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HAIRCUT 100 (Haircut One Hundred)

"Early '80s pop phenoms Haircut 100 were a frothy antitoxin to the British music scene that spawned the punk movement and angry young men such as Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello. Haircut fans didn't crave emotional bloodletting or political crucifixion, just some clean-looking boys playing bouncy, percussion-heavy songs about love."

"the six energetic young Londoners of Haircut One Hundred created a crisp mixture of melodic pop and African-American and Latin rhythms, seasoned with horns and an occasional dash of jazz."

"Haircut One Hundred was one of the top bands of the early 80s."

"Back in 1982 there can hardly have been a person in our United Kingdom that couldn’t whistle you a tune from Haircut 100’s ‘Pelican West’ album. Filled with all that summer promises, this album heralded a bright new era in British pop music, fresh, optimistic & suitable for a picnic or a party. But like fruit off the vine, or indeed a sharp new haircut, not built to last."

Electronic, Pop
New Wave, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Rob Stroud (The Sex Gang Children,Devoid, Devoid Of Hate, Technoquake) - Drums (1980)Patrick Hunt (The Wallflowers) - Drums (1980-1981)

Blair Cunningham (The Pretenders) - Drums (1981-84)
Tim Jenkins - Guitar (1980)
Graham Jones (The Low Numbers) - Guitar (1980-84)
Les Nemes - Bass (1980-84)
Mark Fox - Percusssion, Vocals (1981-84)
Nick Heyward (The Groove Train) - Vocals (1980-83)
Phil Smith - Saxophone (1981-84)

"Favourite Shirts,Boy Meets Girl"



01 Low Rider
02 Baked Beans
03 Love Plus One
04 Love's Got me In Triangles
05 Milk Film
06 Boat Party
07 Lemon Firebrigade
08 Favourite Shirt
09 Kingsize
10 Low Rider - Jam
11 Favourite Shirt (Reprise)

Link to download:


Bass - Les Nemes Congas, Percussion [Brazilian], Other [Idea Hunting] - Mark (Ilford) Fox* Drums [Lots Of Drums] - Blair Cunningham

Patrick Hunt - Drums on track 13 "Boatparty"
Engineer - Mark Dearnley (
Guitar, Other [Billy Whiz Music Chords Specialist] - Graham (Blythe) Jones*
Other [Hippopotomy] - Dave Kemp
Photography - Gered Mankowitz Producer - Bobby (Yellow) Sargeant
Saxophone [All Saxes], Other [All Food] - Phil (Neville) Smith*
Trombone - Vince (Kenton) Sullivan* (,,498769,00.html)
Trumpet - Clipettes, The (tracks: 2 to 5, 7 to 16) , Herschell Holder (,,444846,00.html) (tracks: 1, 6, 17) Vocals, Guitar [Lead, Rhythm], Effects [Cars, Birds], Artwork By [Sleeve Concept] - Nick Heyward
Written-By - Haircut 100* (tracks: 13, 14, 16) , Nick Heyward (tracks: 1 to 12, 15, 17), Written-By - Les Nemes (track 10)

Tracks 1 to 12 were originally released as the vinyl LP Pelican West in 1982.
Tracks 13 to 17 are bonus tracks on this reissue. A digital recording at the Roundhouse Studios.
Track 13 was originally released as the B-Side of the "Favourite Shirts" 7" Single.
Track 14 was originally released as the B-Side of the "Fantastic Day" 7" Single.
Track 15 & 16 were originally released as the "Nobody's Fool" 12" Single.
Track 17 was originally released as a 12" Single.

"Nobodys Fool"


01 Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) (3:08)
02 Love Plus One (3:33)
03 Lemon Firebrigade (3:54)
04 Marine Boy (3:24)

05 Milk Farm (2:55)
06 Kingsize (You're My Little Steam Whistle) (4:20)
07 Fantastic Day (3:11)
08 Baked Bean (3:59)
09 Snow Girl (2:53)
10 Love's Got Me In Triangles (3:35)
11 Surprise Me Again (3:18)
12 Calling Captain Autumn (4:43)
13 Boat Party (3:54)
14 Ski Club (3:40)
15 Nobody's Fool (12" Version) (4:57)
16 October Is Orange (Day 1 & 2) (4:20)
17 Favourite Shirts (12" Version) (7:10)

Links to download:

Highwire Daze:
When you look back on your days in Haircut 100, what do you think of the band and the music you guys created?

Nick Heyward:
"I'm very pleased with it. It's just like looking back at the time when you were at school or college or with an old girlfriend. It was fun. I have fond memories of it. I'm very proud of myself and I think we were good." (

Well what inspirations do you see in the Haircut stuff? At the time it seemed to come very much out of nowhere.

"Well that's good because that's a band. So naturally you have six different influences in that."

But as far as the songwriting, the influences aren't really obvious.

"I did take in this sort of Beatles/Talking Heads kind of thing. All of us were into what was going on at the time. There was this Brit-funk thing going on. That and Earth, Wind, and Fire. They were the Gods at the moment. More so with Les (Nemes, bass). And he's still really into dance and R&B. And then you had Mark (Fox, percussion), who was into Kraftwerk and Brazilian percussion. Phil (Smith, horns) was into Tower of Power. And Graham (Jones, guitar) was into the Clash. And Blair was into Kool and the Gang and Al Green. So bring it all together...and that's what I do like about bands. I've suddenly realized that left to my own devices I'll try to re-make Revolver every time. But I want to push myself next time. I sort of use Revolver now as a template for songs and not for the sounds. I like many different things and I want to use many different things. You've just got to write the best songs you can possibly write and later think about how you're going to record them."


"Haircut 100's debut album, Pelican West is a widely uneven concoction of lite funk and jazzy new wave pop. Although the group's music was frequently so light it virtually disappeared, they did record a pair of classic new wave singles with the effervescent "Love Plus One" and "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)." Although much of the record lacks the hooks of those two tracks, there's a handful of enjoyably breezy pop songs on Pelican West, such as "Fantastic Day" and "Snow Girl," that makes it worth investigating for new wave fetishists. Still, there's no denying that Haircut 100's material was often inadequate -- a situation only emphasized on the American edition of the album, which places the singles at the front -- and that the record sounded like a period piece just a few years after its release. [Pelican West is also available in a release with added bonus tracks.]"~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

"If you are a New Wave afficionado like me, you cannot resist this album. It was released in the early 80's and Nick Heyward and Crew definitly gave you a lot of what it was to be a New Wave fan, namely style, fun, and most of all variety. That An innocent time and musically, the best time ever.
This album is infectious and positive. A breath of fresh air. Listening to it again, I feel like I'm again 17 and going to the high school dance where you can dance to Elvis Costello, Duran Duran, Heaven 17, Psychedelic Furs, Culture Club, Paul Young, Lotus Eaters, Ultravox, ABC, Nena, Billy Idol, The Cure, The Specials, and on and on...
In North America, we know Haircut 100 because of the success of Love Plus One, an excellent song. If you like this, you will love Favourite Shirts. This band mixes Calypso, rock, and sax into the song. Totally New Wave. A must album for anyone who wants to explore this genre. Just looking at the CD cover, the hairstyle and preppy fashion takes you there.-Lou, Toronto, Canada"

"I've been trying to find this band for the longest time. I've heard the song "Love Plus One" several times, and could never figure out which band was behind it. But, no more am I lost! I have found the band behind the song and I'm happy to say that...I LOVE THIS BAND! I love all 80s music. However, I'd never heard of this band, and the songs on this disc just makes me happy. Their stuff is classic! :) The music is fun, funky, poppy and flavored with that '80s sound' galore. This album is definitely a must have for any 80s music buff!"

"Haircut 100 utilized horns like nothing I've heard in pop music before or since, and they gave the world this unique and brassy record before their star set forever into obscurity.
Their only hit isn't a very good indicator of what the rest of 'Pelican West' is like; it's inescapably catchy but doesn't have the lavish horn-driven sound of the rest of the cuts. Not that I'm criticizing; if I were in a band I would want recognition and riches as well! It is unfortunate that so many misguided snobs equate 'Success' with 'Selling Out', and I would hate to be misunderstood to be saying that "Love Plus One' is inferior because it succeeded so well. Should you decide to purchase this CD, you will be delighted to discover that it is filler-free, original, and brimming with true creativity.
The wry humor doesn't hurt, either. "When will life become a major film?" When, indeed? If you missed this the first time around do yourself a favor and pick it up now."

"the first time i heard haircut 100 was in the summer of 1982.How laid back everything and everyone was in those days,and this album fit right in to that carefree attitude everyone seemed to have.You heard haircut 100 everywhere,on the beach,blasting out of car windows,blaring out of bars and nightclubs,everyone had this album.I will classify this album as pure escapism.When the world of today starts shattering your nerves,throw haircut 100s Pelican West in your car stereo roll down the windows,and let your cares fly right out the window,YOU WILL GET HOOKED!!!!!"

"Have you had a bad day? Are you stressed out? Are you down in the dumps? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this product is the answer to all your problems. Forget harmful, or addictive prescriptions. Just put on Pelican West Plus and instantly you will be transported to a zen-like realm with the first horn arrangement. You will find that you are "suddenly smiling", and it is indeed a "Fantastic Day.""

"Snow Girl," Haircut 100 (Pelican West)Nick Heyward’s old band has never gotten its proper due. Everyone’s always like, "Oh, I thought they just had the one song (‘Love Plus One’) and that’s it." No way, man, that whole album is great. Mind you, no decade has resulted in more sax-slathered music than the ‘80s, and Pelican West is full of that particular ‘phone. Still, once you’ve heard this song, you’ll want to sing along with Nick when he croons, "Snowy-owie-oh girl!"

More review:

(the source of the covers:


Track 02 "Boy Meets Girl" unfortunatelly still missing


"Fantastic Day"


01 Baked Beans
03 Calling Captain Autumn
04 Milk Film

05 Snow Girl
06 Lemon Firebrigade
07 Coming Home
08 Fantastic Day
09 Love's Got Me In Triangles
10 Love Plus One
11 I Belive In Sunday
12 Kingsize
13 Haley's Heart
14 Favourite Shirts (Reprise)

Link To Download:

(the source of the covers:


Unreleased demo versions


01 Brookfield Girl
02 Haley's Heart
03 I Believe In Sundays
04 Sunny Boy Sunny Girl
05 Club Boy At Sea
06 Cheek To Cheek
07 Maytime Moments
08 Steambus Junction
09 Blue Hat For A Blue Day
10 Coming Home

11 Moving England (pre Haircut 100) - Moving Back

Link to download:

This is their unreleased, second LP.The album is unfinished becuase Nick left the band: "I went solo because we couldn’t communicate". Some songs ("Club Boy At Sea" and "Blue Hat For A Blue Day") appeared on Heyward's first 1983's album. You will find here a bunch of very good songs. The first five are with vocal, the rest are instrumental. As for me, i love the whole album. It would be great to listen to the finished versions too.

Track 11 is a song from pre-Haircut 100, Moving England. It souds as Joe Jackson.It means that is great:)

(the source of the covers:


Track 12 - Producer - Bob Sergeant/Remix - John Punter
Producer - Haircut 100
Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer - Mark Dearnley


01 Fish In A Bowl (3:30)
02 Immaterial (4:09)
03 So Tired (4:14)
04 The Hidden Years (3:28)
05 40-40 Home (4:03)
06 High Noon (3:41)
07 Too Up Two Down (3:32)
08 Benefit Of The Doubt (4:40)
09 Prime Time (3:53)
10 Where Do You Run To Now? (4:19)
11 Infatuation (5:15)

12 After It's All Been Said
13 Evil Smokestacking Baby
14 Fish In A Bowl (100 Gallon Mix)
15 Prime Time (Late Night Shopping Version)
16 So Tried (Deep Sleep)
17 Too Up, Two Down (12")

Link to download:

The album went double platinum on advanced sales, but Haircut One Hundred disbanded before the year was out.

"Nick Heyward left Haircut 100 for a solo career shortly after the success of Pelican West, so the group decided that percussionist Mark Fox would be an adequate lead vocalist for their second album, Paint And Paint. In many ways they were right, since Fox has a pleasantly thin voice that blends easily into the band's lightly jazzy pop and funk. However, he lacks both the fey wit and easy melodicism of Heyward and, as a result, the group fails to produce anything as effortlessly catchy and memorable as "Love Plus One." It's no surprise that the group disappeared shortly after the release of Paint And Paint." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

""Paint And Paint" is just as unassuming as their ultra-successful debut, though the departure of flat-voiced pin-up Nick Heyward, who had previously written their mostly monochrome songs and played annoying staccato guitar licks throughout nearly every track, didn't do Haircut 100 any commercial favours, which ultimately led to the band's demise. Artistically, however, this meant a big step forward, leading the band away from kiddies pop to a more adult contemporary style. Mark Fox, said to have been the driving force behind the fall-out, progressed from percussionist to frontman, and while his slight but charming voice isn't anything to write home about, it complements the summery, bossa-nova and latin-tinged light funk fairly adequately. Echoing in equal parts early Level 42 and late Steely Dan, by now the rhythm section is as tight as a panty-hose and the arrangements have taken on a stylistic range and articulacy that "Pelican West" merely hinted at, displayed most satisfyingly on the three final tracks - the dry pop funk of "Prime Time" made for a great, unjustly ignored single, while the album's only ballad "Where Do You Run To Now" recalls Joe Jackson at his "Night & Day" zenith. Best of all though is closing track "Infatuation", which gradually morphs into a glorious showtune reminiscent of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band."

"second and final haircut 100 album with new vocalist (the percussionist Mark Fox)and new label (Polydor)...some great moments ("40/40 home", "High Noon", "Fish In A Bowl" and the beautiful "Where do you run to now" written by Haircut 100 and Steve French)the rest of the album, good but nothing more"

"Likable enough for what is essentially another attempt at the charts. The new vocalist isn't as good as Nick Heyward, that's for sure. Trouser Press put it best -- "agreeably bland.""

If you ask me, this is a good album if you like Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Kajagoogoo and Trio Rio!! The song "Prime Time" is total Level 42 influenced (saltyka)

Haircut 100 was a New Wave band, formed in 1980 by Nick Heyward, whose most successful single was "Love Plus One."The group broke up in 1984 then briefly reunited in 2004.

The band was originally formed in 1980 by Nick Heyward (guitar, vocals), Les Nemes (bass), Tim Jenkins (guitar) and Rob Stroud (drums). Jenkins left quite early on when the band was unsigned. He was later followed by Stroud who joined the punk band The Sex Gang Children, (a favourite of John Peel). Graham Jones from Sydenham left punk/mod band The Low Numbers to join the band, which at the time was named Moving England. Stroud was replaced by Patrick Hunt on drums who played on their first single Favourite Shirts. The band was unhappy with the quality of Hunt's playing and he was fired and replaced by Blair Cunningham whose solid and funky drumming would prove invaluable as a backbone to their live shows. Cunningham replaced the drum track on the album version of Favourite Shirts although the single has the original drums played by Hunt. During the early gigs, Phil Smith and Mark Fox were drafted to play saxophone and percussion respectively. Originally meant to be session musicians, they were asked to join the line up of the band when they signed to Arista Records.
Haircut 100 appeared just as New Wave was peaking. They were quickly successful: their first single, 1981's "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" reached number four in the UK charts. Their next single, "Love Plus One", reached number three and broke the Top 40 in America. The following two singles "Fantastic Day" and "Nobody's Fool" each reached number nine in the UK.Haircut 100 seemed poised for stardom, then Heyward left the band to pursue a solo career. Percussionist Marc Fox took Heyward's place as vocalist. In 1984 the band released the album Paint and Paint. They broke up soon after.

In 2004 all of the band's ex-members reunited for an episode of VH1's series Bands Reunited. The group has seriously discussed the idea of reuniting to record a new album[citation needed], with Heyward quoted as saying "We're all older and have commitments, but wouldn't it be good to dedicate two weeks of our lives to creating a follow-up to Pelican West? It would have that magic because nobody as a player has gone off the boil."

In 2004, all of the group's ex-members reunited for an episode of VH1's Bands Reunited series. The group has seriously discussed the idea of reuniting to record a new album, with Heyward being quoted as saying "We're all older and have commitments but wouldn't it be good to dedicate two weeks of our lives to creating a follow-up to Pelican West. It would have that magic because nobody as a player has gone off the boil."

More bio:

Pelican West (1982)
Exclusives EP (1982)
Paint and Paint (1984)

Mark Fox
"Percussionist turned lead vocalist Mark Fox has had an interesting time of it since Haircut 100. He joined Echo & The Bunnymen as their drummer when Pete De Freitas left the band at the start of 1986. By September of the same year, however, De Freitas rejoined the group. (De Freitas was actually killed 3 years later in a motorcycle accident). By then Mark Fox was working for the huge BMG music publishing group. He was the A & R man who Australia's Natalie Imbruglia approached when she was broke after spending a couple of years trying to "make it" in London following her role in Neighbours. It was Fox who she approached. He hooked her up with former Cure bassist Phil Thornally and the trio recorded "Torn". The rest, as they say, is history. As far as we know, Mark Fox is still a creative director with BMG in the UK."

He played on:

Private Language (1979 to 1981) ( ("My jazz fusion band at the University of East Anglia featured Phil Smith on sax and Marc Fox on percussion")
The Beat - Special Beat Service (1982)
Monroes, The - (Stay With Me) Jeanette (1986) (with Les Nemes)
Monroes, The - Face Another Day (1986) (with Les Nemes)
Ruby Turner - The Motown Song Book (1988) (with Phil Smith)
Bomb The Bass - on some maxi (1988)
Workshy - The Golden Mile (1989) (with Phil Smith)
Claudia Brücken - Love: And A Million Other Things (1991)

More info:

Blair Cunningham
"This guy has kept busy! Immediately after the Haircut split he went to work with Phil Manzanera & Andy Mackay's post Roxy Music band The Explorers. He managed to juggle this and a role as drummer for The Pretenders on the albums "Get Close" and "Packed". Before "Packed" was released in 1990, Cunningham had found a new job, drumming for Paul McCartney live and in the studio for the next five years. He continues to amass a huge curriculum vita of studio and live credits, as well as performing workshops and clinics for his endorsers, Sonor Drums."

He guested in the following albums:

Denise La Salle* - The Bitch Is Bad (1977)
Detroit Emeralds - Let's Get Together (1978)
Fern Kinney - Groove Me (1979)
James Bradley - James Bradley (1979)
John Foxx - The Golden Section (1983)
Blancmange - Mange Tout (1984)
Nick Heyward - Warning Sign (Bullet To Your Head - U.S. Remix (1984)
Pretenders, The - Get Close (1986)
Big Dish, The - Creeping Up On Jesus (1988)
Paul Rutherford - Oh World (1989) (with Phil Smith)
Clive Griffin - Inside Out (1991) (with Phil Smith)
Alison Moyet - Hoodoo (1991)
Paul McCartney - Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) (1991)
Paul McCartney - Off The Ground (1993)
Westernhagen* - Keine Zeit (Original Soundtrack) (1996)
Westernhagen* - Radio Maria (1998)

More info:

Les Nemes
"Les Nemes (born December 5, 1960, in Croydon, England) is bass player. His first band was Haircut One Hundred who went on to enjoy success in the early eighties and spawned a number one album and four top five singles in the UK. The records also charted in the USA where the band were starting to enjoy the beginnings of major success but broke up before this was achieved. From this the band carried on with Marc Fox on lead vocals and recorded a critically received album which was not supported by sales.Nemes went on to tour and record as a session musician for bands and artists such as Hugh Masakela, Friends Again,Seal and Rick Astley.Nemes moved to Spain in 2003 and is now writing and recording for a new band, REAL (, with former Spanish pop artist Harley, (Henry Quintero) and drummer Matt Green. The band are in talks with EMI and Sony and hope to release their debut album in September 2008"(

Les Nemes also was a member of Boys Wonder:
"Boys Wonder had a few line-up changes in their lifetime. Prior to any recordings, Les Nemes from Haircut 100 was the bass player, but was replaced by Chris Tate."(

Les Nemes also performed with the British band Miracle Mile during the latter half of the '90s.

He guested on:

Intimate Strangers - Charm (1986)
Monroes, The - (Stay With Me) Jeanette (1986) (with Mark Fox)
Monroes, The - Face Another Day (1986) (with Mark Fox)
Steve French and Gray Regal (2000)

(photo:Mark & Phil)

Phil Smith:
also performed with Nemes in Miracle Mile ( and does session work.

He played on:
Private Language (1979-1981 as a member, with Marc Fox)
Toyah - The Changeling (1982)
Gardening By Moonlight - Method In The Madness (1983)
Chi Coltrane - The Message (1986)
Transvision Vamp - PopArt (1988)
Ruby Turner - The Motown Song Book (1988) (with Mark Fox)
Paul Rutherford - Oh World (1989) (with Blair Cunningham)
Workshy - The Golden Mile (1989) (with Mark Fox)
Halo James - Wanted (1989)
ABC - Up (1989)
ABC - Abracadabra (1991)
Clive Griffin - Inside Out (1991) (with Blair Cunningham)
Indecent Obsession - Relativity (1993)
George Michael - Older (1996)

Graham Jones
works as a tree surgeon in Dorset and is mostly retired from music, though he joined Heyward onstage for a performance in late 2002.

"Ex- rock star Graham Jones, formerly of Haircut One Hundred, and his partner Rebecca have recently joined Rosehill (,en/) as co-managers. The couple, who live locally, enjoy being able to walk to work as well as being close to their young family."(

UPDATED (22.04.2009)

I've got a message from Patrick Hunt!

"Hello there! Patrick Hunt was the drummer of haircut 100 for the years 1980 and 1981. It is my playing of the drums on track 13 "Boatparty" on pelican west extra. It is also me playing the drums on the YouTube video "Favourite Shirts", but Blair the session drummer appears on camera. Hershell Holder also plays trumpet on "Favourite Shirts". Could you please amend your blog to reflect these changes. Kepp up your excellent work!!" Patrick

Thank you Patrick!

!!!NEWS!!! (12.2009)

Nick Heyward and Haircut 100 play London’s Cadogan Hall on December 18 2009. Tickets are available from

“We’re going to play songs we’ve never played before like Pelican West as well as new material,” he says. “It’s going to be a trip down Memory Lane. It will defi nitely be nostalgic for everyone concerned.”

More info:


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Hi Salty,

with this post you made me very, very happy! I never thought the day would come when I listen to those unreleased songs.
Thanks so much, you are a hero!
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Hello, errr... Salty.

I can't believe that after following your (remarkable) blog so much, my first comment is on Haircut 100, of all things!

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in seeing this link, too: - Steve French, who was in a band with Phil Smith and Marc Fox, in his uni days.

What made me post a comment, though is that I've got a nagging feeling (though one I can't currently substantiate using the web) that Phil Smith in some capacity worked with either John Foxx, Eddie & Sunshine or maybe even I-Level. It may have any one of those, or possibly all of them. I'm certain I remember seeing him 'accompanying' John Foxx on Top Of The Pops, once! Or maybe it's just senescence setting in?!

While I'm here, I suppose I could humbly ask for some things that have been eluding me for a while. Of course, whole posts dedicated to any of them would be great, too:

Paul Quinn and the Independent Group: 'The Phantoms & The Archetypes'

Perspects: 'Peopleskills'

Biosphere: 'Dropsonde'

...although I realise that any post on Geir Jensen may end up being almost a lifetime's work!

Anyway, thanks again for all the wonderful posts that you keep on putting out. Your blog is a truly magical thing! :-)

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thank you for your comments guys!

Hello evilc,
thank you for your message! Yes i mentioned Private Language the band with Phil Smith and Marc Fox

What i really don't know if Phil Smith played with that bands or not. I know that he played Gardening By Moonlight, the band of Duncan Bridgeman and John Johnson.
And also know that Jihn Foxx has a song with Shake Shake the band of Duncan Bridgeman and Jo Dworniak.
And these two also were the members of I-Level. I have that album and checked who is credited on it but Phil Smith is not on it.
Steve French worked with Eddie&Sunshine it is true.I don't know is it also true for Phil Smith.
Maybe somebody can tell us the truth.

as for your req, im going to share some of them in the future:)


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Hello Salty.

Thank you very much for that. I must learn to read your posts more thoroughly in future. (Curse my ever-present bosses, at work! ;-> )

Your knowledge is supreme!

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one of the best bands of the 80s -- formidable!

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Track 6 on the "Live at the Rox Southgate album is "Boat Party". It is the B side to the Favorite Shirts 12" single

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Thanks Boxpusher! And also thanks for new commenters for their messages!


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Does anyone know where I can find Utakata no Hibi by Mariah? I found one great song from them, but I can't seem to find anything else. If anyone could help me find this album or anything else from Mariah I would greatly appreciate it. If you can help, please email me at

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superb work you have done on this !
Does anyone know where bands reunited show might be found - i have never seen it but was at the filming, great night. wish they would keep on togehter

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Thanks for this history lesson on 100. And thanks so much for your blog which I've been checking out for months now, enjoying the older posts and the jazz too. Comment on the Pelican West download. Track 1 skips out from about the middle to the end. Not clean for some reason. An important track I would say. Best wishes, Alex.

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Another great post, Salty. We've added you to our list of blog friends over at The Same Mistakes, where you'll find lots of New Wave/New Romantic/Post-Punk rarities, including those Martha Ladly singles I posted for you before.

We'd be delighted if you could add us to your list of blogs, too!

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Another great post indeed.
I regularly visit this blog and it always has some nice surprises.
Could I ask for a re-upload?
Would looooove to see the Edge's album "Captive" re-posted here (it was posted here quite some time ago and the link has gone dead).



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I hope it is OK now,enjoy:) favourite shirts (boy meets girl).mp3

Hello Kurt,enjoy!

THE EDGE and MICHAEL BROOK- Captive (Soundtrack) (1987)

Hi Crash The Driver

Al right,i have added you to my list!
Many thanks for adding me!:)

Thanks again for all who left here comments!!


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Hi Salty:

Thank you and thank you and thank you! How fantastic to hear some of these Haircut and Nick pieces - wow!

Just wanted to say, on the Haircut One Hundred Spring '82 live recording, you really are not missing track number 2 as you suspected - all 14 tracks really do download. They're in funky order (easy enough to correct using the scan of the back of the CD you posted), but both versions of Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) are there (and they sound great!)

Thanks again!

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Please remove that stupid and wicked 'comment' under my friend Bruno Leicht's name.

Learn more here:


Klaus van Brueggen, Netherlands

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Haircut100 on Bands Reunited

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Thought you may like the above Press Release details for your site.

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