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New Wave, Synth-pop


Arranged By, Vocals - Dale Bozzio , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo /Bass, Bass [Electric], Synthesizer - Patrick O'Hearn/ Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Guitar - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild , Terry Bozzio/ Mastered By - Bernie Grundman/ Written-By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11) , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12)
Tracks 13 & 14 are bonus tracks.


01 Noticeable One
02 Windows
03 It Ain't None Of Your Business
04 Destination Unknown
05 Walking In L.A.
06 U.S. Drag
07 Tears
08 Here And Now
09 Words
10 Bad Streets
11 Rock And Roll Suspension
12 No Way Out
13 Hello, I Love You
14 Mental Hopscotch

Link to download:

Product Description
1995 reissue on One Way of the new wave act's top 20 debut album, originally released on Capitol in 1982 & now with twobonus tracks added: 'Mental Hopscotch' & their memorable cover of The Doors' 'Hello, I Love You'. Also features the original cover art & a total of 14 tracks. Amongst the original 12 tracks are their first four hits: 'Destination Unknown', 'Words', 'Windows' and 'Walking In L.A.'.

"Aside from the Greatest Hits packages I think a lot of the really good Missing Persons songs can be found on this release. First it has my favorite Missing Persons ballad "Windows." Then you have "Bad Streets." The synth riff on this song is bananas and when Dale sings "I'm kicking down bad streets," trust me this is a good song. Another great song included on this set is "Tears." Heck, the best songs are really here you also get "Destination Unknown," "Walking In LA (which is a classic)", "Words" and my new favorite Missing Persons song "Here and Now." Plus the set has two bonus cuts. You absolutely can't go wrong with this Missing Persons release. Heck, it even has "Mental Hopscotch," get this today. They were the best new wave pop group of the 80s they should have been way more huge than they were and their influence still can be felt today. "

"Discussing intelligence is all relative. I don't even think that it is measurable. We all just have different experiences, but when somebody calls Graham Parker intelligent I just cringe. The guy writes a pro life song and he isn't even a women last time I checked. Men are idiots if they think they can take a stance on this issue. Only women experience abortion. Therefore only they have a right to take a stand. Not only this, but his argument is filled with cliches that speak from an elementary school education. The songs here by Missing Persons are the most intelligent pop songs ever written. They never resort to archaic, ignorant explanations of existence, like souls and gods. Parker uses them to no end, not understanding the human brain(responsible for all behavior. It changes and becomes a new entity everyday with every experience. All behavior depends on outside stimulation) or evolution(survival of the fittest means that which fits into the environment, NOT the strongest, fastest, smartest, etc...) one bit, he will never write a song as "deep" as "Destination Unknown", "Walking In LA", "Windows", "Words", etc... There is a lot of filler on this one, but "The Noticable Ones" are some of the best pop songs ever written. "

"The debut album of Missing Persons is the closest they will come to something self-titled full-length album-they had an EP that was self-titled, but isn't available. Basically, Spring Session M is an anagram of, yes, you guessed it, Missing Persons. This riff-heavy new-wave group of the 80's led by Dale Bozzio, she of the shock of platinum blonde (or pink, if you saw the video for "Destination Unknown") hair and unique and quirky hiccupping vocals, her husband, drummer Terry Bozzio, with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, who would fill in for Andy Taylor in Duran Duran, and Patrick O'Hearn, who did some new age albums. Call them a more keyboard, poppy version of Blondie, with the same snarling guitars.
The pitfalls of celebrity life is told in "Noticeable One." After all, they are the trendsetters, have their private lives dragged out in the gutter press, but that's the price for fame.
With the trademark keyboards starting things off "Windows," the title has to do with the sole outlet of a not-so-nice world. "Outside the world's so dangerous/it's hard to find someone to trust" and "I watch what's going on/but I don't want to belong/leave me in my introspection/safely behind protection" rang some empathic bells with me. After all, "without my window, who am I?"
With a pounding bass and keys starting things off, the moral of "It Ain't None Of Your Business" is not to be too stifling or jealous in a relationship, and that trust is what counts.
Then comes Missing Persons' philosophical take on life, complete with the shimmering keyboards and steady guitar backbeat. "Destination Unknown" deals with the uncertainties of life and the questions posed here must have been dealt by anyone who lives and breathes. Diehard intellectuals might think what's a blonde pop-singer with a quirky voice doing singing deep things, but it's all right with me. "You ask yourself/when will my time come?/has it all been said and done?/I know I'll leave when it's my time to go/till then I'll carry on with what I know." Tell'em, Dale.
With a pounding guitar and loopy keyboards, "Walking In L.A." is a wry, bemusing commentary that the somebodies and cops drive in the city of angels, that only a nobody, jogger, or shopping cart pusher does the title action. And due to the crime, kids get picked up by their moms, so that also leaves them out. The sound reminds me a bit of the Cars.
"U.S. Drag" is a more slow-paced song. Dale raps the lyrics rather than sing. A racing bass and pounded keyboards starts the frantic "Tears"; the backbeat sounds like something Berlin would do in "The Metro."
"Words", with its resounding bassline, is the only other single I've heard on the radio by these guys, and sports hiccups by Dale. "What are words for/when no one listens there's no use talking at all" is something I totally agree with.
Racing keyboards start out "Bad Streets," a song extolling a selfish and individualistic mindset. One could draw comparisons to this and Gen X's "Dancing With Myself," but the difference is that the latter character is more lonely than selfish. Both songs emphasize dancing to one's own beat.
"Rock and Roll Suspension" has a mid-paced tempo and despite its power riffs, veers more towards filler. Dale sings in rapid-fire mode in the verses of "No Way Out," and makes an observation of her friends not satisfied or unsure of what they are and going into hedonism for an escape, for a way out, when in fact there's no way out.
There is an overall consistent sound, but that doesn't make up for some filler tracks. Allover tinrag for this Spring Session M DC is 4 artss."


Dale Bozzio:Vocals
Terry Bozzio:Drums, Keyboards and Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo:Guitar and Vocals
Chuck Wild:Keyboards
Patrick O'Hearn:Synth Bass and Electric Bass

Tracklist :

01 The Closer That You Get
02 Give
03 Now Is The Time(For Love)
04 Surrender Your Heart
05 Clandestine People
06 Right Now
07 All Fan Down
08 Racing Against Time
09 Waiting For A Million Years
10 If Only For The Moment
11 Fight For Love * (previously Unreleased)
12 Action Reaction * (previously Unreleased)
13 Windows (Live 1981) *
14 I Like Boys (Live 1981) *
15 Here And Now (Live 1981) *
16 Walking In L.A. (Live 1981) *

Links to download:

Product Description
Missing Persons have reformed and are back on tour with the original line up in 2001, capitalizing on the 80's revival. Originally released in 1984, this digitally remastered release has 6 bonus tracks (2 unreleased!), including a live version on Walking In L.A. New liner notes and rare photos also included in this updated release.16 tracks.

" remember listening to this album everyday on my Walkman while traveling to work on the bus to NYC for months on end when it 1st came out. I loved it from 1st listen. I think everyone can find at least 8 of the original 10 album tracks they will really find appealing. This is a sonic masterpiece of an album. It shouldn't be dismissed as just a great New Wave's a great album period. At times uptempo (The Closer That You Get...fantastic opener), other times, pensive (Waiting for a Million Years). The final track (If Only For The Moment) is OUTSTANDING. Thank goodness for this long overdue re-issue."

"What a shame this album is out of print again. While the technology inherent on any MP album may sound a little out of date now, the musicianship still shines. Lyrically, the introspective tracks like The Closer You Get and If Only For the Moment ring VERY true for anyone who grew up with big dreams only to be disappointed. A very grown up album."

"When this album came out all those years ago, it was so far ahead of its time people didn't know what to say or think. Was it Pop? New Wave? Hard Rock? Jazz? The band members were such exceptional musicians, and so original in their approach. I honestly think it was too much for most to appreciate.
Anyway, this CD is unbelievably good. I can't say enough about it. Just add it to your collection - don't even think twice."



Dale Bozzio:Lead Vocals
Terry Bozzio:Drums, Electric Percussion, Synthesizers, Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo:Guitar, Vocals
Patrick O'Hearn:Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Volcals
Robert O'Hearn: Synthesizers

Bonus Tracks:
10-11 Unreleased Studio Tracks Recorded In October 1983.
12-15 Tour Live Tracks Recorded For A 1981 Radio BroadCast.

Tracklist :

01 Color In Your Life
02 I Can't Think About Dancin'
03 No Secrets
04 Flash Of Life
05 Go Against The Flow
06 Boy I Say To You
07 Come Back For More
08 Face To Face
09 We Don't Know Love At All
10 Hot To Cold (previously Unreleased)
11 It's A Must (previously Unreleased)
12 Words (Live 1981)
13 Distination Unknown (Live 1981)
14 Mental Hopscotch (Live 1981)
15 Hallo I Love You (Live 1981)

Links to download: tracks 1-11 tracks 12-15


Artwork By [Art Direction] - Glen Wexler , Warren Cuccurullo /Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn/ Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Engineer - Ken Scott/ Guitar, Executive Producer - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild/ Lead Vocals - Dale Bozzio/ Mastered By - Henk Kooistra/ Mixed By - Tony Taverner (tracks: 2 to 12) , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 2 to 12)/ Producer - Missing Persons (tracks: 2 to 12) /Vocals - Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo/ Written-By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 1, 4 to 7, 10) , Terry Bozzio (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 12) , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1 to 7, 9, 11)
Live cd except track 1.On the front of the insert behind the title “Late Nights Early Days” it says “Her Ass Is Hot”.Tracks 2 to 12 recorded live in 1981.Track 1 recorded in 1980 and mixed at Metropolis Studios, Boston.Tracks 2 to 12 mixed at Sensible Studios, London.Mastered at 9West Mastering, Marlboro, MA.


01 Action Reaction
02 Mental Hopscotch
03 Noticeable Ones
04 Words
05 Destinatin Unknown
06 Here + Now
07 I Like Boys
08 Hello I Love You
09 No Way Out
10 Windows
11 Us Drag
12 Walkin' In LA

Link to download:


"This CD certainly captures the early 80's sound by (imo) the best of the genre (at least talent-wise) and one of the great live acts. The pure enthusiasm and energy of the circa 1981 Missing Persons can't be denied. If you are truly an MP fan, this is a must-have! I only saw them twice and this CD brought it all back.
The additional track, "Action-Reaction" also smokes ala "Mental Hop Scotch", but harder. As usual, I was totally "amped" after listening to it and couldn't put it away for a month!"

"I just have to echo the listener below--this is an outstanding live recording, and Missing Persons makes it worth our while with inspired, concise renditions of many of the band's best songs.
The previously unreleased "Action Reaction" is a gem of a studio track (also sounding great!) that finds the band at the funnest and punkiest that I've heard it. Bassist Patrick O'Hearn and drummer Terry Bozzio are the standouts here, for me at least, and both are enjoying highly (artistically) successful solo careers making music very different from each other and from this!"



01 Destination Unknown (TV Mania Remix)
02 Walking In LA (With Sen Dog Of Cypress Hill)
03 Words (Julian Beeston Remix)
04 I Like Boys (Sheep On Drugs Remix)
05 Windows (Pistel Remix)
06 Here & Now (Astralasia Remix)
07 Walking In LA (KMFDM Remix)
08 Destination Unknown (Mission UK Remix)
09 Words (Interface Remix)
10 Mental Hopscotch (Kevin Haskins Of Love & Rockets / Bauhaus Remix)
11 No Way Out (Decoding Jesus Remix)
12 Action Reaction Remix - Anthony Rasta*
13 Walking In LA (Razed In Black Vs. Transmutator)
14 Mental Hopscotch (Inertia Digital Move Remix)

Links to dwonload:


Artwork By [Art Direction] - Mariko Catherine Ishihara , Warren Cuccurullo /Artwork By [Design], Photography [Other] - Mariko Catherine Ishihara/ Bass - Wes Wehmiller (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 10) /Composed By - Dale Bozzio (tracks: 2, 4, 8 to 10, 12, 13) , Patrick O'Hearn (tracks: 8, 10, 11) , Terry Bozzio , Warren Cuccurullo (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 14) /Drums - Terry Bozzio/ Engineer - Gary Epstein , Ken Scott , Marque Coy/ Guitar, Compilation Producer, Edited By, Compiled By - Warren Cuccurullo/ Keyboards - Chuck Wild (tracks: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11) , Ron Poster (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 10) /Mastered By - Jimmy Starr /Synthesizer [Bass] - Chuck Wild (tracks: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11)/ Vocals - Dale Bozzio

All songs are unreleased "Lost Tracks", unreleased studio versions, or unreleased live versions.Tracks 3 and 6 to 10 are live versions.Track 1 from 1999.Tracks 2, 5, 8 & 10 from 2001.Tracks 3, 6, 7 & 9 from 1981.Tracks 4, 13 & 14 from 1980.Track 11 from 1984.Track 12 from 1986.Published by Private Parts Music, Private Life Music, Life After Music, Gypsy Joker Music.


01 Mental Hopscotch (Acid Samba Remix) (6:24)
Edited By [Assistant] - Joe Travers /Remix - Anthony J. Resta
02 Dark & Dangerous Guy (4:29)
03 Bad Streets (3:40)
04 Action Reaction (2:49)
05 Throw Money (1:49)
06 Words (4:39)
07 None Of Your Business (3:29)
08 Face To Face (3:04)
09 Rock & Roll Suspension (2:45)
10 Give (5:03)
11 Hair & Kiss & Makeup (3:39)
Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn
12 Dark & Dangerous Guy (4:20)
Bass, Synthesizer [Bass] - Patrick O'Hearn/Keyboards - Robert O'Hearn
13 Centerfold Girl (2:00)
14 On Vacation (3:02)

Link to download:

Product Description
Classic 80's music! One Way Records has uncovered 14 songs from as early as 1980 to as recent as their short lived reunion in 2001. This package contains never before released versions and is a must for any Missing Persons fan. Includes the enhanced video for 'On Vacation' from 1980. 2002.

More info: the official site the official site of Dale Bozzio

I will late with the promised albums -i can post them only the next week,sorry for it (When In Rome, Swiss Wavwe etc.)
Because im fighting with a virus

Greetings for all !


Blogger joaorion said...

what a great post !!! Ill grab them all !!!!!!
The only problem is is not working for me anymore... anyone else with the same problem? Im getting redirected to smileys central.


6:04 PM  
Anonymous norman said...

Hi joaorion -

i am having the same problem w/ filesend!! i was hoping i didn't have a trojan or something. thanks 4 posting. i can get them all except the filesend files


7:45 PM  
Blogger Pash said...

Thanks Salty for great post!!!!!!!!

1:26 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Hey !!! thanks salty, your kind as always :)
Regards from Costa Rica.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Kenny said...

Salty, thanks VERY much. Do you have any plans for Simple Minds pt. 2?

1:23 PM  
Anonymous dj said...

I think Face to Face is their best track. A friend and I wrote an entire chase scene with a vampire using it!

2:21 PM  
Blogger joaorion said... is back again no need to re-up salty, thanks.

P.D. Req with no hurry:
Cause And Effect

10:29 PM  
Blogger Cary said...

Spring Session only has the frist five songs in the download.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka

the cd SPRING SESSION M (1982)
this one is every time not ok ,the file is broken

Grtz Marcel

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Griffin said...

Thanks for the great post! A friend just told me about this group last week. I'm glad that I can try a lot of their music all at once.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool, but why do you have a pic of Doro Pesch with the Missing Persons info?


3:14 PM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Seems SPRING SESSION M (1982) is not complete, when u have some time, please re-up :) thanks in advance.

9:30 PM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Salty i just read the you were fighting with a virus, try bitdefender 10 and spy doctor. using both u will be free of all those. If you need them i can upload with crack included.

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Anonymous Pablo said...

Thanks a lot, I be wating such a long time forthis. for disgrace I tried to download the lost tapes and the mixes but they are erased from rapidshare (is posible to re-uploaded them again, please??)
thanks again

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Music Fan said...

Great friend Salty

The files uploaded in rapidshare server are forbidden :(

Please re-up that incredible stuff of Missing Persons

Thanks :]

4:51 PM  
Blogger joaorion said...

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Blogger joaorion said...

Ill try to help on this one :)
Here the first link of my re-up

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please upload the remixes cause they wre deleted from Rapidshare!!

Thanx a lot


2:53 AM  
Blogger RobsDM said...

Hi Salty,

Another great post thanks, I'll get them all when the Rapidshare links are redone.

Hope you feel better soon (or is it your computer feels better).

Cheers, Rob.

5:22 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Another :



7:08 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Ive already re-uploaded 2 of the rapidshare deleted ones.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous falconhell said...

Pity your re-ups didn't stay up long joaorion ....DELETED

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Blogger joaorion said...

Both links working...
Just tested them.
Please copy the link to notepad and make them as one line url.
P.D. Ill upload the other soon.

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Another one:



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one more

remember to join the lines in notepad to make one line url.

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Anonymous Music Fan said...

GREAT JOB partner Joaorion :]

Thank you so much for this amazing help!

Salty, i desire luck in the resolution of all problems. You go to be successful :]

Music Fan

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the last one,
remember to cut the in notepad and makes as one like url link



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Blogger anvilscepe said...

THANK YOU SALTY! I was away for a week and i almost missed this post. Thank you and I hope you are feeling better.

12:11 PM  
Blogger anvilscepe said...

Yup. salty Spring Session not working. :( Are you sick or is it your computer?

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for these, but Spring Session M will not expand properly.

Is the file corrupt? Could you check?


6:46 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Spring Session is incomplete, but we need to wait for salty to fix his virus problem.

2:20 PM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Salty i dont know if you can post this link for the download of Missing Persons - The Best Of, great quality with covers.

9:29 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

Join the lines with notepad.

P.D. This is the same link above but in parts because it doesnt display good.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with Falconhell -
Joaorion, your reups in fileho are dead - Rhyme & Reason as well as Colour In Your Life. I didn't check the others after that but those two are dead. Used notepad and everything. Even different browsers. Gone.
Could someone please repost?

2:31 PM  
Blogger Grimbeorn said...

¿Do you have Dale's "Riot in English" album?... if you have PLS, PLS, PLS, I beg you... Up it. I have been years looking for a CD version but... Cheers.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous RANDU DUNAR said...

MISSING PERSONS were such a great band! After knowing their albums I really want to buy them phisically as a way (the only way I know, at least) of thanking them for the great moments of music they gave me.
I know Terry Bozzio's work. I've also been after Dale's Riot In English for ages...

8:30 AM  
Blogger NewRo said...

Hey gang! And hello Salty. I'm just now seeing this post a year after the fact. What does a person have to do to get a file (Lost Tracks) reuploaded? Besides begging and groveling like everyone else...did I miss the boat? Should I go jump off a building now? :)

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUP (05.2008)


11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Color InYourLife(1986)

Spring Session M (1982)

Rhyme& Reason (1984)

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THanks so much. I love "Words" and "Walking In LA" from teh first CD and my favorite album was "Color in Your Life" too bad it was not the huge hit it derserved to be...
Do you happend to have the extended version 12" of "I Can't Think About Danicing". I'd SO apprecaite it if you do...

6:52 PM  
Blogger Don Atealgo said...

Any chance of upload again?



8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great band - the first 2 albums are eighties new wave pop/rock classics. Don't bother downloading 'color' though where they tried to reinvent themselves as a funk band - its crap compared to the first 2. Dale just doesn't sound in her forte here. The game was up and they split up soon afterwards.

6:09 PM  
Blogger tripolin said...



9:16 AM  
Blogger sde100 said...

Re-Up, please, Remixed Hits

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reuploaded. A friend reccomend me this band, I didn't know them but I admire Terry Bozzio, cheers!

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