Sunday, January 20, 2008

FILMS - Misprint (1980) for Mario

Techno Pop, Modern Pop, New Wave

CHUJI AKAGI - lead vocals, guiter, background vocals, percussions and many ideas
NOBUO GOTOH - synthesizer, keyboards, strings arrangement
TADAO HASHIMOTO - guitars, background vocals
NOBUO NAKAHARA - syn-bass, bass
YOSHIO KUGE - drums, background vocals
AKI MAKULEEN - background vocals, screaming & dancing
YOKO KOJIMA - vocals, background vocals & dancing
TAKUMI IWASAKI - synthesizer, keyboards, strings arrangement
KANJI HONMAMC-8 - synthesizer & MC-8 synthesizer programing



01 Welcome To Future
02 30Th Century Boy
03 Dream Of Computer
04 Glad I'm Not Left Alone
05 CrashKids06 TV Phone Age
07 Take Me On The Linear Jet
08 Radio Zone
09 Remote Controlled Romance
10 Fine

Link to download:

"Films which disbanded leaving only one album called "Misprint" (CD includes the liner note by Mr. Kenso Kato & Dr. Kotobuki. ) regrettably is my favorite techno pop band. I loved their sound and cover art..... Personally, I would like to call them as "Japanese Buggles" (alternatively "Japanese Tubes") with the intent of my greatest appreciation to them. The titles of song are Bugglesque such as 'TV Phone Age' ('Living In The Plastic Age'), 'Take Me On The Linear Jet' ('Johnny On The Monorail'), 'Crash Kids' ('Kid Dynamo'), '30th Century Boy' ('Astroboy'). They are the most catchy techno pop band in Japan! There was a plan to release their second from \EN label, but it never happened. I really want Alfa to release it. At least I will buy it. Films were active until around '88 with a series of member changes. Ex-Films members are important in the Japanese music scene though they are not too visible. Mr. Akagi formed Clever Rabbit and produced Miwako Saito, Haruo Kubota ("Flying New Asian" in '91 as co-producer), etc. (as Nobuo Akagi). Saeko worked in Cinema (before Films), then as solo with Keiichi Suzuki. Both Nakahara (also played in Yapoos) and Suzuki formed Portable Rock with Maki Nomiya. Mr. Nakahara is currently working with Mari Fukuhara, ex-Shi-Shonen in Fishermen Tit Tot. Mr. Suzuki is currently working with Mr. Takanami, ex-Pizzicato as KC's. Mr. Iwasaki worked in TPO, as solo and on commercial songs. He is also staring a new unit, :ginette:, from his label Swimming Bullet. Mr. Komatsu played in Tokyo Bravo, Shingo Kubota's Muscle Beat and SEX, a house unit. Mr. Kanji Honma, a programmer, released his "Synth-Fusion" album under the name of Honma Express. Mr. Sotoma produced Mimori Yusa and recently release his solo album. Mr. Tomoda is ex. Shi-Shonen as you know."

Saltyka's question:
I wonder your opinion ,are they really similar to Buggles??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please repost this!

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FILMS - Misprint (1980)

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka i love your blog very mucho jaja, well i wonder did you have something of TAKUMI? SOLO Watch thic and tell me i been looking for this such a long time , and yep takumi was part of Film, by the way sorry for my bad english i'm from mexico. Thanks for all your grate contribution i really apreciate your dedication in the neo culture revival today, keep this music alive because you have followers like me.

10:54 PM  
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