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CRO-MAGNONI COLA (Cro Magnon´s Coke)

Electronic, Rock
Dark Wave, Synth-Pop, Industrial, Alternative Pop/Rock, Minimal

Kósa Vince ( - Guitar
Szántó Zoltán - Bass, Keyboards
Szász György (28.jul.1959.) - Concept, Vocal, Keyboards


CMC (1990)


01 Cro-magnoni Cola
02 Vízállás jelentés (Water-level Report)
03 Vörös földek (Red Lands)
04 Kitalált helyek (Fictious Places)
05 Relativitás (Relativity)
06 Nincs tánc, nincs zene (No Dance, No Music)
07 Ítélet (Judgement)
08 A legkülső kör bezárul (The Outermost Circle Is Closing)
09 Ráz a csend (Shaking Silence)

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Take first the second album, it has a better quality and more enjoyable as well.

HALÁLMORZE (Deathmorse) (1991)


01 Visszafelé (Backwards)
02 Ethno-technic
03 Broken-up Faces
04 Halálmorze (Deathmorse)
05 Arragement
06 Nincs tánc, nincs zene II. (No Dance, No Music II.)
07 What People, What Times
08 Europe
09 A legkülső kör bezárul [CD Bonus Track] (The Outermost Circle Is Closing)
10 Ítélet [CD Bonus Track] (Judgement)
11 Ráz a csend [CD Bonus Track] (Shaking Silence)

Link to download:

Originally CMC is the abbridgement of Cromagnon-i Cola. It founded in Budapest (the capital of Hungary) by György (George) Szász who worked in the printing idustry at that time.
The other two members joined him to launch one of the best and most underrated Hungarian band ever. They easy reach the standard of Western -Europe's electro-industrial music (Xymox, Borghesia, Laibach etc.)
And their sound - even now- is terrible fresh and their music is never boring.
Vince Kósa earlier was in another great industrial band called Art Deco, which was active in the middle 80's.
The genre of their music is hard to describe, but it is a very unique mix of industrial, dark wave and techno pop. Perhaps "industrial - shamanistic noise music" like Kósa's earlier band Art Deco.
Their concerts were complete audio-visual (movie) shows.
They even played before Test Department. (In 1985, Vince Kosa helped organize the first Test Dept. shows in Budapest)
Their lyrics were written by Ilona Visnyei (wife of György Szász), and she also painted their concert flyers as well.
In the meantime György Szász founded his own indipendent records label: Weast CMC, to release CMC and other Hungarian bands played in the same or similar style. (BP Service, CMC, F.O.System, Happy Dead Band, Keleti Fény, Lacht El Bahhtar, Sziámi)
I posted F.O.System earlier, and i will Lacht El Bahhtar later.

They have only two albums, with almost the same tracklist.

György Szász was also involved in the organisation of some of the Hungarian alterock festivals Hungarocarrot (late 80's and 90's) which was the most significant festival at that time a la "pre-Sziget".
Thanks to him we could seen such bands like Bourbonese Qualk, Cassandra Complex, Borghesia, Laibach etc.

Vince Kósa is now living in Los Angeles. Apart from Art Deco and CMC, he also played in Bp. Service (1985-2000, see this: before moved to America. One of his latest project is Jazzadella, "Jazzadella from 2004, which is a collaborative project from 2004 with my Bulgarian-American musician friends as a free-form jamming in their studio."
He released a solo album in the USA which got lot of praises. (

György Szász has a printing company and somebody mentioned that he also an owner of a second-hand bookshop.

Zoltán Szántó own a studio near Budapest and his other hobbies are travelling, motor biking and go diving.

CMC (1990)
Halálmorze (1991)

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