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BOBBY O.- bobby o. and his banana reublic (1985) (by REQ)

Synth-pop, Disco,Hi-energy


01 A man like me 6:38
02 Confusion 5:00
03 Now and forever 3:40
04 Pump it up 5:05
05 Whisper to a scream 9:04 (feat. Claudia Barry)
06 Mixed up world 4:49
07 Somebody 4:40
08 Hanging on 4:01

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"Since the early eighties the small American label, O Records, has had vast commercial success with its superlative blending of New York Disco and Euro pop. With Hi-Energy on the verge of a second coming, its egocentric owner remains the self-styled master of classic techno trash. I am still the greatest, says Bobby Orlando.
Text: Kimberley Leston (Sadly no longer with us - She died in February 1995)
1976 - MIDTOWN MANHATTEN. A man and a boy are walking Broadway. The man - slacks, silky , neck, leather coat - gestures to a seed . Bets are taken and the kid drops to the floor does push-ups on one finger without breaking a sweat, without even taking out his gum. He flexes his stocky Italian boots little as they leave. Small time amateur boxer, easy money.
But the son of a schoolteacher from middle class New York surburb of Westchester doesn’t want to be a boxer forever. He wouldn’t like his pretty face spoiled, of course, but at 18 years old Bobby Orlando has already turned down a scholarship to a classical music school and can blow away Johnny Thunders, guitarist with his favourite group of three years earlier, The New York Dolls. He’s been in a couple of teenage glitter rock bands and he doesn’t listen to Alice Cooper any more. Now disco is his obsession and he wants to make records.
Three years later, his third attempt at production is a dance chart hit. He writes the now-definitive Hi-Energy anthem "Desire" for a girl he met in a restaurant. Taken with the pushy little guy who’d rather go without a watch until he can afford a Rolex, the young Roni Griffith signs the 50/50 contract written on a napkin, has an affair with the producer and a massive European success with the song.
In 1980 he pays off the loan shark who "financed" the session and sets up his own label at a time when classic Seventies disco was considered laid to rest with Chic’s "Good Times" but before the all-synthesized techno beat of Hi-Energy hit the peak it was to reach in 1983.
With an enormous catalogue of releases lauched by The Flirts "Passion" and Divine’s "Native Love" and working alongside mixers who have come up through the network of New York clubs - John "Jellybean" Benitez, Kiss FM’s Shep Pettibone - O Recods has had 17 gold and five platinum smashes in America and Europe in its seven years. "Shoot your shot", the B-side of Divine’s second single "Jungle Jezebel", went gold so quickly in the Benelux countries that it was re-released as an A side within a month. For a small record company with a low profile, that’s a high profile of hit records....."

"Bobby Orlando, also known as Bobby O and by his pseudonym Orbob, is a New York based dance music artist and record producer.
He is most famous for his numerous disco anthems with artists such as Divine ("Shoot Your Shot", "Native Love"), The Flirts ("Passion", "Danger") and Roni Griffith ("Best Part Of Breaking Up"). He also produced the Pet Shop Boys early in their career, although they split with him before achieving mainstream success and re-recorded tracks he had been involved with, notably "West End Girls". His biggest solo hit, "She Has A Way", was released in 1982."

Some Bobby Orlando recordings:
Freedom In An Unfree World (album, including the disco hit "Beat By Beat")
One Two Three (album, including the underground hits "Another Knife In My Back" and "Runaway") by 1-2-3
Questions Of The Heart (album, including the hit "All You Ever Think About Is (Sex)!") by The Flirts
Bobby O & His Banana Republic (1988) (including : "A Man Like Me", "Whisper To A Scream")

more info:
http://www.bobby-orlando.de/ Lp covers(front,back),discography,forum

hungarian fan page videos ,sleeves,covers ,pictures,forum etc worth to visit!


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