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CAN 7 - Safari Club (2003)

Electronic, Jazz
Bossa Nova, House, Acid Jazz, Future Jazz, Latin Jazz

Real Name:
Levent Canseven (Chocolate Milk, The Party Animals)

Vocals - Angela Caran (tracks: 1, 5, 7, 9, 13)/Vocals - Blain Paulos (track 16)

"Coffeebreak live 2004"


01 Eternally (5:18)
02 Muff Ya Bossa (4:58)
03 Safari Club (4:38)
04 Coffeebreak (3:41)
05 Stronger (4:44)
06 Streets Of Saturn (5:25)
07 The Promise (4:08)
08 B-Mary (1:42)
09 What 2 Do (4:47)
10 Fruitcake (6:51)
11 Cruisin' (6:50)
12 Taking It All Away (Interlude) (0:48)
13 Taking It All Away (4:43)
14 Night With Alex (1:30)
15 Day With Alex (4:35)
16 Breakfast At The Sahara (5:53)

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"After countless remixes, influential 12inches and a string of international compilation contributions, CAN7 opens up a new chapter with “Safari Club”. Bossa, Soul, Easy Listening, jazzy stuff and smooth, oriental electronics create a timeless, relaxed listening feel – showing more than yet another aspect of the big scale CAN7 musical map. Teaming up with his studio partner Guido Craviero -programmer and DJ (They have remixed for Moloko, Ofra Hazar, CunnieWilliams etc.), singer Angela Caran, keyboard wizard Xaver Fischer and a bunch of Germany’s top notch studio cats, Levent Canseven stresses his analogue roots on “Safari Club” and pays tribute to the sounds that influenced him most. With an emphasis on songwriting, comfortable vibes, strong melodies and sultry grooves, the CAN7 debut album sounds like “Pop” in its best sense. Airplay favourites like “Stronger” and “Cruising” set the mood for a really sunny, very special safari day including visits in the desert as well as on the beach. Enjoy…"

"I've been a fan of Can 7's remixes for quite some time, so I was very anxious to take a listen to their full-length when it came through my mailbox. His remixes of Moloko's "Sing It Back" & "The Time Is Now" have been rotated in & out of my record box for years. My interest in "Safari Club" was peaked even more when I saw Xavier Fischer (more on him later) was involved in the production. Leave it to those Germans, Boris Dlugosch & Mousse T at Peppermint Jam, to unearth such a talented combo for their latest long player.Levent Canseven, the mastermind behind the successful Can 7, is a highly experienced DJ, producer and remixer. His remix work has shown up on numerous mix CDs including Mark Farina's Connect on Om Records and After The Playboy Mansion mixed by Dimitri From Paris. Mr. Canseven is highly accomplished on bass, guitar, keyboards, and percussion. For this album's incarnation, Levent is joined by the extraordinary vocals of Angela Caran, the gifted songwriting of Guido Craviero, and the skillful musicianship of Xavier Fischer (of Xavier Fischer Trio and Smoke City fame). All of these elements combine to create an irresistible mixture of Latin styles, house beats and tasteful jazz vibes.The sixteen tracks on "Safari Club" visit a multitude of genres like a trip through a zoo, with each new exhibit delighting more than the first. Angela Caran's croons on "Stronger" will have you thinking that Sade stopped by for a guest appearance, while her delivery on "Taking It All Away" is reminiscent of Diana Ross & Gloria Estefan. On the album's first sing, "Eternally," while the music programming is exquisite, Ms. Caran does her best Astrud Gilberto to give this summery love song a real seductive edge. Xavier Fischer's "Unique" sound is apparent on "Coffeebreak" with its vocodered vocal samples, Moog solos & funky horn riffs. Those expecting to hear sounds akin to Can 7's remix work will be pleased with the Latin-influenced "Safari Club" and the neo-disco, post-Loveboat sound of "Streets Of Saturn." Previous singles "Fruitcake" and "Cruisin'" both make appearances as well with their distinct Naked Music vibe."

"Sixteen brilliant Songs, floating between commercial Bossa-Pop, tight Funk, groovy House-Vibes and cool Jazz-Feeling, all delivered with a tasteful 70s analog sound. This high-quality mixture can only be delivered by a DJ who is also a trained musician.With each note CAN7's "Safari Club" reflects a view on life that is 100% Levent Canseven, between analog and digital, instruments and computers, classic songwriting and modern sample-treatment. Nevertheless this "clash of cultures" comes natural for Levent Canseven and his generation. He merges Oldschool-Funk, Jazz and Soul in a very musical way, but with a DJ background. Together with his fellow musicians and producers like Xaver Fischer, Guido Craveiro and Angela Caran the musical journey takes him to Rio via Ankara and ends on the dancefloor. This is the good stuff!"

Levent Canseven -born in Ankara/Turkey, the mastermind behind the successful Can 7, is a highly experienced DJ, producer and as a dj, producer and remixer from his Cologne/Germany base for more than 15 years now. With his own recording studio and production company, T.P.A Music, Levent has caused quite a stir over the past few years. Providing an irresistible mixture of Latin styles, house beats and tasteful jazz vibes, Levent has created a trademark sound that keeps on fascinating both DJ’s and dance floors. With a sound that works perfectly along side label mates Boris Dlugosch and Mousse T, Can7 fits perfectly into the Peppermint Jam roster.

"Levent Canseven, head of T.P.A. music production & publishing (, works as a dj, producer and remixer from his Cologne/Germany base for almost two decades now. Levent is a well respected disc jockey with international bookings, a really versatile multi instrumentalist and songwriter and also the heart and brains of CAN7. With his debut album Safari Club on Peppermint Jam, Levent managed to add quite a string of new musical aspects to the previous dancefloor vibe that CAN7 became famous for.Remixes and productions for global players like Moloko , Bootsy Collins, De La Soul, Sonique, Randy Crawford (to name a few) helped to create a high profile on a global scale for CAN7 within the last years. Teaming up with a bunch of Germanys top notch studio cats, Levent Canseven highlighted his analogue roots on Safari Club, paying tribute to the timeless sounds that influenced him the most.Levents impressing record collection, his broad musical horizon (firmly rooted in funk, house, jazz, latin and soul music expanding deep into electronica) as well as his enormous musical background turns every CAN7 production and dj set into a highly special affair. Behind the decks, Levent celebrates every single one of his tracks and turns the set into something that both listeners and people on the dancefloor definitely wont forget. Same counts for the rare, yet always sparkling live gigs with his Safari Club band.(

Levent's newest satellite project is Levthand.It's album in preparation while you read this...

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