Tuesday, February 27, 2007

THE GUTS - Say Goodbye to Fun (2003) for Rex

Rock & Roll, Punk-Rock, pop-Punk


01 Mary Jane
02 Mystery Dance
03 New Song #3
04 Out and Over
05 Stuck

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"Pop-punk has recently developed negative conations due to its sudden rise in popularity with the MTV crowd, however not all pop-punk is obnoxious and overplayed. The Guts new EP, Say Goodbye to Fun, is pop-punk in a good way. The songs are catchy with simple, relatable lyrics like “Here’s a story about this boy who likes this girl… but he’s scared, he’s scared to let her know.” The EP includes four songs of this “boy likes girl/ girl breaks boy’s heart/ boy is confused” persuasion and despite the extreme simplicity of their lyrics, they are songs one cannot help but play on repeat. “New Song #3” is especially good and is melodic in a manner that is reminiscent of some of Green Day’s earlier songs. The fifth song on the EP is a decent cover of the Elvis Costello song “Mystery Dance,” but is unfortunately a bit flatter than the other songs on the CD. The Guts hail from Portsmouth, NH and include former members of The Queers and The Regulars. The band has previously released one full-length album “The Sensitive Side of the Guts” in 2001 before signing onto its current label Spider Bite Records, which is also based out of Portsmouth. The Guts have a lot of potential and anyone looking for better-than-Good-Charlotte pop-punk would do well to check out this EP. With slightly more creative lyrics and a strong publicity campaign this band could prove itself worthy of some of its mainstream contemporaries." –Emily Zemler

"This here is one of them old-fashioned pop-punk bands. They got a tough act to follow in the Dead Celebs... But they're actually pretty good. They're more like The Ramones than emo. The fifth song, "Mystery Dance," is really a great song!"

"These guys are great. I looked at the cover and saw one guy wearing a Groovy Ghoulies t-shirt... Great tastes in music! Awesome background vocals and catchy as hell music. They covered Elvis Costello, too! This is my new favorite for tonight."

"The Guts remind me of everything that I started listening to punk rock for, catchy guitar riffs, sassy lyrics, and drums that take a beating. Taking cues from the classic East Bay days, these 5 songs might give you hope of filling that void left when Green Day became MTV's sweethearts. "Mary Jane" is the kind of song you listen to over and over and relate all too well."


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GUTS - Say Goodbye To Fun


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