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"I really enjoy S.Brightman, S.Lazard, E.Shapley, etc. -- but Summer's rich, expressive voice tops them all."

SUMMER (SUMMER WATSON) - Summer (2003)

Opera & Vocal

Performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London Session Orchestra
Conducted by Nick Ingman
Feat. Pino Paladino, Nick Patrick, Summer, Miles Bould, Nigel Hitchcock, Yolanda Bould, John Parricelli, Dominic Miller, Richard Harvey, Richard Cottle, Rita Cambell

"Berceuse" from Jocelyn


01 Nella fantasia, for voice & orchestra (Composed by Ennio Morricone)
02 Aranjuez, ma pensée, for voice & guitar (Composed by Joaquin Rodrigo)
03 Palabra de Honor (Word of Honor) (Composed by Baliardo, Reyes)
04 Jocelyn, opera Berceuse (Composed by Benjamin Godard)
05 Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor ("Moonlight"), Op. 27/2 Adagio sostenuto (Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven)
06 Tutta la Vita, song (Composed by Matteo Saggese)
07 Ottone in Villa, opera in 3 acts, RV 729 Sposa son disprezzata (Composed by Antonio Vivaldi)
08 Cantique de Jean Racine, for 4-part chorus & organ (or orchestra), Op. 11 (Composed by Gabriel Faure)
09 Morgenrot ("Dort, wo der Morgenstern hergeht"), song for voice & piano, Op. 46/4 (TrV 199/4) (Composed by Richard Strauss)
10 Fragile (Composed by Sting)
11 Rusalka, opera, B. 203 (Op. 114) Song to the Moon (Composed by Antonin Dvorak)
12 The Deer Hunter, film score Cavatina (Composed by Stanley Myers)

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In 2002, Summer released her debut album, 'Summer'.
Produced by Nick Patrick and arranged by Nick Ingham, 'Summer' is seamless fusion between classical and ethnic music that is both emotively powerful and intellectually satisfying.
A collection of twelve stunning arrangements, including Ennio Morricone's 'Nella Fantasia' and Beethoven's 'Mal Di Luna', the album features contributions from pianist Simon Mulligan, tenor Marcelo Alvarez and bassist Pino Palladino.


"I am NOT a fan of classical music. That single fact makes this extremely positive review perhaps even more impressive. Put simply, this CD offers vocal versions of several classical classics and movie scores as well. Summer is not an established "star" name in the music business but, one listen to some of the samples of songs like Nella Fantasia or Cavatina will convince you of the merits of Summer's outstanding singing talent and, perhaps even bring tears to your eyes as they did for me. It is no accident that this CD debuted as number two on the UK Crossover Chart. Lest you believe the entire CD is classical music, movie buffs will recall Nella F. from Ennino Morricone's award winning score for The Mission while Cavtina was featured in the movie Platoon and Fragile was written by Sting. One look at list of composers whose works are featured reveals an ALL STAR CAST of writers whose works were carefully chosen to compliment this awesome selection of music. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED even if you too are not a classical music fan. - ENJOY! --- Mountain Man Dan"

"I first came upon this CD when I was Music Director of a public radio station and I couldn't wait to get it on the air. The response from the audience (@ 53,000) was warm and grateful. This gal not only has a beautiful voice, but also the training to use that voice to its best advantage. There are no swoops and crutches here (like that singer... ah, what's her name... oh, yeah.. Sarah Brightman), just a pure, clear, steady (not a lot of vibrato) almost ethereal voice accompanied by a marvelous instinct for how and when to inject interpretation. The orchestration is great, too, not too much, not too little. Wow, talk about crossover! I hope Summer comes up with another CD soon. I've almost worn this one out."

"I don't want to reiterate what previous reviewers have said so I'll keep this short. I don't get too excited about many things but this CD is a must! I came across Summer's music by accident while browsing the iTunes music store. I listened to a track and loved it so much that I bought the rest of the album. The next day, I went and bought the physical CD. In fact, I bought a dozen more and passed them out to friends and family. I can't say enough about this artist. This album is always at the top of my iPod playlist. These days the only other soprano I listen to is Renee Fleming. Highly recommended."

"I've heard many beautiful voices - I think of Maria Callas in opera,Marilyn McCoo in popular music, Joan Baez in folk, but hearing Summer sing is to me a new experience. Her voice is so uncommonly pure in tone, and her words and phrasing fall on your ears so smoothly that I become lifted to a higher level of being, just to know that there is such a fine and disciplined woman as she is. This feeling is new, and I'd like to say thank you to Summer and the people who help bring her work to life."

Summer Watson is an English soprano opera singer from Oxfordshire, born in 1976.She currently lives in London, UK
Summer Watson completed her Postgraduate diploma at the Royal College of Music, London, under Graziella Sciutti and Iris Dell’Accqua.Summer Watson released a solo album called "Summer" on the Sony Classical label at Abbey Road Studios in 2003. This reached #1 on the US iTunes charts and #2 on the UK classical chart and sold 500,000 copies.Summer Watson has performed in numerous events worldwide including charity events for the Red Cross.
Awards and DistinctionsIn 1999 Summer Watson was second place in the Llangollen International Singer of the Year competition. In the same year she was awarded the Countess of Munster scholarship to the Royal College of Music.Summer Watson was awarded the Anne Driver Award in July 2000 & 1999, the Michael James Trust Award July 2000 & 1999 and the Countess of Munster Award July 1999.Summer Watson has been nominated as the Ambassador for Magic Bus, a charity involved in getting Indian children off of the street. She has also been nominated the Ambassador of AdoptSriLanka.Com which works to re-build the communities of Sri Lanka after the destruction of the Tsunami.

Summer Watson is also an environmental activist and adventurer. In January 2006 she was on the winning Elephant Polo team in Galle, Sri Lanka. In September 2006 she finished the Final Ascent (4,808 meters) of Mont Blanc in France in 3 hours and 15 minutes.(

More info:

http://www.summer-sings.com/ (everybody know only her old page but it doesen't work now!)





"Nevertheless, the New York Voices are the bomb. There is no better vocal jazz ensemble out there for blasting out tight, accurate harmonies at warp speed and perfect blend."

NEW YORK VOICES - A Day Like This (2007)
Jazz, Pop
Bop, Smooth Jazz, A'cappella

New York Voices:
Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhan – Vocals; Darmon Meader - Vocals, tenor sax; Peter Eldridge – Vocals, piano

Bob Mintzer (
http://www.bobmintzer.com/) - Bass clarinet (track 1)
Andy Ezrin – Piano (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11,13, 14)
Paul Nowinski (
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=184229703) – Bass (tracks 1-4, 6-11, 13, 14)
Marcello Pellitteri (
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=115164105) – Drums (tracks 1-4, 6-11, 13, 14)
Jay Ashby (
http://www.dissonantgrace.com/JayAshby.html) – Percussion, trombone (tracks 2, 4, 7-11, 13, 14)
Mike Tomaro (
http://www.miketomaro.com/flash_content.htm) – Alto sax, baritone sax (tracks 4, 8, 10, 11, 14)
Frank Greene (
http://web.mac.com/f3greene/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html) – Trumpet, flugelhorn (tracks 4, 10)
Gil Goldstein (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gil_Goldstein) – Accordion (track 7)
Jim Guerra - Alto sax (tracks 8, 11, 14)/ Eric DeFade - Tenor sax (tracks 8, 11, 14)/ Jim Germann - Baritone sax (tracks 8, 11, 14)
Steve Hawk, Joe Herndon, Steve McKnight, Ralph Guzzi – Trumpets (tracks 8, 11, 14)
Bob Matchett, Clayton DeWalt – Trombones (tracks 8, 11, 14) /Chris Carson – Bass trombone (tracks 8, 11, 14)
Marty Ashby (
http://www.martyashby.com/) – Guitar (tracks 8, 9, 13)
Paquito D’Rivera (
http://www.paquitodrivera.com/) – Clarinet (track 9)
Lucas Ashby – Pandeiro (track 9)
Chuck Loeb (
http://www.chuckloeb.com/) - Guitar (track 11)
Ben Wittman (
http://www.benwittman.com/) – Percussion (track 12)

"Noticing the moment"


01 Darn That Dream
02 The World Keeps You Waiting
03 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
04 On A Clear Day
05 For All We Know
06 Love You Madly
07 As We Live And Breathe
08 No Moon At All
09 Chamego (Betty's Bossa)
10 Noticing The Moment
11 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
12 Stone Soul Picnic
13 A Day Like This
14 Jackie

Link to download:

"This album captures all the energy and imagination from one of the most talented groups on the planet. On this album is everything from new treatments of jazz standards to pop/r&b covers and original tunes. Particular favorites include Kinhan's original "The World Keeps you Waiting", solo piano/4 voice "For all we Know", "No Moon at All" and the cool arrangement of In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. This is required listening for any serious jazz/vocal group fan. You'll dig it! It will live in my CD player for quite some time to come :)"

"Yeah, that's it! One of the best vocal recordings I've heard in the last years. Starting with DARN THAT DREAM, a smooth and precise baritone solo by Peter Eldridge, followed by a magnificent track called THE WORLD KEEPS YOU WAITING with a strong chorus with a nice tigh harmony very well chosen. Then I'd call your attention to NOTICING THE MOMENT (the CD's best track! - although in the last part there's a note that Kim could sing one octave up) and also to two beautiful bossa nova styled songs: CHAMEGO and A DAY LIKE THIS. JACKIE strikes you at once! It's brilliant and very well arranged. All the other songs are also very good. Great vocal arrangements and precise execution. So that I still keep the CD in my car since last month! It neve stops playing. I also had the oportunity to see the New York Voices live here in Brazil. It was amazing! And how gentle they are! Great musicians, lovely recordings: a must for jazz vocal fans!"

"I have been following the NYV for years and I've enjoyed them at least 3 times live, a dimension in which they can wonderfully express their huge talent both as individual perfomers and as a perfect small orchestra. For some reasons, however,most of their past albums couldn't reproduce the magic of their live concerts, except for the brilliant job on "Sing, Sing, Sing" which was a stratospheric collection of great standards and opened the road for this new "A day like this". On my opinion, this time the VOICES hit the mark completely. I've experienced a real phisycal pleasure listening to these masterpieces:they sing like they never did before on record, they harmonize with absolute perfection and the choice of material is flawless. My favourite at the moment are a languidly hip version of "Darn that dream" (Peter Eldridge's solo is vanilla cream to my ears here), a lush mid tempo reading of "On a clear day" with the usually great sax playing and scat of "Mister Master" Darmon Meader, a sweet as dark chocolate Laureen Kinhans (love her pure, warm and dense sound)on "Love yo madly" and a stellar job on Annie Ross "Jackie" with Kim Nazarian exposing her marvelous gift with a technically perfect reading of this difficult tune. And what a nice surprise with the new, NYV penned material: all the new songs literally shine here. Do yourself a favour: sit in a quiet place and enter NYV world..there's a lot of pleasure in spare for you over there!"

"I freely admit to being a fullout fan of this ensemble. I own all of their recordings and have seen them live several times. Having revealed my obvious bias, I will state that "A Day Like This" is among the best vocal jazz recordings I have heard. There is a pleasing mix of styles that do not result in an uneven album, but rather complement each other to create a satisfying whole. For those who may be unbelievers, or jaded by the use of "Auto-tuning" in studios these days, I will also state that I saw them live in Cleveland in a small, jazz-club setting about two weeks after this CD was released, and their intonation is as flawless live as it sounds in the studio. These four people are true artists and work hard at their craft. Darmon Meader's arrangements are beautiful and the original tunes by Peter Eldridge and Lauren Kinhan are excellent. Modern vocal jazz does not get any better than this, folks. New York Voices are the real deal."

More review:

New York Voices is the Grammy Award winning vocal ensemble renowned for their excellence in jazz and the art of group singing. Like the great groups that have come before, such as Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Singers Unlimited, Manhattan Transfer and Take 6, they have learned from the best and taken the art form to new levels. Their interests are rooted in jazz, but often Brazilian, R & B, classical, and pop influences are included with equal creativity and authenticity. The group was formed in 1987 by Darmon Meader, Peter Eldridge, Kim Nazarian, Caprice Fox and Sara Krieger. By way of explanation, Darmon, Peter, Kim and Caprice attended Ithaca College in NY and were part of an invitational alumni group formed to tour the European Jazz Festivals in the summer of '86. As a result of this exciting experience, the idea of forming a professional group was born.
In 1989 they would sign their first record deal with GRP Records and release their self titled debut album, New York Voices. The group received rave notices and quickly received domestic and international recognition in the Jazz World. From '89 to '94, they released four total CDs on the GRP Label, Hearts of Fire, What's Inside, and The Collection. While recording for GRP, they underwent personnel changes. In 1992, Sara Krieger retired her chair, and after auditioning over 60 vocalists from all over the U.S., the group found Lauren Kinhan. There was an immediate chemistry in fit and sound, allowing the group to make a quick transition and fast become the "new" New York Voices. Lauren's first musical contributions can be heard on NYV's third CD, What's Inside, released in May of 1993. In early 1994, Caprice Fox left the group, forever fixing NYV as the quartet it is today.
Besides their own CDs, NYV has made many guest appearances on recordings and live performances that have earned them critical acclaim and demand in a variety of musical settings. You can find their performances on such CDs as their Grammy award winning collaboration, Count Basie Orchestra with New York Voices, Live at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (MCG Records), the contemporary classical The Ancient Tower (Robert Lepley - EarthBeat Records), Heirs to Jobim (BMG Records), Don Sebesky's I Remember Bill (BMG), Jim Hall's By Arrangement (Telarc), A Love Affair - the Music of Ivan Lins (TELARC), Irving Berlin's Louisiana Purchase (DRG), and many more. They have had the pleasure of performing with a number of influential jazz artists including Ray Brown, Bobby McFerrin, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, and the like. In early 1997, NYV signed a new record deal with RCA Victor. They traveled down a different road creating their first high concept CD paying tribute to a contemporary composer which produced, New York Voices Sing the Songs of Paul Simon. They explored and used a variety of styles to express new turns on this singer/songwriter's popular songbook.
In late 2000, New York Voices completed their sixth CD entitled Sing, Sing, Sing. After sharing many years and performances with the Count Basie Orchestra, the group wanted to address the Great Big Band Song Book and offer their own version of it. With Darmon doing the lion's share of the vocal and big band arrangements, they hired the producing talents of Elliot Scheiner (Manhattan Transfer, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac)to capture the music and mix it with his exquisite precision and care. Other guest band arrangers are the great Micheal Abene and Rob Mounsey. Sing, Sing, Sing will be released in early 2001. As reviewed by Don Heckman of the LA times, "the title track quickly lays down what to expect from the balance of the program: complex, interwoven vocal lines, interactive improvising and brisk ensemble accompaniment. And revivalist swing fans--both players and listeners--would do well to check out the Voices' capacity to bring a contemporary quality to classic material without sacrificing the essence of either" NYV has traveled the globe with their elegant music, befriending people everywhere they go. They have appeared on the stages of Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, The Blue Note (Japan, NYC), The Austria Opera House, The Zurich Opera House, and the list goes on. They have been seen at the many jazz festivals including the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, The Montreal Jazz Festival, and the New Orleans Jazz and Blues Heritage Festival. Along with their extensive concert performances and recording dates, NYV also works in the field of education, giving workshops and clinics to high school and college music students. Individually, the four members are involved in a variety of projects including solo performances and recordings, teaching, writing and arranging. The group hopes to continue to explore all styles of music, and expand their audience for years to come.

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"In a bad and crazy world, the voice of Carol Sloane is the ideal antidote to every sort of anxiety. She is simply the finest singer of ballads today. "

"Carol Sloane is my all time favorite singer. Never less than superb."

CAROL SLOANE - Dearest Duke (2007)


Smooth Jazz, Vocal

Carol Sloane - Vocal, Producer
Ken Peplowski (
http://www.kenpeplowski.com/) - Clarinet, Tenor Sax, and Vocal on track 12
Brad Hatfield (
http://www.bradhatfieldmusic.com/) - Piano
Jim Czak - Mastering, Mixing/Peter Kontrimas - Engineer
Mat Domber,Rachel Domber - Executive Producer


"Sophisticated Lady" 'Songbird'


01 Sophisticated Lady
02 Solitude
03 I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
04 I Didn't Know About You
05 Serenade To Sweden
06 Mood Indigo
07 Rocks In My Bed/I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues
08 In a Sentimental Mood/Prelude To a Kiss
09 Day Dream
10 I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
11 Just A'Sittin' and A'Rockin'/All Too Soon
12 Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)

Link to download:

"Nine individual songs and two medleys all breathe with the calm modulated joy of an unusually wise vocalist ... committed to finding new delight in long-treasured lyrics and music."JazzTimes (p.84) - "Her ability to shape 11 duskily majestic tracks supported by just piano plus touches of woodwind and brass simply heightens their magnificence."

"Jazz vocalist Carol Sloane covers ballads on Dearest Duke, generating a mellow love letter to one of America's greatest jazz composers, Duke Ellington. She's joined in her effort by clarinetist Ken Peplowski and pianist Brad Hatfield for a spare, intimate set that allows Sloane's voice to stand front and center. There is a hazard to stringing a dozen ballads together, mostly that an album will fall into a familiar pattern. Listening to a dozen Ellington songs performed by a sympathetic interpreter, however, builds thematic unity, creating an album well suited for late-night and lazy afternoon moods. And how can one fail with songs like "Mood Indigo," "In a Sentimental Mood," and "Sophisticated Lady"? The overall proceedings are only interrupted by slight variations in approach, as when Peplowski and Hatfield perform the instrumental "Serenade to Sweden" and Peplowski adds his vocals to "Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)." Sloane's approach may seem a bit old-fashioned by those who have become accustomed to the more polished sounds and production of Diana Krall and the current crop of torch singers, but what of it? There's something to be said for bringing all musical elements to bear on the singer and the song, and this approach works just fine on Dearest Duke." ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide

"Five MARVELOUS Stars!! Legendary jazz singer Carol Sloane's unique, lovely voice is instantly identifiable and on her latest CD she gives a marvelous singing seminar that has familiar and seldom-heard classics by Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn as the focus. Confidently carrying the entire CD, Ms Sloane is in wonderful company backed by an unconventional but totally satisfying duo. The great Ken Peplowski is on clarinet and a 'killer' Hawkins/Webster-influenced tenor sax and the superb Brad Hatfield is on piano. No bass and drum necessary here for these three. If you've never heard Carol, this would be a nice place to meet her precise phrasing, flawless swing, and controlled dynamics, as she and her friends mix up the music and solos to make it fresh.
The 'Pieces De Resistance, the best of the best, begin with Carol casting her spell over "Sophisticated Lady", digging out new meaning from the lyrics as well: The "I see you cry" phrase is poignant. "Mood Indigo" is a breathing, phrasing, and vibrato lesson in itself: just a marvelous performance! Peplowski and Hatfield turn in sterling solos here and elsewhere that further illuminate the music. Peplowski gives a wild clarinet intro to "Rocks In My Bed". My favorite by Carol is "I Didn't Know About You" which is a timeless classic that deserves more attention from the younger crowd of singers. Peplowski and Hatfield give us a scintillating instrumental version of "Serenade to Sweden". A jumping "Just A'Sittin' and A'Rockin' " connects with a loping "All Too Soon" as Carol delivers big again, making the lyrics sound new. Something about how she makes the listener concentrate on her voice, phrasing, and the song's message. Carol and Ken harmonize vocally on a warm, humorous closeout version of "Just Squeeze Me". A huge performance by Carol Sloane, a singer's singer, and her friends that should not be missed. Using Duke's favorite phrase, "Love you madly", Carol. My Highest Recommendation. Five AMAZING Stars."

"Carol Sloane's newest recording, Dearest Duke, honors some of the finest songs written and/or co-written by Duke Ellington. Carol's jazz combo is at its peak on this work. Carol has her unique style of interpreting songs, particularly jazz classics. The haunting music backing up Carol on this recording comes from musicians who have to be finely attuned to the late Duke's inner emotions when he composed these songs. It is so wonderful to see a jazz singer who has managed to continue in this field for years without inhibitions or interruptions. Carol is one of the finest jazz interpreters of the Great American Songbook. I would recommend this CD for everyone. You can't get any better than this."

"This is an exquisite album. Carol Sloane's voice is deep and warm, smoky and mature, with a tone and style reminiscent of Rosemary Clooney. Brad Hatfield's lovely, sophisticated piano complements her perfectly."

More review:




Carol Sloane (born March 5, 1937) is an American jazz singer born in Providence, Rhode Island who has been singing professionally since she was 14, although for a time in the 1970s she worked as a legal secretary in Raleigh, North Carolina.[1]One of her early efforts was working with Les and Larry Elgart's orchestra. Later she filled in for Ross of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. By 1961 she had success at the Newport Jazz Festival, which led to albums for Columbia Records.[2] Her career stalled for a time in the 1970s, but rebounded by the 1980s. She later signed with Concord Records and had some successes touring in Japan. In 1986 she married Buck Spurr

Singer Carol Sloane started singing professionally when she was 14 and at 18 she toured Germany in a musical comedy. She was with the Les and Larry Elgart orchestra during 1958-1960 and, after appearing at a jazz festival in 1960, she was heard by Jon Hendricks who later sent for her to sub for Annie Ross with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. Sloane made a big impression at the 1961 Newport Jazz Festival and soon cut two records for Columbia. Unfortunately, her career never got going and, except for a live set from 1964 released on Honey Dew, Sloane would not record again until 1977, working as a secretary in North Carolina and singing just now and then locally.
However, in the mid-'70s she became more active again, caught on in Japan (where she began to record frequently), and her career finally got on more solid footing. Sloane's releases for Audiophile, Choice, Progressive, Contemporary, and later Concord feature a mature bop-based singer with a sound of her own. by Scott Yanow Allmusic.com

More detailed bio:


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