Tuesday, May 30, 2006

NORKEN - Soul Static Bureau (1999)

"Soul Static Bureau is a sumptuuous collection of dreamy Detroit techno tracks and ambient house"

Real Name:
Lee Norris
(also : Man-Q-Neon, Metamatics, Nacht Plank)

Deep House, Minimal, Tech House


01 Gone (6:30)
02 Painting (7:34)
03 Fragile (6:45)
04 Eve (7:20)
05 Echo Ecru (6:31)
06 More Frequencies (7:08)
07 Southern Soul (7:44)
08 Shifting Towards (6:59)
09 The Visit (6:59)
10 Motor Breeze (5:38)
11 Melissa Blend (8:00)

Link to download:

some bio:
Norris (was born Le Nonriz in Strasbourg on the French-German border in 1963) - a 32-year-old, amiable Mancunian - has been making music since 1996. He records and releases under three different guises. There's the Detroit techno of Norken, the ambient chillout of Naacht Plank and the Aphex Twin-esque electronica of Metamatics. All three are a "logical progression" of his influences: Depeche Mode, John Foxx, Brian Eno and Gary Numan. "They were all ahead of their time with the music they made," Norris says, "although they spoilt it a bit by singing over the top." Norris's projects are instrumental.
Norris also has his own label, Neo Ouija. He runs the company from home in a tiny hamlet on Dartmoor, where he also has his studio. "I set the label up for all these people making fantastic music on their laptops, but who couldn't get a record deal because it's so bloody hard," Norris explains.

"Norken, aka Lee Noris, has produced a beautiful little gem here. First off, I should state that generally I'm not a big fan of techno, as I find the palette of sounds most artists use too limiting. Perhaps I just don't get it. Anyway, this has had such good reviews in the press that I gave it a try, and am glad I did. It may well be the best techno CD I own."

"Bright, crisp, smooth listening CD...I play is constantly"

"Soul Static Bureau is a solid album and the track"Southern Soul" is one of the best minimal technotracks I've ever heard."


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Blogger Green Revolution said...

the file is not available :(

reupload PLEASE.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

updated (20.11.2008)

NORKEN - Soul Static Bureau (1999)


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