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WHITE DOOR - Windows (1983)

New Wave, Synth-pop

Members :
Mac Austin -Vocals
Harry Davies - Synthesiser, Flute
John Davies - Synthesiser

Sue Quin - Backing Vocals/Andy Richards (Berlin,Pet Shop Boys,Prefab Sprout,FGTH,Fuzzbox etc.)- Programming,Additional Synthesisers/Dave Hassel - Programming/Des Tongue - Fender Bass/Steve Gilbert - Drums/Alan Fawkes - Sax
Never released on CD

Tracklist :

01 Jerusalem
02 Americana
03 Windows
04 In Heaven
05 Love Breakdown
06 Where Do We Go (From Here)
07 School Days
08 Behind the White Door

Bonus Disc (Singles/Mixes)

09 Way Of The World (7")
10 The Extra (7")
11 Kings Of The Orient (7")
12 New Jalousies (7")
13 Kings Of The Orient (12")
14 Love Breakdown (Long Vocal Version)
15 Love Breakdown (Instrumental Dub Version)
16 Flame In My Heart (12 ")
17 Love Breakdown (7")
18 Breakdown (Instrumental 7")

Links to download : sorry they asked me to remove the links, but you can purchase it here:

"Great electronic music performed by members of the rock band Grace"

"A legendary new romantic album"

"Superb 8-track album. 7 tracks were released as singles or B-Sides. "Schooldays" is a lovely song.(it contains many lovely songs! -salty) Album was released in a limited edition with a 12 inch copy of "Love Breakdown""

"White Door consists of two synthesists and a singer; with some guests, Windows offers lovely pop-with-a-beat. Although the UK band's material and arrangements are not extraordinary for synth-pop, the way in which the fragile, ethereal vocals and durable dance music are blended on the best tracks ("Love Breakdown" is the standout) makes this LP more affecting than affected."[Ira Robbins]

Formed by members of Stoke prog-rock group Grace."...Maybe it was the advent of punk maybe it was the bickering amongst the band members, maybe the band was frightened of success. Whatever the reasons, Grace split up in 1981, much to the shock of their hundreds of staunch followers.Individuals carried out a few splinter projects, but the only serious new contender was the formation of the synthesiser band White Door. The line up featured the vocalist (Mac) and Flautist (Harry) from the defunct Grace, together with brother John on keyboards. As White Door, they released an album (Windows) and several singles (including "Windows", "Jerusalem", and "Flame in my Heart"). Although the music represented an almost complete change of direction, the quality of song writing still showed through, and the established music press almost admitted to liking them."
White Door created sensitive, well-written, electronic music. Their last single "Flame in My Heart" ("Should have been a huge hit. The first song from their never recorded second album. Synthesisiers were still in use, but guitars made a greater appearance. A wonderful despairing love song. The instrumental riff was borrowed from Frankie goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes". Frankie were recording in the same studios. White Door's producer, Andy Richards, ended up working with Frankie's producer Trevor Horn.) was more guitar-driven and took its instrumental riff from Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes / One February Friday" who were recording at the time. White Door's producer, Andy Richards, went on to work with many top acts, including Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Sue Quin provided backing vocals. Their album and 3 of their singles contained original artwork by Paul Warrillow. The members of White Door still tour as Grace.


Blogger Koop said...

Hi Saltyka! Nice, that Leather Nun post, I saw them once live, here in Belgium. Curious to discover your "white door" post, never heard of that album but the description sounds promising.
No need to rush, but if you would have any Gino Soccio left.....

keep up the good work and thanks for all your previous posts...

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saltyka !
You are fantastic. For me White Door and album "Windows" is the best from 80's. Songs "In Heaven" or "Jerusalem" are great.
Saltyka - Do you have Soldier song ( Sugar Islands 1988 )Bazooka Joe ?
I remember long song (Soldier song ) - super music.
Thank You for all

1:11 PM  
Blogger panos1 said...

Hallo from greece!i want to thank you for this great album,also for visitors-selftitle album!i was looking for so long for that one!

I want to ask you for some infos about this below,as long as i search i found no infos at all in google!!!

There is a series of compilations with the title Experience!different style music its time!i have the third disc with electronic pop music named THE KARMA, and i found in mp3 an album with "pan and flutes vol 1"!

Do you know how many albums released and their titles?
I had a cassette with the title EXPERIENCE-experience,but nothing else to remember![i lost it among others]!Its a most wanted album for me and i remember it was mostly electronic pop as the album "karma"!

Please any infos are welcome!
Regards and thanks from greece!

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Ryoga said...

Hello Saltyka!

After a long time I’m back here :). It's good to see again that blog, it's one of the best. You have posted here so many bands that I haven't know before... :).Thanks! There is something I'd like to ask You :). Do You know japanese band "Boowy"? Kyosuke Himuro was their singer, and Tomoyasu Hotei was their guitarist. I don't remeber if I asked You about them before, but I'm curious if You have something from their discography :). Their music... is similiar to Soda Stereo/Virus, but with more raw, punk sound. Later their sound was more pop-oriented, and similar to Soda Stereo's second album (melodic guitars, some synths, etc.). How it is with "Ippu-Do"? If I remember correctly, there were few albums missing in Your collection? Well, I don't have anything, so I can't help :/. There is one more band - CCB (or C-C-B, CoCoNut Boys). They played pop-rock similar in sound to Kajagoogoo/Limahl solo, You know - synths, electronic drums, funny lyrics (but in Japanese language). I'm constantly looking for their albums and can't find anything :/. The last band I’m looking for is “Anzen Chitai”. They are famous for their rock ballads. I’m looking for their first few albums, especially their debut from 1983. But I've found few albums from TM Network, so if You would like to post it here, I can help with this :).

I have a little request, and I would be very grateful if You could do this :). The link for the Vels first album isn't working. It says "File not Found". If You could upload it again, I am very curious how this band sounds :). There is one more thing. Could You reupload Takahashi Yukihiro's album from 1983? I don't remember its name, but on the cover he is holding a dog (or something), and for 100% it is from 1983. This one is missing in my collection :).

Greetings! :)

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember only Soldier song but if You can, please full album Bazooka Joe.
PS Thank you so much.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! I have found a new love in the music shared here. Thanks so much!

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can you take the mp3 links down. The CD is now out on Cherry Red

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, sure i have removed them. Happy to see that this great album is on the market again:)


12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please can you post the bonus tracks again? None of them are on the CD..

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@"Please can you post the bonus tracks again? None of them are on the CD.."

send me your email.Mine is

6:40 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, it is on of the best album for me in the 80's :)
Best Regards

6:17 AM  
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