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Electronic, Rock
Disco, Funk, Synth-pop, Italo-Disco


Aax Donnell, Peter Micioni, Paul Micioni, Marian Savati

"Long Train Runnin'"


Arranged By - Paul Micioni , Peter Micioni
Artwork By [Cover Conception Design] - Claude Gorial/Photography - Michele De Luca
Backing Vocals - Traks, Dughi ,Giovanni Ullu ( and, Penny Brown (she was a partner of Tony Verde in USA
Bass - Peter Micioni
Bass [M.a.p.p. Orchestra] - Dino Cappa (ex-Libra, , Giuseppe Santamaria (Pino Santamaria, ex-Murple) Guitar [M.a.p.p. Orchestra] - G. Santamaria , Massimiliano Di Carlo (Max Di Carlo,, Nicola Di Staso (ex-Libra,
Horns - M.A.P.P. Orchestra
Drums,Percussion [M.a.p.p. Orchestra] - Duilio Sorrenti (ex-Murple, now:
Drums [M.a.p.p. Orchestra] - G. Aru (Giancarlo Aru, he played with Tom Lord, Joe Zawinul, toured Bob Marley in Italy and many others)
Drums - Marian Savati
Guitar - Paul Micioni
Mastered By [Cut] - OR/CR (Olle Ramm) /Mixed By -Paul Micioni
Percussion - Aax Donnell , Paul Micioni
Producer - Traks
Vocals - Aax Donnell , Marian Savati , Paul Micioni , Peter Micioni

Produced by Traks for Trans Music International. Arranged by Paul and Peter Micioni.

"Driving Here On Broadway"


01 Long Train Runnin' (7:05)
02 Drums Power Part 1 (0:54)
03 Short Train Runnin' (5:38)
04 Love Train (5:39)
05 Driving Here On Broadway (7:12)
06 Drums Power Part 2 (4:27)
07 Long Train Running (Extended) (6:55)
08 Long Train Running (RM Long Version) (8:57)
09 Long Train Running (Short Version) (3:41)

Link to download:

Notes for the credits:
Dino Cappa, Nicola Di Staso and Walter Martino (also was a member of Goblin) were members of Libra (

Pino Santamaria and Duilio Sorrenti were members of Murple (

"This version takes the funky gritty classic, and gives it a bit of a cosmic vibe by adding a slight spacey feel, especially when it comes to the songs lead vocals as well as including some nice afro-latin flavored percussion work. I've heard a few different versions of the song, obviously The Doobie Brothers, as well as a Prins Thomas' edit of Panama II's version which is also really good, however, I have to say that I tend to enjoy Traks version the best. Overall, it's a tough song to not do well, that being said there probably is some aweful Doobie Brother cover band out there that could probably challenge that theory. Regardless, Traks isn't one of them."

"Long Train.. was big for us here in the in the 80's, also the great percussion track - "Drums Power"
This was a kind of 'The Doobie Brothers going to the disco' track - alright as the 7'' single, slightly boring as a 7:05 min. version on 12''. "

Perhaps everybody remember Doobie Brothers' famous song Long Train Coming.It was a big hit (No.8 in USA/ No.7 in the UK) in 1973. (
This song is the base of Traks 1982 LP. I mean you can regard it as variations for the song Long Train Running.
After a short percussion onnly song coming "Short Train Runnin'" which is actually the instrumental version of "Long Train Coming".
"Love Train" is always remind me Funk Machine as mixed with Shirley & Company's instrumental version of Shame, Shame, Shame.
"Driving Her On Broadway" also great dance song a la Awerage White Band and Blue Feather.
You can also find this song on Micioni's solo album. The only difference between them is Micioni's version is a bit longer.

Though the album is quite short with 6 songs only, but it is perfect if you wanna dance. If you know Gibson Brothers then you know how i mean,of course with less latin elements.

I made an entry called "Long Train Coming" where i added the original Doobie Brothers song and some remake versions as well. Check it if you want to listen them!

More review:

GET READY (1983)

Backing Vocals - Traks, Charles Cannon ( , Douglas Meakin (ex-Motowns , and, Laurie Andrew (Laurie Forsey: L.A. based musician/producer/writer who wrote music for films such as 'Flashdance', 'Breakfast Club'), (Charles Cannon and Douglas Meakin now work with Claudio Chato Pizzale see:
Bass - Peter Micioni
Drums, Percussion - Marian Savati , Walter Martino ( and (also on Gary Low 1983 LP) Guitar - Mike Francis ( and (also on Gary Low 1983 LP)
Guitar [Lead], Engineer - Max di Carlo
Guitar [Rhythm] - Paul Micioni
Keyboards, Piano [Acoustic], Bass [Fretless] - Robert Masala (also on Gary Low 1983 LP)
Producer - Traks
Recorded By, Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli (also on Gary Low 1983 LP)
Vocals - Aax Donnell , Mike Francis (also on Gary Low 1983 LP)

Written-By - A. Arbex (Fernando Arbéx of Barrabas) (tracks: 07) , F. Puccioni* (tracks: 05) , L. Andrew* (tracks: 01, 04, 06) , M. Di Carlo* (tracks: 01, 03 to 06) , P. Micioni* (tracks: 01, 03 to 06) , R. Marsala* (tracks: 01, 03 to 06) , Robinson* (tracks: 02)

Credits for You Can Feel It (12") (1985) :
Arranged By - Max di Carlo* , Paul Micioni , Robert Masala /Edited By - Marco Trani /Mastered By - Marcello Spiridioni/ Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli , Maurizio Montanesi Producer - Traks /Recorded By - Mark Covaccioli

Credits for Aax Donnell & Eric Malone - Golden Cage (1985)
Arranged By - M.Di Carlo* , R.Masala* Mastered By - Marcello Spiridioni/Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli /Producer - Aax Donnell , Eric Malone , P.R.M. Written-By - A.Donnell* , M.Di Carlo* , M.Marchione* , R.Masala*

"You Can Feel It"


01 Give Me Some
02 Get Ready
03 5 A
04 Don't Fight It
05 Hot Love
06 Don't Leave Me Now
07 Wild Safari

08 Aax Donnell & Eric Malone - Golden Cage (1985)

YOU CAN FEEL IT (12") (1985)

09 You Can Feel It (9:30)
10 You Can Feel It (Version Cabriolet) (8:10)

11 Barrabas - Wild Safari (1971)

Link to download:

"a group called "traks" did the best mix of the barrabas song "wild safari".. :)"

Yes but this is not the only great song here! Though you can find their biggest hit "Long Train Running" on the first slbum, Traks' second album is also contains some peak point like "Give Me Some", "Don't Fight It" or "Hot Love". And don't forget the outstanding "Get Ready",the cover version of a "Motown song written by Smokey Robinson, which resulted in two hit records for the label: a U.S. #29 version by The Temptations in 1966, and a U.S. #4 version by Rare Earth in 1970. (

If you need a lot of other versions of Get Ready , just scroll your mouse down to find them in "Va-Get Ready" entry.

I also added the original version of "Wild Safari" from Barabas , the "Santana-influenced Spanish dance/funk/rock group that broke out on the international dance scene when their tune “Woman” became very popular in the NYC underground dance world" (

If you are looking for true italo disco songs, then take the bonus section with Aax Donnell & Eric Malone - Golden Cage and "You Can Feel It". Aax Donnel was Traks's member,this is the reason why i added this song.

Jut a note for the credits, Douglas Meakin ( , Penny Brown (on Traks 1st album), Walter Martino released a fantastic italo disco album as Crazy Gang in 1983. Maybe i will share it in the near future.

In the early 80s at the end of a dj session of their tour, Paolo and Pietro Micioni and two of their friends decide to record the cover of the Doobie Brothers’s hit ‘Long Train Runnin’ one of the most fascinating song in their usual selection. Unexpectedly the song became an international hit on top of the Japanese and most European charts and they decided to record an entire album. The second single was ‘Get Ready’ a famous song by Temptations. Another track is ‘Wild Safari’ by Barrabas. The basic idea of the project was ‘to cover’ in a dance style some of the best rock and soul classics.

PETER MICIONI (Pietro Micioni):
(member of No Noise, P&P Micioni, Progetto Tribale)

"Pietro Micioni, popular dj until the 90's, who has not missed sellings and reviews during all house music period and succesful were also his tours and concerts all around the Europe. Musician and composer, he is also a member of the electronic music duo NO NOISE
( Pietro Micioni is one of the founding members and producers of the indy label Twilight Music. As a producer he took care of the projects by Marina Rei, Tiromancino, Niccolo Fabi and many others. At present he is engaged moreover as a producer of the series Via Asiago, 10, which since November 2004 put into market the historical Radio Rai's catalogue, which collects all the successes of the first 80 years of Italian radio."

"Pietro Micioni is a composer and musician on the pop and dance music scene from many years. He has been a successful DJ and as a composer together with his brother, the producer Paul Micioni, he arranged music and produced many Italian pop and dance artists selling over ten million records in the world."

More info:

"Producer - DJ Paul Micioni is a dj who can boast over 10.000.000 record sold all over the world. With his music he made three generations dance, and he gained rare reviews among which gold and platinum records. As a producer he worked on projects by Marina Rei, Tiromancino, Niccolo Fabi and many others. At present he is the art director and founding member of Twilight Music, the indy label which, among many activities, had the honour of founding, together with Audioteca Rai, the label Via Asiago, 10 which since November 2004 has published the historic Radio RAI's catalogue. During over 25 years of recording activity he has produced records appearing in the hit parades all over the world, with frequent climbings over Billboard's first places."

More info:

Paolo and Peter Micioni the owners of Twilight Music (

(Left to right: Pietro Micioni, Massimo Zuccaroli and Paolo Micioni)

"Born of the association of musicians and producers Paolo and Pietro Micioni, Massimo and Claudio Zuccaroli, Twilight Music works on a professional level since over 25 years in the field of recording, music publishing, studio recordings, interlock, multimedia, vocational training, and in the field of music and information new technologies. All along Twilight Music owns the main feature of producing music, without any genre limits and music areas, founding its own identity on the ability of producing music concretely “new” and of quality.In the recording field it has under its belt over 300 publications realized all over the world with the best companies (Sony-Bmg, Warner, Emi-Virgin, Universal) for a total of about ten million records sold, several recognitions (gold records, platinum records and awards), and presences in charts and Top Tens of all the world."


PETER MICIONI - Peter Micioni (1980)


Arranged By, Keyboards, Backing Vocals - A. Alessandroni Jr.* ( and
Artwork By [Cover Concept, Design] - Claude Gorial (aslo on Traks 1st LP)
Bass - D.K. (Dino Cappa,see Traks), Robert Masciala (Robert Masala,see Traks)
Composed By, Lyrics By, Arranged By, Conductor, Written-By, Backing Vocals - P. Micioni* Drums - G. Aru (Giancarlo Aru,see Traks)
Engineer - Joseph Ranner (Giuseppe Ranieri,see:
Guitar - Max Matrihano , Nicol Distaso (Nicola Di Stasso,see Traks)
Guitar, Mandolin - Joseph Saint Mary (Pino Santamaria,see Traks), Max di Carlo (see Traks) Percussion - Walter Martino (see Traks)
Percussion, Engineer - Max Roak (Max Roach,he was one of the best jazz drummer ever,see:
Photography [Cover Photo] - Arpad Kertesz (
Producer - Paul Micioni
Trombone - Bob McDonald , Danilo Terenzy ( Trumpet - D. Scembers , Roy Fleming (,,431066,00.html)

Written-By - D. Sorrenti* , G. Santamaria* , M. Di Carlo* (track 01)/ Written-By - M. Di Carlo (track 04)

Produced for Speak Easy Records Recorded at Quadrasonic Studio New York City. Mixed at Bus Recording Studio Rome. Ed. Intersong Italiana S.R.L.


01 If You Wanna Dance
02 Driving On Broadway
03 I'm A Man
04 Let's Disco Dance

Link to download:
Notes for the credits:
Dino Cappa, Nicola Di Staso, Max Di Carlo, Pino Santamaria, Walter Martino and Robert Masala
also guested on Traks' albums

"very nice italo disco-boogie album"

"this record is a prime example of what "italo-disco" used to be before it turned into complete synth kitsch"

MICIONI brothers and EASY GOING:

I found some info on Easy Going's Myspace site ( where Paul Micioni, Peter Micioni has mentiones as band members.
It is true that Paul Micioni guested on it as vocalist on Easy Going - st (1978) album (as well as Walter Martino on drums and percussions.,who worked on many albums with Micioni brothers.)Ok but what about Peter Micioni? We got the answer from Claudio Simonetti (he was a member of Easy Going):

Were you going to discotheques in the early 1970s?

"Yes. One of the most famous clubs was Easy Going in Rome. It’s where I met the resident DJ Paul Micioni. We start to make productions together with Giancarlo Meo. We did the Easy Going albums." (

"In 1978, another important club opened in Rome called Easy Going. It was the first openly gay club in Italy. The club’s resident DJ was Paolo Micioni, who was soon joined by his brother, a precocious 14-year-old called Pietro, and Marco Trani. Since Easy Going was located in the heart of the Italian filmmaking industry, it had its fair share of actors and celebs, too. “It only held maybe 300 people,” recalls Paolo Micioni, “But sometimes you felt like the world was there because the atmosphere was magical. There were lots of important people there like Bianca Jagger, Roberto Rosselini and actors like Marcello Mastroianni. But also many many American DJs came to visit Easy Going, like Tom Savarese. It was a very trendy disco.”

One of the people Micioni met there was a musician called Claudio Simonetti. Up until then, Simonetti had been a member of Goblin, whose soundtrack work in association with Dario Argento had brought them worldwide acclaim. Simonetti was born into a musical family in Sao Paolo, where his father Enrico was then working (Enrico is well-known throughout Italy and the Latin countries as both a TV personality and musician). Returning to Rome as a teenager, Claudio studied music and composition at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia but also played in groups, firstly with Ritratto di Dorian Grey (Dorian Grey’s Picture) and then with Goblin, a progressive rock band whose first album ’Profondo Rosso’, an Argento soundtrack, sold three million copies.

“I was always a fan of electronic music,” explains Simonetti. “My first Moog, the Mini-Moog, I bought in 1972 so I was one of the first keyboard players in Italy playing synthesiser. I had a lot of synthesisers later. You can hear it in Goblin stuff and, for Suspiria, we used the big Moog, the 1500 Moog of Robert Moog. We rented it because it was so expensive.”

The pair teamed up with Giancarlo Meo, another Easy Going devotee, who at the time was a fashion importer/exporter and began to make records together. “When we met together, Paolo and Giancarlo, we decided to do a record for Easy Going,” says Claudio. “It was the first time in Italy anyone had done this. There were the brothers La Bionda but they were produced by a German label. But actually in Italy no one was producing this music when we decided in 1978 to make this record. Many Italian producers told me I was crazy for doing this. ‘It’s Americans who do this not Italians!’ they said. So Easy Going was the first album.”

Simonetti wasn’t the only musician to defect from the prog-rock and fusion camps. Several of Simonetti’s Goblin colleagues went on to contribute to disco releases, including bassist Fabio Pignatelli, who played with Easy Going and Mike Francis. Two drummers, Walter Martino (Goblin, Libra) and Tullio De Piscopo, whose early 1970s library releases now sell for huge sums, played on many of the era’s greatest records. Stefano Pulga began his career alongside Piscopo playing in bands with Stefano Cerri and Alberto Radius and went on to collaborate with the master drummer on his greatest productions under the name Kano, while Radius himself also contributed to Freddy The Flying Dutchman & The Sistina Band (included here). They frequently made up American-sounding names to lend credibility to their productions. “That’s because if we had told the people it was an Italian production, nobody would trust that it was good, because no one had done it,” laughs Simonetti, who used the alias Simon Pouds. “It was very funny.”

EASY GOING - Easy Going (1978)



Paul Micioni
Claudio Simonetti (
Giancarlo Meo ( and his firm:

Arranged By - Claudio Simonetti ( and
Artwork By [Cover] - Arpad Kertesz (also on Peter Micioni's LP), Claude Gorial (also on Traks and Micioni's Lp)/Artwork By [Director] - Matteo Martinolli
Backing Vocals - Carol Romanin , Coco Denver , Marilyn Gates , Vivien Vee ( and
Bass - Fabio Pignatelli ( and ), Roger Fergusson
Drums - Walter Martino (see Traks)
Engineer - Bill Taker , Joseph Ranner , Tony Marzullo
Guitar - Eddie Schunk , John Devil
Keyboards - Claude King (Claudio Simonetti)
Mixed By - Fabrizio '"Billo" Levati (, Gaetano Ria (legendary sound engineer and producer
Percussion - Emanuel "Pachito" Romero , Karl Potter (, Plutarco P. Topolinos , Walter Martino (see Traks)
Producer - Giancarlo Meo ( and
Saxophone - Dee Robinson , Stephen Boyer , Steve Leech
Trombone - Cordon Rubinstein , George Ficher , Joel Rodriguez
Trumpet - Chuck Derringer , Jimmy Brecker , Robert Sebastian
Vocals - Paul Micioni
Written-By - Simonetti* (tracks: 01,02, 04) , Meo* (tracks: 01, 02, 04)

Notes by saltyka:
some Italian musicians played here with english names:

A lot of the musicians you used had English names. Were they American or British musicians?

Claudio Simonetti:
"No. We changed the names! It’s like the ’60s when they shoot spaghetti westerns they just changed the names, even Sergio Leone had a different name. That’s because if we had told the people it was an Italian production nobody would trust that it was good, because no one had done it. It was very funny. Simon Pouds, for instance, is me."

"Do It Again"


01 Baby I Love You
02 Little Fairy
03 Suzie Q
04 Do It Again
05 Baby I Love You (Remix)

Link to download:

Notes for the credist:
Fabio Pignatelli/Walter Martino/ Claudio Simonetti were Goblin ( members. Walter Martino also played wit Libra (see above).

"No words for this album,only this:Fantastick"

"Claudio Simonetti was one of the greatest of disco music in Italy. Great talent known around the world thanks to Easy Going and Crazy Gang..."

"The first and maybe the most successful collaboration between Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo, the multi-talented writers, arrangers and producers of every release on Banana Records (e.g. Vivien Vee)."(

What background did Giancarlo Meo have?

Claudio Simonetti:
"When I met him he was not from a musical world. He was a businessman. He worked a lot with Italian fashion. But he decided he wanted to do this and be a record producer. When I met him he had finished recording a small production. When we met together, Paul Micioni and Giancarlo, we decided to do an Easy Going record. It was the first time in Italy anyone had done this. There had maybe been the brothers LaBionda, they were recording on a German label. But actually in Italy no one was producing this music when we decided in 1978 to make this record. Many Italian producers told me I was crazy for doing this. It’s Americans who do this not Italians! So Easy Going was probably the first album. The only other guy was Mauro Malavasi, he recorded Macho at the same time and then Change and others. I never met him, I don’t know him personally. I think I spoke to him once by telephone. I know his musicians and I have played with some of them but I never met him."

Do you remember recording things like Do It Again by Easy Going?

"Oh yeah. We recorded that album here in Rome in one studio. Not very big but it was quite expensive. It was very good for a disco sound. They recorded mainly TV shows and orchestras there. We tried to record here because it had a very good sound for drum and bass. We recorded this album live with many nusicians. One of the guys from Goblin played on one song, Fabio Pignatelli, on Suzy Q."

Did you and Giancarlo Meo work well together, because you made a lot of great music?

"He was a producer but he also had a good ear; he would say this is good or this is not good. But normally he was the businessman of the company and I was the music producer. He organised contracts, distribution, but he was a good talent scout. He’s found a lot of good artists. Even after we split. He’s one of the biggest producers of independent labels. He sold millions of copies of many artists." (

More info:

Some other projects of MICIONI brothers:

BLUE NIGHT - Turn Me Loose (1983)

Electronic, Pop


Laurie Andrew (see Traks) - Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar & Back.Vocal
Max Di Carlo (see Traks) - Lead Guitar, Bass (tracks 01,02)
Robert Masala (see Traks) - Keyboards, Piano, Bass

Walter Martino (see Traks) - Drums,Percussions
Arranged By - Laurie Andrew Forsey (Laurie Forsey) , Max di Carlo* , Paul Micioni , Robert Masala
Mixed By - Alan Leeming
Producer - Blue Night , Peter Micioni
Written by Laurie Andrew (Laurie Forsey, see Traks)
(tracks 01,02,04-06)
Written by Max di Carlo , Paul Micioni , Robert Masala (tracks 01-03)

A side is mixed together and has a duration of 14:00 Minutes.

"Turn Me Loose"


01 Turn Me Loose
02 My Design
03 Introducing Blue Night
04 Blue Night
05 Something More Than A Feeling
06 Fool In Paradise

Link to download:

Thanks to my friend for sending me this!!
You will think this is Alan Parsons Project's album when you listen the first three songs!! Fantastic stuff!

GARY LOW - Go On (1983)


Arranged By - Massimiliano Di Carlo (see Traks)
Arranged By, Computer [Rhodes], Piano [Acustic], Bass [Fretless], Drum Programming [Linn] - Robert Masala (see Traks)
Arranged By, Producer, Drum Programming [Linn] - Paul & Peter Micioni*
Drum Programming [Linn] - Gary Low
Drums [Simmons], Percussion - Walter Martino (see Traks)
Mastered By - Marcello Spiridioni Recorded By, Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli (see Traks)
Written By - Micioni / Masala / Di Carlo / G. Low

Recorded and mixed at 5A Studio - Rome - Italy
Special thanks to Lawrence Andrew Forsey (Laurie Forsey, see Traks) for his help as vocal coach and to Monica Savina, Sandro Proietti.

"I Want You"


01 I Want You
02 Play The Game (I'll Do The Same)
03 You Dream A Lot
04 Go On
05 Non-Stop Searching
06 Where I Am
07 Mi Querido Amor
08 Forever, Tonight And All My Life
09 Don't Shout
10 You Are A Danger


I WANT YOU (12") (1983)

11 I Want You (Extended) (8:30)
12 I Want You (Instrumental) (7:30)


13 Forever, Tonight And All My Life (Extended) (7:08)
14 Forever, Tonight And All My Life (Instrumental) (6:30)

YOU ARE A DANGER (12") (1982)

15 You Are A Danger (Vocal) (8:37)
16 You Are A Danger (Instrumental) (9:00)

Links to download:

"Gary Low still sounds fresh and energetic. Gary's brand of Eurobeat brings back memories of the likes of Gazebo, London's Empire, Heaven etc etc. Only that Gary's is more dynamic and heavily percussive. My favorite track is "I want you" in its full 12" glory. Although it doesn't have the elegance of Gazebo's "I Like Chopin", it's more danceable. "You are a danger" is a close second. "Non-stop searching" is slightly darker with more piano and more Gazebo-like. Last favorite is "Where I am" which I wish they had included an extended mix instead. If you also grew up in the Hi-NRG era of "So many men, so little time" and the like, don't miss this one."
Gary Low (Luis Romano Peris Belmonte)

"The artistic career of Gary Low started by chance at the beginning of the 80s when in Italy many English-speaking vocalists were engaged in dance projects. He was called to sing the pop song by Pierluigi Giombini ‘You are a danger’ that soon was on top of the charts of many European countries. His successful career continued with ‘I want you’ and ‘La colegiala’ a Peruvian cumbia written by Walter Leon and originally interpreted by Rodolfo y su Tipica. Gary Low’s version is a symbol of the eighties and the Spanish artist sold millions of records worldwide. "

Various (feat.NO NOISE) - CHAKRA LOUNGE (2002)

Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo

Members of No Noise are:
Maximus (Massimo Zuccaroli ex-Twilight) and
Peter Micioni


01 No Noise - Karma Shabda
02 No Noise - Asian Dream
03 Ensemble Ethnique - Amazing Sitar
04 No Noise - Chakra Lounge
05 No Noise - Yin and Yang
06 Maximus/Trilogy - Du Ar
07 Ensemble Ethnique - Lyra Shakti
08 Ensemble Ethnique - Pax
09 Maximus/Trilogy - Mystery of the Seven Chakras
10 No Noise - Red Muladhara
11 Ensemble Ethnique - Aruna Chala
12 Cafe 24H - Saint Maurice
13 Maximus - Wololo
14 No Noise - Sahasrara
15 Maximus/Trilogy - Du Ar (Kitchen Tools Remix)

Link to download:

Perhaps do you remember my Twilight ( post?
If yes,then you know that it was the band of Claudio and Massimo Zuccaroli, and it was produced by Paul and Peter Micioni.
No Noise is not else than a duo of Peter Micioni and Massimo Zuccaroli (alias Maximus). Massimo Zuccaroli now works for Twilight Music ( which was founded by Micioni brothers and Zuccaroli.
They jointly (with Paul Micioni) worked with such artists like Mike Francis in the 80s, Jamie Dee in the 90'S and Philippo Merola, Rumba de Mar recently.

"NO NOISE is the name of a group of individualists and creative musicians, DJ´s and producers based on Rome. The formation scoops out of different musical and technical trends of our time and introduces their first album "CHAKRA LOUNGE".

Maximus (Massimo Zuccaroli,see: and is a composer, keyboard player,opera singer graduated at the Florence Music Academy and expert of music technology. After classical music studies he acquired a long artistic experience in pop and computer music. At the beginning of the 90´s he started the project Maximus & Felix. Together the two composers realized three albums of instrumental music, a single CD, one mix and over 20 compilations in Italy and abroad including prestigious artists such as Brian Eno, Kitaro, Yanni, Tangerine Dream, Suzanne Ciani, etc...

Peter Micioni is a composer and musician on the pop and dance music scene from many years. He has been a successful DJ and as a composer together with his brother, the producer Paul Micioni, he arranged music and produced many Italian pop and dance artists selling over ten million records in the world.

The two artists Maximus and Peter Micioni together are the No Noise, the duo that kicked off CHAKRA LOUNGE, signing six of the tracks included in the album. The other artists supporting CHAKRA LOUNGE are: Ensemble Ethnique, a band that wrote and performed four songs of oriental inspiration and Mediterranean flavour and the young duo Cafè 24h, that contributed to diversify the musical selection with the track ´Saint Maurice´.

CHAKRA LOUNGE is the first original Italian Lounge Music release, that came to life due to the collaboration between Maximus and Peter and Paul Micioni

The ancient doctrine of Chakras, according to which every human being can achieve a state of perfect harmony within him/herself and with the universe around him/her, has inspired CHAKRA LOUNGEt. Without lingering in the meanings and teachings of oriental philosophy the main idea was simply to convey a feeling of well-being to the listener. Following the style of many lounge and chill-out productions and the trend of the new ´café´, ´bar´, ´lounge´ and ´supper´ albums CHAKRA LOUNGE is dedicated to an audience searching new sounds and rhythms that without being aggressive can infuse a pleasure for life and good company.

This release reminds of the variety of colours and elements of the chakra points exploring different musical worlds and creating unusual syntonies in a sequence compiled and mixed by Marco Fullone, DJs at Montecarlo Nights (a cult radio programme dedicated to new trends in music broadcast by Radio Montecarlo)"

"this IS a great new age album! it is new age music, so it's not a strong dance or singalong album... it's for kicking back and enjoying, possibly while working out or meditating. the whole world doesn't speak english. although more of them speak a second or third language than americans. anyway, for me the language barrier wasn't really an issue. and i'd say anytime you find yourself putting an album on over and over again you're enjoying it. there's always one or two favorite cuts on a cd or album, and i have to agree that the first cut is one of my faves. the rest of the album is equally strong in my opinion. anyway, 5 stars and two thumbs up from me!"

"This is a very good world / new age / lounge album, with a strong rhythmic component. The first cut, Karma Shabda, is so good that it took me a little while to realize that nothing else on the album quite reaches the same heights, yet the music is still consistently of reasonably high quality. This is definitely not a great album, yet I find myself coming back to it, putting it on when I want to be very relaxed, perhaps even a bit meditative. There are strong rhythms on a number of the cuts on this album, and strong melodies on more than one cut. Vocals play a role on a number of cuts, but they rarely have lyrics that this English speaking listener can parse."

"No Noise venture deep into the moods of electronica with their piano and bass sounds sharing the experience of the root chakra."

"I could never figure out why this record wasn’t more popular. It has everything you’d want in a cool, globally hip, slightly danceable release. Perhaps a major distributor in the U.S. and a scantily clad woman on an exotic beach somewhere the cover might have helped the cause."

More info:

for Maximus (Massimo Zuccaroli):



RANGE - Give Me (12") (1981)
(Producer - Paul Micioni)

01 Give Me (Written - Paul Micioni)
02 U.F.O. Love Encounter

SMASH ONE BAND - Na Na Na Na (Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye) (12") (1982)
(Produced and Arranged by Paul Micioni)

03 Na Na Na Na (Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye) (Disco Version) (Mixed by Paul Micioni)
04 Na Na Na Na (Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye) (Radio Version)

BO BOSS - Tequila (12") (1982)
(Produced by Paul & Peter Micioni)

05 Tequila
06 Hao Hao Ha

GAZEBO - Masterpiece (12")(1982)
(Produced and co-written by Paul Micioni)

07 Masterpiece
08 Masterpiece (Instrumental)

THANYA - Freedom (12") (1982)
(Written-By - M. Di Carlo (see Traks) , P. Micioni , R. Masala See Traks)

09 Freedom
10 Freedom (Instrumental)

MIKE FRANCIS - Love Has Found You (1982)
(Produced by Paul & Peter Micioni)

11 Love Has Found You
12 Nightime Lady

MR.LOVER - Run For Cover (12") (1982)
(Producer - Paul and Peter Micioni/Written By - P. Micioni , M. Di Carlo (see Traks) , R. Masala See Traks)

13 Run For Cover
14 Run For Cover (Instrumental)

15 TORTUGA - Tip Tap Dancer (Let Me Know The Answer) (1982)
(Produced by Paul & Peter Micioni)

16 KLAUDIA - For Your Love (1982) (Producer Paul & Peter Micioni)

GIANCO - Old Night Flight (12") (1983)
(Arranged and Produced By - M. Di Carlo(see Traks) , P. Micioni* , R. Masala (see Traks)/Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli (see Traks) )

17 Old Night Flight (Vocal)
18 Old Night Flight (Instrumental) (6:15)

AMANDA LEAR - No Regrets (1983)
(Written-By - M. Di Carlo (see Traks) , P. Micioni* , R. Masala (see Traks))

19 No Regrets (Extended)
20 It's All Over

HERBIE GOINS - Scrap Rap (12") (1983)
(Mixed by Peter Micioni, co-written by G.Santamaria (see Traks))

21 Scrap Rap (Vocal Version)
22 Rap (Instrumental) (8:10)

23 BOBBY SOLO - Ancora Ti Vorrei (1984) (Arranged by Peter Micioni)

two songs from FILIPPONIO - Cinque - All' Arrembaggio LP (1984)
(Arranged By, Conductor - Paul & Peter Micioni, Roberto Masala (see Traks)

24 All' Arrembaggio (Extended)
25 Canzone Degli Amanti

SAMMY BARBOT - Love Sensation (1984)
(written, arranged by P.Micioni, M.Di Carlo (see traks), R.Masala (see Traks))

26 Love Sensation
27 Love Sensation (Instrumental)
28 Love Sensation (Full-Slow)

four songs from CADENCE - Cadence LP (1984)
(Producer - Paul and Peter Micioni)

29 Back On Love
30 'Cos It's You
31 Starting Out
32 It's Over

MIKE FRANCIS - Survivor (1984)
(Mixed By - Mark Covaccioli (see Traks)/Producer - Paul and Peter Micioni)

33 Survivor
34 Late Summer Night

35 MIKE FRANCIS - Features Of Love (1985) (Computer [Emulator], Remix, Producer - Peter Micioni, Producer - Peter Micioni)

36 MIKE FRANCIS - Iron Out (1985) (Producer - Peter And Paul Micioni)

37 MIKE FRANCIS - You Can't Get Out Of My Heart (Extended) (1986)
(Producer - Peter And Paul Micioni)

38 AMII STEWART - I Gotta Have You Back (1984)
(Producer - Paul Micioni/Programmed By [Linn Drum] - Mike Francis , Paul Micioni)

39 MIKE FRANCIS & AMII STEWART - Together (1985)
(Produced by Paul Micioni)

40 THOTY - Love Is...(1985)
(Producer - Paul & Peter Micioni)

TWILIGHT - Star (1986)
(Producer - Paul And Peter Micioni)

41 Star (Extended Version) (Mixed By Peter Micioni)
42 Star (Instrumental Version)
43 Star (A Cappella)

CO-MIX Featuring - Y-10 - Relax (1988)
(Producer - Paul and Peter Micioni)

44 Relax (House Mix)
45 Relax (Smile Co-Mix)
46 Antima (Smile Co-Mix)

47 ADVANCE Featuring MAXINE - If He Knew (1989) (Producer - Paul Micioni Producer, Arranged By - Peter Micioni)

PM² Feat. O.J. - Body Talk / Africa (1990)
(Arranged By, Performer, Producer - P&P Micioni)

48 Body talk
49 Africa

50 PROGRETTO TRIBALE - Bongo Midi (1992) (Arranged By, Performer, Producer - P&P Micioni)

H.Y.P.E - Pump This Party (12") (1994)
(Co-Composed By, Arranged By P. Micioni/Executive Producer - Paul Micioni , Peter Micioni Mixed By - P. Micioni)

51 Pump This Party (Club)
52 Pump This Party (Melody)
53 Pump This Party (H.Y.P.E.R.mix)

two song from MISTRAL Featuring JAMIE DEE - Daddy (1995)
(Arranged and Produced By Paul Micioni , Peter Micioni)

54 Daddy
55 Daddy (Whistle Mix)

56 JAMIE DEE - Don't Be Shy (Phil Clary And Paul Micioni Club Mix) (1994)
(Mixed By - Claudio Zuccaroli , Peter Micioni)

JAMIE DEE - So Good (12") (1995)
(Executive Producer - Paul Micioni , Peter Micioni)/Recorded By Peter Micioni (tracks: 52,53))

57 So Good (Club Mix)
58 So Good (Soprano Mix)
59 So Good (Vocal Attack)

JAMIE DEE - Dreaming Blue (12") (1995)
(Co-Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Peter Micioni)

60 Dreaming Blue (Dance Mix)
61 Dreaming Blue (Club Mix)
62 Dreaming Blue (Stringappella)
63 Dreaming Blue (Album Mix)

two songs from JAMIE DEE - U (12") (1996)
(Co-Produced By Peter Micioni)

64 U (Dance Mix)
65 U (Eurobeat Mix)

BLUNERO - Dreams (12") (1995)
(Co-Written,Producer, Arranged By P. Micioni)

66 Dreams (Radio Edit)
67 Dreams (Time Mix)
68 Dreams (Club Mix)
69 Dreams (Dreams Piano)

PF SOUND - I Still Haven't Found...(What I'm Looking For) (1996) (Producer - Paul & Peter Micioni)

70 I Still Haven't Found...(What I'm Looking For) (P.F.S. Club Bass Mix)
71 I Still Haven't Found...(What I'm Looking For) (G.O.P. Illegal Dub' Fab)

Links to download:

Paul and Peter Micioni - notes:
They started with disco and italo disco in the 80s and used to work mostly with Bob Masala, Max Di Carlo, Walter Martino.

Some details:
Max Di Carlo (Peter Micioni, Traks, Blue Night, Gary Low, Thanya, Mr.Lover, Gianco, Sammy Barbot)
Robert Masala (Peter Micioni, Traks, Blue Night, Gary Low, Thanya, Mr.Lover, Gianco,Filipponio, Sammy Barbot)
Walter Martino (Peter Micioni, Easy Going, Traks, Blue Nitght, Gary Low, Mike Francis)
Mark Covaccioli (Traks, Gary Low, Gianco, Mike Francis)
Pino Santamaria (Peter Micioni, Traks, Herbie Goins)
Laurie Andrew (Traks, Blue Night, Gary Low)
Paul and Peter Micioni continued with house music in the 90s with X-Energy Records. Between 1993-1998 they worked mostly with Marco Gioia ( and Mauro Minieri.

They formed
PM² in 1990 and released two maxi. Later launched their another formation Progetto Tribale ( and between 1992-1995 and released five CD by UMM Records.

Some missing stuff, most of them released by
X-Energy Records , please let me know if you have :

The Village - No Money No Honey (1990) (Arranged by, Producer - Paul & Peter Micioni/ Written by P.Micioni)
Beat Busters - Let Me Tell You Something (1990) (Producer - P&P Micioni)
PM² Featuring Abby - Africa (1991) (Arranged By, Performer, Producer - P&P Micioni)
Bros2 - Livin' It Up (1991) (Mixed,Produced by Paul & Peter Micioni)
Los Tres Amigos Featuring Chaly Albert - Macarena (1993) (Arranged by, Producer - Paul & Peter Micioni)
Key Word - Naked In The Rain (1994) (Arranged by Peter Micioni)
Frankie - Watching You (1994) (Producer - Paul & Peter Micioni/Arranged, Written by Peter Micioni)
Sound On Stage - Take On Me (1994) (Arranged, Produced by Peter Micioni)
P.F. Sound - You Believe (1994) (Recorded By, Mixed By - Peter Micioni)
Password Featuring Luca - Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now (1995) (Mixed By - Peter Micioni)
Marina Rei - Al Di La Di Questi Anni (Remixes) (1996) (Mixed by Peter Micioni)
Marina Rei - Donna (Remixes) (1997) (Arranged By - Peter Micioni)
Niccolo Fabi - Capelli (Remix) (1997) (Mixed By - Peter Micioni)

Also still missing Progetto Tribale's five CD (1992-1995).

They also produced early albums of Mike Francis:

Mike Francis - Let Me In (1984)
Mike Francis - Let's Not Talk About It LP (1984)
Mike Francis - Features LP (1985)

Maybe you know the sad news: Mike Francis passed away after a long illness on January 30th, 2009 (
Mike was only 47. He was a gift of heaven, a great musicician with wonderful voice.
There will be a blog entry dedicated to him later this year.

Check this page:

If you know something about Aax Donnell and Marian Savati (Traks members) plesae let me know!


Anonymous disco for the devil said...

lead vocals on TRAKS and the 1st two Easy Going LPs were acutally by Douglas Meakin [although uncredited]

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I didnt know it. thanks for the info!


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Its worth commenting occasionally or even reading them as you pick up nuggets of information like the fact the vocals on Fear were by Douglas of my all time favourite Easy Going fact one of my all time favourite tracks period.
Love the first section of the Paul and Peter Micioni spotlight..the Traks album is awesome and the drum power tracks are such DJ deadly weapons, aside from doing the best version of Long Train Running aside from Richie Havens of course.
In my opinion it was 1982 when the Micioni's were at their creative dancefloor peaks..the sounds and breaks from Traks and Gazebo could keep a re-editor in bootlegs for years to come!
This blog is like my aural holiday home..I may not visit for a month or two but I always return! Thanks for posting such an Italo treasure trove of 12 Inch goodies..

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