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Electro, Synth-pop

Members:Lotti Golden-Additional vocals
Richard Scher-Arrangements, drum programming and keyboards
Milton "Boe" Brown (ex The Strikers) - Vocals,Drums,Percussion
Catherina Russell - Background Vocals
Chuck Wansley - Vocals,Drums,Percussion
Katherine Joyce - Vocals
Ada Dyer ( - Vocals

"Light Years Away"

IT'S A BEAT WAVE (1983,reissued in 1992 with bonus)
Arranged By, Drum Programming, Keyboards - Richard Scher
Backing Vocals [Additional] - Catherine Russell , Lotti Golden , Tina Fabrik
Backing Vocals, Vocals - Ada Dyer , Chuck Wansley , Boe Brown*
Drums [Additional], Percussion [Additional] - Chuck Wansley , Boe Brown* , Steve Thornton Engineer - Alec Head , Butch Jones , David Avidor , John "Tokes" Potoker* , Melanie West , Rob Stevens
Executive Producer - Leonard Fichtelberg
Mixed By - John 'Jellybean' Benitez ( (tracks: 01, 03, 04, 05) , Lotti Golden (tracks: 01 to 04, 06) , Richard Scher (tracks: 01 to 04, 06),
Tony Humphries (track 07)
Producer - John 'Jellybean' Benitez* (tracks: 03, 04) , Lotti Golden (tracks: 01 to 04, 06) , Richard Scher (tracks: 01 to 04, 06)
Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher


01 Beat Wave (5:42)
02 Master Of The Mix (7:11)
03 Nunk (New Wave Funk) (7:15)
04 Light Years Away (7:43)
05 Light Years Away (Dub Version) (5:18)
06 No Man Is An Island (6:15)
07 Master Of The Mix (Remix) (6:53)
08 Nunk (New Wave Funk) (Instrumental) (8:18)
09 No Man Is An Island (12" Remix) (7:54)
10 Mega Mix - A. Master Of The Mix B. Light Years Away/Nunk (New Wave Funk) C. No Man Is An Island (10:45)

11 Whammer Slammer (1994)
12 Skips a Beat (club mix)

Link to download:

"Under the creative control of former Jazz vocalist Lotti Golden and partner Richard Scher, Warp 9 initially made there mark in 1982 with the minimal "Nunk". Come '83, however the follow-up "Light Years Away" was, in no uncertain terms, The Bomb!, consolidating Electro's preocupation with all things unearthly.The syncopated beats and austere keyboards were pure science fiction!!!"

about "Light Years away":
"Classic electro-funk. A bit of a mix between Prince and David Byrne doing some spacy electro. Flipside: "No man is an island" and "Nunk (new wave funk)""

about "Nunk":
"Lotti Golden and Richard Scher, producers / writers for Warp 9, Chilltown and Ladies' Choice, called their first Casio-powered Warp 9 release "Nunk", a hybrid of N-ew wave and f-UNK."(

NO MAN ISLAND (12") (1984)

Engineer [Mix] - Butch Jones /Mastered By - Herb Powers, Jr.*
Producer, Mixed By, Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher


01 No Man Is An Island (6:14)
02 No Man Is An Island (Dub Version) (7:30)
Mixed By - John Morales & Sergio Munzibai


Produced by: Lotti Golden / Richard Scher


01 Skips A Beat
02 Dirty Looks
03 Big Fun
04 Reach For Your Star
05 The Cutting Edge
06 King Of Hearts
07 You'll Get Over It
08 To The Last Drop

Link to download (Ep and LP):

After the demise of The Strikers in 1983, drummer Milton ‘Boe’ Brown became the lead singer with Warp 9, initially a studio group on Prism Records catering for the burgeoning ‘electro’ scene. When ‘Boe’ left the group Katherine Joyce & Chuck Wandsley became the nucleus of Warp 9 and switched to Motown where they took a more soulful direction on Fade In, Fade Out (1986). (
Warp 9 best remembered for their trendsetting club hits "Nunk," "Light Years Away," and "No Man Is an Island." Initially, the "group" was merely a studio concept of writers and producers Richard Scher and Lotti Golden, who masterminded "Nunk." Released as a 12" single on dance label Prism, the track became a quick success in clubs, and prompted its creators to form an actual group. Dyer, along with Chuck Wansley and Boe Brown, subsequently recorded "Light Years Away," "No Man Is an Island, and several other cuts for the 1983 album, It's a Beat Wave. Warp 9 appeared in a number of major dance clubs across the U.S. in support of its singles; but Dyer's desire to branch outside of the dance market resulted in her departure by 1984.(

In fact i don't know who the members are because the info is uncertain about it. For example i don't know if Richard Scher and Lotti Golden were really members of the band, but i know they played on the albums ,they were the producers and written/mixed songs for the band.
Other example is Katherine Joyce .She didn't appear on the first album,but she was a vocalist on the second one. I didn't have more info on Katherine.If you know more about Warp 9,let me know please!
recently playing with Bonfire which "is a dynamic LA-area duo known for its high energy and innovative approach to traditional music."

"Richard Scher, keyboardist and percussionist, has enjoyed an extensive career as a professional musician, composer and educator. He was a staff songwriter/record producer for MCA Music, Warner Chappell, Virgin Music and Island Music. As a songwriter, arranger/producer and studio musician he has worked with such artists as Diana Ross, Al Green, Kool and the Gang, Jennifer Holliday, Patti Austin, Expose, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. As a specialist in Orff Schulwerk music education, he taught elementary school music at disadvantaged schools in Los Angeles for ten years, music education certification courses at Cal State University Los Angeles, and has conducted music education workshops around the country. Currently, he is Director of Professional Development at P.S. ARTS (, a Los Angeles non-profit organization dedicated to restoring arts education to disadvantaged public schools throughout southern California." (

More info:

I have only few info.She relased two psychedelic albums in the late 60's and early 70's.After Warp 9 she worked as producer,song writer,guest vocalist on many albums together with Richard Scher and Tommy Faragher.

More info:

Lotti Golden , Richard Scher worked together (remixes for Jimmy Cliff,Nina Hagen together with Moroder! etc.) or produced (Charade,Ladies' Choice, Brenda K.Starr,The Weather Girls, Jermaine Stewart etc.,) many albums. I added below some of their remixes etc.:


Disco,Synth Pop, Soul-Funk


01 Lotti Golden - Sock It To Me Baby/It's Your Thing (1969)
02 Lotti Golden - What's It Worth (1981)
03 Ladies' Choice - Girls' Night Out (1982) (Written-By, Producer, Mixed By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)04 Melba Moore - How's Love Been Treatin' You (1982) (Written-By, Arranged By, Keyboards - Richard Scher)05 Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love (1982) (Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)06 Rocket - I Wanna Know (1982) (Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)07 Jimmy Cliff - We All Are One 5:45/ st (Dubwise mix) (1983) (Remix - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)08 Nina Hagen - Zarah (remix) (1983) (Remix - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)09 Nina Hagen - Zarah (Dub) (1983) (Remix - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)
10 Nina Hagen - Universal Radio (Universal Dance Mix) (1985) (Remix - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)11 Toto Coelo - Girls Night Out (1985) (Written-By - Lotti Golden ,Richard Scher)12 Jennifer Holliday - Hard Time For Lovers (1985) (Producer, Written-By - Lotti Golden ,Richard Scher)13 Diana Ross - Dirty Looks (1990)
(Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher)

Links to download:

Missing songs,please message me if you have:

Chilltown - Rock The Beat (1983) Producer, Mixed By, Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher
Wavo - Real Life (1983) Producer, Mixed By, Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher
Jeanna Cie - Red Light, Green Light (1988) Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher
Sybil - Here Comes My Love (1989) Written-By - Lotti Golden , Richard Scher

"one of the most vibrant lead vocalists in the United States",was a member of Bay City All Stars (they had an album "Rock & Roll Diner") Recently he is the leader of Chuck wansley Band "providing entertainment for weddings, corporate events or any special occasions".

"Native New Yorker Chuck Wansley began his professional singing and performing career at 18 on an extended world tour with Up With People. Upon returning to the states he performed with a variety of musicians in the Northeast, including several years in the Boston/R.I. area as drummer and singer with the popular club band Match. In the early 80s Chuck Wansley moved back to New York to pursue a solo career as a singer, signing first with Prism Records and then Motown, as a founding member of the urban techno band WARP-9, performing live and producing two albums. Chuck Wansley also performed and recorded an album with innovative performance artist Tomek Lamprecht (saltyka: Tomek was a member of Model Citizens). In 1984 Chuck Wansley moved to Los Angeles, his primary base of operations to date, and has evolved into a dynamic performer, easily conveying a range of musical styles from Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick, to George Michael and R. Kelly. Today he's the leader of Chuck Wansley After Hours, playing music from the 1940s, 50s big band swing, jazz standards, pop, R&B, blues, Motown, retro-80s, as well as Latin, specialty and contemporary styles. Chuck Wansley is strongly committed to making every wedding, corporate event, and party a wonderful and memorable experience."(

See also this:

had played on Tears -St (1981),on Enchantment - Enchanted Lady (1982) and was a member of The Strikes in the early 80's .I have no more info.

became a jazz vocalist and released several nice CD

More info:


Blogger Max said...

Thanks for another great post--and for filling me in on the later career of Lotti Golden, a great if underappreciated talent.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, as Max stated, Lotti Golden is a great talent, and this site provides much needed information her innovative work in electro/hip hop. I noticed Golden will be launching a website soon, (search Lotti Golden). I'm a fan of her groundbreaking LP, "Motor-Cycle" on Atlantic Records, and like many others, I'm looking forward to Atlantic reissuing the 1969 work of genius. Think Lou Reed meets Jack Kerouac meets Anne Sexton and Aretha Franklin. Really!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful website! Thanks for the info on Lotti Golden and her work with Warp 9--"NUNK' and "Light Years Away" among the best of electro, and for the info on her incredible LP "Motor-Cycle" on Atlantic. This gorgeous lady has created some of the most innovative music of our time. I wish there were an award for her contribution.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Barb said...

Wow! This is an informative site! Thanks for all the info on Warp 9, the ultimate electro group and for crediting its creators, writer/producers Lotti Golden and Richard Scher.

2:55 AM  
Blogger limboseed said...

Thanks for this wonderful website. I'm new to electro/funk/hip hop-and it's become one of my favorite genres. The music of the early 80's was among the most innovative, introducing the electronics we take for granted today. My research introduced me to Lotti Golden, Richard Scher and their production project Warp 9, with tracks like "Nunk" and "Light Years Away" paving the way for changes in pop music as a whole, from the rise of rap to artists like Prince. Not only were Golden and Scher visionaries, the members of Warp 9 were talented in their own right. There's more info on Warp 9 on Lotti Golden's Wikipedia entry. Peace!

2:03 AM  
Blogger sickfarm said...

Very cool website. Warp 9 ranks among the top electro-hip hop groups of the early 80's. Lotti Golden and Richard Scher, the producer-writers of the group, pushed the envelope, leading to contemporary rap and electro. Some of Warp 9's tracks, Nunk, Light Years Away, and Beat Wave can be heard on YouTube. Also, Golden and Scher appear in "The Rap Attack" by David Toop, one of the definitive books on early hip hop. Love Golden & Scher and Warp 9!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous hcg said...

It is a very informative and useful post thanks it is good material to read this post increases my knowledge

10:42 AM  
Anonymous hcg said...

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

10:44 AM  
Anonymous viagra online said...

What I like is the style of them, so I'd like to know more because I figure out their music should be incredible...

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this webpage dedicated to the innovative group Warp 9 that defined the electro hip hop era. Producers Lotti Golden and Richard Scher turned out great lyrics with impeccable productions. These records were top in clubs in the NYC area like the Funhouse and Danceteria, and a favorite of DJs as well. Got you up on the dance floor and at the same time there was a message in the music.

1:34 AM  

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