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THE GO BETWEENS - bellavista terrace: best of (1999)


Im very moody today for two reasons. My muchloved cat has died suddenly early in the morning,and soon after ive learnt that one of my favourite singer Grant McLennan also passed away.
so its the day to remember them for me....

Grant McLennan
On Saturday 6th May, legendary Australian singer songwriter Grant W McLennan died in his sleep at his home in Brisbane.
McLennan was one of Australia’s greatest songwriters who created an outstanding musical legacy as a founder member of The Go-Betweens and as a solo artist. He was enjoying enormous acclaim for the band’s most recent album Oceans Apart, which has received five star reviews around the world and won a prestigious ARIA award.
McLennan was born in Rockhampton, Queensland on 12th February 1958. While attending university in Brisbane he met fellow student Robert Forster and together they formed The Go-Betweens. After releasing a string of singles the band recorded their debut album, Send Me A Lullaby, in 1981. The Go-Betweens recorded a series of exceptional albums that achieved widespread critical acclaim and were fundamental in bringing Australian music to a global audience. He was an unparalleled lyricist and a prolific and meticulous composer. His auto-biographical masterpiece ‘Cattle and Cane’ was recently voted by the Australian Performing Rights Association as one of the ten greatest Australian songs of all time.
In 1989 The Go-Betweens took a ten year sabbatical and McLennan recorded four powerful solo albums including the vivacious debut Watershed and the epic Horsebreaker Star as well as forming satellite groups like Jack Frost with Steve Kilbey of The Church and The Far Out Corporation with Ian Haug of Powderfinger.
When Robert Forster and Grant McLennan reformed The Go-Betweens in 2000, the band was greeted with adulation by a new generation of musicians like Belle and Sebastian, for whom their songs had been an inspirational teenage soundtrack. The three albums the band subsequently released were universally acknowledged as containing some of McLennan’s greatest compositions.
McLennan was a passionate supporter of the arts, extremely well-read and maintained a keen interest in all contemporary music, cinema and visual art. He was an exceptionally charming and polite man who endeared himself to everyone who met him and was one of the rare individuals worthy of the epithet ‘larger than life’.
His singular contribution to music and his commitment to his craft simply cannot be overstated. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. He is survived by his mother, his sister, his brother, his son, girlfriend Emma, his bandmates Adele Pickvance and Glenn Thompson and lifetime musical colleague and friend Robert Forster.
Bernard MacMahon, Lo-Max Records, 6th May 2006

Pop Rock, Indie Rock

Backing Vocals - Amanda Brown (tracks: 1, 8, 12) , Grant McLennan (tracks: 9, 12, 14) Bass - John Willsteed (tracks: 1, 12, 14) , Robert Vickers (tracks: 2, 4, 6 to 11, 13) Drums - Lindy Morrison, Guitar - Grant McLennan , Robert Forster
credits: Lead Vocals - Grant McLennan (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12) , Robert Forster (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14)
Producer - John Brand (tracks: 3 to 6, 9) , Mark Wallis (tracks: 1, 12, 14)
Violin - Amanda Brown (tracks: 1, 10, 12)


1. Was There Anything I Could Do?
2. Head Full Of Steam (vocals Tracey Horn from Everything But The Girl)
3. That Way
4. Part Company
5. Cattle And Cane
6. Draining The Pool For You
7. The Wrong Road
8. Bye Bye Pride
9. Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
10. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
11. Bachelor Kisses
12. Streets Of Your Town ------its a beautiful song try it!!!!
13. Spring Rain
14. Dive For Your Memory

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

" imagine the smiths and the cure hooking up and getting pregnant out of wedlock, then getting married, then honeymooning in australia, where they have their baby--which they name the go-betweens--and leave it stranded on the cove-front deck of the sydney opera house to fend for itself. down-under pop brilliance. probably the most accessible and delightful band that never made it big (note: there is NO valid reason these guys were never commercially successful...and if the humorously venomous liner notes are any indication, the band members are still quite bitter)."

"I actually heard more about the group than actually heard their music. With all the rave reviews, I figured they were worth hunting down. After listening to this compilation, I'm intrigued by some of their other albums. The Go Betweens have a great, breezy, intelligent pop-rock sound, a bit like the Church in fact. My favorites here are 'Streets of Your Town', 'Dive For Your Memory' and 'Draining the Pool For You'; the rest of the CD is great as well. As for people upset with the artist's 'egotistical' liner notes; it looks to me the artist was simply proud of the music and was justifiably upset being passed over by lesser lights. Nothing wrong with that attitude; maybe if other groups had it, the dreck would disappear. This CD is highly recommended for those who want to escape 80's mush. It gets quite a bit of attention when I play it. Now if only the powers that be would reissue '16 Lovers Lane' in the U.S. ..."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your cat and your favorite singer Saltyka.
My respect,


6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Saltyka,

I'm very sorry about your Cat.
I have two Cats and I love them so much that I tattooed their names near my heart.
Keep strong and if you can there are plenty of lil Cats that would love a warm person like yourself. :)


1:04 AM  

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