Tuesday, May 30, 2006

H.I.M - Many In High Places Are Not Well (2003)

"dub. electronics, afrobeat and jazz sensibility merge with HiM"

Dub-influenced post-rock outfit led by multi-instrumentalist Doug Scharin.


Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Jazz-Rock, Experimental


01 Elementals (9:21)
02 Many In High Places (5:48)
03 Slow Slow Slow (6:04)
04 The Way The Trees Are (8:16)
05 Perspective From A Slow Spin (4:53)
06 Elope And Secede (5:13)
07 Coming Of Age (8:27)

Link to download:

some bio:
HiM started as a home-recorded solo project of drummer Doug Scharin. Since the first records in the mid 90s, the evolution of the band has been extraordinary.
For Peoples, the latest and seventh HiM album, Antibalas founder Martin Pera and trumpet player Jordan Mclean joined in the fun, as well as Need New Body bass player Griffin Rodriguez, singer Christian Dautresme, Doug Scharin, Adam Pierce, and Josh Larue.

"Since 1995, Doug Scharin (the brainchild of HIM) has attempted to bring elements of jazz, dub and afro-beat into the realm of post-rock. And you've got to hand it to him, Many In High Places Are Not Well develops this sound into more than just the sum of its parts. This is HIM's most complete and accomplished work to date. While the dub elements are still present, the reliance on studio trickery and sample manipulation gives way to more structured melodies and some killer grooves. The horns are still there, but the lines are more thoughtful and emotional than the burning solos heard on the last HiM album. And of course the dub influence can still be felt, seen? But perhaps the most notable change for the new band is the addition of vocals - gorgeous work-song harmonies provided by Christian Daustreme (The Letter E, The Screw), in English and French.
Fourth album from dub and jazz-influenced polyrhythmic post-rock nontet led by ex-Codeine drummer Doug Scharin. Features the same lineup as the group's last album, 2001's 'New Features', with the addition of Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground Duo, Isotope 217), Abdou M'boup (Senegalese kora player for Randy Weston, Tom Tom Club), Joe Goldring (Swans, Out in Worship) and Adam Pierce (Mice Parade). Joyous, playful music unfettered by generic boundaries, this is a logical progression for HIM and includes vocals for the first time, in English and French from guitarist Christian Dautresme. "

"This CD has such a wide appeal - melodic jazz beat interspersed with a world music tangible feel. Loved especially the vocals and lyrics both in English and French, such a wide appeal to those of us who don't keep our feet (or our souls) in one small place on the planet. Let's hear some serious airplay for this CD."

more info:
http://users.pandora.be/fugazi/him.htm fan page

more review:


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