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BOYS BRIGADE - Boys Brigade (1983)

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop

Billie (Bucko) Brock - Drums,Vocals
Malcolm Burn - Vocals,Keyboards
Tony (Tones) Lester - Vocals,Guitar,Guitar Synth
David Porter - Percussion,Vocals
Wayne Lorenz - Bass
Jeff Packer - Percussion, Vocals

"The Passion Of Love"



01 The Passions Of Love
02 Melody
03 Exodus
04 Saigon
05 The Cut-Up (Breaking Glass)
06 Into The Flow
07 Africa
08 Mannequin
09 Anger (The Hunter)

Link to download:
the covers if you want to print with Nero (better quality):
An awesome good album from Canada,very enjoyable,and still very fresh as it sounds, you won't find bad moments on it. It's sad they don't have more album:((
I hope they will release it sooner or later with some bonus on CD too.
My favourite is "Melody", in it's refrain they are playing /singing like The Church:)
Another fav. is "Into The Flow" and a very good song for dance: "Africa"

Boys Brigade was a Canadian New Wave band in the 1980s. Formed in 1981 in Toronto, the band consisted of vocalist and keyboardist Malcolm Burn, guitarist and vocalist Tony Lester, bassist Wayne Lorenz, drummer Billie Brock and percussionists David Porter and Jeff Packer.Part of the early Queen Street West scene, the band's song "Mannequin" appeared on Q107's annual compilation album of local bands, Homegrown, in 1981. Howard Ungerleider, the lighting designer for Rush, became the band's manager, and Geddy Lee was enlisted to produce the band's self-titled debut album in 1983.The band's first single from that album, "The Passion of Love" was moderately successful. "Melody", the followup single was a Top 40 hit in Canada. "Into the Flow" appeared on the soundtrack to the Canadian film Heavenly Bodies starring Cynthia Dale the following year.However, internal tensions led the band to break up before releasing another album. Burn went on to a solo career, and has also become an internationally noted record producer.(

Boys Brigade was a strong pop/rock group that laid down roots in Toronto, Canada, in 1981. The band's music is somewhat comparable to that of Wishbone Ash, Rush, or Little Steven. The full roster for Boys Brigade included lead singer and keyboardist Malcolm Burn, percussionists and background singers Jeff Packer and David Porter, guitarist and singer Tony Lester, drummer Bill Brock, and bassist Wayne Lorenz. The band only lasted intact for a few years, but managed to recorded one album and two hit singles, "The Passion of Love" and "Melody."Geddy Lee, a member himself of Rush, worked as producer for Boys Brigade when the group began recording its self-titled debut album in 1983. Besides the two big hits listed above that the album created, some of the other tracks on the first full-length offering were "Mannequin," "Exodus," and "Into the Flow." After receiving great reviews from critics and such success with a first effort, it was a huge surprise when Boys Brigade fell apart a short time later, even before a sophomore album could be finished. ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide
Message from Tones (02.2009):
"I love your Boys Brigade blog.
Well done.
Boys Brigade originally started as a 4 piece band.
Tones Malcolm Bill and Wayne.
Jeff and Dave were joined as percussionists after our first half dozen gigs. The original 4 members were part of a 5 piece band called ARSON, a punk group in Toronto.1978-1981
When the singer writer left who was the originator or Arson. The band naturally that was left had learned to write and continue.
As Boys name.1981 1984
Thanks for your interest and love of our music from Boys Brigade. We are all still living and creating in one way or another."
And more bio:

Billy Brock later went on Lemming Go Here ,they play fanatastic music,check it here:

Wayne Lorenz -formerly was a member of the Canadian punk group ANDROIDS-later worked with (as producer and/or engineer) Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris,Lisa Germano, John Gogo, Slingblade soundtrack etc.) Wayne Lorenz and Malcolm Burn -He's had a long career afterwards as a record producer and world famous engineer -sometimes work together (engineer/playing keyboards, guitar - for example here: ,

Jeff Packer is a writer and director for the theatre and "focus puller in the film biz" (see below)

Tony Tones Lester formerly the guitarist and vocalist for ARSON,and played on Strange Advance "2WO" (1985) album recently lined up with "TONES" and released their first CD in 2006

More info:

David Poter - works at Red Rock Studios -still playing ,teaching, do digital photography, presents installations etc.

More info: Jeff Packer Myspace site lot of photos!!

Malcolm Burn:

Tony Lester:

David Porter:

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i dont have this song sorry,but i will look after maybe can get it.

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Oh wow! You are my heroes! I still have my well worn copy of the "Melody" single. Only recently did my brother connect the same band to "Passion of Love." Now to discover they have a whole album. Too excited. I searched Amazon and iTunes - so bummed it is out of print. Thanks for posting! Hopefully their label will release a rarities packed CD soon.

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