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Electronic, Pop
Synth-pop,New Wave,Pop-Rock

Jesper Ranum - Keyboards/Sequencers
Tommy Corfixen - Vocals
Lars Thornblad - Bass
Lars Nygaard - Drums
Joan Kirkeby - Vocals
Soren Riis-Vestergaard - Guitars



DEFILM (1986)

Artwork By [Cover Design] - Ole Pihl Bass, Backing Vocals - Lars DeFILM /Drums, Drums [Programming], Backing Vocals - Nygaard DeFILM /Engineer - Claus Pitzner , Jacob Jørgensen* , John "PUK" Quist , Lars Jespersen , Robert Nielsen , Thomas Brekling /Guitar, Guitar [Synthesizer], Piano [Grand], Backing Vocals - Søren DeFILM /Keyboards, Keyboards [Programming], Percussion [Electronic], Backing Vocals - Jesper DeFILM/ Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals - Joan DeFILM , Tommy DeFILM /Lyrics By - Inger Christensen (tracks: B2) /Mixed By - Harvey Goldberg Mixed By, Engineer - Gis Ingvardtsen /Music By, Lyrics By, Producer, Composed By, Arranged By, Performer - DeFilm

Recorded in Medley Studios, Easy Sound Studios, Puk Studios, and Studio 39.


01 I Saw Your Dream (3:53)
02 Bitter Surprise (4:59)
03 Yellow In My Head (3:22)
04 Julia (4:36)
05 Love Is Over (2:30)
06 747 (4:37)
07 Eat The Telegram (3:47)
08 Cuba Libra (4:21)
09 Turkish Delight (4:30)
10 Here We Are (3:16)

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01 Your man is at war
02 The House
03 Nothing comes Easy
04 Make Believe
05 Whale Song
06 Is it True
07 I see Light
08 Together
09 Jennifer
10 Frigid & Freud

Link to download:

"I´ve been listening a lot to the two DeFilm albums lately as I have borrowed a CD burner and transferred the best songs to CDR. I must say that the whole album "Coming to your heart soon" is really good. Especially the songs "Whale song", "I see light", "Make believe" and "Is it true" are great! And the Extended Remix of "I saw your dream" is fantastic!!!!It´s just too bad that so few people know who this great band is/were!!!"

"Needless to say 'Whalesong' is my favourite. I've liked more the sound in DéFilm's songs than Ranum's ones, maybe because I liked very much Tommy Corfixen's voice --a lot more than Jesper Ranum's--, and because it reminds me of the sound of early Alan Parsons Project, which I love."


JESPER RANUM - Slow Down (1993)

Backing Vocals-Sanne Graulund, Jørgen Thorup, Trine Dansgård/Guitars-Henrik Lumholdt, Klaus Kjellerup/All songs written,arranged and produced by Jesper Ranum


01 Standing In The Rain
02 Maybe Later
03 Photograph
04 A game you Can't Control
05 Hiding From The Sun
06 Your Magical Love
07 The Mirror On The Wall
08 The Power & The Glory
09 Waiting For The Fall
10 Like A Flower
11 Slow Down

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"About Ranum's work, I like more "Slowdown", although the song I liked the more of those that Poul was so kind to send me is 'You are the night', which belongs to "Second". Very sweet music. I have been under a lot of pressure these days and these songs have been soothing me for a while. They gave me back a sense of melody from a new source. I really can't say I did not like one of them. "

A very nice,slow and emotional album

DéFilm formed in 1982, was a Danish concept-rock group,that enjoyed moderate success and popularity within their home country, and parts of Western Europe during the 1980s.
The band's name was derived from the remnants of an old Danish theater, whose name (while still intact) was Kommende Film. When the band opted to use the theater as a recording studio, the remaining letters spelled out "de Film", prompting the band to use the name as their own.

Soren Riis-Vestergaard:
"I have been making music, since I was a kid. Through the years, I have come to find that music can help build bridges and connect people like nothing else. It communicates where other means fail and can bring an incomparable sense of joy and freedom to both listener and musician.
"While co-writing and recording two successful albums in the 1980's, I tasted the realities of the music-making industry. From that experience, I decided to lay aside my plans for a professional musical career in order to keep my music spontaneous and free. In the years since, I have faithfully reminded myself that music-making for me is about inspiration, not ambition.
"Since then, I have found that my most rewarding times making music have been with people who feel the same as I do. That is why I am grateful and honored to be collaborating with Scott, an inspired lyricist, and sometimes melody maker, with whom I share a passion for quality songwriting and a vision for 'Joining Continents Through Music.'
"My personal discography to-date includes, among others published works, these commercial music albums:
1985– Title: DeFilm (Medley/EMI) Band: DeFilm
1987– Title: Coming To Your Heart Soon (Medley/EMI) Band: DeFilm
2000– Title: Femininum (Davs Records) Band: Femininum

More info:

Jesper Ranum

established his "Ranum Studio" in 1986 for Danish music and media,films,advertisements,sound design etc.Scatterbrain

More info:

Lars Nygaardnow
a member of the coverband Orkestret Efter Fyraften ( and managing director for CyberFarm København (

Lars Thornblad
is a photographer now (

DeFilm LP (1985)
Coming To Your Heart Soon LP (1986)
I Saw Your Dream 7"/12" (1985)
Bitter Surprise 7"/12" (1985)
Whale Song 7" (1987)

Jesper Ranum:
Slowdown - CD (1993)
Second - CD (1999)

More info:


'12'' Collection (2004)

Out Of The Gap

FULL INTENTION - Connected: 10 Years of



LATIN RASCALS - Bach To The Future


Pandora's Box (CDS)

Walking On The Milky Way (CDS)

Sailing On The Seven Seas (CDS)

Then You Turn Away (CDS)


EIGHTH WONDER - Fearless (1988)

VIRGIN DANCE-Against The Tide

ODYSSEY (1977)






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Thanks a lot for putting both albums of De Film on your Blog. Really love them, although so far I was only familiar with I Saw Your Dream and Here We Are.

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wow, i have been looking for defilm online for years. so many great and obscure records from the 80s that never made it over to cd. thank you thank you thank you, i've remembered this band for over 20 years and now found the music (my cassettes, oh to have them on cd).

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I listened to DEFILM in my teenage phase and I really liked that band, I actually have all the albums but one, thanks for this post, I will download the only album I missed! :D

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