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CINDY & ROY (Cindy Wallman and Roy Wallman) and some bonus

"white duo play black disco music in a perfect way!"

CINDY & ROY - Feel It (1979)


Lead Vocals Cindy & Roy
Drums, Percussions - Rich Cissel ( and
Arranged By - Jack Ebbert (Karen Young 84, Sister Sledge 82, (tracks: 01, 02, 04, 05), Rick Kunis (track 03)
Producer - Walter Kahn
Written By Walter Kahn (tracks 01,02)/ George Clinton & Daron Taylor (track 03)/ Ted Worthan & Cinthia Biggs (track 04)/ David Morris & Robert Meltzer (track 05)

"I Wanna Testify"


01 Can You Feel It (8:33)
02 Changin' Jobs (9:25)
03 I Wanna Testify (9:35)
04 While We Still Have Time (4:40)
05 Gotta Love Somebody Else (4:10)

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"One thing is for sure, their music has stood the test of time and is a prime example of good disco music that was still being made in the late 70s, despite the abundance of really bad disco."

"the lp is excellent, full of joie de vivre. These songs (and the album as a whole) are good uplifting disco music heavily orchestrated (50 musicians or vocalists collaborated) with every expected ingredients of the genre. It's like Dante's Inferno's album or Maxine Nightingale's "Hideaway", excellent pieces of disco music unfortunately unknown, and not forgettable obscure oddities. IMO every disco music lover would love it"

More review:

Rich Cissel:
"I was the live drummer for Cindy and Roy in 1979 - 1980. My name is Rich Cissel and I have some great live recordings of us playing live in Annapolis Md. The album " Can you Feel it " was recorded in Philly by session players. The song " While we still have time " went to number 29 or 39 on the Billboards black hits listing. The album was in the 50s when it entered the charts. It was rumored that bad timing for our signing to Casablanca ( new wave was just starting ) and having a picture of Cindy and Roy on the album cover was not a smart move. They were a beautiful couple with blonde hair and blue eyes with very soulful voices. We recorded some demos for our follow up album called " Back to Nature " but it never got released due to the passing of Neil Bogart and the changes made within the label.
We were managed by Primetime productions in Silver Spring Md. they also managed Van Mcoy and Peaches and Herb. Cindy and Roy were the greatest people that I ever worked with PERIOD !!!! Never an argument or a disagreement. They went on " The Merv Griffen Show " to promote their release of " Can you feel it " Does anybody have acces to it??? I hope that I answered your questions. I have more info. if need be. Peace, Rich Cissel"

We were called " Cindy and Roy and The New Censations Band " Originally we had 4 front vocalists 2 black males and Cindy and Roy. Clay Hunt ( he had a solo album produced by Freddie Perrin from the Peaches and Herb fame ) Tony Tillman ( he had his own Vegas act for many years and played Sammy Davis Jr. in " The Rat Pack " in vegas ) Roy Wallman ( he was originally the bass player ) Cindy Wallman ( Uhlhorn ) on vocals. There are two great press articles regarding them from Billboard, March 8th, 1975"


"I didn't realize they were members of New Censation! That's pretty cool. That LP they did in 1974 was released on Pride and was produced by Van McCoy. It featured the first versions of many tracks that would later be remade by McCoys other artists: First Round Knockout and I've Got Nothing But Time by David Ruffin; Come Down To Earth and Everybody's Got A Story by Choice Four. They were with him before he finalized his trademark sound, so their grooves are more straight up funk soul rather than latin soul.

Cindy and Roy were disco #55 in August 1979 with the two best songs of the album, both issued as 12"s in re-edited versions: "Can you feel it" and "I wanna testify""

Cindy&Roy are alive & well and still playing together! Check them here:

Feel It (1979)
Back to Nature (1980?, still unreleased)

More info:

WALTER KAHN (producer & song writer of Cindy&Roy)
now the president of Sunshine Entertainment Co Inc (

"Walter Kahn worked in Music Production on movies such as Rookie of the Year, Showdown in Little Tokyo, and This Is My Life.

Walter "Kandor" Kahn began his music career as a Top 40 radio DJ/announcer and recording engineer. His early music productions include "Loves Me Like A Rock", written by Paul Simon, performed by The Dixie Hummingbirds, and released on ABC Records. In 1974, he was awarded a Grammy for producing that recording.

In 1978, he was executive producer of "Hot Shot" by Karen Young, which reached #1 on Billboard Magazine's Top Dance Singles chart. He has produced artists for ABC, Atlantic, CBS, Casablanca, MGM, PolyGram, RCA and Warner Bros. In 1992, Kahn produced The Movement's single "Jump!", which was released on his L.A.-based Sunshine Records. It reached #1 on Billboard's Top Dance Singles chart and #53 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. He entered into a deal with Arista Records in New York to distribute the single and the subsequent album, which he also produced. In 1995, Kahn produced the hugely successful rap single "I Wish", by Skee-Lo, which topped the charts in the U.S. and throughout most of Europe. He produced Skee-Lo's first album and was nominated for a Grammy as producer under "Best Rap Album". Kahn's music is also heard in more than 20 films and TV shows."

More info:

CINDY WALLMAN (Cindy Hund, born 1948)

"I am a working performer/musician and have been for more than 20 years. As a first call vocalist in the Maryland-Washington area I've had the terrific experience of singing on local and national jingles as well as some promos for TV spots. My husband and I are producers for a major fitness music company, Power Music. I teach vocals and beginning/intermidiate piano in my studio. Our home also has a state of the art digital recording studio that enables us to produce the best quality for audio sound.
My husband and I had an album in 1979-80 with Casablanca Records. (Same label as Donna Summer) and we enjoyed success for 1 year. We were managed by the same management team as Peaches and Herb. I am a songwriter/musician with ASCAP. I have been blessed."

"Voice Description
My voice is of the middle range tone. My best performances are of the warm and friendly nature. My singing voice is strong and soulful with 25 years of singing leads and stacking vocals for group backups."

She was a member of Cindy & the Censations between 1967-1969

She guested on the following albums:
Tom Principato 1989 blues album
Lloyd Marcus 1991
Kevin Kline 2000
Jose Mari Chan 2007


Now works for Stageworkz ( as a Voice Educator.

And president of SUN PRINTING HOUSE is in the Commercial Printing, N.E.C. industry in PHILADELPHIA, PA :

Her newest project is "Talent Machine Presents “The Wiz”":

and there was a 10 weeks long vocal workshop in march this year where she contributed in:

More info:

ROY WALLMAN (born 1947)
now the President of New Censation Inc (Severn, MD Baltimore, MD Metro Area)
which is an Entertainment Group for Independent Artists, Writers, & Performers


THE NEW CENSATION - New Censation (1974)

Funk / Soul

Roy Wallmann - Bass, Vocals
Cindy Wallmann - Vocals
Clay Hunt - Vocals
Tony Tillmann - Vocals

Artwork By [Art Direction] - Bob Defrin (was the one who designed the AC/DC logo,see:
Artwork By [Design] - Alan Pecolick , Carnase , Lubalin , Smith
Executive Producer - Michael Viner (from Incredible Bongo Band, see:
Producer - Van McCoy ( and
Written-By - Joe Cobb (tracks: 06) , Van McCoy


01 First Round Knockout (4:32)
02 Let's Get Back Together (3:08)
03 I Was Made For You (3:04)
04 In So Many Words (4:30)
05 I'm So Glad (3:23)
06 The Wings Of Love (7:57)
07 I'm Bettin' All My Love (3:36)
08 Everybody's Got A Story (4:03)
09 I've Got Nothing But Time (2:18)
10 Come Down To Earth (4:48)

Link to download:

It seems they have faded into obscurity as there is hardly to find anything about New Censation. If i have to compare it, then perhaps there are some similarities with Hues Corporation, George McCrae, The Four Tops, early Temptations... but it is not the typical sound you can expect from Van McCoy, who was their producer and song writer. Though there's nothing terribly special here, the music is melodic and fun with good instrumentals and fine vocal backing. Some songs are really rock. The nuggets are "Everybody's Got A Story" and "Come Down To Earth" hang around in my head for many many times. For collectors and hard core Van Mccoy fans an acceptable choice. (salty)

Some about the other two members of The New Censation:

is truly a dynamic entertainer. Often compared to Sammy Davis Jr. and Ben Vereen, this Baltimore native, who now lives in Las Vegas, has traveled the world giving knockout performances to enthusiastic crowds. Tony's fast-paced and energetic style helped him secure an opening act spot with Bill Cosby that lasted over ten years.

His versatility, powerful voice and incredible stage presence have garnered him accolades from all quarters of the entertainment press.

Tony's early entertainment years were spent as a member of a popular singing group known as 'New Censation'. Their standout vocals took them to Europe where they performed in some of the most prestigious supper clubs with such international notables as Victor Borge, who invited the group to perform with him for the Queen of Denmark.

Joining the band in the early 1970's, he refined his singing talents while still in high school.
The group later toured all across the world, in countries such as Germany,Switzerland, Canada and Spain.
He formed his own group in 1979. It was The East Coast Brass

The East Coast Brass, a show band that toured all over the eastern U.S.,

He is currently working with Common Culture

More info:

still living in Maryland and currently performing as Clay Hunt's Pure Delite "A fabulous dance band that are popular in nightclubs in Baltimore, " (Weddings - Conventions - Private Parties - Bar Mitzvahs)

CLAY HUNT - Part One (1981)

Freddie Perren - Producer (died 2004, see: and

"Keep Me On Fire"


01 Keep Me On Fire
02 Midnight Plane
03 I Know Something We Can Do Together
04 (I'm Claimin') Finders Keepers
05 You Turned My Head Around
06 Love Hoppin'
07 I've Been Loving You Too Long
08 Distance

Link to download:

Here we are again with a very underrated, forgotten work which would deserve moooore! Perhaps it came out too late in 1981 when disco was already off its heyday.Or the problem was the poor promotion and/or modest record sales? I really don't know, but the sound is still fresh and strong. It is something like Peaches & Herb without female vocal.
And the songs are varied here nicely -upbeat, up-tempo disco funk at some points, mellow and a bit more romantic at others. An excellent production and arrangements from disco master Freddie Perren !

But let's talk about what makes this album more interesting. If you check the names have been credited on the album:

"As a producer/songwriter or as an arranger/conductor he has contributed successfully to the careers of such recording artists as: Michael Jackson, Maxine Nightingale, David Naughton, The Jacksons, Tavares, The Sylvers, The New Edition, Jerry Butler, Gemini, Arpeggio, Peaches and Herb, Clay Hunt, The Supremes, The Atkins, and many others, both here in the U.S., as well as in Europe and Japan.

Along with Quincy Jones and Freddie Perren, Samm Brown III is the only other record producer to have a #1 international hit ("One Day In Your Life") with megastar Michael Jackson during the 1970's and the 1980's. "One Day In Your Life" was also Michael Jackson's first #1 record in the U.K.

Samm is also a former staff writer and producer for Motown Records..."


Legendary Disco / R&B Producer (
Production and songwriting on Jackson 5 hits such as "I Want You Back" and "ABC". He also co-wrote and co-produced hits such as Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Peaches and Herb's "Reunited" and the Sylvers' "Boogie Fever".
It's no exaggeration to say that the '70s wouldn't have been the same without him, as he contributed to some of the decade's signature songs, particularly in the dance field. "He was an up-tempo guy," said his widow, Christine. "He thought all the up-tempo songs should have the heartbeat of somebody who was dancing, and he always checked his rhythms to that."
He established himself as a leading behind-the-scenes figure of the funk-disco era, working on hits like "Love Machine" (the Miracles, 1975), "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" (Tavares, 1976) and "If I Can't Have You" (Yvonne Elliman, 1978). He won a Grammy for "I Will Survive" (best disco recording, 1980), as well as one for producing two songs from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack (album of the year, 1979).

He also worked on the soundtracks of the movies "Hell Up In Harlem" (1973) and "Cooley High" (1975). Like most top producers, Freddie Perren could be a perfectionist. Herb Fame of Peaches and Herb once said of the duo's 1978 "2 Hot" album, which Perren produced, "Making that album took us a month, working 13 hours a day, including Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes Freddie would make us do one word over and over again, 50 or 60 times, until we got the sound he wanted."

who also cooperated with Freddie Perren on many good albums and "'70s wouldn't have been the same without him". Few Perret/Wyatt albums:
The Miracles (1975), Peaches & Herb (1979 and 1981), Gloria Gaynor (1979), Atkins (1982), The Spinners (1982), andJohnny Gill (1983) .

And what is that you can expect?

"Funky R&B with a smooth, shimmering Disco sheen is a hallmark of the Freddie Perren sound." (

So i think it is a great addition to any classic disco library, and also highly recommended to Freddie Perren collectors!

More info:


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