Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Produced by A.Richard / A.Wagner.

Tracklist :

01 Dream Machine (8:32)
02 Is This A Dream (Or Is It Real) (7:59)
03 Love Dance (3:50)
04 Connection Disconnection (4:52)
05 Android Love (3:16)
06 Cafe Des Illusions (4:04)

Link to download:

Again a rare album with nice synths on it .Maybe the side A (track 01-02) is slightly better than side B. The must known song, "Dream Machine" has appeared too on the famous series Automan (12 AUTO 114). (Automan is :Italo Disco and proto house re-edit or bootlegs, non legitimate releases label from UK, owned by DJ Nathan Gregory Wilkins.)
Also Robert Calvert (was the lead singer, poet and frontman of Hawkwind intermittently from 1972-1979) took part on it :

"...An account of the 25th Anniversary of 'Cricket Star' by co-producer Adrian Wagner:-"Robert came over to my house outside Oxford for one of his many visits in 1979. This time it was to write some lyrics and sing on a crazy spoof sci-fi disco album I was producing called 'Disco Dream and the Androids' (tracks: 'Connection Disconnection' and 'Cafe Des Illusions') and he played the part of a broken down and neurotic android who fell in love with a female android but that's another story. I had just completed the design of my synthesizer, the Wasp, and was really excited to give him one of the first batch. While we were drinking tea in the kitchen (a very regular occurrence with Robert!), I placed it on the table and told him that this one was his own. He looked at me in astonishment and with a tear in his eye told me that this was HIS synthesizer - "my machine". From then onwards, as you probably know, Robert and the Wasp were seldom parted!"


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Thanks for this.

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