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HÉROES DEL SILENCIO - Senderos de Traicion (1990)



Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Bass, Coro - Joaquin Cardíel/Drums - Pedro Andreu/Engineer - Keith Bessey/Guitar - Juan Valdivia/Producer - Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) /Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Enrique Bunbury

Tracklist :

01 Entre Dos Tierras
02 Maldito Duende
03 La Carta
04 Malas Intenciones
05 Sal
06 Senda
07 Hechizo
08 Oración
09 Despertar
10 Decadencia
11 Con Nombre De Guerra
12 El Cuadro II

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"I first heard this group on the radio and in discotheken and parties while I was living in Germany in 1992-93. The German university students I knew all loved this group and so did I. We'd dance the night away listening to songs from this album...it totally rocks; I didn't even speak Spanish at the time but I bought the album anyway and brought it back with me to the States'... My Spanish speaking customers had never heard of them before but they always asked to see the CD case and expressed their desire to buy a copy for themselves... It is so different from the usual Latin-music you hear in Texas, plus, since these lads are from Spain, they sing with their distinctive castillian lisp. Now that I have started learning Spanish myself and speak it moderately well, I really appreciate the songs even more...since I can sing along now and actually understand what I'm saying. The album is fantastic, regardless if you speak the language or not. Good solid rock music that crosses all borders."

"I dicovered this band back in 1990, and all I can say is I haven't find any other band with the same feeling and dedication as this band. This band is not your average Spanish Rock band because other bands are just filled with mediocrity and no sense of melody. As a professional guitar player I can tell you that the guitar work in the band is one of the finest and unique sounds that you can get in the whole Rock En Español scene. The lyrics and vocals are profound and obscure; Enrique Bunbury demonstrates his vocal abilities, showing that he's not an ordinary/average singer. You can truly feel the anger and power of the vocalist, and the lyrics clearly demosntrate Bunbury's fury and sense of imagination. Both the music and the lyrics create a very unique atmosphere which leaves me wanting to hear this album over and over again. If you're looking for pure art expression manifested through music, I really recommend this album along with their other masterpiece "El Espíritu Del Vino"."

"Senderos de Traicion is very different with the other ones, really each album has it's own sound and spirit! The guitar arrangements are so unique, I have't heard anything like that before by anybody except by the hand of Juan Valdivia, it's just one of the best guitar players in the spanish rock scene, maybe the best!! They have all the spirit and passion in their music as well as the Flamenco music. But don't get wrong! they don't play flamenco. It's just pure rock n roll but at it's finest."

The "Rock en Espanol" band Heroes del Silencio was formed in Zaragoza, Spain during the mid-'80s. Comprised of singer/guitarist Enrique Bunbury, lead guitarist Juan Valdivia, second guitarist Alan Boguslavsky bassist Joaquin Cardiel and drummer Pedro Andreu, Heroes del Silencio quickly gained a fervent local following; among their fans was Ole Ole member Gustava Montesano, who helped the group win a contract with EMI. In late 1987 they issued their debut EP, Heroes de Legenda; it was well received by both critics and audiences, and their 1989 full-length effort El Mar No Cesa went platinum within weeks of its release. 1990's Senderos de Traicion immediately topped the Spanish charts, and in 1991 Heroes del Silencio appeared at the "Rock Against Racism" festival in Berlin, resulting in enormous popularity throughout Germany as well. 1993's El Espiritu del Vino was another smash, and in 1995 the group travelled to Los Angeles to record Avalancha with noted producer Bob Ezrin. The double live LP Para Siempre followed in 1996, and in 1998 Heroes del Silencio returned with Rarezas, a collection of rare and unreleased tracks. (http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll)

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Thanks for you album Heroes Del Silencio.This is very good group and impulsive music.You give me big pleasure.

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