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ROCK & HYDE - Under The Volcano (1987) (PAYOLA$ related) for Jenny

Electronic, Rock
Pop, Synth-pop

"Dirty Water"

Bob Rock - guitar, keyboard, bass (from Payola$)
Paul Hyde - vocals, guitar (from Payola$)
Chris Taylor - drums, keyboards
Alex Boynton - bass
Micky Curry - drums
John Webster - keyboards


01 Dirty Water
02 I Will
03 Blind, The Deaf And The Lame
04 Knocking On Closed Doors
05 What Children Say
06 Talk To Me
07 Middle Of The Night
08 There's Always Someone Tougher
09 Oh Ruby
10 It's Alway Raining

Link to download:

"One of the post-Payolas records features Paul Hyde and maestro producer Bob Rock. Little bit poppy production with radiooriented hooks with lot of keyboards and harmonies. A good half is solid uncomplicated listenable songs( Dirty Water , I Will , Blind, The Deaf and The Lame and excellent Knocking on Closed Doors with closing slow one It´s Always Raining). The rest is normal pop-rock staple. Note to production duties handled by Bruce Fairbairn ( Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Ac/Dc) which are clean with good sound ( Bob Rock with Mike Frazer). Overall : Cool one."

"Their one-and-only release as Rock & Hyde, here's Paul Hyde and Bob Rock of Payola$ fame. The payoff here includes catchy hooks, clean production and superb AOR sensibilities throughout."


Rock & Hyde is actually a side project of Payola$,the Vancouver rock band, active 1979-88 under the leadership of songwriters Paul Hyde (vocals) and Bob Rock (guitar).After the breakup of the band in 1986, Bob and fellow Payola$ member Paul Hyde continued to write songs together under the name Rock 'N'Hyde. Their 1987 release, Under the Volcano,included the modest US hit 'Dirty Water,' as well as 'I Will' and 'Talk to Me,' which were popular in Canada.

"In 1987, the band rebranded themselves as Rock and Hyde (although the core duo was still in fact working with Payolas Taylor and Boynton) and released Under the Volcano on Capitol/EMI. This album's credits included a rather pointed dig at former producer Foster by offering a "very special thanks" to new producer Bruce Fairbairn, who "did the decent thing and let us be ourselves (we can all look in the mirror in the morning now)."Under the Volcano was critically well-received, and Rock and Hyde had two hits in Canada with “Dirty Water” and “I Will”. “Dirty Water” also charted on the US Hot 100.A&M tried to piggyback on the duo's EMI success by immediately offering forth a greatest hits package called Between a Rock & a Hyde Place. This compilation included no Rock and Hyde recordings per se, only A&M-era recordings the band had released under the name Payolas (or Paul Hyde and the Payolas)."

"A&M released BETWEEN A ROCK & A HYDE PLACE in 1987. A collection of hits spanning the group's five records, it also contains the only copy of "You're The Only Love" on disc. The album's release was due in part to offset any publicity that Rock & Hyde were about to receive, as they released their first 'solo' venture called UNDER THE VOLCANO on Capitol that same year. Though the 2 wrote the album, Taylor and Boynton are also featured - making it a Payolas' record without the actual 'name'. Also featured are guest appearances by Howie Vickers (formerly of Chilliwack), Bruce Fairbairn and John Webster, formerly with Red Rider. Later the same year saw Rock also have a disc put out by his other pet project, Rockhead. But by 1990 outside projects were getting in the way so the band called it quits. Another compilation was released in 2000 in Capitol's 20TH CENTURY MASTER SERIES, which also featured the ROCK & HYDE track "Dirty Water".

Bob Rock has continued several outside projects since Payolas' demise and has subsequently become one of Canada's most sought-after engineer/producers and whose career pretty much peaked with Metallica's BLACK ALBUM. Paul Hyde went solo, releasing his first of four solo albums in 1990. His most recent, 2002's BIG BOOK OF SAD SONGS, VOLUME 1 is an all-acoustic album which has brought back the critical praise Payolas enjoyed during the 1980's.
Rock and Hyde got back together in 2006 for a series of dates, then quietly skulked back into the studios, releasing an EP called LANGFORD a year later."

Paul Hyde
burst on the music scene in 1979 as the voice of the Payola$, a band he formed with guitarist and co-writer Bob Rock. With well-crafted pop songs and powerful lyrics, the Payola$ released six albums, garnered gold and platinum records, considerable air play and scores of music awards, most notably four Junos. The group dissolved in 1988 (including one lp as Rock and Hyde) and Hyde, a native of Yorkshire, England, went to work on a solo project and in 1990 released Turtle Island. After a leave of absence, he returned in 1996 for his second solo effort Love and the Great Depression. Fall 2000 saw the release of a third album, Living off the Radar, which reunited Hyde with old partner Bob Rock, one of the most sought after producers in music today. "It felt really good," says Hyde about working with Rock, adding they may do so again soon. "We have a lot of respect for each other." Aside from his own projects, Hyde has produced several artists such as Spirit of the West and Art Bergmann. Most recently Paul has turned a different, more acoustic ear towards his music. He has been busy writing new material as well as playing live, including recent dates with the legendary Everly Brothers. (

more bio:

His site is:

Bob Rock:
Robert Jens Rock (born 19 April 1954 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian musician, sound engineer, and record producer.Bob Rock is best known for giving bands such as Metallica and Mötley Crüe a more elaborate record production. He has also worked with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Cher, The Cult, David Lee Roth, Skid Row, Veruca Salt, Nina Gordon, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, Lostprophets, American Hi-Fi and Simple Plan.Rock's career both as a producer and musician is being recognized at the 2007 Juno Award Ceremony for his lifetime contribution to popular music. Rock will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS).

His page is:


and :

More info:
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