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Real Name :
Phil Kullmann

House, Latin

Tracklist :

01 Mr Walker (0:55)
02 What About Love (3:29)

Featuring - Mirta Junco Wambrug
03 Cocobutter (4:26)
Featuring - Blain Paulos

04 Corazon (6:18)

Featuring - Mirta Junco Wambrug
05 Bathanga Vibes (5:32)
Featuring - Migrant Souls
06 Flores Para Ti (5:17)
Featuring - Rafael Cortés
07 Felipes Dubstyle (4:08)
08 Fela Brasil (5:58)
Featuring - Domingo Patricio
09 Nawella (6:57)
10 RA Soul Vibes (5:24)
Featuring - Christoph Eidens
11 Kana (5:16)
Featuring - Laygwan Sharkie
12 Esto Si Lleva (3:11)
Featuring - Edisney Portales Vega
13 Pa El Bembé (6:45)
Featuring - Edisney Portales Vega
14 Buddhism (4:53)

Link to download :

"Germany's talented percussionist, producer & remixer Phil Kullmann and his RAW ARTISTIC SOUL collective are proud to unveil their magical debut album for GOGO Music titled "What About Love", a beautiful musical tapestry of contemporary worldly grooves combining sounds from cultures from Spanish, Yoruban through to Shona, Bemba and English. Be prepared to be showered with lush percussive rhythms, beautiful voices and warm musical soundscapes as RAW ARTISTIC SOUL enchant you with their stunning debut masterpiece guaranteed to leave you dreaming of a sunny paradise! Phil Kullmann's RAW ARTISTIC SOUL army are a 14 strong international collective of singers and quality musicians culled together from all different cultures, sharing a combined focus of producing impeccable music inspired from around the world featuring Rafael Cortes (Carlos Benavent, Maria Serrano) and Domingo Patricio (Flute-player of Paco De Lucia, Enrique Morente und Vicente Amigo), Lillo Scrimali (Four Music, Die Fantastischen Vier, Joy Denalane, Max Herre) on Keyboards, and vocalists, Migrant Souls, Christopher Eidens, Laygwan Sharkie (Zimbabwe), Edisney Portales Vega (Cuba), Mirta Junco Wambrug (Cuba) and Blain Paulos (Ethiopia), in recording as well as stunning live performances. "
"Quite illustrative of the obvious gearing towards quality around comes this album which, no doubt, should reach the expectations of those in search of not only da good groove but (good) music with a meaning. Thanx to German musician/producer Phil Kullmann and GoGo Music label head Ralf Gum for investing into such an ambitious project. And what a brilliant collection this is with musicality and musicianship at their very best, involving no less than 24 people, the origins of which being for much on the impression of real travelling left while listening to it. A collection which, no doubt (neither), should speak to people such as Louie Vega, Joe Claussell, Dennis Ferrer, not to mention Rainer Trüby, Jazztronik and most of those Japanese ‘world’ jazz headz such as Sunaga T and the likes. With some infinite care, Kullmann and cohorts have managed to provide us with the perfect environment to tease our minds, senses and imagination, bringing us to some shiny destinations somewhere between Africa, Latin America and the West Indies. Transportation guaranteed !"

Kana EP (2005)

Tracklist :

01 Kana (Main Mix) (6:53)
Featuring - Laygwan Sharkie
02 Bathanga Vibes (Can 7 Remix (Part 1)) (6:20)
Featuring - Migrant Souls
03 Flores Para Ti (Sugar Beat Mix) (6:54)
Featuring - Rafael Cortés
04 Kana (Dub Mix) (7:36)
Featuring - Laygwan Sharkie

Link to download :


Tracklist :

01 Cutting Crystals (Main Mix) (7:39)
02 Cutting Crystals (Dub) (6:03)

Link to download :


Tracklist :

01 Miami Theme (Main Mix) (6:06)
02 Miami Theme (Roberto De Carlo Soul-Infused Remix) (5:47)
03 Miami Theme (Ralf GUM's Sax Lick Dub) (6:37)
04 Fela Brasil (Main Mix) (6:12)

Link to download :

OYA O Feat. WUNMI EP (2006)

Tracklist :

01 Oya O (Main Mix) (7:20)
02 Oya O (Reprise) (4:00)
03 Oya O (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Mix) (8:37)
04 Oya O (Alix Alvarez Bonus Beat) (4:05)
05 OYA O (Afro Dub) (9:05)
06 OYA O (Alternative Mix) (8:50)
07 OYA O (Alix Alvarez Instrumental) (8:50)

Link to download :

ZAAB EP (2006)

Tracklist :

01 Zaab (Main Mix) (5:22)
02 Zaab (Minimal Dub) (5:59)

Remix - Phil Kullmann
03 Zaab (Ralf GUMs History Goes By Remix) (5:04)
Remix - Ralf GUM
04 Zaab (Vocal Dub) (5:28)

Remix - Phil Kullmann

Link to download :


Tracklist :

01 Keep On Shining (Main Soul Mix) (7:56)
02 Keep On Shining (Soul Beats) (3:35)
03 Keep On Shining (Vocal Dub) (6:02)

Remix - Phil Kullmann
04 Keep On Shining (Dub) (6:02)
Remix - Phil Kullmann
05 Keep On Shining (Soul Instrumental)

Link to download :

"Raw artistic soul is exactly what it aims to be!! Proper good house material with a great soulful edge to it, will appeal to all the heads outhere!! Get your copy now!!"


Tracklist :

01 The Light (Main Mix) (8:21)
02 The Light (Dub) (5:39)
Remix - Phil Kullmann
03 The Light (Ralf Gum & Crisp Late Night Light) (6:31)
04 The Light (Karizma Deepah 1ne Dub) (6:34)

Link to download :

"The highly anticipated single "The Light" from Raw Artistic Soul's impressive second album '"You Got Rhythm Too"features no one less than the US-Exceptional Poet Ursula Rucker on vocals. With this ultra-lush production Raw Artistic Soul will surely gain the hearts of every music-lovers again. "The Light" contains all ingredients which made Phil Kullmann one of the oustanding producers in the house scene: a unique defined sound, warm soul, virtuous beats and skillful arrangement. Like all Raw Artistic Soul productions lately "The Light" is already championed by various tastemakers including Aaron Ross, Kiko Navarro and more.
Ursula Rucker has never been afraid to take it there. There, that place, deep, inside, up and above, where she carves emotion with piercing lyrical cadence. There, where poetry and music intertwine, melodies and words mingle. From her native Philadelphia, Ruckers affinity for crafting words catapulted her message into hungry ears when she began to read publicly in 1994 at Zanzibar. In 2001, her !K7 debut Supa Sista featured production by 4Hero, King Britt and Jonah Sharp and introduced Ursula Rucker as a talented poet and solo artist with a strong lyrical voice. Backed again by an assembly of diverse, top shelf producers that included The Roots, Louie Vega and Jazzanova, her 2003 release, Silver and Lead further extended her exploration of self, race and femininity. On "The Light" she now can be heard for the first time singing a house track.
"The Light" got remixed by Karizma who is one of the originators of the Baltimore Club sound. Also responsible for nurturing Karizma's unique sound was his involvement in Basement Boys Records, the house production stable headed up by Jay Steinhour, Teddy Douglas and Thomas Davis. Around '95 he started working with DJ Spen. Despite co-producing a slew of remixes for Everything But The Girl, Michael Jackson, Bob Sinclair and Alicia Keys, and forging his own sound via his "deepah dubs". Currently he's on a roll and is called man of the year all around. He takes "The Light" on a straight US garage vibe.
Ralf GUM & CrisP deliver a skillful delicious "late night light" remix with slight electronic feel due to a fat synth baseline. Ralf has been a steady leading figure in the scene and has always delivered finest quality house music and mixes. With GOGO Music he has released constantly oustanding music since 2001 and made his label imprint to one of Germany's most prestigious soulful dance labels.
Raw Artistic Soul feat. Ursula Rucker is a is a perfect illustration of the quality and direction GOGO Music and Raw Artistic Soul are reknown for and after the #1 on Traxsource with the latest release "Keep on Shining" it will surely cause quite some stir again."


Tracklist :

01 Miami Theme (5:10)
02 Zaab (5:51)
03 Keep On Shining (7:49)

Featuring - John Gibbons
04 The Light (8:07)
Featuring - Ursula Rucker
05 Oya O (8:36)
Featuring - Wunmi
06 Bayahibe (6:18)
07 Abanico (7:35)

Featuring - Rafael Cortés
08 Pa La Loma (6:24)
Featuring - Edisney Portales Vega
09 In Their Eyes (9:43)
Featuring - John Gibbons

Link to download :

"Quite some time has passed since GOGO Music unleashed the worldwide acclaimed debut album of Raw Artistic Soul "What About Love" and moved the global world music-scene, Deep house, Freestyle and Afrobeat music fraternities alike. Fresh for 2007 Phil Kullmann delivers an outstanding rich tapestry of dancefloor-grooves with his second album "You Got Rhythm Too". Raw Artistic Soul music lifts borders between genres and has a unique defined sound, drawing from fat house-beats, timeless good funk, warm soul, driving afrobeats, virtuous jazz vibes and skillful deep song intimacy. With a musical horizon and background to send the average beat-hobbyist pale, top-percussionist, remixer and producer from Cologne, Phil Kullmann has set another distinct exclamation mark on the music scene. Having previously gained so much respect around the globe, Phil's work has been championed by the international dancefloor-elite including Osunlade, Kenny Dope, Dimitri from Paris, Karizma, Bobby & Steve, Franck Roger, DJ Deep, Roger Sanchez and more. Alongside his long-term musical partner Michael "Nivalito" Ehnes, Kullmann delivers an impressive broadside on "You Got Rhythm Too" sporting a superb playing team of musicians including Domingo Patricio on flute, Flamenco-wunderkind Rafaél Cortes on Accoustic-Guitar, Patrick Wieland on E-Guitar, Lillo Scrimali on the Accordion and Christoph Titz on Trumpet and Flugelhorn, as well as some illustrious guests on vocals. Brilliant drum-programming, very soulful arrangements, jazz-coloured soundscapes, crisp substantial percussive layers topped off with live strings build the perfect platform for guest-appearances. Vocalist include: Masters At Work approved vocal Icon Wunmi who features on the acclaimed single "Oya O", the US-Exceptional Poet Ursula Rucker whose brilliance can be heard on "The Light" and regular cohort and Cuban vocalist Edisney Portales Vega on "Pa La Loma". The album also features the new Raw Artistic Soul discovery, John Gibbons, a folk/soul vocalist who is featured on the current soulful smash "Keep On Shining" which recently hit number #1 on the ultra-credible download-platform Traxsource within shortest time. John is also featured on the closing track "In Their Eyes". "You Got Rhythm Too" also features a fantastic selection of instrumental tracks, including last years disco/jazz fused WMC hit "Miami Theme", the very funky "Zaab" which oozes succulent brass stabs with a smattering of Scat vocals, the beautiful sun-drenched "Bayahibe" laced with pretty Accordion, Abanico featuring outstanding flamenco guitars."

Phil Kullmann, the mastermind behind RAW ARTISTIC SOUL, is a versatile producer, remixer and live-artist. Programming drums since he was nine years old, Phil learned to mix electronic music and programmings with real played instruments. He studied drums in Duesseldorf, Germany and latinpercussion in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He also joined private lessons with world-top-percussionists like Bashiri Johnson, Luis Conte, Giovanni Hidalgo and Alfonso Valdes. Playing several instruments - percussion, drums, bass, keys - and having an enormous knowledge of traditional Afro Cuban, Brazilian and Africanmusic, he creates his own vibrant dance beat.
RAW ARTISTIC SOUL works with an international collective of musicians from all different cultures with their own musical styles. Now by working together, they are able to create something completely unique and special. The vitality and energy they produce represents the best kind of musical partnership.
RAW ARTISTIC SOUL - the true dance community -


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