Saturday, January 19, 2008

ANOSPHERE - Fields Of Mutants (2007)


Composed By, Producer, Arranged By - Stefan Bieri

Stefan Bieri's debut synthesizer dance album. Distributed by Hypersound Productions.


01 Mutant Generation (5:51)
02 Star Convention (6:30)
03 Lasernights At Your Planet (5:55)
04 Space Fire (7:02)
05 Congate (Spacemix) (5:32)
06 Field Sequenz (7:55)
07 Light Distortion (7:01)
08 New Hope (6:04)
09 Space Affair (5:22)
10 Point Of Stars (4:35)
11 Mutant Generation (The Story) (6:54)

Link to download:

"Anosphere’s album Field of Mutants gives us a great opportunity to explore some of the best spacesynth music. The cool covers made by Frank M. Lewecke suits the album fantastically – giving a hazy feeling while listening to the album. Eventhough the covers are quite “simple-looking”, the inside is much more. With interesting and unique sounds, Anosphere has created quite catching melodies in his tracks. They are definitely as original as they could be. Like usually in spacesynth, drums are very energetic, but Anosphere’s drumtrack stays calm and clear. It’s easy to get along with rhythm. The most impressive levers to make the album interesting are changing the song’s composition occasionally from steady melodies to more playful ways. For example, in the track Light Distortion this style gives nice aromas to otherwise so confident track.The album has a good style scale which gives more enthusiasm. A couple of much slower tracks – almost ambient style – have also found their place to the playlist. It shows us that Anosphere has abilities to make also some different style of music. These slower styles have a little pinch of downtempo which is just positive. All tracks are quite slow and remind a lot of each other which is a bit sad but the special sounds and melodies equalizes this little angle fine. Sometimes it is good to listen a little slower spacesynth genre than normally.Mixing and mastering sounds good. Bassline and kickdrum sound great and strings are just right and clear. Leadsounds move fluently and warms mind. Vocoders feel just fine to my ears. The good thing is that the vocoder material does not appear in all tracks. Few percussion sounds have also their tincture in the songs which I personally like a lot. I can’t say any complaints about mixing and mastering.It’s hard to say which songs are the best ones. They all are in the same level, although I can say I like Space Fire and Points of Stars a lot. From these tracks I found a couple sounds which attract me the most. They are rhythmic and have strong feelings. I like very much the length of the tracks. All tracks pass 6 minutes limit briskly without getting boring at any step.In overall, the album is one of the best in spacesynth and should surely entertain all fans. After hearing Anosphere the first time I can say nothing else that I'am totally convinced. Anosphere has done so great work and I wish to hear new material in the future."

"Stefan Bieri's record label Noonwaverecords. Bieri, who is known for producing some tracks for Hypersound, is the owner of the label and working there as a producer and composer. The new cd is a mixture between spacesynth and ambient synthpop. Futuristic cover is a picture made by German space artist Frank M. Lewecke. "

"Offering a different perspective on the classic Space Disco (sometimes also called Spacesynth) sound, Field of Mutants features slower tracks than what this genre is known for. Anosphere is the project of Swiss musician Stefan Bieri, who had previously contributed material to several volumes of "Synthesizer Dance" sampler."
A must have for every spacesynth lovers! Theres no bad song on it,every track is a pearl.Retro 80's with some vocoder. This release reminds the heyday of Laserdance and Koto.You will love it! (salty)

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