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Space Music


Leslie Sonny and Laszlo Amadeus Gajda




01 Star-t
02 Startracks 4,3,2,1
03 IO Starship
04 North Star
05 Terra & Luna
06 Draco
07 Orion - 1
08 Andromeda
09 The Red Planet
10 Quasar
11 Orion - 2
12 Lyra
+Bonus track
13 Startracks 4,3,2,1 (radio version)

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01 Time Warp
02 Back to the Future
03 Gamma Spacelab
04 Earth 2
05 Boom Pang Boing (Clone 1)
06 Gulf Breeze
07 Ufologic
08 Clone 2
09 Sedona
10 Orion 3
11 Area 51
12 Cydonia & Giza

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01 N.O. M.M.O
02 Window to the Past
03 Contact
04 Star Gates
05 Zero Point Energy
06 Heliopolis
07 Magic Flight
08 Peter Sky
09 Pole Shift
10 Big Blue
11 Planet-X
12 Pyramids of Thoth
13 Stones of Calanais
14 Orion 4
15 Rainbow

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The origin of Hypnotix is back to 1981 when Kraftwerk first gave live performance in Hungary. This was the final moment for Laszló Gajda to decide to deal with such music, though he also knew and liked Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and other artists in this style.

He didn't have money to purchase expensive synthesizers, but he had electric skills, so he was able to build one at his home. At that time there wasn't at all such drummachine you could pre-programming in Hungary! This machine is still well alive and works even in the present days. You can listen to its sounds on "Star Gates" (in the following songs: „Peter Sky”, a „Big Blue” and „Rainbow”).

The duo started in 1996. Their three wonderful instrumental albums (there are sometimes voice samples as well) are the mix of vintage and modern music. They are pretty unique, and their sound is very professional. Brilliant gigantic vintage synth symphonies go here together with tight, danceable songs. Their aim to create music must be high standard but consumable as well. It means they have done all albums for long months, or even years. And they always use original sounds of instruments.

Their first album was used for a laser show in the Hungarian Planetarium. They have success not only in Hungary, but all around Europe since the German laser-multimedia firm "Lobo" use them for its shows. These songs also appered with many tv programms, films and coreographies.

Star Tracks (1997)
Star Warps (2001)
Star Gates (2007)


"Laszlo Amadeus Gajda, a producer, composer, arranger and musician in Budapest.

I`d like to show you some areas of the multi-faceted Hungarian music industry. Allow me to do this through my own contribution to a buzzing scene.

Some things I am or do:
Music producer of several gold and platinum records.
A & R of many new gold and platinum artists.
Day-to-day creative work with stars as well as new talent.
Judge and music producer in TV2`s big time talent show "Popstars"
Composer and performer of "Firemusic" for Hungary`s biggest event.
Connected with the whole spectrum of Hungary`s creative and industry talent.
Creative and production work at own studio, Soundlab.
Own compositions and own record releases."

There is nothing about his musical carreer on his page, except a few words of Hypnotix'philosophy. He is living in countryside but not far from Budapest.

"Im Leslie Sonny, one of the keyboard players and songwriters of Hypnotix.I like music and the world of synthesizers since my childhood.There are many forms to express yorself. I feel lucky to find a way in music with such an instrument, which is quite mysterious in itself and you can say is the "freak of instruments". Our main aim is not to get money by making music, but to express our feelings and to make something interesting for folks. It doesen't matter how many people like it if you are able to please your audience. We think, this is what composing and music is about"

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