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Dexy's Midnight Runners posted with Svabdos

Rock, Electronic
Folk Rock, Pop Rock ,New Wave ,Synth-pop ,Soul

KEVIN ROWLAND/BILLY ADAMS(1980-)/JIMMY PATTERSON(1978-84)/SAB SHELTON(1980-84)/HELEN O'HARA (1982-)/STEVEN BRENNAN (1982-84)/GIORGIO KILKENNY (1980-84)/MICKY BILLINGHAM (1980-84)/BRIAN MAURICE (1980-84)/PAUL SPEARE (1980-84)/GROWCOTT ANDY (1978-80)/AL ARCHER (1978-80)/MICK TALBOT (1978-80) later appeared in The Style Council /BLYTHE JEFF (1978-80)/PETER SAUNDERS(1978-80)/STEVE SPOONER(1978-80)/PETE WILLIAMS(1978-80)


Tracklist :

01 Burn It Down
02 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
03 The Teams That Meet In Caffs
04 I'm Just Looking
05 Geno
06 Seven Days Too Long
07 I Couldn't Help If I Tried
08 Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply
09 Keep It
10 Love Part One
11 There, There, My Dear

Link to download : 192 kbs

"Dexy's, in their earlier days, were quite the sonic performers. This album does not contain any of that "Come On Irene" stuff we all saw on MTV back in the early 80s. Nope. This effort shows the true, working-class, blue beat aficianados who could put out a wall of sound and rock the local football supporters into a frenzy with pulsing, frenetic songs. This is the good stuff, for sure. Truly, you won't believe that this band is the same one that donned those queer, matching railroad coveralls and bandanas, and skipped around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots on the telly, chanting "Too Rye Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee." If you can forgive them that transgression (and I know it'll be difficult), it's well worth your time to check out "Searching ... ." Solid goodness."

"'Searching for the young soul rebels' begins with someone fiddling with a radio finding only mindless fuzz (including, cheekily, 'Anarchy in the UK'), before Kevin Rowland switches it off, bluntly ordering 'For God's sake, burn it down', answered by a gang's call to arms, and the pounding opening song. It is a frightening moment, demanding a leap of faith and unswerving devotion from the listener, a demand that our heart and soul is purified from all the numbing cultrual rubbish that surrounds us, made new and true, worthy to look on the New Soul Vision, evangelised by a uniformed gang of street toughs.
It's such a brilliant idea - melding the sound and emotional depth of Stax and Northern Soul to the aggression and rigour of punk - you wonder why no-one else had thought of it, and why few have done it since.
'Rebels' is one of the great proletarian albums, one that records and celebrates working class life, its cameraderie and energy, and polemicises that its soul need not be the diminished concrete-dimmed bleakness Mike Leigh and Ken Loach would have us believe, but bursts of brass exploding from rigid confines (of course, behind the scenes, the reality was less romantic!). Pulp have done something similar with disco, and the origin of Jarvis' obsessive monologues, where the tawdry everyday is elevated to the intensely dramatic can be found in songs like 'Seven days too long', 'Keep it' and 'Love part one'. Chris Roberts said Dexy's made the greatest album in the world twice. Here's the first."

TOO-RYE-AY (1982)

Accordion, Piano, Organ - Micky Billingham /Artwork By [Cover Design] - Peter Barrett Artwork By [Painting] - Andrew Ratcliffe/ Banjo, Guitar - Billy Adams/Bass - Giorgio Kilkenny/ Drums - Seb Shelton/ Flute, Whistle [Tin], Saxophone - Brian Maurice/ Mastered By - Arun*/ Photography - Kim Knott/ Producer [Directed By] - Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley , Kevin Rowland/ Trombone - Big Jimmy Patterson/ Violin [Fiddle] - Emerald Express, The , Helen O'Hara , Steve Brennan/ Vocals [Extra Singing] - Carol Kenyon , Katie Kissoon , Samantha Brown , Sisters Of Scarlet, The/ Vocals [Singing] - Kevin Rowland

Tracklist :

01 The Celtic Soul Brothers (3:08)
02 Let's Make This Precious (4:03)

03 All In All (4:07)
04 Jackie Wilson Said (3:05)
05 Old (5:35)
06 Plan B (5:04)
07 I'll Show You (2:41)
08 Liars A To E (4:11)
09 Until I Believe In My Soul (6:59)
10 Come On Eileen (4:32)
11 The Celtic Soul Brothers (US Mix) (3:05)
12 Jackie Wilson Said (Live) (2:48)
13 Come On Eileen (Live) (7:16)
14 Marguerita Time (4:50)
15 Respect (Live) (7:45)
16 Dubious (2:38)
17 Love Part 2 (1:43)
18 T.S.O.P. (3:45)

Link to download :

Digitally remastered 1996 reissue on Mercury of their 1983 album for the label featuring the #1 smash 'Come On Eileen' and eight bonus tracks: 'The Celtic Souls Brothers' (US Mix), 'Marguerita Time', 'Dubious', 'T.S.O.P.', 'Love Part 2' and live versions of 'Come On Eileen', 'Jackie Wilson Said' & 'Respect'. 18 tracks total. Total playing time of 77:15.

"There is something haunting about Dexy's Midnight Runners beyond "Come on Eileen" which is perhaps one of the greatest pop songs of all time (in my top ten for sure), but the youthfulness and confidence of a brash and innocent sound stirs something inside of me and perhaps you too? Kevin Rowland has one of the best voices I have ever heard a true talent. Ska, soul, pop it is all here and I am so glad I finally got this CD. I very much recomend it. It is a shame they did not do more, they were really good"

"While most people don't even remember the name Dexy's Midnight Runners past the song Come On Eileen, anyone brave enough to listen to the whole album will be shocked and amazed. In a a good way. The songs on the album flow into one another, and create an amazing soundscape straddling everything from rock to soul, to ska. In fact, this is probably the earliest example of what was to become ska I have heard, since I think this album pre-dates or at least laps most of Madness's releases. British Ska maybe? UK soul with flavors of old time rhythm and blues? All of the above. Be impressed, MR & DMR is where it's at."

"This remastered Dexy's Midnight Runners is a must own. The new version is a much more clearer and enhanced sound than the original. Still the same good, fun lyrics by Kevin Rowlands the headman of British Alternative group. They made the 80s so much fun. It was the time of the British invasion with all those long and forgotten, like- the Police, Madness, Chris DeBurgh making a sweep of memorable hits that kept the airwaves jumping. If only they could turn back the time when music meant something before the downslide. Oh, dream on, dream on.
If you can only remember Dexy's Midnight Runner for only 'Come on Eileen' then you're missing the real talent of this group. This is better than their original because it has added tracks with some of their best songs. So if you're deciding on which one this is it. I believe there had been a bit of confusion because of the name is the same on both. The original is the IMPORT version with only 10 tracks. Just look for ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED for the best listening enjoyment. The group is a little Brit soul with some rhythm and blues mixed in. The lyrics are fun and whimsical like that of Madness. Something of British Ska. It's reflected in 'The Celtic Soul Brothers.' Do I sense a bit of Commodore-mania there in 'Jackie Wilson Said.' The lyrics in 'Let's Make This Precious' and 'Until I Believe in My Soul' are romantically beautiful. I do believe the music industry has been missing something here. If you can still get this album while you still can. Getting good songs could be the thing of the past. Dexy's Midnight Runners is just one fo those groups that deserve billing like the Beatles or the Commodores. Their music you won't be disappointed"


Artwork By [Cover] - Peter Barrett/ Bass - John Edwards /Drums - Tim Dancy/ Guitar [Lead, Rhythm], Backing Vocals - Billy Adams/ Guitar [Steel] - Tommy Evans /Mandolin - Julian Littman /Mastered By - Arun Chakraverty/Mixed By - Pete Schwier/Organ, Synthesizer - Robert Noble/Photography - Kim Knott/Piano - Vincent Crane/Producer - Kevin Rowland/ Recorded By - Alan Winstanley/Saxophone, Backing Vocals - Nicky Gatfield/Trombone - Jimmy Paterson/Violin, Backing Vocals - Helen O'Hara/Vocals - Kevin Rowland

Traccklist :

01 The Occasional Flicker (5:49)
02 This Is What She's Like (12:25)
03 Knowledge Of Beauty (7:03)
Bass - Randy Taylor
04 One Of These Things (6:00)
05 Reminisce Part Two (3:31)

06 Listen To This (3:20)
Drums - Crusher Green
07 The Waltz (8:33)
Drums - Mick Woodmansey/Piano - Mick Boulton
08 This Is What She's Like (Instrumental) (10:12)

Links to download : track 01

"Kevin Rowland ruined his career twice through poor sartorial choices. (This one is the first, see "My Beauty," his solo record for the second) Doffing the rags and overalls, Dexy's this time opts for Brooks Brothers. This was not a completely arbitrary choice, as the music itself is more sophisticated on this record. Rowland is still a soul revivalist first and foremost, but this time he can actually afford to recreate the sounds in his head. Many people who's opinions I respect think this is one of the greatest records ever made. I doubt that you will get that impression on the first spin, but there is definitely something to this record, and it's revival is well-earned since it was criminally overlooked on first release. Kevin Rowland thinks it's the greatest record he made."

"Kevin Rowland ruined his career twice through poor sartorial choices. (This one is the first, see "My Beauty," his solo record for the second) Doffing the rags and overalls, Dexy's this time opts for Brooks Brothers. This was not a completely arbitrary choice, as the music itself is more sophisticated on this record. Rowland is still a soul revivalist first and foremost, but this time he can actually afford to recreate the sounds in his head. Many people who's opinions I respect think this is one of the greatest records ever made. I doubt that you will get that impression on the first spin, but there is definitely something to this record, and it's revival is well-earned since it was criminally overlooked on first release. Kevin Rowland thinks it's the greatest record he made."

LIVE - 12.Rockpalast Rocknacht 17.-18.April 1983

Kevin Rowland - Voc/Guit/Helen O'Hara - Fiddle/Steve Brennan - Fiddle/Simon Walker - Fiddle/Andy Hamilton - Sax/Nick Gatfield - Sax/Spike Edney - Voc/Tromb/Billy Adams - Voc/Guit/banjo/John Edwards - Voc/Bass/Seb Shelton - drums/Bob Noble - Voc/Keyb

Tracklist :

01 Geno (4'00'')
02 The Celtic Soul Brothers (2'54'')
03 Let's Get This Straight From The Heart (4'13'')
04 Plan B (4'30'')
05 Let's Make This Precious (4'36'')
06 There There My Dear (7'10'')
07 Come On Eileen (5'22'')
08 All In All (6'00'')
09 Jackie Wilson Said (2'45'')
10 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green (4'58'')
11 Until I Believe In My Soul (12'10'')
12 Respect (10'15'')
13 Kevin Rowland's 13th Crime (3'25'')
14 Keep It Pt 2 (4'26'')

Links to download :


Biography :

Kevin Rowland (vocals, guitar) and Kevin "Al" Archer (vocals, guitar) founded the band in 1978 in Birmingham, England, naming the band after Dexedrine, a brand of dextroamphetamine popularly used as a recreational drug amongst Northern Soul fans at the time. The midnight runners referred to the energy the Dexedrine gave, enabling one to run into the midnight hours.Their second song "Geno" – about Geno Washington, was a British Number One in 1980.

The band members were disappointed with their share of the profits, and soon stole the master tapes of Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, their debut LP, in order to renegotiate the deal. The album was released later in 1980 and became a massive success. After the next single "There There My Dear" was a hit, Rowland insisted on choosing the uncommercial "Keep It, Part Two" for the following single. It was a failure, and most of the band members quit, angered over continual personality problems with Rowland. Archer eventually formed The Blue Ox Babes, while Blythe, Spooner, Williams, Stoker and Mick Talbot (ex-Merton Parkas, who had recently joined on keyboards) left to form The Bureau. Paterson stayed with Rowland, who added Billy Adams (guitar/banjo), Seb Shelton (drums, formerly of Secret Affair), Micky Billingham (keyboard), Brian Maurice (alto saxophone), Paul Speare (tenor saxophone) and Steve Wynne (bass), releasing "Plan B", "Show Me" (this line-up's only Top 40 hit) and "Liars A to E" in 1981 without much success.

Too-Rye-Ay (1982)
Rowland then recruited fiddle players Helen O'Hara (from Archer's new group, the Blue Ox Babes), Steve Brennan and Roger
MacDuff, known collectively as "The Emerald Express". With the addition of new bass player, Giorgio Kilkenny, this line-up recorded Too-Rye-Ay in 1982, a Celtic folk and soul hybrid. The first single, "The Celtic Soul Brothers", was mildly successful but "Come on Eileen" soon followed, and became a Number One hit in both the UK and the United States. Feeling that their role in the group had diminished following the arrival of the fiddles, the brass section of Paterson, Speare and Maurice left to form The TKO Horns and recorded an album in 1985 with Howard Jones, while Kilkenny was replaced by Johnny Edwards on bass and Billingham left to join General Public. With the singles "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" (a Van Morrison cover) and "Let's Get This Straight (From The Start)" maintaining their popularity, the group continued to tour until 1983 with a nucleus of Rowland, Adams, O'Hara and Shelton augmented by other musicians.
After a two-year break, Dexys returned in 1985 with the critically panned album, Don't Stand Me Down, featuring Rowland, Adams, O'Hara and Nicky Gatfield together with various seasoned performers including Vincent Crane (ex-Atomic Rooster), Julian Littman and Tim Dancy (who had been Al Green's drummer). Rowland at first refused to issue any singles from the defiantly uncommercial album, and by the time "This Is What She's Like" was released, it was too late to save the album from commercial failure. The group disbanded the following year after a brief return to the charts with the single "Because Of You" (which was used as the theme tune to a British sitcom, Brush Strokes), and Rowland became a solo artist with the release of 1988's poorly-received album, The Wanderer. Despite spending much of the 1990s suffering from financial problems and drug addiction, Rowland made plans to reform Dexys together with Big Jim Paterson, although these resulted in no more than a solitary TV performance in 1993. Returning once more as a solo performer, Rowland signed to Creation Records, releasing an album of cover versions called My Beauty in 1999, which sold poorly; some sources quote a figure of fewer than 500 copies sold. This was followed by a disastrous appearance at the Reading festival where Rowland was bottled off by a hostile crowd after introducing 2 strippers to accompany him. The demise of Creation meant that the planned follow-up album which would, once again, have featured Dexys Midnight Runners was never made.
However, in April 2003 the group announced that they would be reforming for a tour. A new greatest hits album Let's Make This Precious: The Best of was released in September 2003, and a successful tour took place in October and November 2003. Two newly recorded songs, "Manhood" and "My Life in England", appeared on the album and were touted as new singles. However, despite airplay on national radio, neither was released as a commercial single. In June 2005 Kevin Rowland announced during an interview on BBC Radio 2 that Dexys were "back in the studio" and seeking a record deal for a new album.


More info : Unofficial site

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