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Electronic, Rock
New Wave (NDW), Synth-Pop

Jutta Pardeike - Vocal
Pello Bender (Bernd Bender) - Guitar
Eddy Hinterscheid - Drums
Uwe Meinelt - Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Heckmann - Bass
Michael Kernbach (ex-Guildo Horn Band) - Bass, Producer (1999-2002),
Michael Schneider (alias Mihailo Szabo, ex-Guildo Horn Band) - Keyboards (1999-2002)
Albert Bisenius ( Keyboard (2000-2001)



"Nix neues in Poona"


01 Traumsprayer
02 Gib mir deine Hitze
03 Geiler Macker
04 Pinnochio
05 Werbepsychologe
06 Maklerschwein
07 Nix Neues in Poona
08 Anal-Lütick-Typen
09 Carlos, der Rächer
10 Babylon
11 Ritt zum Friedhof
12 Der letzte Tanz
13 Jet Set Star

Link to download:



01 Kingston auf Jamaica
02 Wilde Kerls
03 Anschlag in der Nacht
04 Reißwolf
05 Freizeitkaubeuys
06 Rebell
07 Flashlight
08 Atomwaffenfreie Zone
09 Arbeitslos im Wunderland
10 Knastsong

Link to download:

The first album is full of pretty good fast tracks showing the band's rock/punk side. Jutta Pardeike's strong, powerful voice superbly adjusts to these songs. The first Lp is better and more homogeneous, than -the also enjoyable- second one. It has a lighter sound with more reggie rhythms and synths. I prefer B side with such highlights as "Rebel", "Flashlight" and the beautiful slow "Arbeitslos im Wunderland". On the A side ma favo is "Wilde Kerls".

The band formed in 1982 in Trier which was a conservative jazz rock city at that time. The members of Lusthansa originally played in a jazz rock band Elbereth which was famous in Trier and around. Lusthansa career started when some members of Elbereth -Uwe, Pello, Phil and a young girl called Uschi- teamed up to play something different and new from jazz rock. They played their own songs and some from Police, Ideal and Nina Hagen.
They even found a name: Bushband. But there were already few bands with the same name and they had to drop it.
At the beginning all of this was just a hobby, and nothing serious. But everything has changed when Elbereth disbanded.
Now they could concentrate more seriously on their new project.Soon a new singer Pascaline arrived to replace Uschi who left the band in the meantime.
Her role is important because she was the person who gave their new name: Lusthansa.

More about the name:
There was a humorous label (or sticker) appeared on the market in 1980 showing two cranes as they copulate in a plane. This inspired Pascaline and the band to call themselves Lusthansa and to release the first album with yellow-blue coloures. They had also included a folder modelling a Lufthansa flight in size and colour with the history of the band and the members.

Their first concert in dec. 1981 was surprisingly succesful.They gave more and more gigs and their early doubtfulness and farfetched sterility faded away.

In April they made a record contract with Boney M fame Frank Farian and their first singel "Nix Neues in Poona" became soon a radio hit.
They were happy and not so happy at the same time. There was a six-month delay before the album was released which made them unsatisfied. But finally the album was on the market so they were pleased.
But problems just flocked around them. They had to give unexciting and multitudinous interviews and had to play in such places they tried to avoid like disco bars and in front of "sterilized" and boring public which didnt enjoy their music.
In the meantime, the second album "Neue Streiche" came out in 1984 which wasn't so succesfull leading them to split soon.
They reunited again between 1999-2002 with two new members (Kernbach and Schneider). They made few gigs and released a new cd "Die Neue" with some new songs and reworks of some older ones.

They prefered live performances to studio work. These live performances remain the stuff of legend. They gave many concerts lasted more than 4 hours depended on what their fans wanted! They were much wilder and more experimental on the stage. Unfortunatelly you won't find these 20 minutes long live songs loaded with fantastic improvisations on either albums. Just hope that some of them will be released some time in the future. ( and )

Nur Fjutscha (1982)
Neue Streiche (1984 or 1985?)
Die Neue (2000)

If my info is correct Jutta Pardeike married the drummer Eddie Hinterscheid and works as a freelance graphic designer in Trier.
Also found somewhere that she played with a Soul/Funk coverband "Springform" around 1983-1984, so it was between the two Lusthansa albums. And also made some solo works, but there is no more info about it.

More info:

PELLO BENDER (Bern Bender)
if i found the right man, then he leads a driving school in Trier.

More info:

1985/86 he played in Die Heiratsschwindler (
now lives in Berlin and works as "DV Kaufmann" (i don't know what is it) and he is also in the independent film industry as actor,componist and director

More info:

born in 1965,
1992 - 1998 bassist, author und mastermind of „Guildo Horn und die orthopädischen Strümpfe“
ECHO (best German speaking band), Viva - Comet (best live act), “Goldene Stimmgabel” (best German speaking act)
Since 1999 freelance producer, author, manager, marketing consultant for
WERNER, Michael Holm, Üebermutter(feat. Luci van Org) , Planschi, die Klostertaler, die GerdShow, Rokken, Ambee, Lusthansa and many more.
Double platinum and Gold as co-author of the #1 – hit ´Der Steuersong´ from ´Die GerdShow´ and the album ´Der Kanzler sin(´k)gt´, four other top 20 placements with ‘Die GerdShow’ in Germany

and columnist for 16 Vor magazine since 2007:

More info: (short bio)

More info for Lusthansa:


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Jutta Pardeike was part of Bamboo, later renamed Cazou, together with Steffi Klein and Silvia Petrovic:

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hi, thanks for the info!


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jutta pardeike's facebook spot!/jutta.pardeike

gruß marc hinterscheid

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I followed the story about SPRInGFORM at this time ... they where ok at the weekend sessions arround in Freudenburg, Pruem, Neuerburg ... I was a bit in love with the singer ,Alexandra Graf' who did a good job next to the lead singer from the States ... nice to be remembered a bit ...

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