Thursday, October 25, 2007

F.O SYSTEM - 1990 (1998)

"F.O System was the music of soul and introversion"

Dark Wave

Földi Tamás, Ganxsta Zolee, Jerabek Csaba, Lakatos György, Mátyás Attila, Miklós Péter

"Ne Félj"


01 Nézz rám (Look At Me)
02 Hiába minden (All Is In Vain)
03 Utolsó üvöltés (Last Cry)
04 Talán (Maybe)
05 Lebegés (Floating)
06 Ne félj! (Don't Be Affraid!)
07 Még (More)
08 Engedj el (Let Me)
09 Öngyilkos vágyak (Suicide Wishes)
10 Hold (Moon)
11 Ne gondolj rám (Don't Think About Me)
12 Miért? (Why?)
13 Őrült világ (Mad World)
14 Ha eljön az idő (If Time Will Come)
15 Túl közel (Too Close)

Link to download:

The legendary F.O Sytem (or Fuck Off Sytem) was the first hungarian dark wave band formed by three good friends in 1986.
The line up was:
Attila Mátyás-guitar and vocal / Csaba Jerabek - bass / Zsolt Szendrey - drums
In their early period their music contained punk elements too.Later crystallised their own style,when the original drummer was replaced by Péter miklós (in 1987),and they became one of the most popular new wave band in Hungary.Later two new members joined them: Zoltán Zana-drums and György Lakatos -keyboards. Their only LP released in 1991 (they have one more demo tape called "Day Of The Gloom" from 1988)
In the peak of their career they played together with New Model Army and Christian Death,and toured in Germany. The reason of their disband is ,they didn't want to became a part of the pop businnes.
Mátyás continued in Sex Action,the other mebers in Mask,and Agnus Dei.In 1998 released a CD, which contains the songs of their only LP as well as 4 songs from the demo tape.After 15 years,in 2006, they gave a very succesfull gig again.
With it's lyrics,musical world and only album F.O Sytem became and remained till these days one of the outstanding members of the underground trends of the 80'.


Anonymous Lorenz said...

Wow, thanks a lot for posting this, and thanks a million times for the short but informative biography of the band! Everything I found before was in Hungarian, and unfortunately I don't understand any Hungarian. The F.O. System tape I own (bought in Budapest in the summer of 1991 during a school trip to the Balaton) is one of my greatest musical treasures!
If you have anything by CMC or BP Service, please let me know... Hungarian underground rules!!!

3:27 AM  
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