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Real Name:
Peter Cox and Richard Drummie

Electronic, Rock
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

GO WEST (1985)

Backing Vocals - Katie Humble/ Bass [Fretless] - Pino Palladino/ Drums - Graham Broad , Timmy Goldsmith/ Guitar - Alan Murphy/ Keyboards - Dave West/ Piano [Solo] - Neil Drake/ Producer - Gary Stevenson/ Saxophone - Mel Collins


01 We Close Our Eyes (3:48)
02 Don't Look Down (3:52)
03 Call Me (4:13)
04 Eye To Eye (3:32)
05 Haunted (3:14)
06 S.O.S. (4:00)
07 Goodbye Girl (5:06)
08 Innocence (4:10)
09 Missing Persons (6:26)

Link to download:

"Go West's self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim in 1985 and gave birth to four UK hit singles We Close Our Eyes, Call Me, Goodbye Girl and Don't Look Down (The Sequel). Eye To Eye was also lifted from the album, remixed and released as a single in the US.
This debut effort remains Go West's biggest selling album to date having sold around 1.5 million copies worldwide and, almost twenty years on, still sounds surprisingly fresh thanks to some great song writing and musical performances from all concerned, not to mention Gary Stevenson's superb work behind the mixing desk. "

"I remember the British duo Go West from their videos on MTV in the mid-80's. I remember watching the clip for "We Close Our Eyes," which featured lead singer Peter Cox swinging a sledgehammer as he sang (at least, I think it was a sledgehammer), with these weird animated figures dancing behind him, while Cox's partner Richard Drummie popped in every so often with a guitar. Although they only made three albums, and seemed to have disbanded for good after 1992, Go West definitely had some catchy tunes. Their self-titled debut from 1985 is a great album of first-rate 80's pop. Great finger-snapping numbers throughout, including such Go West classics as "We Close Our Eyes," "Don't Look Down" and "Call Me," and other uptempo winners like "S.O.S." and "Goodbye Girl." Peter Cox's voice is excellent, and the album's production is energetic (love those keyboards, too!). If you love 80's pop, then Go West is definitely a group for you to check out. Go, Go West!"

"If you liked the 80s basic pop/rock sound (Wham, Duran Duran, Genesis, etc.), you'll love this cd. The lyrics and song topics aren't exactly profound but there are enough over the top horn, drum and keyboard riffs to keep you amused!"

BANGS & CRASHES (remix album) (1986)

Tracks 6 and 9: Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon on BBC Mobile 1985.


01 We Close Our Eyes (The Total Overhang Club Mix) (6:00) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
02 Man In My Mirror (4:35)
03 Goodbye Girl (4:32) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
04 S.O.S. (The Perpendicular Mix) (5:09) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
05 Eye To Eye (The Horizontal Mix) (5:14) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
06 Ball Of Confusion (Live) (6:44) Mixed By - Gary Stevenson
07 Call Me (The Indiscriminate Mix) (6:39) Remix - Julian Mendelsohn
08 Haunted (3:18) Mixed By - Keith Finney
09 Missing Persons (Live) (6:43) Mixed By - Gary Stevenson
10 Don't Look Down (The Stratospheric Mix) (6:07) Remix - Steve Churchyard
11 One Way Street (4:39)
12 Innocence (The Desperation Mix) (5:54) Remix - Steve Churchyard

Link to download:

"Released as a double album, Bangs and Crashes was a mixed bag of delights. Not so much a second album, Bangs And Crashes was more an extended version of their 1985 debut with a couple of extra tracks thrown in for good measure. Essentially what you have here is a collection of extended remixes of songs from their debut album plus two live tracks, Missing Persons and a cover of The Temptations' Ball Of Confusion, both recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on their first tour.
Throw in a b-side (Man In My Mirror) that certainly warranted a place on the first album and one further song that was originally featured on the soundtrack to Rocky IV (One Way Street) and you get an album that is an exercise in quantity over quality and not much more that a marketing ploy by record company execs desperately waiting on the second album proper. Does what it says on the tin."


Bass - Chris Childs , Graham Edwards , Pino Palladino/ Drums - Tony Beard/ Engineer [Mixing] - Julian Mendelsohn/ Guitar - Alan Murphy/ Keyboards - Dave West/ Percussion - Graham Broad/ Piano - Peter John Vettese/ Producer - Gary Stevenson/ Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Randy Brecker


01 I Want To Hear It From You (3:42)
Backing Vocals - Mo Birch
02 Little Ceasar (4:28)
03 Masque Of Love (4:06)
04 From Baltimore To Paris (5:46)
05 True Colours (3:53)
06 The King Is Dead (4:26)
Backing Vocals - Kate Bush
07 Chinese Whispers (4:14)
08 Don't Look Down (The Sequel) (4:20)
09 Crossfire (4:31)
10 Dangerous (3:55)

Link to download:

"Go Wests' second album proper was a far different beast to their all-singing, all-dancing debut. Gone were the poppy, hook-laden choruses replaced by a more mature and introspective tone. This was Go West for grown ups. The album was received indifferently by the record buying public following the relative failure of the singles True Colours and I Want To Hear It From You to make the same impact on the charts as those taken from the first album. A third single, The King Is Dead, also struggled to gain airplay and a proposed fourth release from the album, From Baltimore To Paris, was shelved just days before it was due in the shops.
If that sounds bad, then let me assure it is not all doom and gloom. This album effectively allowed Go West to reinvent themselves, moving them away from being seen as merely pop pin-ups with some catchy tunes to respected musicians and songwriters. Their growing maturity in the latter is evident right the way through this album, and the standards set in the production and musical departments would see Go West go on to be regarded as one of the most highly regarded musical outfits of their generation."

"So after the first Go West cd and the incredible success that went with it,then came the next instalment "Dancing on the couch" Major budget pumped into this project but without the comercial success that they thought!But wow!! This is there finest album without any doubt!Cox sounding as smooth as ever,more sophisticated than the first cd,delivering gems such as the brilliant "Masque of love" "From Baltimore to paris" and the moody "King is Dead" every track faltless.This cd has just been re-released by demand.So lock the door,take the phone off the hook and for the next 42 minutes just listen to this absolute masterpiece................"

THE BEST OF (2001)


01 We Close Our Eyes
02 Call Me
03 Goodbye Girl
04 I Want To Hear It From You
05 Chinese Whispers
06 Don't Look Down
07 Eye To Eye
08 The King Of Wishful Thinking
09 I Want You Back
10 Never Let Them See You Sweat
11 Faithful
12 What You Don't Do For Love
13 Tracks Of My Tears
14 One Way Street
15 True Colours
16 The King Is Dead

Link to download:

by Scott Bultman
Guitarist Richard Drummie and vocalist Peter Cox formed the duo Go West. Backed by the likes of Austrian keyboardist/producer Peter Wolf and a cast of West Coast studio musicians, they've produced several albums of high energy dance pop. Although their 1985 debut was a polished set that produced two Top 40 singles ("We Close Our Eyes" and "Don't Look Down"), their biggest hit was "King of Wishful Thinking" from the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

More info: Peter Cox's page

I have one more album "Indian Summers" (1992) but i wasnt able to find so far,(there's a big disorder connecting with my flat renovation) as soon as possible i'll post


Anonymous Wes said...

Thanks so much for the GREAT music!!! WOW!!! Any chance you have the extended/remixed versions of Go West's "True Colours" or "I Want to Hear it From You"?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the password?

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Blogger leesa said...

Thanx so much for these!!!

I've been looking for a few Go West Cds that I can't find anywhere:

Don't Look Down: Live [IMPORT] [LIVE]

Best of Go West - Live at the NEC [IMPORT]

And I'm not even sure if this exists (besides the DVD version...)

Kings Of Wishful Thinking: Live

Any ideas?


1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Bangs & Crashes(remix album) (1986)

The Best Of (2001)


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Blogger carinik said...

can you plz repost albums, Dancing On The Couch, file not found.
great site btw

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Blogger pauleky said...

Love Go West - thanks for the reposts!

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Blogger daniel said...

Hey i dont found the archive Bangs & Crashes ,dancing of couch
Go West

Go West
actually 2009 , thanks

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Blogger boywriter said...

Salty, thanks SO MUCH for sharing your Stan Getz collection... A lot of CLASSIC TRACKS in there!!

Re: Go West...Any chance of getting a REUP of Dancing on the Couch??



10:26 PM  
Anonymous Cameron Amedei said...

How about re-upping (or E-mailing, whichever you prefer) Go West (1985)?

my Email is Retroman51 on Gmail if you want to e-mail it.

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hi saltyka. ive been following you since 2007/2008. you have one of the greatest music sites in the web! my hats off to you! just a request, can u please re-up dancing on the couch by go west? thanks a lot and more power to you!

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Blogger Victoria said...

Many years ago I bought the album Dancing on the couch, but I lost it.
Is there a chance that you'll upload it again?
Thank you
A hug

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