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P. Lion


Real Name:
Paolo Pelandi

Electronic, Pop


Arranged By, Keyboards, Photography, Producer, Vocals, Written-By - Paolo Pelandi/ Arranged By, Producer - David Zambelli , Walter Verdi/ Artwork By - Phil Marshal /Bass - Paolo Costa/ Drums - Bruno Bergonzi , Luciano Goitom , Massimo Costa/ Guitar - Alberto Bonfanti/ Mixed By - Massimo Noé


01 Dream (6:03)
02 Springtime (5:38)
03 Sweet Children (1:54)
04 Happy Children (5:40)
05 Reggae Radio (4:47)
06 Kings Of The Night (5:22)
07 A Song For You (5:03)
08 Rubber Game (3:46)
09 Under The Moon
10 Happy Children '88
11 Belive Me
12 Beach Beach
13 Happy Children (instrumental)

Link to download (256 kbs) :



01 Dance With Me
02 You'll Never Break My Heart
03 Don't Go Away
04 Worn-out Shoes
05 Living In The Dark
06 Dream
07 A Step In The Right Way
08 Game Of Life
09 Good Times
10 Gladine et Jacky
11 Dream [Radio Version]

link to download:

Always the war in 1983 - this is the world of today.
In our mind there is only the money and there is nothing for you.
Then hours work
no flowers in the mind
the life runs without happiness
Every day dreams to go to a better life
but they remain only dreams.

You are the children
your life will be very hard.
You are the children
you're singing every day.
To have a friend to explain your little problem

Can you say now to have it?
Sometimes you hope it's only an illusion

Don't hope it's better so.
But children power will win

I am sure
will see sweet lovers for us.
Your fantasy will find new nice colours

But now it's time to go. You are the children

Your life will be very hard. . ..
You are the children (ad lib.)



01 Happy Children (Remix '88) (Vocal Version) (5:22)
Remix - DJ Lelewel
02 Happy Children (Remix '88) (Dub Version) (5:22)
Remix - DJ Lelewel
03 Happy Children (Original Mix) (5:58)
04 Happy Children (Instrumental) (6:31)

Link to download:

P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi, born June 29, 1959) is an Italian singer and musician of the 1980s. He took the name of "P. Lion" because of the three "P" in his name and because the symbol of his family is a lion. But his astrological sign is a lion too. He started to play the piano and write his own music very early; he claims to be very romantic and sometimes too much of a "dreamer", but he made music because he finds that this is a great way to communicate.
Very famous in Italy, he is also known all over the world for his two hits "Happy Children" (produced by Davide Zambelli, of Scotch) and "Dream". The second single "Dream" was the generic for more than 10 years of the French TV show and also radio show "Top 50".
After his first album, P. Lion took part in the Milanese label Discomagic, where there were a lot of Italian music stars such as Lee Marrow. There, he was a self producer for some singles as such as "Believe Me" and "Under The Moon" with Durium. In 1995 he released "A Step In The Right Way", an album with FMA and the publisher Allione. He collaborates as arranger on some productions such as Betty Villani or Tony Sheridan.
He was a complete artist, because he did all of his album "Springtime":
Music & lyrics of all songs by Paolo Pelandi
Produced by Paolo Pelandi & V. Verdi
Arranged by Paolo Pelandi, D. Zambelli & V. Verdi
Keyboards & lead vocals by Paolo Pelandi
Little is known about his private life, just that he divorced in 1990 after 14 years of marriage. He lives now with Loredana, her son Massimiliano, and their son Edoardo.

More info:


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