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DAVID ASTRI - Do It Right (1983)


Credits (not complete list so if you know who else credited on the album,let me know please!):
Lorelei McBroom ( - Vocals (tracks 02,03,04)
Produced by Patrick Williams
( (tracks 01-03)Engineer-Hank Cicalo ( (tracks 01-03)
Arranged by Ed Karam ( (tracks 01-03)Producer,Engineer,Arranged and Mastered by Richard Roeder (tracks 04-07)
Co-Producer (tracks 05,06),all songs written by David Astri
Executive Producer - Edward Astri

Performed Richard Roeder with David Astri

"Dancing Digits"


01 Get Down To It (3:15)
02 Safe And Sound (3:59)
03 Everyone Has Feelings (3:19)
04 Used To Feel So Right (4:14)
05 Up (5:15)
06 Do It Right (3:41)
07 Dancing Digits (8:38)
08 Dancing Digits (Dance Mix) (8:06)
09 Dancing Digits (Album Mix) (7:40)
10 Dancing Digits (Terje Edit) (6:30)
11 Kym - Give me The Dance

Link to download:

salty's review:
Two representers-Richard Roeder and David Astri-of the so-called Baltimore Sound ( with a mega rare album.The best song -and the most known as well- is "Dancing Digits". I like its Lime and Gino Soccio's influenced sound with Richard Roeder's wonderful smooth guitar playing (he plays like two jazz guitar fame George Benson!). There are also some nice sound here,which are similar to Brian Auger's organ sound.And even there is a synth sample which is total Rah it is really a classic!

The rest:
The first song on the album is "Get Down To It" which is such great as George Benson's famous piece "Give Me The Night". And don't miss "Do It Right": nice wind instruments with good rhythms based on disco sound.There is a similarity between the vocalist and Johnny Guitar Watson's voice. It is true for the style as well. Or maybe you remember for Dr John's masterpiece "Right Place" which is also similar to it. I think this is enough reason to love "Do It Right" isn't it?!

The other songs: you will enjoy them if you are a fan of nice and slower jazzy songs with woman vocal (the are like Lonnie Liston Smith's great album "Dreams Of Tomorrow" 1983)

I added a bonus song from Kym. This is "Give Me The Dance" from 1983 (Written and Produced by Richard Roeder), "Popping 80s electro boogie, a killer midtempo synth-disco club number out of Baltimore, with a wonderful dubby sounding arpeggiated groove, you can just imagine the video to this one, parachute pants and all!" (

"Astri's rare LP featuring the Harvey favorite "Dancing Digits" and other similar, lesser-known spaced-out synth treats! Top-Notch and Rare!"

"Dancing Digits has been on the lists of Harvey disciples for yonks and now its finally available on 12" courtesy of Soft Rocks. This obscure 80s Balearic disco soundtrack features an lengthy electric guitar solo that recalls Tangerine Dream and Wang Chung soundtracks with its dreamy ethereal beauty. The Soft Rocks remake effortlessly manages to combine jazzy keys, prog and P-funk into the already brilliant tune and comes away with an Idjut friendly vibe. You need this..."(

"Dancing Digits would have to be my "dollar bin miracle." I didn't know it when I pulled it out of the dirty landfill known as "The Thing" in Greenpoint, but when C'mish looked it up on ebay it was fetching $120+. Yes, David Astri with cheesy as all hell cover (looks like a beginners guide to MIDI or something) pressed up on crystal clear vinyl, and contains the sought after track "Dancing Digits." Sounds like something that inspired Metro Area or some of those new disco maestros. Still minty except for all the BPM sticky notes on the cover and the "Black Passion Disco" stamp on the label left from the original owner."

"The original mix of this obscure 80's disco track "Dancing Digits" has been a huge tune for the likes of DJ Harvey / Daniel Wang and has subsequently become a highly prized slab of vinyl, until now, also included on this release is the Soft Rocks remake which was completely stripped down (and all parts replayed with musicians including Alice Russell from Quantic Soul Orchestra) and turns out to be a fine piece of deep, disco house. Essential! [electronic-disco](

some about the credits:
Hank Cicalo producer and engineer worked a lot with Tom Scott (who is a jazz fame)Hank Cicalo and Patrick Williams worked together on The New American Orchestra - "Blade Runner" (1982),Patrick Williams - "Theme From M.A.S.H. 12" (1983),and on some soundtracks like "All of Me" (1984) and "Laguna Heat" (1987)

As far as i know he left the music industry since his only album released. I don't know what he done after it, but now he works for SK MacDonald Inc (

You can also find him here:

(photo of Roeder :

Owner of Roeder Studio (Monkton, Md) since 1972 (
"Baltimore-based jazz guitarist/recording engineer.Roeder plays in a highly evolved modern jazz style while staying rooted to mainstream jazz and his early experiences in organ trios. As a studio engineer, he has worked on projects that included jazz artists Claudio Roditi, Duduka Da Fonseca, Drew Gress, Ben Monder, Mark Ferber, Jim Black and John Blount."


"...The quartet also featured Richard Roeder on guitar. Roeder makes his living as a record producer in Baltimore, but his own post-bop chops were undeniable as he accompanied and traded solos with Cashman. If you weren't wearing your glasses on Friday night, you might think that Roeder was Pat Metheny."(

One of his newest work is Steve HabermanTrio's Action Reaction (2006) where he was the engineer, and also he made the mastering and mixing.

More info:


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not my upload but you requested:
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very rare collection of wonderful music. I am fortunate enough to have 1 of the original albums. Love the album!!! David is a very unusual writer with a lot of emotion in his music. I have several of his other music which has not been published. One song is better than the next. How lucky am I? Very!

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Don't miss "Do It Right": nice wind instruments with good rhythms based on disco sound.There is a similarity between the vocalist and Johnny Guitar Watson's voice.

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