track is the slower and smooth cosmic 'Vesta Vision' which is the perfect track to finish this EP. Nice and smooth disco combines a Balearic feeling with floating synths and nice rolling basslines and cosmic vocals to take the listeners to another place in the cosmos. Great release for all the disco and cosmic disco heads out there!"

"The latest limited 4 track EP in the Clone X series is a perfect NY disco afair from Elitechnique, known for their great remixes for Alden Tyrell and Black Devil. Title track 'Fingerfood' is a nice late 70s-style percussion-driven disco track played with real nstruments (no samples, no edits), much in the same vein as many Rong and Bear funk releases. Also included is a killer remix / edit by Major Swellings aka Prins Thomas, who turns the track into a summery club session, ballearic style!. On the flip, the uptempo ESG & Liquid Liquid flavoured 'Motorfunker' boasts raw beat momentum and a bouncing bass, while the cosmic-style 'Vesta Vision' finishes the EP off perfectly. 500 copies only for the world!!"

Bonus- Some remixes:

JUPITER BLACK - We Like Moroder (2006)

Co-producer - Haddock & Müller Drums /[Live Drums] - Ulf Sticker/ Engineer - Kinky Roland/ Mastered By - Kai Blankenberg /Written-By, Producer - John Jupiter , Michael Black


01 We Like Moroder (Extended Club Mix)
02 We Like Moroder (Elitechnique Dub Mix)
03 We Like Moroder (Elitechnique Remix)

Link to download:

"There are few people who can lay claim to such an instantly distinctive sound as Giorgio Moroder - a fact that Jupiter Black (aka John Jupiter & Michael Black) trade on for their affectionate plundering of the great man's image. Unashamed in its homage, 'We Like Morodor' is essentially twelve inches of homage; as the undulating bass-line which has become his trademark lithely makes its way through the thundering beats and red-eye storm that comprise the Jupiter Black oeuvre. Turning the plate will expose a couple of Elitechnique mixes - kicking off with a syrupy dub version that favours the slow-build over any flash-in-the-pan theatrics to produce a New York indebted disco growler, whilst the other shoehorns in some Balearics without the bollocks. Ace." (

ALDEN TYRELL Featuring Nancy Fortune - La Voix (Remixes) (2006)

Electro, Disco


01 La Voix (Isolators Remix) (6:52)
02 La Voix (Isolators Instrumental) (5:49)
03 La Voix (Elitechnique Remix) (6:40)
04 La Voix (Elitechnique Instrumental) (6:34)

Link to download:

"Taken from his debut album, Mr. Tyrell's deep driving neo-italotrack 'La Voix' (with haunting vocals by Nancy Fortune) gets remixed here by The Isolators (Viewlexx) and Elitechnique (aka Phako & Florintintin). Vocal and instrumental versions...."

Florentijn Boddendijk
As a composer, Florentijn Boddendijk studied sonology at the academy of music in the Hague. While developing programmes for computers that generate music independently, Boddendijk also continues to make remixes of existing music. He prefers to recycle older music instead of making his own live sound since the recognition of fragments helps the listener, familiar with the sound of the records and cd"s. On the stage, he looks for ways of making the "electronic performance" more theatrical. For example with his "Laserbass", a two metre high machine enabling the player to cut through a vertical laser beam that activates the samples in the computer.

Remco De Jong
He was born in Rotterdam and lives and works there still.He is developing himself on a wide variety of disciplines. Except bringing out music via Dub-records he writes music for the theatre- companies like Hollandia. Newly he made a remix for the band Funkstorung etc., and is preparing new live concerts.

More info:


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