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FASHION (Alan Darby)

Real Name:
Alan Darby, Dik, Mulligan, Marlon Recchi

Electronic, Rock,Funk / Soul
New Wave, Synth-pop, Funk

"Love Shadow"

This is my favourite song,very deep and soulfull :)


Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals - Mulligán/ Guitar, Effects, Lead Vocals - Lûke / Percussion, Harp, Vocals - Dïk / Producer - Miki Cottrell
Recorded at Grosvenor Studios, Birmingham.

Tracklist :

01 Steady Eddie Steady
02 Killing Time
03 Citinite
04 Wastelife
05 Silver Blades
06 A Deeper Cut (Silver Blades)
07 The Innocent
08 Sodium Pentathol Negative
09 Product Perfect
10 Die in the West
11 Red Green and Gold
12 Burning Down
13 Big John_Hannoi Annoy_Innocent
14 Citinite
15 Dont Touch Me
16 Bike Boys
17 Fashion
18 Techno Facist
19 Let Go

Link to download (224 kbs) :

"Dik (percussion, harp, vox) Luke (guitars, effects, primo vox) and Mulligan (bass, synth, vox). IRS released this in 1979, one of their earlier releases. Very English, very new wave and very weird. "Big John" (about Lennon, Keith Richard and Sid Vicious) and "Die in the West" are the best of the lot. They changed quite a bit by the time of their next release."

"Fledgling IRS Records' second LP surely must have had A&M executives scratching their heads. And Miles Copeland must've surely been enjoying himself seeing their collective eyebrows raise as he made some of the first footholds for the new wave and punk invasion of the US.
With their unique reggae-influenced techno-punk sound, radio airplay was practically non-existent in 1979. But this LP is one of your humble webmeister's favorite IRS LPs, so airplay and hit be-damned, I'm gonna tell you that this is one terrific listen! "Die In The West", which kicks off side one, really appeals not just to my California roots but, to my mind, explains why all these east coast nuts keep moving to California. (Yes, I know they probably weren't thinking about California when they wrote it.) The middle tune ("The Innocent") of the three song medley that closes out side one was (wisely) the song selected as the single. Standout tracks on side two are: "Citinite", "Don't Touch Me, Touch Me" , and "Technofascist". "Red, Green and Gold" is catchy and the lyrics serve two meanings; not just the obvious "peace, love and understanding" blatantly repeated in the lyrics, but a subliminal drug message... Think: "Red" as in Panama, "Gold" as in Acapulco, and so on, if you catch my drift. I may be wrong, but from the perspective of 1970's suburban teen-dom it seems dead on. "


Producer - Zeus B. Held (Gina X Performance)

Tracklist :

01 Move On
02 Love Shadow
Vocals - Gina Kikoine (Gina X Performance)
03 Street Player (Mechanik)
04 Dressed To Kill
05 You Only Left Your Picture
06 Something In Your Picture
07 It's Alright
08 White Stuff (Short Cut)
09 Do You Wanna Make Love
10 Slow Blue

Links to download (320 kbs) :


"FASHØN was best known for the British hit Love Shadow, from their second album, Fabrique. While Twilight Of Idols has much to recommend it, Fabrique was their last album with the original line-up.


Credits :
Bass - Marlon Recchi/ Drums [Acoustic, Electric, Synthetic] - Dik Davis/Performer, Arranged By - Fashion/ Producer - Zeus B. Held/ Vocals [Vocoda], Programmed By - Mulligan/ Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Electric, Synthetic] - Alan Darby/ Written-By - A. Darby (tracks: 01 to 03, 05, 07 to 10)

Tracklist :

01 Eye Talk
02 Dreaming
03 Hit Girl
04 Trader
05 You In The Night
06 Delirious
07 Hurricane
08 Too Much Too Soon
09 Slow Down
10 Twilight Of Idols

Link to download (224 kbs) :

(click on the review to enlarge!)
"Fashion's 1984 album produced by Zeus B. Held and their only to feature singer/songwriter Alan Darby.
The track "Eye Talk" was released as a UK single, reaching No. 69 in February 1984 having been preceded in the charts by Fashion's earlier single releases: "Streetplayer (Mechanik)" and "Love Shadow".

Notes :
This is a re-release of "Fabrique" album

Tracklist :

01 Move On (3:52)
02 Love Shadow (3:40)
03 Streetplayer Mechanik (3:48)
04 Dressed To Kill (4:13)
05 You Only Left Your Picture (4:57)
06 Something In Your Picture (3:36)
07 It's Alright (4:33)
08 White Stuff (Short Cut) (3:06)
09 Do You Wanna Make Love (5:54)
10 Slow Blue (4:47)
11 Mutant Love (5:48)
12 Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue (4:56)
13 Street Mechanik (7:17)
14 Do You Wanna Make Love (At 5.00AM?) (6:45)
15 You Only Left Your Picture (Reggae Reprise) (1:11)

Links to download (224 kbs) :


"To be able to hear the Fabrique album and associated 12" versions on CD is a worthwhile experience. They were ahead of their time and De Harriss leaving before their major Fabrique tour of 1982 didn't help matters in getting their music noticed. Useless trivia - DLT cited Fashion in his end of year top 5 list on Radio 1 (I think for Love Shadow) Like other reviewers, met the band at Dunstable at what was probably their last gig in 1984 where they autographed my entire collection - seemed a decent bunch.
Only a couple of gripes - the sound quality on Move On especially is in dire need of remastering and the version of Something in Your Picture is the 7" b side version rather than the original track. It would be fantastic if the powers that be could release the bonus remixes of Fabrique that were only available on cassette (a few are included on this CD) and give the follow up and last album Twilight of Idols (and cassette remixes) a long overdue and welcome release."

"I met Fashion once at a record signing in Leamington Spa. I was only about 15 at the time as I remember them being very tall... I still have the 12" singles they autographed....
Well, wind on 20 years or so and it's nice to finally get to hear Fashion in crystal clear CD sound.
As others have pointed out, Fashion were way ahead of their time, a mix of slap basses, synth and unforgettable hooks. I didn't remember the original incarnation of the band, it was their first single with De Harris Move On, which got me hooked. Subsequent singles (apart from maybe Love Shadow) just got better and better, so it was a shame when De Harris left abruptly just as they were starting to show their true potential. Never saw them live, so I can't comment on that, but I do remember them being on OTT, the adult version of Tiswas fairly often, obviously due to them being in the same city as the show was filmed, Birmingham.
The researchers have slipped up slighty by having photographs of the next incarnation of Fashion (which had Alan Darby replace De Harris), but I'm just being picky. It's a shame they didn't include any of the Alan Darby-era tracks as some of them, particularly Eye Talk are excellent."

"This group was literally years ahead of its time when it had initial chart success in the early 80's. While heavily promoted and their music appearing on some episodes of Miami Vice to back particular scenes, they still failed to reach their true potential during the nu-romantic explosion. A fantasic blend of 80's electro-funk and soulful themes, they mixed the typical sounds of the later Level 42 and electro-pop which literally put them in a class of their own! The only music to get is the original 'Fashion' with Dik Davies as lead singer - their initial album 'Fabrique' was unsurpassed and nothing comes anywhere close even today! 'The Height of Fashion' has the singles from 'Fabrique' plus some more. Buy this music and you won't be disappointed I assure you!'

"I cannot express how please I was to see this release. Why did it take so long? If you could give an CD six stars this is it.
I remember seeing Fashion on numberous occasions during the early 80's and have the pictures to prove it. I could go on forever about how great this release is, but you get the original record plus some of the re-mixes.
All I need now is for someone to relese Twilight of Idols so that we can get 'Eye Talk' on CD. I also have 'Zee' on record which was recorded by Dee (David) Harris and would be very impressed if someone could dig up the masters and release this on CD."

"This has always been one of my favourite albums (I still have it on vinyl) it is was just too classy for the likes of radio 1 and all the independent local radio stations and received little attention from them. When you think it was a time of the new romantics and ok I like the sound of Classix Noveaux and Depeche Mode but this was just so much better than all of them it's a shame it never got the attention it deserved.
From the funkiness of streetplayer to the late night and totally chilled out Slow Blue this is one of the definitive stand out albums of all time. So glad I was just searching Amazon and for some strange reason Fashion popped into my head as one of those albums that just screams buy me on CD.
This one's going to go permanently onto my Minidisc as well.
Buy it or miss out on a real musical education."

"A brilliant album that still sounds fresh 21 years after its release. The tracks on this CD are the same as the cassette release of Fabrique and is a must have purchase.
This is a CD release of the "Height of Fashion" album, written almost entirely by De Harris (what happend to you?), strangely shows photos of Harris's replacement in some of the artwork even though he wasn't a contributor to the album!!!
My tape of this album (Fabrique) snapped a few years ago and I'd had no luck finding a (replacement), so its a big thanks to Cherry Red for reissuing it. It's so good to listening to this again, how so few people know of this gem has always remained a mystery to me."

Biography :
It's a shame that you won't find too much info on the net about this outstanding band :(
So here is the short story from Wikipedia.If you have something more info/picture ,share with us please!

Fashion were a British New Wave band consisting of De Harriss, Luke James, Alan Darby, Mulligan, Marlon Recchi and Dik Davis.
Formed in Birmingham, England, Fashion originally consisted of John Mulligan, Dik Davis and Luke James who now resides in the bay area of California. Their initial recordings were released as singles on their own Fashion Music label. The first album Product Perfect was recorded and released in 1979.
Their most notable album, Fabrique (1982), saw a significant change in line-up with James having left the band and Harriss and Marlon Recchi joining. The sound is at times like a smokey funk-jazz electro- sound which may be considered part of its scarce touch. "Fabrique" contained the singles "Move On" and "Love Shadow", among others, it was later re-issued with additional material as Height of Fashion (1990), (2004). De Harriss left Fashion before the third release, later recording an album with Richard Wright, keyboardist of Pink Floyd, as Zee.
In 1984 "Fashion" released an album entitled "Twilight Of Idols".
There are approximately 10 websites on the internet having anything to do with the band of which a few include a rare picture of one of De Harriss' Fashion's last gig at the Botanical Majesties in England. Later on gigs with the new singer, songwriter, and guitar player Alan Darby happened in Dunsbury, England. According to a web response, Mulligan has recorded material with Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo. Fashion is fairly obscure now, though their influence can be heard in the soundtrack for Miami Vice (1985).

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion_(band) )

Ive just got some new info (10.12.2007) from Vuk ,i didnt know untill now :
"I have personally met Luke Sky from Fashion over an e-mail .Luke told me that Dik Davies had died and it was because of his excessive drinking and drug use. Marlon Recchi is completely oblivious and you won't find anything on him just like I haven't. Mulligan worked with Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo for something apparently and he is supposedly a photographer now . De Harriss, I believe moved to New York and worked with this guy named Shane Faber who does this music project called the JeepJazz Project. Luke said he wants to put a book out about his Fashion period,and I have even e-mailed Duran Duran on their website asking them how they were influenced by Fashion but haven't got a response. I found Luke over this website a long time ago. He told me that he exchanged a few e-mails with Mulligan a while back, but has not been in contact with him.

You may also want to add something Luke told me about Dik Davies: He said that Dik's rapid firing beats taught Luke how to play rhythm guitar. "

Vuk sent me a link with new info about Alan Darby :

"Alan Darby is a graduate of Edinburgh University and the Berklee School Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he studied jazz guitar. In addition to a solo career, he has worked as a touring session player with Van Morrison, Robert Palmer, Asia, Alannah Myles, Bonnie Tyler, and Neneh Cherry. Darby also writes music for advertisements and film. He has played with Clapton at a number of small private gigs and joined Clapton's band for the 1998 Pilgrim Tour. He is currently the musical director of a UK TV show and appeared with Paul McCartney on UK TV in late 1999" (http://www.claptonweb.com/groupe_ang.php)

Many thanks to Vuk!!

Luke James:

"Luke here- living 25 miles from SF in Fremont California - studying Flamenco guitar, have formed a publishing company called Public House Press (www.publichousepress.com.) that will in August of this year be putting out an anthology of writers who have read at the Edinburgh Castle pub in SF, including a free cd with the only (legal) recording anywhere in the world of an 11 minute segment of Irvine Welsh reading live from "Porno" - as well as a Luke Fashion tale and sundry other literary gits Yank and otherwise. Haven't heard from Muligan since we emailed each other a mutual hatchet burial after all these years a year or so ago. Let me know if you, or anyone else finds out what he's up to - hey, I may well never play on one again, but I'd still buy a new Fashion album. ">

"Last night I listened to a Fashion tape, live at RAF Brize Norton(!) in 1978 tape - nostalgic old git that I am - what a great drummer Dik Davies was. Blimey, if only I'd been able to sing and Mulligan had known the names of the notes who knows what might have happened!!
Cheers Luke"

De Harris:

He is working together with Paul Fishman (Re-Flex keyboard player) as Jambo Music production duo :

Fishman & Harris

The writing and production partnership of Paul Fishman & De Harris first evolved in the latter part of the 80’s, following the demise of their individually successful bands, Re-Flex and Fashion.
Together as producers their work was first brought to the attention of Trevor Horn’s company Sarm and during this period they produced and wrote for many of their artists. Wishing to develop their careers further within the US and with other international artists, they later commenced a relationship with Warner Brothers in America. During this time they produced and wrote for Prince’s label, Paisley Park and also mixed tracks for Motown including legendary recordings by Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and The Dazz Band. Returning to the UK, Fishman & Harris became involved in developing emerging talent within the thriving dance scene. Among the many artists they worked with was Yazz but they were also responsible for recording and mixing one of the biggest UK house and club anthem of the 90’s, “Love Come Rescue Me”. Individually as performing musicians and as producers, Fishman & Harris have received many independent credits. They have also acquired considerable experience in writing and producing music for a wide range of media, including films, television, exhibitions and other outdoor events. Throughout their productive partnership they have created a large catalogue of music that is managed worldwide by Jambo Music.

Ive found something more on the net:
Alan Darby played in guitars in the Scottish soul funky rock band Cado Belle on it's untitled Lp from 1976 with Maggie Reilly!!! (she went later succes with Mike Oldfield),check it:

More from Cado Belle :

And here is the album as just one interesting thing ( it is rare!!) :)

CADO BELLE - Cado Belle (1976)

Credits :
Maggie Reilly -vocals
Alan Darby -guitars
Gavin Hodgson- bass
Stuart Mackillop -keyboards
Davy Roy -drums/percussions
Colin Tully -sax/flute

Tracklist :

01 All Too Familiar
02 Infamous Mister
03 Rocked To Stony Silence
04 I Name This Ship Survival
05 Paper In The Rain
06 That Kind Of Fool
07 Airport Shutdown
08 Rough Diamonds
09 Got To Love
10 Stones Throw From Nowhere
Bounus :
11 September

Link to download:

"Tasteful, smooth "white soul" from this Scottish band featuring the distinctive vocals of Maggie Reilly - could just do with a bit more edge."

"What did Maggie Reilly do before her first solo album, what did she do before her collaborations with Mike Oldfield. She sung with a group called Cado Belle and they published one LP under the same title. This could be considered as Maggie's solo album before her first solo album. She sings every song on the album.
On this album Maggie tends to be bouncing, she shows more temperament than ever since. There are moments when she does not control her voice as perfectly as on all the later albums. However, at other times she hits the right pitch instantly showing her future capability. The music style contains some jazzy factor. It has been defined as funky-jazz, funk-rock, blues, soul-crossover, whatever you like. You'll hear saxophone and flute besides the more common pop-rock instruments.

Stone's Throw From Nowhere walks slowly creating a moody song about relationship uncertainty. "...Cloud that's got no sky". The background is made of bass and gently tapping percussions. An electric piano, strings and a guitar put in some comments. Hodgson's minimal gestures with his bass are worth listening, this man thinks more than you'd expect a bass player to do.
A brisk walking speed powers up Airport Shutdown. Maggie sparkles with temperament when she shouts: "Oh" (=ooo-AH!) of indignation. A bad weather prevents air transport causing knots to her relationship. All this is accompanied by percussions and a slingshot guitar solo.
All Too Familiar is one more upset relationship drama in upset tempo. The sax comments mockingly when every initiative leads to a new round of fight. Finally Maggie sings "Jee-hee" and the sax goes "blee-heet" and again.
Got To Love is a merry song about the wild feelings of love ten miles high. Brass chords and a guitar solo add supplement.I have to admit it: if this was the only album Maggie ever published, I would probably be a little less enthused over her music than I am now. It was only after this album, when Maggie grew unique. But I tend to be affected by shortcomings in sound quality. The music itself is fun and lively and who knows, if the sound just were a little better, maybe, this would be a very good album.
I also had an opportunity to hear September, a song not included on Cado Belle LP, but on a separate EP. This is a sad and very beautiful song. There is a gently howling guitar solo in the first half. Then a short song by Maggie. She can sing velvet smooth and effortless high tones without any vestige of screaming color. Then some saxophone and the guitar again. That's it. I can only say: please, publish this song again. It's beautiful.


Albums of Fashion
Product Perfect (1979)
Fabrique (1982) - later re-released as The Height Of Fashion (2004)
Twilight Of Idols (1984)
Stairway To Nowhere (2009)
New Fashion album 2009!!
I'm not sure if you've heard yet about Stairway to Nowhere, the new Fashion album. All the songs are written and performed by Luke Sky, and I play drums on a few tracks. Check it out and spread the word!! (Vuk)
Thank you Vuk!!!


Anonymous robert poland said...

Yes! Twilight of Idols with ,,You in the night" - it was hit in Poland `1984... Thank you, Salty!

Happy Easter!


7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Salty.
This uploads:http://www.mediafire.com/?btyvjntzmwz

...doesn't work (can't open this links - something wrong with this MEDIAFIRE(?) :(
I'm very sad about it :(
Please help ,dear Salty.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks much! I have recently fallen in love with Fashion and appreciate the chance to hear some more of them.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for the writing on Fashion. There's also good bootleg of their 12inches on http://electronicallyyours.blogspot.com/, called "Move on" - check it if you don't know about :o)

And I'd like to present the discography of Fashion, compiled by me :o)

All the info I've been able to find to this day and also some links. Would really appreciate the additions if someone has any.

So thanks again and good luck!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Kiss for You Salty;)
This Time everything is ok.
Thank You VERY MUCH.
Good day Salty.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SAlty,
That post was great!! Sadly enough the link to 'product perfect' was dead.
Can you post it again please.
I was reading the duran duran bio, and just discovered how influencial Fashion was to them...

5:36 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Thanks so much. I have Fabrique on vinyl and cassette, but neither are hooked up so I can't play them.
It's wonderful to be able to listen to the album again. And the background on the band is pretty interesting too. Great site!

7:49 PM  
Blogger corky.h said...

Great Site, I had the pleasure of working with Fashions' Management in 1984 and got to see and meet the band many times and those memories are still with me today as some of the best times of my life even though I still work in the music business.
One thing, any chance of putting the link back up for Product Perfect

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Vladimir : thanks a lot for the recommended links and your nice site!
I added your page to "more info" :)


Hi,here are the links,enjoy!:)



Im very happy to meet you here,
and ask you please to share some of your memories/info or any material because im trying to collect everything about Fashion since im a huge fan!:)

Thanks in advance & best regards

8:19 AM  
Blogger rgraham4444 said...

hi thanks for these, but i cant get the first part of fabrique... i think the link is down. could you repost the first part again?


7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - Spent many years trying to track down Fashion (original band) with no luck - Finally spotted an E-mail for Luke (Skywalker aka Luje James) and mailed him with a request for a tape of songs due to be released just as they split - A few hundred or so were sold in Birmingham record shops but that was all - I got an e-mail back from him (Hes in Los Angeles) and a few weeks later he sent me a tape with some of the songs on and a letter reminiscing about the old days - Fantastic

5:00 PM  
Anonymous bob said...

hi i was fashion's road manager from 81 to the end in 84 and was sad to hear that dik had died, as for martin recchi i believe he contracted HIV after a blood transfusion in the 80's ( he is/was a haemophiliac) so i'm not sure if he is still with us?

i have a web site with some live recordings i collected in the 80's while touring with various bands including fashion and gina x you can find them here - http://live80.webs.com/fashion.htm
i have the original cassette of fabrique with the bonus mix's which i will get around to uploading soon and leave a message here when its done, i also have the Zee album which dave harris made with richard wright (pink floyds keyboard player) but not sure what state the vynal is in? so might make that available as well.
as an aside story i think i am partly responsible for the remix idea for the fabrique album - one day in the studio after the band had finished recording some new tracks i got them all stoned with some good smoke and we all started to mess around with a couple of the frabrique tracks, turning them into dub versions just for a laugh and i think the idea stuck with zeus and the band - haha
thanks for a great blog
bob edwards

7:25 AM  
Anonymous bob said...

i have now made the 12" mix's available and the Zee album to download

feel free to link to it

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the best albums ever (fabrique) and one of the best bands ever.
one of my ex's lived with mulligan for a time in the early 80's.
found a nice move on OTT link on youtube.


12:07 PM  
Anonymous mick c said...

i used to live next door to dave(dee)and sue harris in the mid seventies, being a guitarist myself we used to get together and noodle around it was obvious to me then that dave was always going to make it he used to have a great slap thing going which was pretty unique for a lead player. i remember him having an audition for "new faces" he borrowed my guitar as a back up,on the way back up from london he totalled his car on the motorway (1937 ford model y street rod, wrecked his axe but not mine,i still have it complete with his fag burns on it he was a good bloke and i got plenty more stories for another time. cheers mick c.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance of reposting the link to Product Perfect. I have been searching for this for years after the copy I had on tape got chewed up.

2:24 PM  
Blogger sadcat said...

Hi, Devistated to hear about Dik Davies' death. I was a huge fan of fashion and met them on many occasions during the early 80's. Visited Marlon in hospital when he had to cancel going on tour with the band in 82, I think it was. Can anyone shed any light on where he is?? Or how Dik died??

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

updated (20.11.2008)

FASHION -Product Perfect (1979)


1:00 AM  
Anonymous doreen said...

my name is doreen and i managed a band called the brains late 70's early 80's. I meet Fashion in atlanta ga. Dik and I fell for each other. I rememeber him coming to america to spend 6 weeks in Texas working for a friend down there. that was funny cos Dik was worried about being thrashed by big texan boys, so I taught him how to do the "Hook em horns" sign with his hand for the big football team ( Maybe the aggies at Texas A&M) he was indeed a hit. tonight I was looking through some old stuff and found an old Fashion promo pack he had sent me with a great letter when they were recording in France. I started reading my old letters from him (Ihave quite a few) Ithought I would see what he was up to so I Googled only to find he's gone my heart is broken. how did he die? Oh hello Mulligan, remember I used to call to the club in Birmingham where you practiced. That summer my bill was $600! I loved Dik Davies

5:12 PM  
Blogger Luke said...

Hello everyone,
This is Luke Sky, original singer/guitarist with Fáshiön. Just to let you know you can get Product Perfect on CD from www.fashionlukesky.com
or www.myspace.com/fashionlukesky.com.
CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon

I am writing a book about my time in Fáshiön and have just finished recording a new album "Stairway To Nowhere" that will be available through these sites early next year.

Thank you all for your continued support, it means a lot.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Luke,
welcome and thanks for your message!:)


3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it been mentioned before that Dee Harriss had a single out on Arista in the UK called Love Shadow? I picked up a 7inch copy in 83/84 at a record store in Derby market for 10 pence - Derby is close to Birmingham UK. Unclear if this is pre or post him leaving Fashion. It sounds like the Fashion track with additional synth horns and guitar. I prefer it to the Fashion version. The b side is Love Shadow the continuation os some words to that effect and is similar to Love Shadow B side(all my vinyl is stored so don't haver access to confirm exact details). I burnt it to CD along with all the other Fashion 12". A great band in all three incarnations. Isn't Alan Darby playing in Queen's We Will Rock You in London? I have a copy of his solo singles on Siren (Virgin) from mid to end 80s - they are worth tracking down

5:39 AM  
Blogger Vuk said...

Hi Salty,
I'm not sure if you've heard yet about Stairway to Nowhere, the new Fashion album. All the songs are written and performed by Luke Sky, and I play drums on a few tracks. Check it out and spread the word!!


link: www.fashionlukesky.com

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Vuk,thank you for the great news!!! I have just checked the new songs and they are fantastic!!!!!!


5:59 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

A little bit of trivia:
Alan Darby appeared in the (1983?) movie Local Hero as a member of the ceilidh band. He has been, maybe still is, in the theatre band of We Will Rock You, in London. He has recorded and played with John Wilson, one time member of the Average White Band. Wilson once played in my local pub, sadly without Alan Darby.

1:36 AM  
Blogger alex said...

I have to say WOW! UNREAL to find other Fashion devotees!! After a few attempts and some good sites- last night I thought- just to ask is there a story behind Fabrique on google. Here you are, fantastic! FASHION / FABRIQUE HAD AN IMPACT AND HELPED SHAPE MY ATTITUDES AND REFLECTIONS ON METRO LOVE COOL, TOUGH AND SENSTIVE for me back then and resonates even now. NO ONE KNEW IT IN THE 80s -except myself and I shared it with every girlfriend that I though would appreciate it. Loved listening to MOVE ON /DRESSED TO KILL /STREETPLAYER before going to party in LA. I love the music and STORY of the album. WHO IS THE GIRL? The whole album seems to have a thread? ANY INFO?? Liked BIG JOHN on the Twilight album too,and the instrumental. LOOK FORWARD TO ANY INFO ON THIS MASTERPIECE! THANK YOU Salty!- looking forward to seeing the Lovers Shadow video right now.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Alex F. said...


please update the link "Fabrique"

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! Great to find some fellow Fashion fans! I was a huge fan of Fashion and the Fabrique album. My husband purchased it in the early 80's and we both got hooked on it! It was so cool! None of our friends had any clue about Fashion. No one heard about them and they weren't playing on the radio where we lived (near Chicago, IL) until one of the smaller stations played some of their songs. I always thought what a shame it was that no one else heard of them because the music is just so brilliant! My husband recently surprised me with the CD the Height of Fashion and I am so excited that I can play it in my car on the way home from work every night! It totally relaxes me! My favorite songs are Dressed to Kill, Love Shadow and Slow Fade but I do love all of them! It's been really fun searching on the internet and finding out more information about this really cool band. Really brings me back in time.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask in the post I just made if anyone has the lyrics from the songs on Fabrique. It's hard to understand some of them. It seems like the theme of the entire album was some kind of bad break up but it would be interesting to know what the lyrics are that I can't understand. Thanks.

2:02 PM  
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There is a record label called Cherry Red Records they have a re-release of Twilight Of Idols with bonus tracks but as like with the Height Of Fashion they've made mistakes with the labelling it has White Line Flyer 7" rather than the 12" as quoted.


Released 16/03/09. The first reissue of this seminal 1984 album Twilight Of Idols , the third album recorded by Fashion. This is the first time that the album has been available on CD.

The CD features 4 bonus tracks, including three extended versions of Eye Talk , Dreaming and White Line Flyer . The CD booklet features the original sleeve design and is accompanied by sleeve notes, discography and all the single sleeves taken from the original album. Fashion arose from the ashes of the punk/new wave explosion of the late 70's. Hailing from Birmingham, the band released their first album on their own indie label before signing to Arista Records and then moving on to CBS Records.

Eye Talk / Dreaming / Hit Girl / Trader / You In The Night / Delirious / Hurricane / Too Much Too Soon / Slow Down / Twilight Of Idols / Bonus Tracks- Eye Talk (Mutant Version) / Dreaming (Extended Version) / White Line Flyer (Extended Version) / You In The Night (Extended Version)

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Anonymous simon said...

I know this is an older web page, but I just wanted to add that I'm yet another who feels that Fashion (with Dee Harris) is maybe the most underated band of which I'm aware.

I grew up in their local area and was younger than them, but knew their crowd, people like Gay John, Patty Khan and Jane Bell etc.

Anyway, the first album had Luke, Mulligan and Dik and was decent. The third album had Daviss, Recchi, Mulligan and Darby and for me, wasn't that good.

But that 2nd album, with Harris, plus Mulligan, Davis and Recchi was one of those little pieces of music perfection. There was something about the different personality types that created a unique style of music. It's probably also what tore them apart.

While I wish they'd made more songs, at least we've always got 'fabrique'. I don't listen to old music, but I've never been able to commit this stuff to the past, it's just too good. Thanks guys.

11:16 AM  
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Blogger Iain Laskey said...

Help! My cassette deck has just eaten my Twlight of Idols tape and I can't find a copy anywhere (after the B side mixes). Can anyone help? I know there's a CD now but it's only got some of the tracks :-(

12:34 PM  
Blogger martin walsh said...

Martin walsh south wales in about september october 1982 i went to a gig in a place called the church in Bristol to see i think it was, new order,who very very average as usual. But the support act was a band from birmingham called fashion i loved every single one of their songs and then went out and got the cassette of Fabrique with all the remixes . Over the years I played this tape to death and now it is a chewed up mess. Ive been looking for a Cd version of this album now for thirty three years . So imagine how happy i was to see that it had been released as a Cd under a different name The height of fashion . They were a great band and such nuice guys they came down to the bar after the gig and we had a drink with them and gillian from New order . I remember telling Dee that it was the second time id seen new order and they were pretty substandard both times . and she was standing right behind me and ran to the ladies we laughed about it . But there musicianship was execellent. I was sad to here that Dik had died genuinly sent a shiver down my spine and that the other one has AIDS dont here much about that these days. so imagine the suprise to here that they had recorded another album in 2009 . Im very much a child of the eighties 55 now ,but feel 21 brings me right back to those heady days of carefree living before mortages and running business's . Cant wait to put the CD in the car looking for the remixes from the cassette hope they are on the link on this page ill try and then an important search from my life will be over ill have finally got maybe my favorite or second favorite album of the eighties . Where do the decades go?Thanks guys

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What happened to Dee Harris?

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