Monday, February 12, 2007

EIGHTH WONDER - Fearless (1988)


Producer - Pete Hammond (tracks: 1, 3, 5) , Richard James Burgess (tracks: 7 to 10)

Tracklist :
01 Cross My Heart (3:26)
02 When The Phone Stops Ringing (3:47)

Producer - Mike Chapman /Remix - David Leonard
03 Baby Baby (4:00)
04 Will You Remember (4:31)

Producer - Mike Chapman/ Remix - David Leonard
05 Wild Love (3:55)
06 I'm Not Scared (4:30)

Producer - Pet Shop Boys , Phil Harding
07 Use Me (3:33)
Mixed By - Pete Hammond
08 Anything At All (3:57)
09 My Baby's Heartbeat (3:43)
10 The Dress (3:53)

Mixed By - Pete Hammond
Link to download:
"I still enjoy this album very much today. There is their very beautiful hit "I'm not scared" produced by the Pet Shop Boys. That song along makes it all worth. Then there are their other hits like "Will you remember" and "Baby baby" with Patsy's nice and warm voice. She doesn't have the strongest voice, but she has charm. All songs are chosen well and support Patsy. it's a shame she gave up her singing career after this album. I wish there would be more releases by Patsy Kensit & Eighth Wonder"
"I was watching UK gold a few years ago, an episode of top of the pops was on from 198?. Eighth Wonder was on singing "I'm not scared". I used to like this song when it was first out, and always meant to get the album. When i first came on the internet a few months ago i rememberes that this was one of the albums i wanted to get. Lucky me Amazon had it, i've played it over and over again. A brilliant album with the voice of "Patsy Kensit" as the lead singer. This was worth the price"
More review:
Eighth Wonder was a British pop band in the 1980s. They formed in 1983 and enjoyed major success in Japan and Italy between 1985 and 1987, before having hit singles in the UK and across Europe in 1988.Read more:


Anonymous Norm said...

Many thanks for the Thompson Twins re-ups!!!! :)

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Thank you very very much for this album i asked, you're the best

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Thanks for the post! Great blog!

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you're fantastic!

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Blogger Bandit said...

could you possibly repost this?

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PLEASE repost.
need to hear Patsy sing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi,new link (01.04.2008)!!

EIGHTH WONDER - Fearless (1988)


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Blogger RV said...

I've always felt the same like you about Patsy's singing career : such a shame she left the microphone for some film & rockers!

5:06 PM  

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