Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Electro, Disco

Jimmy Hamilton (vocals / keyboards, formerly of the Jimmy Hamilton Trio)
Frankie 'Babe' Moore (vocals / drums)
Dale Hightower (vocals / percussion)
and Maurice Hayes (bass / lead vocals)


Tracklist :

01 Owe It To Myself
02 Make Up Your Mind
03 Flying High
04 I Want Somebody Tonight
05 Spinning
06 Give It To The Beat
07 Love Talk
08 I Can't Get You Off My Mind
09 Talk It Over
10 Anytime Is Prime Time

Link to download (192 kbs):

"The band Prime Time was led by singer/keyboardist Jimmy Hamilton and guitarist Maurice Hayes. The band recorded for Lonnie Simmons' Total Experience label, and its biggest hit was the sparse, mid-tempo, everyman-toned "I Owe It to Myself," which went to number 21 on Billboard's R&B chart in the fall of 1984. (Prime Time's labelmates the Gap Band covered "I Owe It to Myself" on Gap Band VII.) Other singles were the "Planet Rock"-like "Love Talk" and "Give It to the Beat." Both became post-release favorites of dance/funk fans. Other highlights are the buoyant "Can't Get You Off My Mind" and the mellow "Let's Talk It Over," which has an intimate "coffee talk" feel. Hamilton and Hayes appear on releases by their Total Experience labelmates; the duo wrote and produced the hit single "Guilty" for Yarbrough & Peoples, various Gap Band LPs, Klique, Penny Ford's Pennye, and Ganiyu "Gee" Bello. Prime Time's other album was Confess It Baby.


Tracklist :

01 Guilty
02 Come Into My Life
03 I Bet Cha
04 Sex-o-logical
05 Give Me A Chance
06 What's That You Slipped Into My Wine
07 Baby Don't Break My Back
08 Confess It Baby
09 Remote Control

Link to download (192 kbs) :

"Pretty good mid 80's funk set, the production is a bit electro, reminding the Minneapolis groups and The Midnight Star, like on the good "Baby Don't Break My Back", "Guilty", "I Betcha", "Sex-O-Logical" & "Remote Control"."

some about the band:
Prime Time were formed in 1972.
The group are a Los Angeles-based band who took twelve years to land a record deal, eventually signing to Total Experience for a 1984 single 'Love Talk'.
Their first album release was 'Flying High' for the Total Experience label in 1984.
The album contained the track 'I Owe It To Myself', popular with soul fans in the U.K.
In 1985 a second album followed entitled 'Confess It Baby' prior to the demise of Total Experience.
That album contained the popular tune 'What's That You Slipped Into My Wine?'


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