Saturday, May 13, 2006




01 Welcome To The Parallax Testing Facility (0:32)
02 Lift Off (Album Mix) (5:52)
03 Crocodiles In The Sky (4:03)

Vocals - Melvin White , Nancy Fortune
04 Antisocial Tendencies (6:37)
05 Iro (Autistic Remix) (6:29)
Vocals - Kaori Kuwabara
06 (Searching For A) Cybernetic Lover (5:14)
07 Thema Di Cocadisco (5:12)
08 Whore Of The Floor (Disco Sucks) (5:13)
09 Invasion (6:33)
10 Fear (5:59)
Vocals - Guy Tavares , Helga La Blaque
11 Slowflight / Runner (10:06)
12 Phonecall From The Hague (0:13)
13 Burning Ignorance (6:23)
14 Theme From Pack (Remix) (6:08)

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"Electroclash" all over the place.After Electro, in his 80" s retro " outfit, has developed to the rouling sound of international fashion expositions and Miss Kittin even appeared on a homeless magazine announcing: "Electropop! The Sound Of The Summer" decorated in sweet " coloured letters, one of the most influential Electro " Artists I"f and his partner Intergalactic Gary as The Parallax Corporation are coming on with the counter " attack on Gucci / Prada " Electro. And even though I-f and his Parallax Corporation were recently called one of the "10 essential players" of "Electroclash" by the english NME, they set completely different signs then the ones we are used by Neo " Electro " Pop, always trying to enbody Style, Sex, Glitter and Decadence. The NME wasn" t that wrong when it discribed The Parallax Corporation as "brutal italo " disco " noir". The movie "The Parallax View" (R: Alan J. Pakula, 1974) served The Parallax Corporation as visual pattern for their album. The affinity for the metaphorical story of the film is getting together with I-f" s humoristic pessimism and his scepticism about media, fashion and politics. For this reason the exception " artist decided early to work in independent networks. The sound of the two last Disko B releases "Fucking Consumer" and "Man from P.A.C.K" " sited somewhere between Techno, Acid " melodies, analogue synthesizer " soundscapes and electro " has been expanded by the component "COCADISCO": a mixture that quotes (Italo) " Disco and Funk in a bastardy way and is gorgeously put in scene by the Soul of Nancy Fortune" s, Fred Ventura" s and Mr. Melvin White" s vocals.I-f is a consequent musician and tactician, considered as one of the freshest composer of the Electro " Scene. The team " work with Intergalactic Gary at Parallax CorporatioN has focused the view: Real Electro by Realy People and finish with the Non " Stop electronic Cabaret!

"F is back on Disko B! His project The Parallax Cooperation (with Intergalactic Gary) is facing the new fashionable electro hype and thus decided to join forces with Disko B worldwide to free electro from the Guccis and Pradas and give it back its original sleaze, dirt, politics and attitude away from the catwalks. After some classic 12''es in the mid 90s and the groundbreaking albums Fucking Consumer (including the allover smash-hit 'Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass' which was recently quoted as a most important musical influence from Fischerspooner) and the man from p.a.c.k., The Parallax Corporation extends the 'Fucking Consumer'-topic and tell a story of manipulation, conspiracy and anti-social tendencies, inspired by the 70ies movie The Parallax View. Musically The Parallax Corporation add a grain of Italo-Disco and Funk to their refined Electro-formula. The album features vocals from Nancy Fortune and Mr. Melvin White as well as a genuine Italo remix from Milano by Fred Ventura. Coca Disco was previously released as limited edition CD-album on I-F'S label Viewlexx. The Disko B CD-edition contains one new and exclusive track called 'electrocash'."