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MASQUERADE - The Sound Of Masquerade (1984) and some more from Drafi Deutscher and Chris Evans

MASQUERADE - The Sound Of Masquerade (1984)

Electronic, Pop


Drafi Deutscher & Chris Evans

Engineer [Mixing] - Klaus Bohlmann
Engineer [Recording] - Drafi Deutscher (tracks: 01 to 04, 06 to 08, 10) , Jürgen Wagner ( (tracks: 05, 09)
Keyboards - Peewee (tracks: 05)
Keyboards [Ppg Waveterm System] - Chris Evans*
Producer, Arranged By - Chris Evans* , Drafi Deutscher
Written-By - Chris Evans-Ironside , Christian Bruhn (tracks: 03, 07) , Günter Beyer (tracks: 05) , Kurt Gebegern (alias Drafi Deutscher), Larry Zanga-Haney (tracks: 08) , Silvia Deutscher (tracks: 08)

"Guardian Angel"

"Everyday Loser"


01 Prologue (2:00)
02 Guardian Angel (4:20)
03 Love Hurts (3:44)
04 Deep Under My Skin (4:18)
05 Everyday Loser (4:48)
06 The Morning After The Night Before (4:35)
07 Jet Set Age (3:43)
08 Summer's Over (4:58)
09 Lay Your Head On My Shoulder (4:42)
10 Epilogue (0:58)
11 Silent Echoes Of Katja (B-side of Guardian Angel 7" and 12")
12 Guardian Angel (12")
13 Nino De Angelo - Jenseits Von Eden (Guardian Angel) (1984)

Link to download:

In one side Drafi Deutscher was famous for his German "schlager" style and in other side Chris Evans rather involved in synth-pop, new age and italo disco in his carreer.(He was behind "italo-disco king" Mike Mareen's first 1985 album as co-composer and keyboarder.)
The result of their joint effort is a cosy, catchy sunshine music with some hits, the most known are "Guardian Angel" and "Everyda
y Loser".
Perhaps the best work they have ever done together. Chris Evans' style more dominates here, he had much more freedom than in other cases. Though Evans and Deutscher several times helped each other since the middle of 70's, Masquerade was their only official band.

The music here is similar to Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me/ Limahl - Never ending Story/ Mike Oldfield With Jon Anderson - Shine/ UB40 - I Got You Babe.

A rare and must have album for the collectors!

For further details about "Guardian Angel" and Masquerade check this very good article:


I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I've lost my guardian angel.
A fleetin' glimpse of your heart losin' right from the start - no return
An' things will never be the same.
I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I've lost my guardian angel. . . .
Try to find the words that show I sympathise words of comfort

Words that never criticise though I know you simply laughin' at me

Ijust can't stop an' simply let it be.
Where are all those feelin's of my yesterdays

Feelin's now I have bring back those bad ole ways.
Though I know you wanna turn an' blow

I just can't stop an' simply let you go.
I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I've lost my guardian angel. . ..
Let me see you smile once more that special way warm as summer

On a chilly winter's day though I know you're simply laughin' at me

I just can't stop an' simply let it be.
I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I've lost my guardian angel. . .

The article above is about "The man (Drafi) who is behind Nino De Angelo's first big success" in 1984

Originally i wanted to put up only Masquerade,later decided to add more for your pleasure.
The following albums below are hard to find.

DRAFI DEUTSCHER - Krieg Der Herzen (1985)


01 Krieg Der Herzen (5:20)
02 Bleib Bei Mir (3:36)
03 Irgendwas Läuft Schief Hier (3:39)
04 Es War Zu Schön Mit Dir (4:32)
05 Der Teufel Wird Mich Übermorgen Holen (3:51)
06 Tief Unter Meiner Haut (3:53)
07 Dich Holt Niemand Mehr Zurück (3:34)
08 Da Bist Du, Da Bin Ich (2:50)
09 Für Einen Herzschlang Lang (3:30)
10 Mein Schatten Hat Hörner (4:42)
11 Doch Das Weinen Hab' Ich Längst Verlernt (5:15)
12 Signale Von Dir (3:56)

Link to download:

Between Masquerade (1984) and Mixed Emotions' first album (1987), Drafi Deutscher released some solo albums with the help of Chris Evans (Masquerade, Mixed Emotions).
Here are two for you (He has one more album from 1986 which is still missing).
His 1985 album is a nice follow of Masquerade. Though sometimes has more guitar and rock elements, some other songs could be on Masquerade as well (e.g: tracks 01,02,12).

His 1987 album:
Though some more contributors from Masquerade album are also guested here (René
Deutscher, Kurt Gebegern and Mat Dietrich), the sound is rather pop
close to Mixed Emotions' style.
You will find here the German version of "Guardian Angel"(Jenseits Von
Eden). The album was very successful in those parts of Europe, where
German is spoken. In my view his 1985 LP is maybe better.

DRAFI DEUTSCHER - Diesmal Für Die Immer (1987)

Pop, Rock

Arranged By - D. Deutscher* , M. Dietrich (tracks 01,03-07,11-14), Chr. Evans-Ironside (tracks 02,09 ),
Arranged By - D. Deutscher (tracks 08), Drafi Deutscher Jr. , R. Deutscher (track 10)
Lyrics By - Bernd Meinunger (tracks 01,07,11), Joachim Horn-Bernges (tracks 02,05,09,10), Günter Loose (track 12)
Music By - Drafi Deutscher (tracks 01,11), Christian Bruhn (track 06), Joachim Horn-Bernges (track 09), Al Camarro (track 09), Rene Deutscher (track 10)
Music By, Lyrics By - Drafi Deutscher (tracks 03,04,06,11,13,14)
Music By, Lyrics By [Original] - Chris Evans-Ironside , Kurt Gebegern (track 02)
Music By, Lyrics By [Original] - Drafi Deutscher , Thomas Bernfeld (track 05)
Music By, Lyrics By [Original] - Chris Evans-Ironside , Drafi Deutscher (track 07)
Music By - Christian Bruhn , Drafi Deutscher (track 12)
Music By, Lyrics By [Original] - Bernd Meinunger , Drafi Deutscher (track 08)
Recorded By, Mixed By, Producer - Drafi Deutscher , Mat Dietrich* (tracks: 1 to 8, 10, 12 to 15)
Recorded By - Chris Evans-Ironside , M. Dietrich (track 08)
Recorded By - Drafi Deutscher Jr. , René Deutscher (Track 11)


01 Diesmal Für Immer (4:25)
02 Jenseits Von Eden (4:20)
03 Keine Macht ... (4:18)
04 Mama Leone (4:09)
05 Asche Oder Diamant (4:04)
06 Welche Farbe Hat Die Welt (4:25)
07 Das 11. Gebot (4:10)
08 Just For You (4:14)
09 Herz An Herz Gefühl (4:13)
10 Tränenlos (4:06)
11 Conny Wird Nie Gebor'n (4:00)
12 Stark Sein Und Weinen (4:25)
13 Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht (2:28)
14 Auf Einmal Tut Es Nicht Mehr Weh (3:41)
15 Wie Die Musik (3:43)

Link to download:



Drafi Deutscher
Oliver Simon (1987-1990, 2009-) (
Andreas Martin (1991)
Franco Ruju (2009-)

"You Want Love"


Producer - Drafi Deutscher
Recorded By, Mixed By - Klaus Bohlmann (, Mat Dietrich
Vocals - Drafi Deutscher , Oliver Simon
Written-By - Chris Evans-Ironside , Drafi Deutscher (tracks 02-05,07),Duncan Pain (track 04),Drafi Deutscher (tracks 06,08,10)
Written-By - Chris Evans-Ironside,Drafi Deutscher , Dicky Tarrach,Jay Hawker , Slizzy Bob , Werner Becker (track 07)
Written-By - Doc Pomus , Mort Shuman (track 09)
Written-By, Recorded By, Mixed By - Drafi Deutscher (track 01)


01 You Want Love (Maria, Maria) (3:59)
02 Love Is So Easy Now (4:00)
03 Children Of A Lesser Paradise (5:04)
04 Changin' Light Of Love (3:50)
05 Life Ain't Good (4:18)
06 Bring Back (Sha Na Na) (4:02)
07 So CLose To Heaven (3:40)
08 It's Over Now (5:06)
09 Save The Last Dance For Me (3:11)
10 Sweetheart - Darlin' - My Deer (4:30)

Link to download:

If you still can't imagine Mixed Emotions, i would say their sound is on the halfway between Demis Roussos' 70's pop style and
Modern Talking/ Secret Service/ Chris Norman's 80's sound.
That means they play a typical 80's German pop music at the peak level, where some faster themes surrounding the
usually melodious songs. All this is true for their second CD as well.
As for the credits: Chris Evans, René Deutscher, Mat Dietrich all were
on Masquerade's album.


Engineer [Sound] - Mat Dietrich
Lyrics By - Chris Evans-Ironside & Drafi Deutscher, René Deutscher (tracks: 10)
Other [Make Up And Styling] - MAGO-Design
Photography - Esser & Strauß/Artwork By [Cover] - WA Dieter Serve
Producer, Arranged By, Keyboards, Programmed By - Chris Evans-Ironside , Drafi Deutscher , Mat Dietrich
Saxophone - Manfred Eggers
Vocoder [Ems-vocoder And Vocoder-effects] - Ludwig Rehberg (


01 Just For You (4:14)
02 Over The Limit (3:44)
03 Sweet Brown Girl (4:13)
04 Sentimental Song (3:57)
05 Chiquitita Renita (4:25)
06 I Never Give Up (5:28)
07 Little Lover (3:46)
08 Take A Chance Eileen (4:26)
09 One Way Love (3:58)
10 Grown Up World (3:20)

Link to download:

BEST OF (1990)

Tracks 01,02,04-06,08,09,14 (1987)
Tracks 03,07,10-13 (1988)


01 You Want Love Maria Maria
02 It's Over Now
03 One way Love
04 Bring back Sha Na Na
05 Changin' Light Of Love
06 Love Is So Easy Now
07 Just For You
08 Sweetheart - Darlin' - My Deer
09 Children Of A Lesser Paradise
10 Chiquitita Renita
11 I never Give Up
12 Sentimental Song
13 Over The Limit
14 So Close To Heaven

Link to download:


Arranged By - Nico Loges (
Mixed By - Frank von dem Bottlenberg
Producer - Wolfgang Heer


01 You Want Love (Maria, Maria) (3:45)
02 Open Your Heart (3:44)
03 Just For You (3:42)
04 One Way Love (3:28)
05 Love Is So Easy (3:06)
06 You Are My Angel (3:18)
07 Bring Back (Sha Na Na) (4:01)
08 Sweet Heart Darling My Dear (4:03)
09 Sweet Brown Girl (3:48)
10 Little Lover (3:14)
11 Children Of Lesser Paradise (3:58)
12 I Never Give Up (3:57)
13 Sentimental Song (3:45)

Link to download:

Biography of Mixed Emotion:
Mixed Emotions was a German pop music group formed in 1986, originally consisting of vocalists Drafi Deutscher and Oliver Simon. Drafi Deutscher sang, wrote/cowrote and produced/coproduced all Mixed Emotions songs (many of which were cowritten with regular producer and musical contributor Christopher Evans Ironside).

Their best known hit is probably from their first year of 1986, the song "You Want Love (Maria, Maria)". Other known songs are "Bring Back (Sha Na Na)", "Sweetheart - Darlin' My Deer", "Just for You" and "I Never Give Up". After 5 big selling singles and two successful albums the group split in 1989.

In 1991 Drafi Deutscher decided to continue with new member Andreas Martin under a slightly changed name - New Mixed Emotions. The new line-up released an album called Side By Side and two singles.

In 1999 the original line-up with Drafi Deutscher and Oliver Simon reunited under the original name Mixed Emotions for a new album called We Belong Together consisting of 2 new songs and 11 remakes (new music, new vocals) of their old hits. They did a lot of tv shows. After that album the group parted again.


Oliver Simon launched again Mixed Emotions this year (2009) with a new partner Franco Riju. Perhaps there will be a new album soon!

Deep From The Heart (1987)
Just For You (1988)
Mixed Emotions (Best Of) (Compilation) (1990)
Side By Side (1991)
We Belong Together (1999)

More info:


MR. WALKIE TALKIE - Happy Rummel Music (1977)

Pop Rock, Schlager,Disco

"Be My Boogie Woogie Baby"


01 Good Morning
02 Casatschok
03 Don't Be Cruel
04 Lolly Loving Cop
05 Natascha's First Walk
06 Be My Boogie Woogie Baby
07 Red River Valley
08 Tequilla
09 Silvia
10 Vienne Oh Vienna
11 Auto-Skooter
12 Tarzan's Monkey Bump

Link to download:

Drafi Deutscher's side project without Chris Evans.
This mainly instrumental LP contains some hits just to mention one: "Be My Boogie Woogie Baby". But if you are a synth fan, have to tell that it is lightyears away from the well-known Masquerade and Mixed Emotions' synth sound.

Various - Some from DRAFI & EVANS


01 Baby Champ - Monkey Bump (1976)
02 Tina Rainford - Silver Bird (1976) (Written by Drafi & Evans)
03 Tina Rainford - Guitar Man (1976) (Written by Drafi & Evans)

Jack Goldbird - Can I Reach You/Take A Look (12") (1978)

04 Can I Reach You
05 Take A Look

06 Big Wigwam - Heja Heja (1980)
07 Overdrive - Sugar My Overdrive (1980) (Written by Chris Evans)
08 Jack Goldbird - No I can (1983)
09 Pina Colada - Bye Bali (1985)
10 Ironic Remark - Rebirth Of An Anti-Christ (1985)
11 Nora - Questa Notte (1985) (Composed By Mike Mareen and Chris Evans/Keyboards - Chris Evans)
12 Drafi Deutscher & Chris Evans - Keep The Homefires Burning (1985)
13 Phoenix & Aphrodite - I Belive In You (1986) (Written by Drafi Deutscher)
14 Shipra - Sugar And Spice (1986) (Written by Chris Evans)
15 Laurent Antony - Flies (Remix) (1989) (Written-By, Producer - Chris Evans)

Link to download:

Drafi Deutscher had about 40 pseudonyms, you can find here some of them were used in the 70's and 80's:
Baby Champ, Big Wigwam, Jack Goldbird, Phoenix & Aphrodite, Ironoc Remark, Pina Colada etc.

(Some songs are italo, others are pop and disco.)

If you wanna get more Chris Evans than try here:

Chris Evans with David Hanselmann - Stonehenge (1980) (synth/new age/ambient)

Astral Sounds - Hercules 1982 (synth/new age/ambient)

Mike Mareen - Dance Control (1986) (italo disco)

For more Drafi Deutscher albums visit this page:

Drafi Deutscher (* 9 May 1946 as Drafi Franz Richard Deutscher in Berlin, † 9 June 2006 in Frankfurt am Main) was a German singer and composer of Romani/Sinti ("Gypsy") heritage. His best known song was the 1965 Schlager Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, which was featured in the 2006 movie Beerfest during the Oktoberfest scene. He also composed several worldwide hits, e.g., for Boney M., Nino de Angelo and Tony Christie. In the 1980s he achieved a huge success with his duo Mixed Emotions together with Oliver Simon and Christopher Evans Ironside, collaborating also with the latter in Masquerade, including their cowritten hit Guardian Angel.

Aliases: Drafi Deutscher And His Magics (in the 60's), Wir (in the 70's), Baby Champ (in the 90's), Ironic Remark (in the 80's), Jack Goldbird (in the 70's), Masquerade, Mr. Walkie Talkie (in the 70's), Renate Vaplus (in the 70's)

More info:

Christopher Evans Ironside was born only a few miles from Stonehenge in his home country of Wiltshire. While still young he learned to play piano. On leaving school he left for London to attend the renowned Trinity College of Music.

He studied composition and orchestration as well as continuing to perfect his piano playing while at the same time playing trombone in various London orchestras. Already he was writing arrangements for BBC orchestras in London, Bristol and Glasgow

A scholarship took him to the big north German city of Hamburg. There for the time being he completed his music studies. Later in life the urge to further broaden his knowledge led him to study at Berkeley (Boston, USA) and then at the Dick Groove School in California.

But first he had to make his mark in Germany where he wrote a great number of arrangements for all different kinds of bands and combinations. There then followed compositions for various record companies. This continued for a few years, the experience won contributing to further and future success.
His first releases as an artist himself (Stonehenge, Symbols) were received with enthusiasm by critics and public alike. Parallel to this he was composing music for films and also the music for numerous national and international commercials, two of which were awarded a Clio (New York) for the best film scoring, the most respected award in the business.
In addition came music for ballet, several musicals, and then as co-writer of the international hit "Guardian Angel". Many Golden and Platinum Discs bare witness to his success.

Chris always uses the means best suited to the job on hand. He is as much at home in his Hamburg studio surrounded by the latest electronic keyboards as he is conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for film music in a London studio. .

He has a fully professional studio in Hamburg where using the latest equipment he produces most of his music today. Here, too, he can synchronise music to the film (

Musician Christopher Evans Ironside (AKA "Chris Evans" or "Ironside"), is a successful and award-winning songwriter, composer and music producer. Born in England and based in Hamburg, Germany, his awards have included Gold and Platinum discs for collaborations with Nino de Angelo and Drafi Deutscher as Mixed Emotions and Masquerade.

In the early eighties Evans Ironside produced three progressive rock albums, the first two as a duo with singer David Hanselmann, "Stonehenge" and "Symbols", and the third as a solo project, "Empty Spaces," in addition collaborating with Michael Chambosse on a concept album, "The Timemachine."

Evans Ironside is a prolific soundtrack composer for film, television and theatre, with work including Die Rättin and Fisimatenten, and music for ballet productions by the Görlitz Theatre.(

Mike Mareen about Chris Evans:
"You forgot to mention CHRIS EVANS – INROSIDEM, who together with me has written many of my songs. CHRIS is an educated musician, who gained his fame with his own rock and pop projects, ( http://www.entertainment.dec/), film and ballet music, theatrical incinerations and very popular musician-composer advertisements. Chris has payed for me many times.He was also a friend of the very first new sound producers. He played the first legendary ARP ( First synthesitor) which came on the market.In 1976, the times of Silver Bird ( Tina Rainford) and my “ Sunshine of your Smile”, this instrument was already in use.

More info:

Some missing albums/songs below, please send me if you happen to have any:

Drafi Deutscher:

Drafi Deutscher - Lost In New York City, 1981 (album)
Drafi Deutscher - Drafi, 1982 (album)
Drafi Deutscher - Gemischte Gefühle, 1986 (album)
Drafi Deutscher - Wie Ebbe Und Flut (1991) (album)

Guadeloupe - Guadeloupe (1980) (song only,pseudonym of Drafi Deutscher)
Mr.Walkie Talkie - Natacha (1981) (song only,pseudonym of Drafi Deutscher)
Blue Lagune - Never Ending Love song (1985) (song only,pseudonym of Drafi Deutscher)

Chris Evans:

Synthi & Gert - Ghostman / Sister Susie's Synthesizer (1978) (Co-Written-By - Chris Evans)
Overdrive - Constantinople (1979) (Written-By - Chris Evans)
Overdrive - The Mass Production Lover (1980) (Written-By - Chris Evans)
Chris Norman - Come Together (1993) (Producer & Keyboard - Christopher Evans)

David Hanselmann Chris Evans-Ironside - Symbols of the Seven Sacred Sounds (1981) (album)
Chris Evans - Empty Spaces (1982) (album)
Chris Evans - Videovision (1985) (album)

Drafi & Evans:
Tina Rainford - Silver Bird (1976) (Written by Drafi & Evans) (album)

Mike Mareen - Mama Leone (1976) (Arranged By, Conductor - Chris Evans/Producer and Written by - Drafi Deutscher)

Pastell - Sentimental Song / Lovin' Is Easy (1976) (Written-By - Chris Evans&Drafi Deutscher/Arranged By, Producer - Chris Evans)

Josy T. - No I Can't Get You Out Of My Head (1988) (Producer - Chris Evans/Music By, Lyrics By - Chris Evans, Drafi Deutscher)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all your download links are illegal

you should remove them before the record companies notice them

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Very good side! Please more from DRAFI!

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JAN STEPHAN is also a Drafi-Pseudonym

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good man.Thank you. You help people to open fabulos music for themselves.God save the Internet!

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Blogger the saucer people said...

Did you ever try download the album "Chris Evans with David Hanselmann - Stonehenge (1980)"?

I went onto the link and it took me to a Russian site that seemed to want to install a toolbar and probably more unwanted software and I wondered what your experience was of downloading the album...its typical that its one album I have wanted to listen to for a long time!

There are quite a few "Astral Sounds" albums out on De Wolfe but I have no idea if Chris Evans-Ironside featured on all of them. The one you listed, the 1982 'Hercules' album is amazing. I have been trying to track down a couple of things by him for ages; another Astral Sounds album from 1980 called "Space Drive"

This looks amazing and I ever track it down I will post it you.
The other release I am trying to find is the 1978 single by "Synthi & Gert" called 'Ghostman'. You mentioned it in the list of additions. Did you ever track it down?

I have heard it as a re-edit but I would love to hear the original!

Great post, as always!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, youre welcome:)
The answer is for your question: no not yet, but i will upload it to you (Stonehenge).
Also will up Synthi & Gert within few days, but still missing Space Drive unfortunatelly.

Thanks for your kind comment& cheers

4:44 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Thanks for getting back so quickly Salty, great news about the Stonehenge album and the Synthi & Gert single. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to upload and post material so take all the time you need; this isn't a one-stop shop for all our vinyl needs after all!

Hopefully there will be more than just me who appreciates the upcoming Chris Ironside Evans posts, I think once people hear how damned catchy the Synthi & Gert single is, hopefully word will spread about the single, there was one copy of it on Discogs last week which said it had a couple of pops and scratches on it and was not in the best of condition went for 60-70 Euros (its gone now but it was definately that price range) so I wonder what a mint copy will fetch?!?

PS> looking forward to hearing the flip-side if you have it called "Sister Susie's Synthesizer" (I want to know if they managed to repeat that tongue-twister as much as they sing "He's a ghostman!"

A friend mentioned to me that he may have the Astral Sounds "Space Drive" album on a CD copy someone did for him so if he does find it, I will send it you ASAP....its funny how apart from the 1982 'Hercules' album, the other Astral Sounds albums don't seem to be surfacing on any of the library blogs or on EBay/Discogs for that matter...someone is keeping them close to their chest!!!

Once again, thanks for your help in locating these tracks, it is so appreciated and keeps my faith in the good of human nature alive.

5:38 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Hey Salty

I managed to finally download the Chris Evans 'Stonehenge' album from the Russian website you linked to...don't ask me how I did it, after keying in the codes about a dozen times, all of a sudden it started downloading!

Thank you so much for alerting me to it, its just so so good and has been almost a daily listen! To be honest I am astonished it is not more well known amongst the library/prog/pomp/electronica fraternity as it ticks every box a concept album should and manages to be sublime and over the top in the same space!

Still not tracked down the Space Drive album but I know its only a matter of time! I just say a list of all the Astral Sounds albums, there must be over a dozen of them!
What I want to know is who is hoarding them all because you rarely see any on Discogs/Ebay!

Just seen your incredible Oingo Bongo post and I imagine it must have taken ages to compile so no worries about waiting for the Synthi & Gert single, everything comes to he who waits...apparently!

12:07 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

Hi Salty

I managed to find a rip of the 1979Chris Evans-Ironside 'Electric Overdrive' album he did with Michael Chambosse. This was obviously a very creative partnership as they did the 1978 Synthi & Gert 'Ghostman' single as well as the 1980 'Stonehenge' album together amongst other things.

There were a couple of singles taken from the above album and I noticed you posted one in a compilation as part of this post. The whole album is wonderful in that late seventies disco/prog/rock/electronics way and very rare. There are only two copies on Discogs, one for 240 Euros and one for 350 Euros!

Its not my rip but its pretty good, no crackles or pops and at 256 MP3

Overdrive - Electric Overdrive
Catalog#:2934 112
Format:Vinyl, LP

Here is the Discogs link:

Hoping you can still post the Synthi & Gert 'Ghostman' single!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks so much for the album!!

In the meantime (i mean few weeks ago) i added some albums to you under my Belpop post inclusive Synth & Gert. It seems that you didnt find it, so i provide here the links again. Enjoy!:)

roland romanelli (as Mc Lane Explosion) - pulstar 1978

roland romanelli - connecting flight (1982)

various '1981 'april orchestra vol. 38' (pretty good comp. with some Romenilli songs)

Synthi & Gert - Ghostman (1978)(2 songs)

Cheers salty

12:56 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

*falls off the chair with excitement!!*

Huge apologies for missing the post you did for me with the links to the Roland Romanelli albums and of course the Synthi & Gert 'Ghostman' single - so thank you very much for all these amazing records, it is so appreciated!

"He's the Ghostman...He's the Ghostman..." every time I hear those lines it puts a huge smile on my face! The 'Sister Susie's Synthesizer' track is pretty wonderful too! Total vocoder madness!

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from France !!! there nice blog about great music from Masquerade !!! I got the rare cd sound of Masquerade... My request is : where I coul find masquerade lyrics from this album ? Thank you in advance... i know it's totally forbidden but if someone wants a copy just contact me :

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The names of the two Masquerade actors at all appearances are Günter Urban and Ole Olsen. Both have published various other projects as musicians under different names and live in Hamburg Germany. They are still good friends today

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