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Electronic, Pop, Rock
Pop Rock, Synth-pop,Darkwave

Rudi Edgar - Vocals
Kurt Schmidt - Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Raoul Walton (from Belfergore) - Bass (on 1988 and 1995 album) (see:(
Ralf Aussem - Guitars
Peter Brough - Guitars ,Harmonika,Background Vocals (since 1988)
Sibi Siebert - Drums (on the first album)
Charlie Terstappen - Drums (on their 1988 album)
Hermann Eugste - Drums (only their 1990 album)
Colin Drummond - Keyboards (on their 1983 album)
Tom Morrison - Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonika, Background Vocals (only on "Heroic Feet" album)

"I'll Be There"

Produced by,mixed by-Mick Glossop (


01 Time For Emotion
02 Out On The Streets
03 Have You Heard It
04 Lonely
05 Wasting Time
06 Your Voice
07 We'll Be The First Ones
08 Money To Burn
09 The Vision
I'LL BE THERE 12" (1988)


01 I'll Be There (extended)
02 Where The Wild Buffalo Roams
03 Jane

Link to download:


Bass - Raoul Walton /Drums - Charly T. /Guitar - Pete Brough /Guitar, Keyboards - Kurt Schmidt /Engineer and Mixed By - Mick Glossop ( Producer - Gareth Jones ( Vocals - Rudi Edgar


01 I’ll Be There (4:04)
02 Too Much Too Soon (4:12)
03 Rivers (4:41)
04 Where The Wild Buffalo Roams (3:49)
05 Russian Sun (4:49)
06 The Love (4:19)
07 Treasure (4:45)
08 Just Good Friends (4:47)
09 It Takes A Lot (3:37) Mixed By - Gareth Jones
10 Don’t Stop (Fields Of Nowhere) (5:05)

Link to download:

HEAVEN & HELL - Compilation (1992)

Artwork By [Cover Design] - Z-Art /Lyrics By - K. Schmidt* , R. Edgar* /Songwriter - M. Terstappen* (tracks: 4 to 6, 15) , K. Schmidt* , P. Brough* (tracks: 1,2, 4 to 8,12 to16) , R. Aussem* (tracks: 10) , R. Edgar* , S. Siebert* (tracks: 10)


01 Suicide Summer
02 Shower Of Love
03 It Takes A Lot
04 Heaven And Hell
05 We'll Be The First Ones
06 Russian Sun
07 I Was The One
08 Have You Heard It
09 Too Much Too Soon
10 Money To Burn
11 I'll Be There
12 Don't Stop
13 Loveless
14 Lost In Space
15 Lonely
16 This Old World

Link to download:



01 I'll Be There
02 I Was The One
03 Rivers
04 Russian Sun
05 Lonely
06 It Takes A Lot
07 Suicide Summer
08 Lost In Space
09 Treasure
10 We'll Be The First Ones
11 Loveless
12 Have You Heard It
13 Don't Stop
14 The Vision (live)
15 Seen Your Face (live)

Link to download:

Check this:

Twelve Drummers Drumming was very popular mainly in Germany,in spite of the fact that they released English speaking albums with an international sound.When they appeared in 1983, they were mentioned together by public and journalists with such great bands as Simple Minds ,Big Country and U2. Strange,but i didn't find reviews for their albums,though these albums are very good. Check the player and listen to their songs,i think you will like them!:)

German band Twelve Drummers Drumming started in the autumn of 1983. (Seizing their name from an English Christmas carol “The 12 Days OF Christmas”. The line up consisted of Rudi Edgar (vocals), Kurt Schmidt (bass), Ralf Aussem (guitar), Sibi Siebert (drums) and Colin Drummond (keyboard). Pete Brough, Kurt Schmidt was a memeber of prog.rock band Wallenstein before ( .During the recording sesssions of the first album, Rudi Edgar fell ill due to a brain hemorrhage which he lost his speech and part of his sensory feelings. Miracoulously he recovered and credited that the healing came from God and said “I’d given my life to Jesus in 1980 and now in 1988 I could speak of his healing”. After Releasing 4 albums and a couple of singles. In 1988 two other ex-members of Wallenstein joined: Pete Brough and Charlie Terstappen .The band re-emerged as a new outfit in 2001 called Dead Guitars. 12 Drummers Drummer co-founder Kurt Schmidt alongside with fellow band alumnis recruited ex-Convent’s vocalist Carlo van Putten to record a debut album which is still waiting to be realease. (

Ralf Aussem:

"1982. I met former WALLENSTEIN-basser KURT SCHMIDT & southafrican singer RUDI EDGAR of wave-band VOLKSWAGEN / later changed name into: TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING / 12DD.

1982. so I joined TWELVE DRUMMERS DRUMMING / 12DD. I did the debut 12DDrecording with an old tube radio! & used the E-Bow & echomachines.produced by RAINER ASSMANN at "klangwerkstatt", d.dorf. we also popped in to "conny's studio", near cologne - one mystic night. visiting german producer-icone CONNY PLANK. maniac-drummer SIBI SIEBERT & from liverpool COLIN DRUMMOND (piano & violin) completed our line-up. ALAN BANGS dedicated his two hour radiobroadcast NIGHTFLIGHTon BFBS to ours, without having a record-deal - nor a final band name that time. 1983. few weeks later we got a major-deal with PHONOGRAM, hamburg. 12DRUMMERS debut record came out & we went on tour all around europe & uk with radio & tv concerts.
1984: 12DD went to london, hired a flat in earl's court & recorded in TOWNHOUSE 3 , the old studio of THE WHO, ...unfortunatly our southafrican singer RUDI had a brain-stroke during the production.. and this album never got finished. band & phonogram decided to wait for him...anyhow, after long time in hospital and endless therapy, RUDI came back to life...return to zero.
1988. back home I rejoined 12DD. feat.: scottish guitarist PETE BROUGH, swiss drummer HERMANN EUGSTER & KURT SCHMIDT on bass...and of course RUDI.(met again 2002 in the first DEAD GUITARS line-up -without RUDI)1989/90. we recorded in england for 'half a year', in some of the best studios at that time.with an army of finest engineers. had acommodation at the columbia hotel, hyde park.started the (pre-) production at NOMIS, to jeff beck's rehearsal room.went to oxfordshire.OUTSIDEstudio, hookend manor, ALVIN LEE's & later DAVE GILMOUR's (PINK FLOYD) former property & in london: in MICKY MOST's RAKstudio & mixed it in AIRstudios (beatles) & TOWNHOUSE, shepherd's bush.the LOVELESS album ( phonogram) was produced by great DAVE M. ALLEN, who did some of my alltime favorites with: THE CURE, THE CHAMELEONS & SISTERS OF MERCY...smoking one magic zigi to much he went for mixing the album, just creating a huge 'desk-feedback'. so OWEN DAVIES got the job. we'd known him from london session in '84. all in all it was a rock'n'roll dream, but the expencive production ruined band's future."

Pete Brough, Ralf Aussem and Kurt Schmidt continued to play under the new name The Dead Guitars in 2003 ( and released a pretty good album in 2007.

Ralf Aussem
founder & guitarist of the band Sun (1990-1997), guitarist & member of Lucian and Belgium (1993-2000) (see: formed The Dead Guitars in 2002 .Played with -just few-Rheingold (1984) ,The Wirtschaftswunder (1985),The Big Sea (1985), Rainbirds (1987), The Inbetweens (1987?),Grasfreed etc.

Rudi Edgar
is living in South Africa near Johannesburg ,few news,photos are here:

Pete Brough
was a member of Wallenstein (1978-82), and formed Dead Guitars

More info:

Kurt Schmidt
was a member of Wallenstein alias Terry Park ( ,member of Sun since 1990 and also of Dead Guitars. Played with Diamanda Galas on her 1987 album. He is the producer of Plexiphones (

Charlie Terstappen
was a member of Excalibur (1972) ,Fred Banana Combo, Wallenstein (1978-82),Belfegore as Charly T. Charles (1982-1985) (see: ) , DV8, Pinball etc, and played with Rheingold, Westernhagen and also with Diamanda Galas on her 1987 album.

More info:

Sibi Siebert
was a member of Jud's Gallery (1976) (see: ,Winterkrieg (1976-1979), Art Of Infinity (1996 as a guest musician).He is the owner of BOX OF TRIX GmbH (
Colin Drummond added:
"Hi! Thanks for sharing this excellent blog with the world! Twelve Drummers Drumming was a really special time in my life and I still stay in touch with what's going on with my special friends from the band. I'd like to give you some info about what I got up to after I left the band. I was a member of The Merseybeats (60's band, see: from 1985 to 1993, then worked with Denny Laine (ex-Wings), and Trevor Burton (ex-Move) while also operating my own PA Hire business. Stopped playing back in 1999, and currently live and work in South London as an electrician. Life still rocks! MySpace/Musicol
Best wishes, Colin Drummond
More info:

Twelve Drummers Drumming (1983)
Where The Wild Buffalo Roams (1988)
Loveless (1990)
Heaven & Hell-Best Of (1992)
Heroic Feet (1995)
Have You Heard It? - The Best Of (2001)

More info:


Anonymous mug said...

Hey Salty,

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that, on your recommend, I just read "Flush". It was very funny and also rather informative; I will admit that until reading it I knew very little about E. Barrett Browning (other than sonnet 43). And I’d never even heard of Mary Russell Mitford. The whole business about her devotion to her high-living father who squandered all her money, was really fascinating. Anyway, thanks again for telling me about the book. I’m really glad I read it. Thanks!


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a request, and if you fill it, i will be indebted to you forever.

"information" by berlin - their first album, pre-terri nunn.

i know someone requested it before, but i don't know what you did about it.

whatever you do, i'll always love your blog.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for this good post with a lot of informations :-)
Do you know, if on the Maxi Singles are new tracks or new mixes than at the albums?
If you have them, please upload them :-)

Best wishes

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! Twelve drummers drumming is such a great band, thanks for the post!

12:52 AM  
Blogger Zalman said...

Thanks for your nice blog.
I enjoy most of the albums shared in this blog.

By the way,I have a request.
I have 2 tracks and I don't know who are the composers of these Themes.

I think they are composed by French or German musicians.

I want you to listen to them and tell me the name of the composers.

I hope you can help.

There are the tracks:
Track one:

Track Two:

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nicve blog.
I have a request.
I need this album.

Harry Thumann - Andromeda


Please upload it if you have access to this album.
Thanks in advance.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need some instrumental albums by:"Tony Carey".

Albums like:

1982 Yellow Power (instrumental)
1982 LP HEAVEN (instrumental)
1982 LP NO HUMAN (instrumental)
1984 LP T.C.P. [TONY CAREY PROJECT] (instrumental)
2006 The Voyager Files (instrumental)


Thanks in advance.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mug,Flush is one of my favourite book,im glad you liked it!:)

Yes i promised Berlin before,i will make an entry with them maybe in may

@another anonymous

hi,if you think about "i'll be there" (12") then i have to tell only the first song "i'll be there (extended)" is different from the songs on the 1988 album.
This is all i have now from 12DD but im about to get moreand share.

Hi,unfortunatelly ive never heard these songs.I hope somebody can help you to id them.


Hi, i have only few songs now from this album,but im trying to get and share

Hi,ok for Tony Carey and Pinups too ,in the end of april or in may


4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you so much!if "information" is included in your berlin post. i will be on my knees!
i know a good many people are clammering for that album besides me.
anyway enough yammering.
Thank you!

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Colin Drummond said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing this excellent blog with the world! Twelve Drummers Drumming was a really special time in my life and I still stay in touch with what's going on with my special friends from the band. I'd like to give you some info about what I got up to after I left the band. I was a member of The Merseybeats (60's band) from 1985 to 1993, then worked with Denny Laine (ex-Wings), and Trevor Burton (ex-Move) while also operating my own PA Hire business. Stopped playing back in 1999, and currently live and work in South London as an electrician. Life still rocks!
Best wishes, Colin Drummond

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Colin, glad to see you here! I have googled a lot to find you, but i wasn't able! Thank you for sharing all of this with us and also for the kind comment:)

Best regards

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