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Clive Farrington - Vocals
Michael Floreale - Keyboards
Andrew Mann - Vocals


Tracklist :

01 The Promise (3:40)
02 Heaven Knows (3:56)
03 Something Going On (3:35)
04 I Can't Stop (3:44)
05 If Only (4:08)
06 Sight Of Your Tears (3:34)
07 Wide, Wide Sea (4:05)
08 Child's Play (4:00)
09 Total Devotion (3:05)
10 Everything (4:00)
11 The Promise (long version)
12 Heaven Knows (extended inch mix)
13 Sight Of Your Tears (extended)

Link to download:

""The Promise" is the one everybody knows, but the whole CD is fine pop. Highlights include the gorgeous "Wide Wide Sea" (which should have been a single), the ballad "Everything", and "Child's Play" (another single possibility). Influences: OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears. Holds up remarkably well to repeated playings. A pity this was their only release."

"This is a CD I can listen to on repeat many times. Although there are a couple of obviously generic 'filler' tracks, the remainder of this work more than compensates. The music is undeniably 80's, the lyrics, upon closer attention, reveal genuine emotion; all brought together by very talented vocalists. WIR is much more than 'The Promise', they deliver throughout. A MUST for any collection!"

"I bought this CD because of the single "The Promise" when it first came out - late 80's. The other tracks exhibit a great variety style of musics - from danceable beats, funky guitar, piano fillings, synths, strings, sax, horn sections to excellent drumming; somewhat Spandau Ballet-ish, but very unique. The vocals are excellent; just listen to the harmonies. Each song is different, from the happy "Child'sPlay" to the ballads "The Promise", "If Only", and "Everything". It's too bad that this band only produced one album. I listen to the whole CD everytime - it's been 11 years and haven't got tired of it. For this reason, it's a 5 stars. Few CDs in my collection are this way (The Beatles' White Album, Led Zep 's4th album, and a few more ...). Hey, I appreciate and listen to all kind of music."

"I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you'll read more of this review, I'll make you fall for it, I promise, I promise you I will. When in Rome: Clive Farrington, Andrew Mann and Michael Floreale were part of an earlier Manchester outfit, Leisure. Leisure featured Corinne Drewery, who would go on to front Swing Out Sister. After Swing Out Sister had enjoyed their ten minutes of fame with the single 'Break Out,' When In Rome stepped up to join the ranks of one-hit-wonders. Their 1988 single 'The Promise' was by far their biggest commercial success, and the popularity and staying power of the song is evidenced by the fact that it has been the most requested song at nearly every 80's music station. They released just the one album, and promptly faded into obscurity.
Until one movie would resurrect this 80's pop band. Napoleon Dynamite, which made its debut at the Sun dance Film Festival in January 2004. Napoleon was released to theaters in June 2004. That's when the song 'The Promise' became popular again hitting the top of Billboard's Dance Club Play chart. 'The Promise,' remixed, was the first single from their self-titled debut album. It was an instant success barely missing the Top Ten in the United States peaking at #11. Months later the trio reached Billboard's pop chart's lower reaches for the last time with 'Heaven Knows'. The Promise 2006 New CD, featuring never before released versions of 'The Promise' and the newly released radio edit mix of 'The Promise 2006'. This 7 track CD also includes their classic hit 'Heaven Knows'(Ultmix mix) and includes a bonus track 'Wherever You Go.' From their new CD soon to be released"



01 the promise (o.n. 12'' mix)
02 the promise (o.n. 7'' mix)
03 heaven knows (12'' mix)
04 the promise (7'' radio mix)
05 sight of your tears ('seize her' mix)
06 sight of your tears ('percussion' mix)
07 sight of your tears (7'' mix)
08 heaven knows ('powerhouse' 7'' mix)
09 whatever the weather ('b'-side)
10 the promise ('coliseum' mix)
11 sight of your tears (12'' mix)
12 heaven knows ('big beat' mix)
13 the promise ('vatican' dub)
14 heaven knows ('powerhouse' 12'' mix)

Link to download (192 kbs):

PROMISES & DEVOTION (the B-sides &remixed)

00 Heaven Knows (Powerhouse Mix)
01 The Promise (Coliseum Mix)
02 The Promise (Ollie North Mix)
03 Everything (Extended Mix)
04 Basilca
05 Tonight
06 Sight Of Your Tears (12 Mix)
07 1000 reasons
08 Heaven Knows (Big Beat Mix)
09 The Promise (Dub)
10 Heaven Knows (Extended Mix)
11 Heaven Knows (Dub)
12 Big City
13 Whatever The Weather
14 The Promise 2002 (Twisted Dee Additive Mix)
15 The Promise (Covenant Mix) (Art Of Mix)
16 Heaven Knows (Ultimix)
17 The Promise (Coliseum Club Mix)

Links to download:

Initially Farrington, Floreale, and Mann were in the locally active, Manchester-based group Beau Leisure with part-time fashion designer Corinne Drewery. In 1984, Corinne left to form the sophisti-pop outfit Swing Out Sister with Andrew Connell and Martin Jackson. Farrington, Floreale, and Mann stayed together, adapting the name "When in Rome".
Signed by Virgin UK subsidiary 10 Records, producers Ben Rogan (who had worked with Sade) and Richard James Burgess (Five Star, Living in a Box, Colonel Abrams, Spandau Ballet) took special interest in the trio's "The Promise," issued first as a 12" dance disk. When the song became popular hitting the top of Billboard's Dance Club Play chart, Virgin ordered an album. "The Promise," remixed, was the first single from their self-titled debut album. It was an instant success barely missing the Top Ten in the United States peaking at #11. Months later the trio reached Billboard's pop chart's lower reaches for the last time with "Heaven Knows" (#95, 1990). "The Promise" also featured in the popular 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite
Floreale now lives in Dallas, Texas, and is involved in both production work and touring (2006 - 2007) with a newly formed When In Rome.


More info:


IVAN - Baila (1985)



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