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DATAFREQ - Fun for the whole Family (2006)

"vocoder powered electro number one band"

"Datafreq marks his return to his original passions of early 80's new wave melodies and vintage electronic rhythms."

Electro, Synth-pop

Dave Rout - Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Computer, Vocoder
Andreas Gregor - Vocals, Synthesizers for live performances

"Claudia Brucken's Lips"


01 Arcade Intro (0:21)
02 Just Like 1981 (4:12)
03 Scene Machine (3:26)
04 I Desire (3:19)
05 Arcade Junkie (3:10)
06 Deadman Control (3:22)
07 Silhouette City (4:01)
08 Claudia Brucken's Lips (4:17)
09 Circuitropolis (4:07)
10 Diskophonic (4:08)
11 I Like Japanese Girls (3:38)

Link to download:

"With "Fun For The Whole Family", Datafreq gives us a really funny piece of 80s infected minimal electro. Everybody who is into this kind of sound should like this album. It's the kind of music that cheers me up when I'm in bad mood.All tracks on this release are very good, my personal highlights are "Just Like 1981", "I Desire" the Kraftwerk-like "Arcade Junkie" and the more quieter "Silhouette City".Well, the music is just pure enjoyment, but I have to mention the artwork of the album, it fits perfectly into this whole 80s atmosphere and so the record becomes a piece of art.Highly recommended!"

"Fun for the whole family with this retro/synth/electropop-album with robotic voices, poppy arpeggios's, arcade-sounds and all."(

"Dave Rout who’s the musician hiding behind this project got some recognition in the 80s as member of !Bang Elektronika. The “Aktivierung”-cut of this project sounds still fresh in my mind. He also got involved in a few other projects, but Datafreq is now his Mother Ship! The music seems to be devoted to the 80s electronic pop. In times of 80s revival, Datafreq has a real potential to catch the attention of new fans. The sound isn’t always that original, but it remains enjoyable and danceable music. The last cut entitled “I like Japanese girls” sounds a little bit more electroclash like. It’s my absolute favorite song! This is pleasant electronic music released on the Berliner based Das Drehmoment Records."

"First CD for Das Drehmoment records after the release of six vinyls (four compilations, a MLP for Divider and an LP for Ich), FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY is the first Datafreq album. Hailing from Toronto, Canada and headed by a guy called Dave Rout, Datafreq isn't the project of a youngster in love with '80s synthetic sounds. Dave already worked with different musical projects since the mid '80s. You want to know the names? Here are some: Methods Of Danse, Technique Berlin and Rational Youth. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY contains eleven songs deeply influenced by '80s synthpop, new wave and by arcade games. As you can see on the photos contained into the booklet, Dave used early '80s gear like Roland TR 606, Roland Juno 106, Korg MS 20, Clavia Nord Lead 2, etc. He also used along with a vocoder, those educational keyboards called Speak And Spell, creating a retro atmosphere that with the retro gaming visuals of the booklet creates a particolar atmosphere especially if in your teens you owned a Commodore computer or a Spectrum. Talking about the songs, Datafreq doesn't sound exactly like a synthpop band because even if on tracks "Just like 1981", "I desire" or on the instrumental "Circuitropolis" the influence of that genre is clear, on "Diskophonic" new wave and techno are the main references (and that is a really catchy track) while on "Silhouette city" I can hear echoes of the early John Foxx. Blending instrumentals, electro pop songs and new wave sythetic tracks Datafreq succeeded into creating a multifaceted album that convince for its freshness. Daring to experiment a little bit with genres without sticking the songwriting on synthpop and with the right dose of irony, Dave did the right thing and also Das Drehmoment showed its will to produce different kind of bands always being true to the electronic world. P.s. The CD contains also the nice "Arcade junkie" videoclip."


More review: (German) (Italian)

Datafreq is a Canadian electro project that with a minimal vintage approach manages to create a maximum sound. Datafreq entered the spotlights about a year ago with the track ‘Just Like 1981’ on the Advanced Electronics compilation cd. Minimal wave, electro and clash meet up on Fun for the Whole Family, an album with a real retro look and retro style. Also the artwork breathes an 80’s atmosphere with imagery of arcade games, the fonts that are used and photo’s of vintage machines. The music is made by Dave Rout, who himself sings through a vocoder about arcade games, pixel rasters and vector screens, big city life, Claudia Bruckens lips, disco and Japanese girls. This is musicwise much more fun than it might appear when you read this. The music has been made with a drum machine and synthesizers and is quite energetic and not boring retro music at all. The music has been kept simple yet the songs are very gripping, the sound is phat and the songs immediately invite you to go explore the dancefloor. In ‘ Silhouette City ’ and ‘Diskophonik’ Andreas Gregor (!Bang Elektronica) sings the lyrics. Fun for the Whole Family is fun and an very infectious electro debut, that will surely appeal to electro wavers as well as techno-electro adepts. When you like The Rorschach Garden, Kitbuilders or Legowelt, you really should check this. (

DATAFREQ: Dave Rout has been involved in the Canadian Electronic Music Scene since the mid 80’ies and everybody should know his projects ! bang elektronika, RATIONAL YOUTH, JETLAG and for sure FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – the title of his album on DAS DREHMOMENT RECORDS. DATAFREQ is back to conquer your world with 80s vintage electronics! Great to have you back on stage, Dave!

Datafreq vs Danellatron is a new project of Dave Rout (vocoder and electronics) and Danella Hocevar (voice/[and bass guitar for live gigs].Their first release is Monumental (10") which came out in 2008.

member of !Bang Elektronika (1988 to 1996,2001 to 2004,see:, A.S.A. (1995),Digital Poodle, Jetlag (2006), Laundromat (1993),Infor/Mental (1997), Mona Lisa Mescaline, Rational Youth (1997-1999)

member of !Bang Elektronika (1989 to 2004), Datafreq, Digital Poodle etc.(
He is DJing as DJ Formaldehyde,and also pruducing engineering and composing etc.:
"Now I'm almost 40, living in Toronto and I'm still a huge Kraftwerk fan, and I have even played in a Kraftwerk tribute band. Looking back I can say that Luxy sure had an impact on my life along with a few other's (like Toronto's CFNY, The Spirit of Radio). I had a great deal of fun with all the synthesizer's that I had bought over the years. Who knows if I had ever even wanted to play synthesizer's if it hadn't been for that fateful night, listening to 208. And now I am doing radio as well, even if it is internet radio. Along with my wife, I host a weekly show on every Thursday night at 9:00pm EST (repeats Friday mornings at 3:00am) called A Darker Shade of Retro, where I play classic Industrial and Goth music. I just want to say thanks to all those at 208 Radio Luxemburg for expanding my horizons and starting a few dreams which became a reality for me. Andreas Gregor (aka. DJ Formaldehyde)
Toronto, Canada"
( and

His site is:

More info: Buy here!


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Well, the music is just pure enjoyment, but I have to mention the artwork of the album, it fits perfectly into this whole 80s atmosphere and so the record becomes a piece of art.Highly recommended!

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