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Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop

Tony Mansfield, Tony Hibbert, Phil Towner, Clive Gates

FROM A TO B ...PLUS (1980)

Bass - Tony Hibbert/ Drums, Percussion - Phil Towner/ Keyboards - Clive Gates/ Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Written-By - Tony Mansfield
Remastered CD re-issue of New Musik's debut album, originally released in 1980.11-16 are bonus tracks.


01 Straight Lines (5:12)
02 Sanctuary (4:15)
03 A Map Of You (3:50)
04 Science (3:21)
05 On Islands (4:24)
06 This World Of Water (3:39)
07 Living By Numbers (3:27)
08 Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home) (5:26)
09 Adventures (3:53)
10 The Safe Side (3:12)
11 Sad Films (2:42)
12 Missing Persons (3:29)
13 Tell Me Something New (2:11)
14 She's A Magazine (4:18)
15 Chik Musik (2:15)
16 Magazine Musik (1:05)

Links to download: Tracks 13,15,16

" I read somewhere that Tony Mansfield was never as happy with this album as he was with the two later ones (Anywhere & Warp). I don't know. I have always liked this one. i bought it back in '80 when it first came out and as soon as it became available on CD, I was one of the first in line to get it. I like the beat, the catchy riffs, the hooks, and just the whole general feel of the album. Technically it was a product of its time. Today's electronic music has a certain "BIG" production sound about it. If you're listening to this you might hear a weak spot here and there and some of the electronic sounds used are used more than once. But just listen to the songs and you'll enjoy it."

"This album was quite simply years ahead of it's time! Singer/Writer/Producer Tony Mansfield (Captain Sensible, Nick Straker Band, After the Fire and others) knocks out some finely-crafted tunes with subjects ranging from ecological concerns to international politics (bearing in mind this was at the height of the Cold War) - yet making it all thoroughly enjoyable. With a pleasingly-unusual array of some dreamy synth textures courtesy of a Prophet 5 and a Yamaha CS80, a 12-string guitar and a synth-snare(!), this album is a MUST for any afficionado of late 70's/early 80's synthy-pop rock. Straight Lines, World of Water and Sanctuary were all Top-100 hits for the band in the UK. This version contains the B-sides of the singles (which were not on the original vinyl album). Enjoy!!"

"Great music is forever!..The re-issuing of albums long since forgotten will, hopefully, inject some much needed energy back into music-lovers lives. This album in particular is special for many reasons (1) its bloody inventive (2) its extremely melodic (3)it meant a lot to me as I grew up in the 80's. There is so much in it for praise. The 3 most remebered songs "Sanctuary", "This world of water" and "Living by numbers" capture post-punk delerium and the early-80's obsession with the "synthesiser" (much-maligned in those times). New Musik had a very distinctive sound which was, perhaps, ahead of its time (a la 'dancing Queen') but we were so spoiled with great sounds then that a band like "New Musik" could slip out of our fingers and be gone within 3 years. Admittedly, ABC, Soft Cell, The Buggles and their like were tough competitors and there was no prisoners was easy to be left behind!Now in the musically-diminished 2000's we may realise that originality, beat and honesty should be valued and maybe delve into some of the (great) sounds of the past. This album has a naive but feel-good and honest quality. As they say "they don't make them like that anymore...!"


Bass - Tony Hibbert /Drums, Percussion - Phil Towner/ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals - Tony Mansfield/ Keyboards - Clive Gates/ Producer - Tony Mansfield/ Written By - Tony Mansfield (tracks: 1 to 12, 14, 15)
Originally released on vinyl in 1981. Tracks 13 to 15 are bonus tracks on this remastered CD


01 They All Run After The Carving Knife (5:53)
02 Areas (4:10)
03 Churches (4:53)
04 This World Of Walter (2:55)
05 Luxury (3:48)
06 While You Wait (5:04)
07 Changing Minds (4:52)
08 Peace (5:13)
09 Design (3:44)
10 Traps (4:03)
11 Division (4:20)
12 Back To Room One (4:18)
13 The Office (4:29)
14 From The Village (3:31)
15 Guitars (3:31)

Link to download:

"This album is the most exciting thing I have heard in very many years, in fact the last album that gave me this sort of buzz was 17 years ago, that being "Blue bell knoll" by the cocteau twins.I bought the single " Living by numbers" at the time but I was not even aware that thay had an ablum, never mind three, such is the way the music bizz ignore real talent in favour of shallow pap, the junk food of the music world. I have listened to it repeatedly for days and it is quite superb.Tony Mansfield is a VERY talented man, such originality and melodic creations with more hooks that a row of fishermen.I cant wait for " from a-b " to arrive from Amazon. This album cuts through the mire of talentless, derived, plagurised, dross, that the music industry excretes daily. How often the human trait of real talent usually resulting in modesty is SO TRUE. Tony Mansfield was a unpreposing figure on stage, no big ego image, and he has talent in skip loads, on the other hand the """"""performers""""" that soil the airwaves today have ego's that fill skips and talent that would be seriously dwarfed by an atom.If you like synth and sweeping melodies, genuinely "new music" that gives a superb canvas for your own imagination and leaves you with respect for the artist this album is a MUST HAVE."

"Ah, New Musik. Difficult to know how they avoided being huge. In at the right time, right tunes, had the right instruments. Perhaps it was because they weren't pretty boys and didn't write about pretty boy subjects. Tony Mansfield takes on the fairly major subjects or religion, world peace and the threat of destruction in this second album (Churches, Areas, While you Wait). It's got great tunes and buckets of atmosphere. Why wasn't it a hit? Perhaps the over use of similar sounds and over familiar song writing approach? Perhaps they just weren't lucky with the breaks? The album still sounds great. You can tell it's from the early 80's but not quite in the way you can spot the posing and formulated approach of some of the new romantic contemporaries. Well worth a listen."

"The normally-awkward follow up album is quite brilliant...FACT! The problem was, however, that it was too far from the safety "shipping channels" normally required to gain hits and ultimately, notoriety.Anyway, why make "successful formula part 2"? That would be predictable!This album tried to build on the good sounds of their first solo project and it does that very well. The album has an assured,"we know what we're doing" feel to it. The titles are extremely abstract - "Areas", "Churches", "Design", "Peace"...a concept album so?There is plenty of synthesiser sound (a la album 1) but also guitar, electronic drum machine and bass. There are great harmonies!...One particularly clever concept is the song "This World of Walter" which may be an in-joke to their fans (remember "World of water" in the earlier album!)...Both songs are unbelievable but they don't sound alike and have entirely different meanings. The highlight for me is "Changing Minds"...a tour de force song with a brilliantly delayed instrumental..if you listen there is a wonderful "submarine-underwater synthesiser" sound. Yes, this band were really experimenting with sound! "Division" is also wonderfully fast and we find ourselves being drawn into it...and hey! what a fantastic title for a song!Other interesting facts - lyrics provided and 3 extra songs. There is also a photo of the band in a very philosophical pose that certainly captures the mood of the band at that moment. There is one tragedy to this whole saga...that is that this band weren't acknowledged by their peers/critics for their brilliant inventiveness, unusual sounds and eerie harmonies. I hope that the great songwriter Tony Mansfield reads the favourable reviews for both albums and sees that he left behind him a great musical legacy and we, the fans, don't want people to forget it!"

WARP (1982)

Producer - Tony Mansfield/ Written By - Tony Mansfield (tracks: 1-5 , 7-9 , 11-17)
Notes:CD reissue of New Musik's third (and last) album, originally released in 1982. 13-17 are bonus tracks.


01 Here Come The People (3:26)
02 Going Round Again (2:55)
03 A Train On Twisted Tracks (3:26)
04 I Repeat (4:28)
05 All You Need Is Love (4:21)
06 All You Need Is Love (5:38)
Written By - John Lennon , Paul McCartney
07 Kingdoms For Horses (4:16)
08 Hunting (4:15)
09 The New Evolutionist (Example 'A') (3:19)
10 Green And Red (Respectively) (3:05)
Written By - Cliff Venner , Clive Gates , Tony Mansfield
11 The Planet Doesn't Mind (3:40)
12 Warp (4:22)
13 The Planet Doesn't Mind (Single Version) (3:36)
14 The Planet Doesn't Mind (12" Version) (4:15)
15 24 Hours From Culture - Part II (3:40)
16 Twelfth House (4:37)
17 Here Come The People (Remix) (5:27)

Link to download:

"Having most of New Musik 45 singles from the 1980s and also 2 l/ps I have since bought Warp and find it is the best Album they have produced all the tracks are superb with the Beatles number almost as good as the original.It is a shame that such talent is missing these days I would love to see a revival and a new album by Tony Mansfield and New Musik.I would recommend all the New Musik CDs available to anyone reading this, if you haven`t heard of the group then give them a listen their music is still fresh and fits in easily to this new Century of mixed music."

"A fine experiment in juxtaposition. I cannot describe New Musik's "Warp" in any other way. Often the beat of the song does not match the message therein. That's why it is so fabulous. This was their third and final album. It sparked a couple of singles: "Here Come the People" and "The Planet Doesn't Mind." Both were virtually ignored in most of North America (even though the LP was available here, albeit briefly). But Japan must have been impressed enough to re-issue this rare find. I am glad that it did. "Here Come the People" sounds like it could have been on an M album. Then there are two seperate songs entitled "All You Need is Love." One, of course, is the Beatles classic quirkily re-done by New Musik with a dance beat. The other is a beautiful original Tony Mansfield composition with the omnipresent message that love can conquer all. Simply exquisite. "Green and Red (Respectively)" uses music to define colors by my likening. It's just that we happen to listen in on the "red" section. There are three versions of "The Planet Doesn't Mind" on this. I happen to like the single version the best, probably for the way it was produced and engineered. The message from "Hunting" harks back to the message of "Dead Fish Don't Swim Home" from the first album. Unlike the earlier one, this is not an anti-war song. However, it raises questions about what some may consider to be senseless killing. The title track "Warp" is a marvelous piece. The ending is very clever. It sounds like a stuck or warped record (for those of us that remember records). But I imagine it is meant to be that way. "Going Round Again" is a description of a woman who sleeps around and the irritation it must cause the singer/writer. "A Train on Twisted Tracks" focuses on how to proceed in life in an uncertain future. I am thrilled to have this CD. There are one or two less appealing songs - but nothing is ever perfect. I bought the first two albums back around 1980-81 but could never seem to find the third one. Now I have it and ALL New Musik fans should have it too."

"This was the third and final album ( second album in the USA ) from this fantastic electro pop band from London UK. There albums just got more and more electronic and brilliant and Warp was no exception. Just listen to the sheer atmosphere of tracks like Kingdoms for Horses, Hunting, A train on Twisted tracks, I repeat and the title track amoungst others. Tony Mansfield's vocals are as superb as ever and we are treated to bonus tracks - 24 Hours from Culture being first class ( a brilliant instrumental that would work out well in a chill-out room ).An essential buy for fans of New Musik, electro pop, dance and ambient."

Planet Ha Ha: Home (single)

Planet Ha Ha is Tony Mansfield, Lee Mansfield and Rob Fisher (from Naked Eyes). EMI wanted them to record this single for the movie E.T. 'Lee Mansfield [who sings on Home] said that Planet Ha-Ha were originally to become NEW MUSIK II. Besides 'Home' and 'Finders Keepers' (which was created especially for the BBC Children's TV show) an album's worth of material was recorded, but due to the legal issues pending around Home, EMI delayed releasing the album, and eventually the various members moved on to other projects leaving the recorded tracks in the archives. (

Link to download:

New Musik were an English Synthpop group active from 1977 to 1982. The lead singer and main man was Tony Mansfield. The group wasn't very commercially successful, though their 1980 single release "Living By Numbers" charted high enough in the UK charts (#13) to land the band on TV pop show Top Of The Pops.Their debut album; From A To B (1980) reached the UK top 30 and contained four chart singles; "Straight Lines", "Living By Numbers" (their sole top 20 hit), "Sanctuary" and "This World Of Water." They also appeared on Top of the Pops in October 1979, with "Straight Lines", and toured the UK in 1980.Their second album, Anywhere (1981) scraped to number 69 in the charts and neither of its singles, "Luxury" and "While You Wait", charted. The song "Churches" (spring 1981) was relatively successful, though mildly controversial in some religious circles due to supposed 'satanic' lyrical references.In 1981 a compilation album, Sanctuary, was released in the US. It consisted of twelve tracks from both albums.Their third and final album, Warp (1982) was more experimental and failed to chart. Oddly, it featured a synth version of the Beatles "All You Need Is Love", alongside an identically titled track of their own. Tracks such as "Hunting", "A Train On Twisted Tracks" and "Kingdoms For Horses" showed much promise, but the group disbanded shortly after, and this album was only given a CD release in Japan.The band specialised in catchy synth-pop with clever, often thought-provoking lyrical content. Tracks such as "Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home)" and "The Planet Doesn't Mind" highlighted environmental issues, still a minority interest in the early 80s.Despite a relative lack of commercial success, their music has retained an enduring appeal and hasn't dated in the way much material from this era has. Several artists have covered tracks by New Musik, including Camouflage who did a version of "On Islands" in 1989. Tony Mansfield went on to achieve success in the field of production for the likes of The Damned's Captain Sensible, with the group Naked Eyes one of his most successful projects. From A To B and Anywhere were released on CD in 1994, and again in 2001, remastered and with bonus tracks.(

INFO FROM TONY MANSFIELD HIMSELF: (5 Jan 2000) "1) A new "new musik" album is in production and should be released in autumn this year. [note: this has been delayed!] 2) The original masters are owned by Sony after GTO records were sold to Sony in 1982. Product is subject to availability however there are plans to re-package the original albums and for a new compilation. 3) There were two UK tours (1980/1981). Live tapes do exist and there were two early promo videos for "Living By Numbers" and "This World Of Water". 4) I still keep in contact with Clive (we last played together at a garden party in summer 98!!) and Tony Hibbert. Clive now works for a software company and Tony has a "live music" bar in South London. I lost contact with Phil Towner and Cliff Venner. 5) Aside from new musik, I was recently in Dublin, Ireland collaborating with Jane Siberry on an album by Japanese artist "Sotoma". I've produced an album for new Columbia artist "Ilene Barnes" and negotiations are underway in the US for a new "Naked Eyes" album based on the songs written by Rob Fisher before he sadly died." (Thanks to Mark Hershberger for doing this on-line short interview with Tony and for kindly providing it to my mailing list.)

More Info :
tone poems
the bad and the lowdown..
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modern lifestyle
If you like German new wave (NDW) check the new blog of Kiki please.I've just posted there one album of FRL MENKE from 1982.Try it you wont be disappointed!:)


Blogger Kenneth said...

I totally agree with you on this. I also bought New Musik's first album when it was released back in 1980 and just loved it. The Tony Mansfield sound was like no others and I also enjoyed the albums he produced for Cpt Sensible and Mari Wilson. If there's ever a new New Musik album I'll definitely be one of the first in line to buy it. Great post, very informative (as always).

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salty! Its wonderful "new music" of...NEW MUSIC ;)
The "WARP" longplay is totally sounds & styles like a...NAKED EYES (yes...Rob Fisher;)
is exactly like... of their productions ;)

Thank You VERY MUCH Salty for ...this presentation (bio and music)

Best regards.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Mary Jane said...

Thanks For O.M.D.!!
Can u re-up the lost mixes ?

Muito obrigada!

4:48 PM  
Blogger helmut said...

great blog & fantastic 'new musik' post!

please, visit my (spanish) blog "going underground (new wave 1977-1984)"

my last post is for rheingold's "r" and now i see you wrote about them...

all the best.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Taxi Girl's Seppuku. Any chance to reupload Cherchez Le Garcon as well? Congratulations for the great blog!!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have request.I'd like listen to album of the group Heroes Del Silencio "Senderos de traicion".
I like very much this group.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Koop said...

Hey Saltyka, after Aztec Camera and Yukihiro Takahashi, you're spoiling me again, this time with the excellent New Musik! Thanks, super stuff. Say, you wouldn't happen to have anything from Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin?

Keep up the good work!

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salty Please, repost albums of NEW MUSIK ...the lik is fixed......please in other with filesend, gigazize, badongo, mediafire....
Jose from Lima

9:48 AM  
Blogger Juanjo said...

Salty, The New Musik'albums links are dead, please could you repost it...? Thank U very much for these jewels. Juanjo, Spain

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Teddy said...

Many, many thanks for Kane Gang's Bad And Lowdown World Of ... I haven't heard this for years and had virtually given up on listening to it ever again. Marvellous.

4:39 AM  
Blogger The Time Machine said...

I can't believe that I missed out on New Musik's A-B set. That's been one of my favorite albums since it came out. I wasn't aware that it was out on CD. I haven't been able to locate it. Is it already out of print? Is there a chance that you might repost it?

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please repost the "anywhere" album??? Thanks!!!!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUPS (03.2008)


From A To B



12:08 AM  
Blogger Jack Daniel said...

I jusr discovered them and now i've discovered this post. I think they're one hell of a band!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their work!

5:05 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Man you have some great taste Salty!
'Living By Numbers' was one of the first singles I ever bought as a kid growing up in the seventies.
They are definitely one of the most underated eighties bands...tracks like This World Of Water, The Planet Doesn't Mind and 24 Hours From Culture still sound amazing nearly thirty years later.

Anyway, the re-upped links still work fine to the three albums...I was very interested in hearing the ET influenced Planet Ha Ha single Tony Mansfield made after New Musik finished, was that something you re-upped and I am too blind to spot like I did with the Synthi & Gert single!

Have you heard the cover verions of 'The Planet Doesn't Mind (by X-Visitors, 1983 electro version and very good) and the 1989 Belgian dance/new beat version of '24 Hours From Culture' by 'Twice Of Love'? I remember the Twice As Love track was really popular at early raves I used to go to in Northern England in the late eighties though I bet very few people at the time realised it was a cover of a New Musik track!

If you have not got any or all of the X-Visitors/Twice As Love track leave a message and I will upload them for ya.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous terjetruddelutt said...

Many thanks for making this great music available.Heard it on swedish radio some 30 years ago and suddenly i remembered it.I would gladly buy it if i was possible.The record companies should try to have some kind of "print-on-demand" system like the bookpublishers have in some countries. Its a shame that so much fantastic music should stay locked in dark archives. Thanx for upping this.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually LOVE YOU for this blog and this music. I LOVE YOU! Thanks!

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