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"The Wirtschaftswunder was ranked in the same league as bands like DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Palais Schaumburg."

Electronic, Rock
New Wave (NDW), Disco, Leftfield, Electro, Synth-Pop, Minimal, Abstract


Angelo Galizia - Vocals
Tom Dokoupil - Guitar
Mark Pfurtscheller - Keyboards
Jürgen Beuth - Drums




01 Analphabet (3:06)
02 Tanz Mit Mir (4:01)
03 Schein (3:32)
04 Die Leute Sind Interessant (3:20)
05 Völlegefühl (1:00)
06 Eis (2:39)
07 Stop Talking (4:15)
08 Le Rose (3:20)
09 X-Y Nein Danke (2:40)
10 Blue Cherie (2:30)
11 Marktwirtschaft (3:15)
12 Bauernlife (1:21)
13 Patre Del Mondo (3:05)
14 Heimweh (4:24)


ALLEIN (7") (1980)

15 Allein
16 So Ist Es
17 (Don´t Listen) Politsong
18 Metall


19 Television
20 Der Kommissar

Links to download:

This is a kind of experimental album with a wide range of different genres (punk,new wave,jazz and pop).Galizia contibuted in a big way to its particular feeling by his furious vocal and odd language (German-Italian mix).The madly running passages of the mostly punk oriented songs are well balanced with the sounds of the synths,in some parts wind instruments are filtering from the background.Two songs "Allein" and "Marktwirschaft" could be played by Devo as well. And don't forget that two other songs are classic of the genre: "Der Komissar" and "Analphabet".If you aske me,then my favourite is all songs of Allein (7") (saltyka)


Vocals - Peter Halas (track 09),Sheril Sutton (track 16)

Film Soundtrack. Concept by The Wirtschaftswunder and the Hungarian Gabor Altorjay


01 Gold
02 Hey Sam
03 Tscherwonez

04 Russenmotiv I
05 Tütensong
06 Die Flucht
07 Fichi Grammophon
08 Russenmotiv II
09 Das Lied Des Kapitäns
10 Die Agenten
11 Saigon 12 EDV-Step
13 San Francisco
14 Türkish Imbiß
15 E'Succeso In Kabul
16 The Girls Of The Navy
17 Dimitris Lied/Gold
18 Eis (Live) (from Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (LP, Comp. 1981))

Links to download:

About the film:
As a parody of themes addressed in The Battleship Potemkin and Ninotchka, this satirical film starts with the Russian sailor Dimitri who intentionally misses his ship in the port of Hamburg to search for brother. When Dimitri gives his comrades the slip at a Burger King, the hunt begins. The KGB is at Dimitri’s heels, and the German police chases the KGB… Several actors in this very beautiful, amusing and irreverent film are members of the Squattheatre company ( Cherwonez is Altorjay’s first film. This is a film that you should not miss, as it is a rarity and impossible to find – the artist himself sent us this subtitled version. Cherwonez received the UNIFILM award at the Saarbrücken Film Festival in 1993. … And the soundtrack by the band The Wirtschaftswunder is fantastic!"

With their second album is continuing the experimental line. Many-many shorter,instrumental songs are on that.In one of them are only synths,in another one only wind instruments,in the third noise montages of telephones - it looks as if they had recorded their virtuosic,afternoon's excersises.For the syrupy basic of "San Francisco" they mixed the sounds of a dawn harbour with voices of birds and waves,and with a fishing boat that is about to leave,just to heighten the feelings.They even make a trip to the Middle-,and Far East with "Türkish Imbiß" and "Saigon".There are some longer songs as well lie in hiding,which could be a hit like "Tütensong","E'Succeso In Kabul" and "Tscherwonez".If i mentioned "Tscherwonez", then maybe you still remember Mama Bubo,the Tschekish band from the early 80's (i posted earlier)? So this song is exactly just like as if it was played by Mama Bubo.(saltyka)

More review:


Producer, Recorded By - The Wirtschaftswunder
Recorded By - Martin Hömberg
Written-By, Lyrics By - Angelo Galizia , Jürgen Beuth , Mark Pfurtscheller , Tom Dokoupil

Recorded at Limburg & Cologne, Germany.


01 Mutter Und Vater (2:04)
02 Kopfgeldjäger (2:41)

03 Mach Dir Das Leben Schön (0:52)
04 Rate Mal (2:20)
05 Tapetto Magico (3:25)
06 La Belle Et La Bete (2:32)
07 Erste Hilfe (2:50)
08 Der Große Mafioso (3:24)
09 Madame X (2:22)
10 Junge Leute (2:30)
11 Wildes Tier (1:40)
12 Die Parade (2:38)
13 Das Weiße Pferd (2:18)
14 Big Men (3:23)
15 Zuviel (0:40)

Link to download:

The third album begin just like as the first album of Joachim Witt would be played (would been) on the player.So this is not a bad beginning. And the continuation elemental album,the guys playing in a record-breaking form!The album is intensified and spinning till the end.It's abound in experimental,interesting sounds.In any case it's much more riped as former stuff.Some songs especially invite for dance,like "Jinge Leute",which is seemingly inspired by "Funky Town" of Lipps Inc. Oh yes,when im a dj,i could mixe them with pleasure:) One calmer song is "Madame X",where you can enjoy as Galizia also sings in mixed language.You can also find here Devo-like songs :"Erste Hilfe" and -a bit- "Das Weiße Pferd".And there's of course a hit on it:"Der Grose Mafioso" (saltyka)

"Wirtschaftswunder - Der große Mafioso (1982)One of several bands and projects involving the super-prolific Tom Dokupil (others being Die Radierer, Siluetes 61 and Die Partei), Wirtschaftswunder's songs encompassed a range from all-out wackiness bordering on the demented to slight and endearing kookiness. This track is more on the side of the latter and even reached the lower regions of the charts."



01 Hey Sam
02 Analphabet
03 Der Grosse Mafioso
04 Türkish Imbis
05 Junge Leute
06 Tütesong
07 E'Succeso In Kabul
08 Tscherwonez
09 Eis
10 Der Komissar

Link to download:



01 Mein Kleines (4:40)
02 Pizza (4:20)
03 Raketen (4:03)
04 Auswandern (4:50)
05 Futuro (3:12)
06 Wilder Westen (3:00)
07 Viele Fragen (4:10)
08 Demokratische Liebe (3:40)
09 Mörder (3:32)


PIZZA/RAKETEN (7") (1984)

10 Pizza (3:47)
11 Raketen (3:50)

Link to download:

This is their LP, that is really easy to digest. You can hear there the least experimental,but the most melodious Wirtschaftswunder.The guitars which added their wilder sound,disappeared and the synths come more to the foreground (it doesn't mean that they dominate).But don't think it goes at the expense of quality! No,the album is of high standard,forceful,rhytmical and good for dance.It is such a white-funk album.The first and third songs remind me of a band,but i can't remember their name.If you have an idea message me.For me one of the most exciting songs is Mörder. Though just a little bit,but it remind me of the Swiss band Yello.The first three songs are also my favourites.(saltyka)

The Wirtschaftswunder, sometimes simply called Wirtschaftswunder, was a German band consisting of musicians Angelo Galizia (vocals, Italy), Tom Dokoupil (guitar, Czecholovakia), Mark Pfurtschneller (keyboards, Canada) and Jürgen Beuth (drums, Germany).
The term Wirtschaftswunder (German for "economic miracle") describes the rapid reconstruction and development of the economies of West Germany and Austria after World War II.They were part of the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle that emerged as part of the English New Wave/ post punk movement in the early 1980s and included bands such as D.A.F, Malaria!, or ZK (predecessor of Die Toten Hosen).
They entered the national arena with their single "Der Komissar" (based on a German criminal TV series from the 1960s) and released their first album (Salmobray) in 1981. Their most characteristic feature was Angelo Galizia's singing with a heavy Italian accent. After signing with label Deutsche Grammophon, they released their 2nd album (The Wirtschaftswunder), which was not as experimental as the first. After their 3rd album in the same year and their final single in 1984 they dissolved.
Tom Dokupil left the band in 1985,the rest members continued as Chin Chat and released an album called "Introducing".They toured in Germany and appeared tha famous TV show "Formel Eins". Angelo Galizia went back To Sizila n the late 80's.


It is quite strange that threre are only few pages -mostly with German language- deal with them. Strange is, becuse they were one of the most important parts of the Neue Deutsche Welle.

Salmobray (1981)
The Wirtschaftswunder (1982)
Tscherwonez (1982)
Pop Adenauer (1984)
Die Gute Wahl (Das Beste) (1991)

Mark Pfurtscheller
Mark has had a deep impact on the German music scene eversince the 80ies when he was part of the German "Neue Deutsche Welle" band "The Wirtschaftswunder" that ranked in the same league as bands like DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Palais Schaumburg. He also appeared as a guest artist with Holger Hiller and Die Krupps. This was an era that inspired most artists that nowadays DJ and produce electronic music, such as Sven Vaeth or Dritte Raum.Switching to strictly electronic music in the late 80´s, he started up various projects with different focuses. No matter what musical focus though Mark continued to set new standards in style and production. This is above all due to his open mindedness towards different music styles, his creativeness and great sense of composing that later on became the base for the sometimes unusual but always funky Kopfuss Resonator style.Apart from producing club oriented music he has always been involved in composing music for cultural events, e.g. dance theater, performances and TV film music

Tom Dokoupil
Profile: Artist, composer, musician and producer. Born 1959 in Krnov (Czech Republik) (

He was a member of Siluetes 61,Die Partei, Die Radierer, Slinky Gym School and produced Nylon Euter, Andy Giorbino, Ti-Tho, Electric Theatre, Edwyn Collins etc.

!!!Don't miss to download his other projects ( Siluetes 61 and Die Partei) here!!!:

More info:

Jürgen Beuth
is also a member of Die Radierer ( since the early 80's.

More info:


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So thank you very much for all that.

About Wirtschaftswunder, it seems there is a problem with the Salmobray album file : it expands uncompletely (10 songs only on 20 can be played). I tried to download it again, but the problem happened again.
Could you please upload it once again ?

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Hi,thanks for your message,it makes me happy.

I have no problem with that file,i can play all the songs with winamp without any trouble. But i uploaded another version of Salombray for you (without bonus) i hope it will be OK:


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I just surfed my way to your blog and want to compliment you on how impressive and thorough it is. In 1982, I was an American college student in studying in France. I spent my easter break traveling through Germany and on a whim I went to a live music club in Munich. Not knowing anything about the Wirtschaftswunder, I saw them and they were great. Not only was their music interesting, they were very high energy and fun to watch. Language was a barrier for me, and the only reason I remember them now is because I bought the 12 inch single of Der Grosse Mafiosa, which I played flat in the following years. Thanks to you, after all this time, I know a lot more about them.

4:34 PM  
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With their second album is continuing the experimental line. Many-many shorter,instrumental songs are on that.In one of them are only synths,in another one only wind instruments,in the third noise montages of telephones

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