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"an extremely cool dude"


Real Name:
Vincent Belorgay

"Testarossa Autodrive"



01 Testarossa Autodrive (3:37)
02 Testarossa Autodrive (Mr. Oizo Autodrive T42) (3:20)
03 Transistor (1:22)
04 The Crash (1:44)
05 Testarossa Nightdrive (3:29)
06 Testarossa Autodrive (Arpanet Nightdrive Rework) (4:11)
07 Ghost Transistor (1:39)

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"Imagine Knight Rider on acid or a lost Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter collaboration and you'll have a fair idea of what to expect during Kavinsky's visually stunning video for his intense electro-horror track "Tesstarosa Autodrive." The short film portrays the aftermath of his "apparent" 1986 auto wreck, in which he is hospitalized and eventually pronounced dead.Kavinsky and his damaged cherry-red Ferrari Testarossa both manage to mysteriously resurrect themselves and speed off along the pitch-black backroads. That's right. He's a zombie!!!! Awesome"

1986 EP (2007)


01 Wayfarer (4:31)
02 Dead Cruiser (3:35)
03 Testarossa (SebastiAn Remix) (5:00)
04 Flashback (1:29)
05 Grand Canyon (3:15)

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Electro banger bringer Kavinsky drops his new 1986 on Record Makers. This is the highly anticipated follow up to his Teddy Boy EP. 5 tracks of neon noise to mash down the highway too. The EP includes Sebastian’s remix of Testarossa Overdrive.

"So in celebratory spirit, announcing the arrival of spring and the breaking of winter's chains, here is a new EP from undead French playboy, Kavinsky. Raised from the dead by the current technicolor tide of French electro streaming from the Ed Banger and Kitsune camps, Kavinsky is here to bring the party 1986-style to all the potentially saddest nights out in the entire world. If reports are to be believed, Kavinsky bit it nearly twenty years ago in a gnarly wreck. Having totally destroyed his rare Ferrari, Kavinsky was nowhere to be found at the scene of the accident. Kept alive by the sheer power of the finest cocaine and a love for Giorgio Moroder, Kavinsky lived on, only to surface when the time was right. That time is now, post-trendy 80's worship be damned, 1986 is a synthtastic masterpiece.Following up last year's deft but somewhat raw Teddy Boy EP, this new five-track offering is a gift from Jan Hammer himself, a blessing from the Great Keyboard in the sky, all white ties and 80's decadence. "Dead Cruiser" is bursting with laserbeam synth work, beefing up new wave explorations until the sheer size of sound can go toe-to-toe with the like of Justice. "Grand Canyon" could have scored the crowning film achievement of Jean-Claude Van Damme, a version of Bloodsport with the emotional depth of Hamlet. It seems like Sebastian is holding all the cards right now and he checks in with a sleek remix of Teddy Boy's "Testarossa Autodrive", speeding around hairpin turns in the glitz and glammer of Monaco."


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DEAD CRUISER (2007) Mini Lp


01 The Crash
02 Testarossa Autodrive
03 Transistor
04 Grand Canyon
05 Flashback
06 Testarossa Nightdrive
07 Wayfarer
08 Ghost Transistor
09 Dead Cruiser

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Vincent Belorgey, or better known by his pseudonym Kavinsky is a French electro artist, and has released two EPs on the Record Makers label: Teddy Boy in 2006 and 1986 (named after his car accident) in 2007. He has been remixed by Mr. Oizo, Arpanet and SebastiAn. In 2007 he will tour alongside Daft Punk, The Rapture, Justice, and SebastiAn. In addition to his music career he has also appeared in several films including one directed by Mr. Oizo, entitled Steak.

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