Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Synth-pop, Disco


Tracklist :

01 The Rhythm Of The Jungle
02 Katy Can't
03 Young Men Drive Fast
04 One Light In A Blackout
05 To Prove My Love
06 Zulu
07 Small Blonde Box
08 Twisted
09 Sharks Are Cool, Jets Are Hot
10 Don't Take Me For Granted

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Tracklist :

01 It's An International Thing
02 This City
03 Missing You Now
04 Love In Motion
05 Where Is The Lion In You
06 Listen To Your Heart
07 Do Not Erase This Heart
08 No Day At The Beach
09 The Biggest Factor
10 All Hung Up On You

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WAH WAH (1986)

George McFarlane-
Bass, Keyboards
Matt Barry-Vocals (Background)
Phil Thornalley-Guitar, Engineer, Producer
Colin Campsie-Vocals

Tracklist :

01 Adventures Tonight
02 Down the Wire
03 We Can Learn From This
04 Cry Baby
05 Poise
06 I Needed You, You Needed Me
07 Big Decision
08 Last Victim
09 Sharon
10 Bed of Nails

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"The market for British synth pop duos was beginning to dry up by the time the Quick released its final album in 1986. Nevertheless, the badly christened Wah Wah (which came complete with inane back-cover art, and was later co-opted as an album title by James) showed that vocalist Col Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane had lost none of the chart smarts featured on several U.K. singles. In fact, the album contains one of their best-ever songs, the slinky, should've-been-a-hit "Last Victim," and a handful of others nearly as good. With production by ex-Cure bassist Phil Thornalley, Wah Wah adds a bit more guitar to the band's usual sleek synths, and at times "We Can Learn From This" shows an unappealing desire to win American radio success. It didn't happen, although Campsie and McFarlane would later score that elusive U.S. hit as Giant Steps, with 1988's Top 40 smash "Another Lover." However, this outing -- better, it should be noted, than the same-year efforts of more celebrated countrymen like Depeche Mode and Culture Club -- closed the duo's underappreciated career as the Quick on a reasonably high note." ~ Dan LeRoy, All Music Guide

Biography :


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