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Pop Rock, Synth-pop

"Break My Stride"

"The Kid's American"


Producer - Bill Elliott , Peter Bunetta , Rick Chudacoff /Written-By - B. Hyde (tracks: 03, 09) , G. Prestopino (tracks: 01, 04, 06, 09) , M. Wilder
I added some bonus tracks you won't find neither on the Lp nor the CD


01 Break My Stride
02 The Kid's American
03 I Don't Speak The Language
04 Love Above The Ground Floor
05 World Of The Rich And Famous
06 Ladder Of Lovers
07 I Was There
08 Dreams Keep Bringing You Back
09 I Don't Speak The Language (Reprise)
10 Break My Stride (Disconet Remix)
11 The Kid's American (Original 12 Inch Remix Club Version)
12 Break My Stride (Remix Club Version)
13 Break My Stride (12")

Link to download:

You can download more here -many thanks for it!:
Matthew Wilder - Kids American (Maxi Vinyl) - 1983

"I bought this way back when solely for "Break My Stride" on cassette tape (before CDs) and replaced it with this CD soon as I saw it and WHAT! it has more songs! A rarity in these days, but everything on the CD is great and or better! The songs "I Don't Speak the Language," "I Don't Speak the Language-Reprise" and "Dreams Keep Bringing You Back" send me to musical heaven and back. Also, as a Chinese-American, contrary to another reviewer I don't particularly find the lyrics to "Break My Stride" racist. Nothing going to break my stride... gotta keep on moving. Yeahhh.... I love it"

"When I first bought "I Dont Speak the Language" in the eighties I was utterly flabbergasted! I thought this was one of the best albums Ive ever bought and I still do. Disney was smart enough to find this underrated genius and No Doubt for that matter one of the best groups to come out of the nineties. I promise you when you listen to this CD you will not be dissapointed. Matthew Wilder is one of the best songwriters and singers to come out of the eighties all of his songs have catchy hooks and he never dissapoints. Take a listen and when you hear "I Dont Speak the Language" you will think you are on vacation. The top ten hit and masterpiece "Break My Stride" that infested our radios in the eighties and gave us confidence we were looking for. I Was There makes me wish I had been in the studio when Matthew did this album! Ladder of Lovers is the most romantic song I have ever heard and The Kids American is so rockin! Love Above the Ground Floor and Ricky holding on to her lover is absolutely kicking. If there is a Matthew Wilder fan club I want to join if there isn't Ill be the president. This man should be writing and producing for Diana Ross and Whitney Houston and other folks he is sooo talented...after hearing this CD you will wish you could write music like this. Not only can you hear it you can picture it. Go Matthew!"

Lyrics for "Break My Stride" , click on to enlarge !:



01 Mad For You (3:39)
02 Bouncin' Off The Walls (6:44)
03 Hey Little Girl (5:12)
04 Scandal (3:53)
05 Naked Truth (3:55)
06 Open Up (Let Me In) (3:28)
07 Cry Just A Little (4:03)
08 Love Of An Amazon (3:52)
09 Fortune Cookie (3:30)

Link to download:

"I had both of these records when they were released on vinyl, and was amazed that Matthew Wilder's records weren't both smash hits when they were first released. While "Break My Stride" was a very popular song, and seems to have become an essential track for any 80s, collection, the rest of the "Don't Speak the Language" album is very good, except really for "The Kid's American," and that, for whatever reason, was the track Private I released as a follow up! Why? The title track is so well-written and really takes you to the tropics with its beautiful rhythm. Or why didn't they release "Dreams Keep Bringing You Back," which sounds like a song that followed it and hit Number One several years later, Roxette's, "It Must Have Been Love." And songs like "Love Above The Ground Floor" capture that spirit of teenage love. This really was an excellent album. It's follow up, "Bouncin' Off The Walls," was a little bit weaker, and Matt really should have worked on the lyrics for some of the songs a little longer. But for the most part, it's a good glimpse of the artist who should have become a superstar! "Bouncin' Off The Walls" always sounded to me like it should have been the opening title for some hit movie. "Open Up" is also one that I could have seen hitting the Top Ten, it was catchy enough. But for whatever reason, the label released only a poorly edited version of the title track, and the album pretty much tanked. It's too bad. But weep ye not for Matthew Wilder. He's doing extremely well as a producer and songwriter, and is making people hum still. But I'll always wonder, what could have been, had his label backed him with the public relations tour de force that he should have received."

"As a college student in the early to mid 1980's, the song "Break My Stride" was a staple. I always did love this song, and have longed for a copy of it many times over the years. I had a cassette tape with the song on it at the time; however, the tape has been long lost. Periodically over the years I have checked in music stores and have never found it. Since finding last year, I checked the music section every few months or so searching for this song or for Matthew Wilder. I was speechless when this new CD showed up on the screen, and quite happy when I could actually listen to part of the song over the computer!! Needless to say, I had to have it and have listened to it every day in my car since. My two children have also become very fond of it! Thank you, thank you Matthew Wilder, for making fond college memories return for this fan!!! How lucky I am! "

I Don't Speak The Language (1983) Lp
Bouncin' Off The Walls (1984) Lp
I Don't Speak The Language / Bouncin' Off The Walls (1999)

Matthew Wilder (born Matthew Weiner, January 24, 1953, in New York City) is an American musician best known for his 1983 Top 5 hit "Break My Stride".Wilder was one-half of the Greenwich Village folk group Matthew & Peter in the 1970s. In 1978 he moved to Los Angeles and sang for television commercials, and as a backing singer for Rickie Lee Jones and Bette Midler.Wilder's debut album, I Don't Speak the Language (1983), reached number 49 on the Billboard chart, fueled by "Break My Stride", which reached number 5 on the singles chart. Wilder had some continued success with the single "The Kid's American", which entered the Billboard Top 40 in 1984, but the single failed to match the success of "Break My Stride". Wilder's second album, Bouncin' Off the Walls (1984), failed to gain much momentum—even with an innovative music video for the single Bouncin' Off the Walls, and was subsequently deemed a commercial failure.Despite the collapse of his solo career, Wilder continued his career in the music industry as a songwriter and as a record producer for such acts as No Doubt, 702, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and Joanna. He lent his singing voice to the character of Ling and was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Music Score (along with David Zippel and Jerry Goldsmith) for his work on the Disney film Mulan (1998). He has also recently done production work on Australian singer-songwriter Mig Ayesa's self-titled album which was released in April 2007, and has helped with production on Hayden Panettiere's upcoming album, slated to be released May 8, 2007.For theatre, Wilder has once again paired with Zippel to provide the music and lyrics for Princesses, a musical comedy update of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel A Little Princess. The production ran at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle but has yet to open on Broadway


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Thank you very much!

This blog is fantastic, congratulations.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the Part 1?

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a 2 in 1 CD,so the part 1 is the first album: "I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE (1983)"

and the part 2 is his second album "Bouncing Off The Wall" (1984)

I forgot to rename the tracks,sorry for it:)


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It was a very cute blog,
I hope you can post the best of Matthew wilder that contains your last cd photo. thanks,

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hello matthew ,good music i don't speak the language and boucin'off the walls ,super song ,one kiss from belgium to brussels ,my name its carole

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thank you!

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Hi Saltyka,

I totally, totally agree with you on the album, "I Don't Speak The Language". I have been giving it an extreme workout on my iPod! Every song on that album is a gem. I Don't Speak The Language, Love Above The Ground Floor, World Of The Rich And Famous, Ladder Of Lovers, I Was There, Dreams Keep Bringing You Back, The Kid's! Definitely one of the best albums of the 80s, hands down! I thank CBS for releasing that album in Canada. I was just as delighted as you when it came out on CD, as a double album, no less. That man has enormous talent. I have been humming "Love Above The Ground Floor" all day long...! Thank you, Matthew!


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where is prt 1 id sure like to have it

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wheres part 1 at id sure like to have it

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Can somebody help me with the lyrics on Matthew Wilders "Hey Little Girl" please?

Love this site BTW!

Øyvind, Oslo.
Please post to me at

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Love 'Break My Stride'. Any chance you could post a rip at a decent bitrate my friend? If you can't manage 320, then 256kbps would be good! Can't listen to 192kbps though, sounds too harsh and shitty for my musical ears! Thanks in advance.

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the best song is a break my stride,but Bouncin' off the Walls is must..!!

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the best song is a break my stride,but Bouncin' off the Walls is must..!!

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I'm Frank from Italy. Thank you very much for your informations. I was looking for these for a very long long time. These are songs that remember me a wonderful period of my life. Thank you again.

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Very useful piece of writing, much thanks for your post.

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Hello, Could you re-up the Matthew Wilder Albums, especially eager to get your "bonus" tracks of the 12" mixes. Thanks a lot!

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